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(Boston Herald)   Man whose family was found shot dead shortly after he left the country ran Internet fraud schemes and a site called "deep hot sex" -- which coincidentally is what the magic 8-ball predicts in his future   ( news.bostonherald.com) divider line
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2006-01-26 10:23:45 AM  
2006-01-26 10:23:55 AM  
2006-01-26 10:24:28 AM  
"racy adult sites are being examined"
hmmmm, sounds like its time for some serious policework alright
2006-01-26 10:25:09 AM  
I've checked out that site. It wasn't that hot. Or deep.
2006-01-26 10:25:30 AM  
Signs point to PMITA
2006-01-26 10:26:10 AM  
Thats what I call a Family man.

Sounds like he was running a Ponzi Scheme.

And he fled the country and left his wife and kid? That is soo cool. </sarcasm>
2006-01-26 10:27:39 AM  
Sounds like he just paid off a debt, to me. Who on earth actually has it in them to kill an infant?
2006-01-26 10:29:11 AM  

If you check into the development of this story, it's somewhat reminiscent of a SNL skit featuring John Goodman called the "Happy Smile Hour" or some such...

Camera opens on an idyllic children's show hosted by Goodman and two SNL regulars. The show is periodically interrupted by a newscaster who, following the "breaking news" format, provides increasingly lurid details of current events involving the trio.

One of them is found dead, surrounded by naked photographs of himself, another is revealed as an avid neo-Nazi, and... well, I can't recall exactly what happened to the third.
2006-01-26 10:29:11 AM  

2006-01-26 10:30:27 AM  
So PORN actually Kills... not just Kittens!
2006-01-26 10:31:30 AM  
Ha! I just started getting spam from this dude!
2006-01-26 10:32:09 AM  
Bad_Jew: Sounds like he just paid off a debt, to me. Who on earth actually has it in them to kill an infant?

Keyser Soze!

/saw The Usual Suspects not that long ago.
2006-01-26 10:32:22 AM  
Who on earth actually has it in them to kill an infant?

Users of porn sites, obviously.

/channelling Pat Robertson
2006-01-26 10:32:32 AM  
Depp hot buttsecks?
2006-01-26 10:33:13 AM  
Ugh, now I have the image of Johnny Depp taking it in the caboose.
2006-01-26 10:36:24 AM  

Ponzi schemes are interesting. I ran one in an online game once and made a ton of game cash. It was great.
2006-01-26 10:36:29 AM  
My porn site, ShallowColdSex.com doesn't make nearly that kind of cash.
2006-01-26 10:43:28 AM  
Department of Homeland Security, codename: Deep Hot Sex
2006-01-26 10:47:53 AM  
you know.....this is an awful story, but something that really bugged me - this guy was never officially a suspect and turned himself in almost immediately to the police

but forget that - the guy ran an online porn business!!! he must have done it!!! string him up!!!

/if the porn industry makes billions of dollars, but supposedly no one buy porn - where's the money coming from? is the military buying the stuff at like $1M per DVD?
//gotta love the smell of hypocrisy in the mornings
2006-01-26 10:48:34 AM  
Sorry to derail - but is anyone watching Dubya right now? Can someone explain to me what the hell he is saying? Transformation how? He just said something about cutting the budget in half by '09. Then he said that he doesn't know how tax dollars are going to be spent yet for this year. WTF? I'm I the only one confused here?
2006-01-26 10:48:48 AM  
Wow, killing your wife and infant are one thing.

But these internet scams? Porn, Ebay, get rich quick? That's just evil.
2006-01-26 10:49:58 AM  
Submitter, *golf claps* for headline.
2006-01-26 10:50:01 AM  
waste301: OT much?
2006-01-26 11:01:12 AM  
Weird to see the "family" web site under the circumstances.


/Copy and paste you lazy bum
2006-01-26 11:02:19 AM  
Some idiot on Boston talk radio last night was discussing the psychology of this guy killing his wife and kid even as Boston police were saying there were other persons of interest in the case. The idea that someone he ripped off did it sounds equally as plausible, but of course that doesn't make for good radio.
2006-01-26 11:06:17 AM  

Jay Severence? on 96.9?

I can't listen because, he is on too late at night, the signal is only strong enough to hear in the car, not in the house.

\\lives in North East CT
\\\\accepts pitty :(
2006-01-26 11:09:28 AM  
That website is super creepy.
2006-01-26 11:10:36 AM  
Some of the entries in the guest book are... interesting:

You useless MURDERER!!! Kill yourself!!! You materialistic piece of white trash. Your a wanna be upper class. Neil why didnt you kill yourself instead of a innocent wife and baby. $2700 a month rent and a BMW with no job. Who's fault is that????? You LOSER! I hope your family realizes how much of a fake you are and don't support your MURDEROUS ass. Take care in prison or hopefully you'll save us some money and kill yourself..Neil.
RIP Lillian and Rachel
2006-01-26 11:11:45 AM  
i had to click on the link just to make sense of the headline.
2006-01-26 11:12:09 AM  
Murderous, eh?
2006-01-26 11:13:12 AM  
[image from a.abclocal.go.com too old to be available]

Has pornography finally infiltrated the Internet? Join me at 11 for the first of my three-part series, "Ric Romero Investigates... Pixillated Pulchritude: The New Online Menace," featuring call-in commentary by leading Web experts Mike Hunt, Connie Lingus and Heywood Jablowme.
2006-01-26 11:19:49 AM  
You're supposed to WATCH "Desperate Housewives," not live it.

/Check that -- you shouldn't watch it, either.
2006-01-26 11:29:25 AM  
Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley said yesterday the racy adult sites are being examined to see whether there is a link to the murders of Rachel Entwistle, 27, and the couples 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose.

If anyone can find a link, she can; being from Middlesex and all.
2006-01-26 11:31:52 AM  

What are you are you thinking? The true experts are from Intercourse, PA....
2006-01-26 11:39:17 AM  
"and then he showed these men, what a man of will can do......"

Kaiser Soze is back. but how can Verbal Kint beet off to Pr0N??????
2006-01-26 11:41:16 AM  
I have seen this story in the news and wondered how he could afford $2700/month rent on a nice house in a well to do town, yet he was unemployed. That seemed really fishy to me, add to it he's 27, she just had a kid so you know she isn't working. It didn't quite add up.
2006-01-26 11:47:56 AM  
/me applauds Submitter.
2006-01-26 12:09:48 PM  
/me seconds the applaunce for the Submitter.
2006-01-26 01:04:41 PM  
[image from sc.tri-bit.com too old to be available]
2006-01-26 01:39:03 PM  
Cant get the Page to load on IE or firefox
2006-01-26 01:47:42 PM  
WTF, Beer Steak?????
2006-01-26 02:03:03 PM  
Well, if he's going to prison someone needs to warn him.
2006-01-26 02:50:06 PM  
Scott Peterson and O.J. Simpson have nothing on this guy.
2006-01-26 02:58:57 PM  
I loved the headline submitter! You got me chuckling with that one. Thanks :-)
2006-01-26 03:15:20 PM  
Hubby toiled in world of porn Nice to see the headline editors earning their pay. Makes it sound like he had an honest job, maybe a fluffer for gay-porn. He was a con man. Ponzi scheme, e-Bay rip-offs, and the pay to join PLUS a monthly fee on the Get Rich Real Soon Now web site.
2006-01-26 04:26:33 PM  
I not so sure this guy did it.

Wife and kid in shot in the bed? Sounds like and execution. .22 is rumored to be the weapon of choice by organized crime. Considering this guy is an out of work IT proffesional and his wife was an out of work Teacher, and they just rented in one of the more affluent comunitues in MA, suggest this guy had some dirty money.

I heard that the UK authoritise are not releasing the location of this guy. Although he appears to be cooperating.

I bet he screwed over the wrong folks.
2006-01-26 04:47:20 PM  
The page is farked so I haven't RTFA, but take anything published by the Boston Herald with a grain 5 pound block of salt. The dead tree edition is more suitable for lining bird cages than getting information, I doubt their web site is any better.
2006-01-26 04:49:35 PM  
Ok, now I've read it. Yep, that's pretty typical Herald non-journalism.
2006-01-26 04:59:19 PM  
Who in the flying farking hell shoots a little infant girl to send a message about money...? I guess it's because my daughter is a little older than that, but that shiat just turns me insided out to think about. They look so happy in the pictures... Fark reaction: "Ha-ha, prison rape." My reaction: "That man's already in a hell worse than any prison."

/utterly depressing
2006-01-26 07:56:01 PM  
[image from i1.tinypic.com too old to be available]
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