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(Michelle Malkin)   Blasphemous Jesus pictures? "Run the photos. Free speech." Blasphenous Mohammed pictures? "CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam"   ( michellemalkin.com) divider line
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2006-02-03 12:40:13 PM  
chow dig:


The feeling of persecution is ridiculous--but what is more ridiculous is when I have to see that hip hip dude dressed as Jesus but can't see the cartoons about islam. If you're going to do it to one religion, do it to them all.

Stop hatin' on Kanye west. You don't care about black people.
2006-02-03 12:40:15 PM  
God is a buddhist.
2006-02-03 12:40:32 PM  
2006-02-03 12:40:40 PM  
This from the network that showed no respect for Christians when it forged ahead with the religion-mocking show, "The Book of Daniel."

I was sympathetic to her cause until that BS tript came out of mouth.
2006-02-03 12:40:41 PM  
All organized religion is goddamn stupid, but the reasons xians get made fun of around here is because there is a loud, beligerent, politically powerful group of fanatical christians in the US that is actively trying to force everyone to conform to their archaic beliefs. Does that clear things up? Good.
2006-02-03 12:40:52 PM  

I get the point m'boyo, but even folks irate at that cartoon weren't surrounding the WP with AK-47s. Everyone has the right to express thier displeasure, even the arseholes.

The Danish paper did act like pricks (with the bomb picture especially), but insane response overwhelms any sympathy I have for the muslims.
2006-02-03 12:40:53 PM  
Nice FritzZwicky

Just watched that last night, assuming you did too. Oxygen Network RULZ!
2006-02-03 12:41:05 PM  

Not all muslims are terrorists. But lately all terrorists have been muslim.

So when we bomb 4 houses and kill 12 women and children, to get 4 unnamed, supposedly high level Al-Qaeda people, we're what? Freedom Killers? When the Israeli's issue shoot on sight orders and kill journalists, children, and anyone else they see in the streets after dusk, that's not terrorism? When they run tanks down the streets and crush all the privately owned cars because they "could be used in terrorist acts" that's not terrorism? Uniforms aren't the only distinguishing feature between who is a terrorist and who isn't.
2006-02-03 12:41:09 PM  
Maybe Pat Robertson needs to get some AK-47's and start firing them in the air in Burbank, CA...that would teach NBC to make a show like "Daniel".
2006-02-03 12:41:18 PM  
Michelle Malkin is a shrew.
2006-02-03 12:41:36 PM  
Lollipop165: God is a buddhist.

Funny story, I met G-d this one time, turns out he looked like Alanis Morrissette

/isn't it ironic?
//kinda like rain on your wedding day
2006-02-03 12:41:48 PM  
2006-02-03 12:42:03 PM  

Ahh, so not publishing a cartoon featuring mohammed is an insult to christians? I smell a persecution complex.

No but it exposes the double standard doesn't it. How are we, the press buying public, to know what the hubub is all about if we can't even see the cartoons?

After seeing the cartoons it really seem all the more ridiculous doesnt it?
2006-02-03 12:42:11 PM  
God is a buddhist.

You clever clever girl:)
2006-02-03 12:42:14 PM  
mrdctaylor: Yeh, I'm ok with that. Because why should it make people uncomfortable? Is it because they feel down deep that it is true but don't want to believe it?

No, it's because some of us have different beliefs that deep down WE feel are true. It's like me trying to convince you that MY kids are better than YOUR kids. Of course mine are better to me - nothing you say will convince me otherwise. And you will feel the same. If I want to know more about Christianity, I can get a book or go to church - most of us are intelligent enough to make our own choices.
2006-02-03 12:42:27 PM  
I loves me some black people!
2006-02-03 12:42:28 PM  
[image from pekingduck.org too old to be available]
2006-02-03 12:42:28 PM  
well, it seems when christians protest, they write letters or have at most a rally, muslims shoot guns in the street and threaten violence which will soon unfold into violence in the next 24 hours
2006-02-03 12:42:36 PM  
I am so sick of these Islamic farkers...I wish we could should our "respect" for Islam with a nuclear warhead.
And as far as the gutless media is concerned. I you 'dis' one religion you 'dis' em all. I am going out tonight to look for goods exported from Denmark that I can purchase.
2006-02-03 12:42:39 PM  
Aah mrdctaylor, you're the type of person I tell to "fark off and die" when they try to convert me out of the blue.
2006-02-03 12:42:42 PM  
Sold My Soul to Rock and Roll

With all the felating over Bush Co. I'm sure she's aces by now.
2006-02-03 12:42:46 PM  
Who among us remember the episode of Good Times, when J.J. painted a picture of a Black Jesus, which turned out to be Ned the Wino from down the street in the ghetto?
2006-02-03 12:42:51 PM  

<vocabulary nazism>
It's tennet, not tennant
</vocabulary nazism>

<spelling & punctuation nazism>
It's tenet; not tennet.
</spelling & punctuation nazism>
2006-02-03 12:43:10 PM  
We got a little thing called the 1st Amendment in this country. You dont have to like it, but they have the right to print it.
2006-02-03 12:43:14 PM  

2006-02-03 12:43:16 PM  
[image from wrexen.com too old to be available]
2006-02-03 12:43:18 PM  
chow dig: The following people are retarded: williamzabka, tatsuma, spectraltech, and everyone else that has switched this discussion to crapping on christians.

Awww thanks, but I was only responding to the Christians who came in here complaining about being persecuted.
2006-02-03 12:43:31 PM  
st_gulik [TotalFark]
Yes, but if you understand Christianity, I do, I went to a Christian College and was required to take Courses on Christian Beliefs, you would know that the New Testament Trumps the Old, and the Old works as kind of an enlightened history of where we came from.

I understand the nature of selective reading. There's also a little section in the NT where Jesus says that he's not here to change one jot or tittle of the law. Of course, the Bible is great when it comes to reading into it whatever you want. It's the literary equivilent of a rorschach test as evidenced by all the distinct and incompatible theologies that claim it as their authoratative source.

Not that it's any skin of my nose if Christians want to treat the OT as just being of historical signifigance. Hell, I'd prefer it if you guys did that! There's some scary ass shiat in the OT!

Now please go have a talk with Fred Phelps about the irrelevance of Leviticus.
2006-02-03 12:43:59 PM  
2006-02-03 12:44:01 PM  

Religion is for stupid people who are too weak to handle this world on their own. Inventing imaginary friends and having them tell everyone how to act isn't good for society.

As trolly as this is... I'd still like to respond. The principal issue is whether we are speaking of faith or religion.

Faith is a very private part of an individual and does not require a religion to exist. Religion, on the other hand, does require its followers to share a similar faith.

I am a Roman Catholic. I converted to Catholicism in my 20s and I have never looked back. My faith led me to that church and there, I can associate with, and learn from, people who share a similar faith. I do not preach my faith to anyone nor am I offended by any attack or unflattering representation of the Church or Jesus.

I have no imaginary friends and no one, nor anything, tells me what to do. My faith guides me and my religion can provide additional guidance for more difficult situations.

I've rambled enough so I'll close w this. My personal belief is that faith, in anything or something, is a human necessity. Religion is not!
2006-02-03 12:44:27 PM  

Religion is people trying to reach God to earn salvation
Christianity is God reaching down to people to offer them salvation that cannot be earned.

Islam is religion based on cultural conditioning, not study and academic review. Islam crumbles under intellectual scrutiny, whereas Christianity has been wide open to study and investigation for 2,000 years and remains the world's largest system of faith.

As for the 'non-religious' here, you too must live 'by faith' that all there is to know, about our existence can basically be measured through our five senses and studied in history.

As a Christian, if I'm wrong and there is no God, I've lost nothing.
As a non Christian discovering there is a God, what have you lost?
2006-02-03 12:44:45 PM  
Fark CNN.

2006-02-03 12:45:17 PM  
jeez, you know, i NEVER thought of extremist muslims as being capable of violence until i saw that cartoon. usually i'm on guard for effeminate babies with football-shaped heads.
2006-02-03 12:45:22 PM  
2006-02-03 12:40:52 PM borland502

I am NOT siding with the radical muslims. They are nucking futs, no doubt.

I would like to point out, that I cannot find ANY major media outlet online that is now showing these cartoons, including FAUXnews
2006-02-03 12:45:26 PM  
Tyee: No but it exposes the double standard doesn't it.

Sure. Offending/making light of the majority is considered OK in the US. This happens all the time (try to watch 10 mintues commercials, and count the number of times the white male looks like an idiot/is the butt of jokes). This isn't anything special, so don't make it out to be.
2006-02-03 12:45:45 PM  
Many Christians can laugh at themselves and some aspects of their faith. (Look at how popular plays like Nunsense were).
Muslims simply CAN NOT laugh at their faith. They have no sense of humor. In the west there is a long tradition of laughing at faith whether it be Woody Allen, or Garrison Keioller (spelling?).

Muslims not only do not have a sense of humor they expect us to abandon our long held western traditions to confirm to THEIR World view.
-- "Lighten up Frances" -- Srgt. Hulka
2006-02-03 12:46:22 PM  

ok, but you're still retarded.
2006-02-03 12:46:23 PM  

You son of a biatch.
2006-02-03 12:46:56 PM  
I wish we could should our "respect" for Islam with a nuclear warhead.

Nice. With intelligent people like you around, I am sure world peace is just around the corner.
2006-02-03 12:47:17 PM  
[image from familyguyquotes.com too old to be available]
2006-02-03 12:47:17 PM  
Muhammad rides a cock horse!
2006-02-03 12:47:19 PM  
We got a little thing called the 1st Amendment in this country. You dont have to like it, but they have the right to print it.

Who said they didn't have a right to print it? Is there a law somewhere that says CNN wasn't allowed to show some cartoon of Mohammed? The way I gathered, they chose not to show it. Who gives a fark? "Freedom of the Press" means they are free to do whatever the fark they want. They can show what they want to show, not show what they don't want to show. And you, as the consumer, can coose to reward them for it or punish them for it with your $$$. Don't like what they do? Don't watch CNN.

Choice, it's the other white meat.

/Silly people get upset over silly things.
2006-02-03 12:47:20 PM  
Is anyone watching CNN? The female anchor asked the British Muslim Council Head how this situation can be "defused" That's an interesting word choice.

/I predict Ted Turner gets taken hostage
2006-02-03 12:47:38 PM  
hiiamchris: by williamzabka: Oh shut up with that shiat...blah blah words words.. So you can take your selective prejudice and shove it in your lovely little made up book.

see, they turn in biatches just like i predicted!
thanks for living up to the sterotype, william.

So we are both walking stereotypes then? And you better bet I am going to get pissy when a group that practically controls the federal government complains about being persecuted when there are real people out there actually being persecuted. The type of people that real christians should spend some of their time and money to help.
2006-02-03 12:47:44 PM  
To the Christians crying about persecution: you sound just like the Muslims you're complaining about.
2006-02-03 12:47:46 PM  
Anrwlias -

You forgot Poland.
2006-02-03 12:48:06 PM  
anrwlias[, you forgot] Atheists[,] FSM[, and] Wiccans

Actually, I did cover atheists. Google Madelyn Murray O'Hair.

At any rate...

Fark the God and Goddess, and Gerald Gardner.
Fark the Flying Spaghetti Monster (but let me at the stripper factory and the beer volcano).

I also forgot the Satanists, so Fark Anton La Vey (but not in a way that he'd enjoy).
2006-02-03 12:48:10 PM  
Delawheredad: Muslims not only do not have a sense of humor they expect us to abandon our long held western traditions to confirm to THEIR World view

Until muslims get their own poltical party comperable to what the Republicans do for far-right Christians, I'm not going to worry about it.
2006-02-03 12:48:24 PM  
Somehow I think there's a difference between drawing a religous leader with a bomb for a head and some idiot dressing up as a religious leader.
2006-02-03 12:48:38 PM  
Christians are so mean to Muslims. What's up with that?

The Jews killed your Lord, not the Muslims!
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