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(The Escapist)   Man dresses up as wizard, wanders around city giving random strangers quests   ( divider line
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22731 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2006 at 7:09 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-02-03 3:19:35 PM  
2006-02-03 3:22:33 PM  
"i put on my robe and wizard hat".

a real-life extension?
2006-02-03 3:22:34 PM  
The Fisher King?
2006-02-03 3:24:02 PM  
I challenge you to find a bigger dork than me.
2006-02-03 3:27:22 PM  
I'd completely forgottern about The Escapist! Thank you submitter!
2006-02-03 3:27:41 PM  
Heh, reminds me of SomethingAwful's "Shenmue" parody:

"Do you know where I can find some sailors?"
2006-02-03 3:27:46 PM  

I challenge you to find a bigger dork than me.

*waves at eddy*

/ We can have a dork-off to make sure, if you like...

// heh..."dork-off"
2006-02-03 3:28:40 PM  
Well crap, it threw it away for "temporary service overload". Here's the actual link:
2006-02-03 3:29:05 PM  
Real-life EQ?

2006-02-03 3:29:05 PM  
Did he have a yellow exclaimation point above his head?
2006-02-03 3:29:31 PM  
My new favorite person.
2006-02-03 3:30:31 PM  
Bloodninja? Is that you?
2006-02-03 3:32:44 PM  
Roll to see if I'm drunk!
2006-02-03 3:33:01 PM  
Things to know when encountering said wizard...

- Quest
- Favourite colour
- Air and wind speed velocity of a fully-laden swallow

/The lesbian karate witches have stolen my ring of power.
2006-02-03 3:39:28 PM  
And if one thing should be taken from this experience, above anything else, should the fate of the universe ever be in your hands, only bother to seek the aid of girls under the age of 30.

Truer words have never been spoken.
2006-02-03 3:41:21 PM  
The brunette on the last page is gooooorgeous!
2006-02-03 3:42:07 PM  
Lesbian karate witches. What an excellent band name.
2006-02-03 3:43:45 PM  
I thought the last word of that headline was going to be a LOT different than 'quests.'
2006-02-03 3:44:13 PM  
2006-02-03 3:46:36 PM  
Lesbian karate witches. What an excellent band name.

I got that from a crew-mate on the Bounty
2006-02-03 3:48:02 PM  
Blackwolf the Dragonmaster did it first.
2006-02-03 3:51:32 PM  
Voramyr : Blackwolf the Dragonmaster did it first.

Filet o' Fish?
2006-02-03 3:52:45 PM  
You shall not pass!
2006-02-03 4:43:21 PM  
Meh, I would have handed out the "Broken I.W.I.N. Button" as a reward.


Or a locked box, then the questers could have paid my friend to open it for them, only to find it contained a bolt of linen cloth.
2006-02-03 5:20:06 PM  
Misty morning, clouds in the sky,
Without warning a wizard walks by,
Casting his shadow, weaving his spell,
Funny clothes/Funny cloak, twinkling bell*

Never talking,
Just keeps walking,
Causing his magic

Evil power disappears
Demons worry when the wizard is near
He turns tears into joy,
Ev'ryone's happy when the wizard walks by

Never talk'n,
Just keeps walk'n,
Spreadin' his magic

Sun is shining; clouds have gone by,
All the people give a happy sigh,
He has passed by, giving his sign,
Left all the people feeling so fine

Never talk'n,
Just keeps walk'n,
Spreadin' his magic
2006-02-03 5:48:36 PM  
Christchurch wants its eccentric back.
2006-02-03 6:29:37 PM  
2006-02-03 7:16:54 PM  
He actually stood still submitter.

who cares really.

/walks off sobbing
2006-02-03 7:17:13 PM  
Fresh hound!
2006-02-03 7:17:21 PM  
This blog would rock as a PSP-formatted magazine.

/starting to sense a theme...
2006-02-03 7:20:18 PM

"Which one is the button that calls your mother to come pick you up?"/switch
2006-02-03 7:20:53 PM  
This is the best thing I've read all day. I love it.

I wonder if he had a yellow exclamation mark above his head.
2006-02-03 7:21:29 PM  

2006-02-03 7:23:06 PM  
And people say Warcraft is just fantasy.....psssshh....I bet dude's like a lvl 60 mage trying to hook everyone else up so they can level up and join his raid group. Horde's probably up to something.

err.......I mean only nerds play fantasy games

2006-02-03 7:24:43 PM  

Psh, whatever. For the Horde!
2006-02-03 7:25:24 PM  
Hay u guyz doin ne qusets LFG UBRS lolz pst kthx.
2006-02-03 7:25:46 PM  
The brunette on the last page is gooooorgeous!

Agreed! Just my type.
2006-02-03 7:26:06 PM  
WTB Robe and Wizard Hat, PST.
2006-02-03 7:27:05 PM  
Hmm. I still need a Talisman to get over the bridge and fight the Dragon King...
2006-02-03 7:34:21 PM  
I buy Mithril Battleaxe 20k oress 222
2006-02-03 7:35:09 PM  
no screencap of the comic book guy on the bus with lisa? i'm dissapointed in all of you
2006-02-03 7:35:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-03 7:35:44 PM  
You must go into the forrest and cut down the largest tree with a... HERRING!!!

/it's not a real quest unless it's impossible
//the princess is in the other castle :P
2006-02-03 7:36:14 PM  
I seriously want to go around in Seattle with a little golden Exclamation point held over my head, and if anyone stops, I'll give them chocolate coins to collect some sort of plant for me.
Wait even better, have a guy dress up strange, and make it a kill quest.

And use yellow chalk for the exclamation point, and move after you give them the quest to a question mark...

God I want to do it.
2006-02-03 7:40:11 PM  
Mmm, the ladies on the last page... I'd give them some XP.

Ding! Level up!
2006-02-03 7:42:25 PM  
Smookyfufu: Did he have a yellow exclaimation point above his head?

alexgirl: I wonder if he had a yellow exclamation mark above his head.

Nope, clicked on the link and he has a yellow question mark on his head.
2006-02-03 7:42:34 PM  
Laugh now, but if one TV executive reads this story, it will be Fox's next reality series.
2006-02-03 7:43:31 PM  
I'm pretty sure he is pondering whether or not he looks like a really old Patrick Stewart.
2006-02-03 7:44:06 PM  
hah, very nice read.

ive always wonder though, why the hell cant this poor bastard in every RPG clean out his own basement/sewer/celler/haunted house. why is it me? cant he just call the damn exterminators?

with that said, i really need to get back into RPGs again. i havnt played an online rpg since Diablo 2: Lord of destruction.
2006-02-03 7:47:14 PM  
i think that this is hilarious - good for him to be carefree enough to try and pull this off. i love the "hello, fellow wizrd" comments to other men with grey beards

i laughed out loud, which i never do.
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