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(   Director of 'Grizzly Man', who saved Joaquin Phoenix from carwreck days earlier, was shot during an interview. Continues interview saying, "I am not afraid."   ( divider line
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2006-02-05 09:39:49 AM  
it was just an air rifle...
2006-02-05 09:42:31 AM  
Where does it say he was shot with a pellet/bb gun?

This guy might be more 'hardcore' than you're giving him credit for.

/Real bullet wounds, depending on caliber and distance to target can look like that.
2006-02-05 09:44:58 AM  
If you see massive bleeding in my boxer shorts, CALL A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!! Then run...
2006-02-05 09:45:20 AM  
Herzog probably doesn't get too bothered by anything less than a 88 magnum.

/it shoots through schools
2006-02-05 09:48:02 AM  
Morals of the Treadwell story:

1. Respect wild animals. Eat them or leave them the hell alone.

2. Bears and menstrating women do not mix.

3. Maintain a real job so you don't become enviro-nutter bear poo.
2006-02-05 09:49:20 AM  
I don't know if its the same show. I watched something on Discovery last night. Man, if this is the "Grizzly Man" holyshiat. I was profoundly affected. The crazy mofarker was ranting and raving on the screen about farking this and farking that. Wow, he was awesome. Then a bear, I guess, grabbed him by the Farking head and crushed his skull. What better sacrifice for the animals you love than to get a free ride down their intestinal track. How's that for a Theme Park Ride. I guess he started out ok but the isolation, I guess, made him crazier than a shiathouse rat.
No offense to shiathouse rats. ;-)
2006-02-05 09:54:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 10:03:03 AM  
Hey Artman:
Are you the one with the Wicked Website. If you are. That is way too farking cool. If not (stealing an Emily Latella line) "oh, never mind". ;-)
2006-02-05 10:05:17 AM  
"What people don't know is that shortly after making "Grizzly Man," Werner Herzog ate the bear that ate Timothy Treadwell."

Hmm, I wonder if that would be like eating a turducken?
2006-02-05 10:16:45 AM  
now that guy is an attention whore to the extreme.

even a nut with a bb gun can't pull him away from the interview... he's like joe piscapo.
2006-02-05 10:20:09 AM  
Paul C: I guess, made him crazier than a shiathouse rat.

Did the film go into his life at all, outside of the bears?

I heard he was a nutjob surfer dude putting on a bad Aussie accent and changing his name to a more 'English' sounding one and all that.

Strange guy, but compelling I guess.

At one with the bears. Literally at the end.
2006-02-05 10:23:42 AM  
Paul C

Hey Artman:
Are you the one with the Wicked Website. If you are. That is way too farking cool. If not (stealing an Emily Latella line) "oh, never mind". ;-)

Good God no. I thought a funeral parlor owned that one. I have It's down right now until I launch a new version.

Back on topic. There was a documentary (Burden of Dreams) on the making of Fitzcarraldo that was better than the movie, I think. Herzog used natives to pull that boat over a hill, building a pully system entirely in the jungle.

[image from too old to be available]

The natives hated Kinski and even asked Herzog if he wanted them to kill Kinski in his sleep.

Jason Robards and Mick Jagger were originally cast for the film.
2006-02-05 10:23:53 AM  
after watching that show (yep i have too much spare time) i can say that the guy was pretty nutty. but he did keep the bears from being poached for 12 years. and i think that's worth a nod.
2006-02-05 10:24:25 AM  
Not me.

Sounds like a movie about a picnic basket. Case.

/I'm stickin to safer subjects like...flying squirrels.
//They won't hurt you. But their buddies, the moose, watch out for the moose.
2006-02-05 10:27:51 AM  
Director of 'Grizzly Man', who saved Joaquin Phoenix from carwreck days earlier...

Yeah, but nobody could save him from this car wreck:

[image from too old to be available]

(I don't care what award they gave that movie. It sucked ass with a straw.)
2006-02-05 10:29:55 AM  
Why was Treadwell protecting bears in a protected animal area? I think Herzog brought that up in the first 15 minutes of the film.

I did like when Treadwell giggled like a little girl after the bear scratched his/her back on a pine tree. It wasn't a Nelson "HA HA" laugh, more of a Marge "Hee Hee" laugh.

Broktun | I haven't seen all of the movie, but I wish the lens-cap would have been off during the attack.
2006-02-05 10:32:14 AM  
"Sometimes you eat the b'ar and sometimes the b'ar, he eats you."

[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 10:40:36 AM  
From the director of Nosferatu, Fitzcarraldo, and Grizzly Man...

Werner Herzog presents...

Chuck Norris can suck it

/seriously, fark Chuck Norris
//Herzog would eat Norris like that bear ate Treadwell
///cheap shot I know
2006-02-05 10:41:05 AM  
Didn't watch the documentary, though my parents did. Really nice people, my parents. Said they were farkin' glad he got eaten by a bear since he was so whiny and annoying.

Accidently caught thirty seconds of it on Discovery later, and I agree with them. The guy needed serious professional help, or to be eaten. But he couldn't go on like he was.
2006-02-05 10:47:26 AM  
The subject of that documentary was one of the nuttier flakes I've ever seen. I love the way he creates his own fantasy world where all the animals love him and he loves all the animals and every creature emotionally understand and respects each other, then proceeds to live in it. And then gets mauled to death by a Grizzly.

The guy was a nut... yes but I don't think thats entirely fair. He had a large ego... and was basically playing "poker" with giant dimwits. All it took was for one to call his bluff. He got away with it for so long b/c he didn't believe the above, he knew they could/would kill him if he let his guard down. Where he was wrong was, one might just kill him anyway.

Thought the helicopter pilot saying he got what deserved, was an asshat and just b/c his gf wasn't acting the popmpous nut-flake in front of the camera doesn't mean you should feel sorrier for her. If she was a truly rational reasonable person maybe you could say she should have tried to talk some sense into the guy.
2006-02-05 10:55:39 AM  
"Herzog, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, said, 'Oh, someone is shooting at us. We must go.'

"He had a bruise the size of a snooker ball, with a hole in. He just carried on with the interview while bleeding quietly in his boxer shorts."

An unrepentant Herzog insisted, "It was not a significant bullet. I am not afraid."

HA HA HA HA...BALLS...lolol
2006-02-05 10:55:53 AM  
Weasel3322: after watching that show (yep i have too much spare time) i can say that the guy was pretty nutty. but he did keep the bears from being poached for 12 years. and i think that's worth a nod.

[image from too old to be available]

Although his heart may have been in the right spot, Treadwell didn't stop poachers - he was camped out in one tiny little spot. From the way it sounds, all that booze he drank early in his life may have fried his brain a little bit.

The Treadwell story reminds me of that idiot Chris McCandless that Jon Krakhauer wrote about.
2006-02-05 10:56:02 AM  
I'm not familiar with this dude, but WOW! He's bad ass.
2006-02-05 10:59:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 11:11:42 AM  
"Warner Herzog was a 10 foot monster who slept with all our wives! And punched us all in the face! And we loved him for it!"
2006-02-05 11:14:51 AM  
Anyone who hasn't, should check out Herzog in 'Julian Donkey Boy.' It's a movie by Harmony Korine, and Herzong is great in it. That's what made me check out Herzog's movies.

/Heh. Boobies.
2006-02-05 11:17:28 AM  
So, he's dead?
2006-02-05 11:18:34 AM  
Klaus Kinski was the shooter
2006-02-05 11:19:32 AM  
what a beast
2006-02-05 11:20:12 AM  
The natives hated Kinski and even asked Herzog if he wanted them to kill Kinski in his sleep.

Herzog also said in a recent interview that the natives seemed really frightened some of the time. He asked them about it, thinking they were afraid of Kinski and his wild tantrums, but they said they were actually terrified of Herzog because he was so quiet all the time.
2006-02-05 11:21:09 AM  
Director of 'Grizzly Man'? Try

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 11:23:25 AM  
Saw Grizzley man in the local art theater a few months ago. Some comments. Treadwell was an alcoholic that never got treatment; he traded one addiction (booze) for another (bears). One or two comments I've read about his alcoholism is that it was obvious he was untreated because like any addiction he had to keep upping the ante on his interactions in order to recover the same "high" as he felt the first few times he saw and interacted with the bears.

Herzog's narration discusses how Treadwell came back to "his" valley late in the season. The bears that were familiar with him had moved away for the winter and the bears that lived furthr up in the hils were coming down. They were unfamiliar with him and so that was most probably why he got attacked and eaten; late season, food getting low, big walking hamburger meat guy saying, "Hi! Eat me!"

One other thing; there is apparently no footage beyond a brief glimpse while unloading an airplane of the girlfriend. His whole shtick was that he was out there alone, just him and the bears. She was out there with him for a few seasons but was never officially acknowledged.

Yeah, Treadwell was an Ultimate Asshat.
2006-02-05 11:26:22 AM  
I think it's clear, Herzog is Chuck Norris' father.
2006-02-05 11:26:41 AM  
You know why you got shot, don't you, Herzog? Because you didn't play the audio of Tim and his girlfriend being mauled!@!

Grizzly Man blew me away. I did feel bad for the girlfriend, though.

Ditto. My thought was, "She must have really loved him" because she was afraid of the bears and knew they would eat her ass.

And as stupid as it may sound, I applaud people who are this devoted to a cause without being asses about it. Yeah, he was pretty disturbed, but who was he hurting with his antics? I'd rather be around someone like him than your average activists, who spend all their time trying to force their ideas on people who don't agree with them.
2006-02-05 11:29:24 AM  
: Do they play the audio of the mauling?

No, they don't, but I'd love to hear it if it ever leaks to the public.

That's really nauseating and repulsive. Why would you want to see/hear anyone die?
2006-02-05 11:31:10 AM  
To those saying, "it's only an air rifle," I may remind you that there are different grades of air rifles. Some are actually used for hunting (varmints, I guess) and can be quite dangerous. It's not like it was some Daisy BB gun.
2006-02-05 11:37:40 AM  
peachgirl: dude3129
OralB: Do they play the audio of the mauling?

No, they don't, but I'd love to hear it if it ever leaks to the public.

That's really nauseating and repulsive. Why would you want to see/hear anyone die?

They call it schadenfreude, and it's all the rage.
2006-02-05 11:41:07 AM  
Oh come on--you know half of you only went to the movie in the hopes of getting the gruesome details about the mauling. Most people knew he'd been killed, and that there was a tape of it, before they saw the movie.
2006-02-05 11:43:58 AM  
Treadwell to me looks like a love child from Andy Dick and Carson Kressley
2006-02-05 11:44:21 AM  
Warner Herzog was a son of a biatch

To Warner Herzog
2006-02-05 11:44:49 AM  
..but who was he hurting with his antics?

Besides himself and his girlfriend? Many of the wildlife experts stated that the human/bear interaction does no good for either the humans or bears.

Just watched this the other night and yes, the guy was obviously nutty. Thanks to that film, my gf doesn't want to go camping up north this summer like we'd planned.
2006-02-05 11:46:25 AM  
Anyone who likes "Fitzcarraldo" should also check out "Wages of Fear." It's a good one.
2006-02-05 11:47:15 AM  
That there is actually a word for it makes it even more disturbing.
2006-02-05 11:47:17 AM  
To those saying "it was just an air rifle", here is one of mine:​5-11-200 3.htm

I own the .177, pellets almost completely goes through 1/2" plywood at 100 feet with the pointy pellets.

This things are not kidy toys.

Oh, and I'm HTML retarded.
2006-02-05 11:47:45 AM  
Here's the one movie of his I had to buy on DVD.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-05 11:47:53 AM  
cryinoutloud: Yeah, he was pretty disturbed, but who was he hurting with his antics?

As I recall, the pack of bears that had had a Treadwell Snack had to be hunted down and killed, so he didn't really do them any favors in the long run either.
2006-02-05 11:52:39 AM  
The best part of Grizzly Man (other than it eventually ended) was when the foxes took Treadwell's hat and he threw a shiatfit over how that particular hat was essential to his mission. What I wonder is if there are any naturally hallucinogenic plants growing in that area, because the alternate title of the movie could have been Fear and Loathing in Alaska. The Treadwell dude was to the bears like Michael Jackson is to little kids...obsessed with becoming something he cannot become.
2006-02-05 11:53:00 AM  
"I remember one time Herzog took his family to Sea World... they were watching Shamu the whale when Herzog got splashed! So Herzog yells, 'I'm Werner Herzog and no one gets me wet!' So he climbs into the tank, grabs Shamu and throws the whale into the audience, splashes him and yells, 'How do you like it?!' And then damn if Herzog didn't step in there and finish the show!"

[image from too old to be available]

/Laughed my ass off...
2006-02-05 11:53:28 AM  
A very interesting read for those that want to know more (especially, it seriously diminishes any notion that Treadwell was protecting Katmai National Park's grizzlies from poachers):

The Grizzly Maze: Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears (Hardcover)
by Nick Jans

Amazon link
2006-02-05 12:00:47 PM  
I just watched "Grizzly Man" last night. As others have said, it's a very interesting movie, although Treadwell's bi-polar self did nothing that I could tell to actually protect the grizzlies. It was more a case of fame-whoring gone bad than of actually accomplishing.

The one thing Herzog did that bothered me was when he said things like the bears "fornicated" or "murdered." Bears copulate and kill, but they don't fornicate or murder.

And thanks for that link, AmateursGuide.
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