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(Sports Illustrated)   Jimmie Johnson's NASCAR crew chief ejected for making illegal car modifications, adding a second cupholder and a right turn signal   ( divider line
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2006-02-14 12:27:44 AM  
Knaus loves to stretch the rules.
2006-02-14 12:35:08 AM  
And we wonder why ol Jimmy wins races...
2006-02-14 12:40:35 AM  
I thought only Dale Earnhardt needed a right-turn signal...

2006-02-14 1:56:52 AM  
Shouldn't have added the bling, or the neon.
2006-02-14 3:04:20 AM  
They had to do something big. Its not that he had a part installed against the rules, he added the modification after the inspection, but before the qualifying. I expect a big fine as part of this package of punishment.
2006-02-14 8:21:45 AM  
I expect points taken away.

It happened to Robby Gordon last year and he didn't even make the race. Hell, if this "thing" required driver input, I expect Jimmy to get suspended. But that'll never happen.

They need to suspend Knaus for six races and take away 100 points. That might send the message.
2006-02-14 8:28:57 AM  
Knaus is a smart guy, except when it comes to this. It's so amazingly blatant and indefensible that there was no way NASCAR was going to let him slide.

Unless he was crew chief for the 8 car. Then, he'd have to pay $5 and a six-pack of Bud.
2006-02-14 8:51:55 AM  
This one might require a case of Bud
2006-02-14 11:10:25 AM  
Definitely needs more than a hand slap. Loss of points should be a given for something this blatant. That said, starting at the back of the field at Daytona doesn't mean much the way the pack shifts around. Unless "The Big One" (TM) happens in the first five laps.
2006-02-14 11:58:15 AM  
David Poole of the Charlotte Observer agrees with you, Old_Chief_Scott.

Johnson and Labonte will be moved to the rear of the field for 150-mile qualifying races Thursday, but those are toothless penalties.

Johnson is guaranteed a Daytona 500 starting spot because his car was in the top 35 in car owner standings last season. Labonte will race in the 500, too, because he's a former Cup champion and therefore eligible for a provisional that would give him the No. 43 slot regardless of what happens Thursday.

Johnson should be denied use of his original car that was, and this is not too strong a term, "cheated up." NASCAR still has that car, and spokesman Ramsey Poston said a decision on whether the team will be allowed to use it or forced to use a backup will be made by the time cars get back on the track on Wednesday.

Labonte former champion's status means another team playing will head home Thursday. NASCAR ought to rule that the No. 96 will make the Daytona 500 only if it qualifies through the Gatorade Duel, denying the team the use of the provisional it bought in hiring Labonte.
2006-02-14 7:53:54 PM  
Marty Smith of wrote that word is ole Cheatin Chad is gunna get a 4 race vacation

the whole team needs a vacation IMO
2006-02-15 8:18:45 AM  
loss of points would definitely hurt them. Would suck to start the season already in the hole.

Course then lets make it even better and see Johnson and Kyle Busch wreck together in the early laps.
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