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37970 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 24 Jan 2006 at 1:17 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-01-24 12:23:46 PM  
Seems a little subjective to me, kind of a stretch. For some reason, Norris is the meme of the moment, and when cobbling together a dumb little video to bandwagon on it, it seems inevitable that there would be common elements. I mean, hell...Part of the idea behind the whole thing is that Norris is so bloody consistent. "Well, they both featured leather jackets, facial hair, and steely, flinty looks!"

In other words, they were both about Chuck Norris.

Unless Wil's trying to make some kind of weird, post-modern ironic statement about Norris and stupid web trends, I don't get it.
2006-01-24 12:29:23 PM  
MaxxLarge: In other words, they were both about Chuck Norris.

No, one was skewering hyper-nationalistic, raping-of-the-dead for profits by certain members of the entertainment industry. The other was about Chuck Norris. The contention here is that SNL took the look, feel and pretty much everything of the original, changed it in by a minute amount, and presented it as their own.
2006-01-24 12:36:38 PM  
Chuck Norris:

Is so unremarkable, the mere mention of his name evokes yawning.

Wasn't born, he developed in a corner - like mold.

Could kick your ass - but he broke his hip this morning and cannot get out of bed.

His tears cure cancer - too bad he is agoraphobic and never leaves his house.

meh. Most unfunny internet fad since the owl thing. YA REALLY!
2006-01-24 12:41:22 PM  
Hollywood is on the Left Coast.

SNL comes from NYC, which is on the Right Coast.

Thanks for playing.
2006-01-24 12:42:26 PM  
SNL is in New York.
Hollywood = not in New York
2006-01-24 12:49:48 PM  
abnormalbrain is out of ideas.
2006-01-24 12:55:38 PM  
Wil can't approve links on Fark
2006-01-24 1:01:03 PM  
SNL has had very few funny bits in the last 6 years.
if u took all of their bits, combined them into one.. you might have 2 hours worth of funny.
imo. you're a ho. captain save a ho.
2006-01-24 1:08:24 PM  
Dr.Fey is a secret mind reader and a ubber fast poster.

Nah, just making shiat up.
2006-01-24 1:22:55 PM  
I'm waiting for SNL to rip off Honk Bag. Accept no substitutes!
2006-01-24 1:23:15 PM  
A rip off is a rip off.
2006-01-24 1:23:39 PM  
whatever crusher......

i mean have you seen hollywood lately, king kong is a new release....

nto saying they did do steal it from anyone, but i had never seen it until then so eh....

i thought it funny, never seen before just assumed it was snl giving samberg a lil more freedom after success of lazy sunday....

wil there are other things to keep you occupied than comparing videos of snl skits
2006-01-24 1:24:53 PM  
oh oh i get it! THEY BOTH SUCK!
2006-01-24 1:25:00 PM  
The real news here is someone is still watching SNL.
2006-01-24 1:25:12 PM  
Saturday Night Live is still on the air?
2006-01-24 1:25:31 PM  
That seems more like a Tenacious D rip off than anything else. SNL has and always will suck massively
2006-01-24 1:27:00 PM  
I don't see the similarity
2006-01-24 1:27:09 PM  
What is this SNL you speak of? Is it supposed to be funny? Will it make me laugh?
2006-01-24 1:27:12 PM  

I'm waiting for SNL to rip off Honk Bag. Accept no substitutes!

Call me when Honk Bag is a reality. I eagerly await your response.
2006-01-24 1:27:46 PM  
Seemed like a combination of parodies: 80's metal, the Chuck Norris email forwards that have been going around (which probably were inspired by the Real Ultimate Power ninja site), and Tenacious D.
2006-01-24 1:28:02 PM  
SNL's Young Chuck Norris was stupid. At least some of the Norris memes on fark make me chuckle.

2006-01-24 1:28:50 PM  
dskot1: SNL has and always will suck massively

I partly disagree. I think early SNL was funny and groundbreaking. I think recent (1990 on) SNL is crap that makes my brain cells drain out my ears.
2006-01-24 1:29:16 PM  
I've been under the impression that SNL has been out of ideas for the past 30+ years!
2006-01-24 1:29:29 PM  
SNL sucks and we all know it. The only reason it is still on is because the Nelson Ratings draw from idiots that watch crap.
2006-01-24 1:29:33 PM  
Hey Wil, I am a precocious child genius and fly around space. Am I ripping you off?

/ha ha
//my slashies are coated in vellum
2006-01-24 1:29:52 PM  
The YTMND one I saw last week was much, much funnier. The SNL version is pretty charm free and overdone (big surprise).
2006-01-24 1:30:03 PM  
If it was funny, I would care.

/it isn't
//I don't
///Wil sucks.
2006-01-24 1:30:08 PM  
I tried watching SNL this weekend, mainly just to see Tina Fey, but none of the skits leading up to the SNL news segment were funny -- not even a little bit. After the news segment, I switched to something else.
2006-01-24 1:30:52 PM  
Wasn't it a parody of bombastic 80's butt rock? That "America" video was funny because it was so out of date... it's not like that guy invented that sort of music. I think it's just a coincidence.

And SNL has actually been decent this year, I think mostly due to some of the new younger guys that have joined the cast. There's a different feel to a lot of their stuff, and some of it's pretty funny.

/I know, I's not cool to watch SNL, so I guess I'll jump on the clever "Saturday Night DEAD!!!!111one!" bandwagon...
2006-01-24 1:32:09 PM  
Anyone know the origin of this Chuck Norris meme?
2006-01-24 1:32:19 PM  
Ah, it's nice to sit by the warm glow of hypocrisy and watch the guys that publicly complain about how copyright and patent protections are destroying society scream like little girls and get defensive the second their intellectual property is ripped off.
2006-01-24 1:32:26 PM  
Er, that Norris thing had approximately farkall to do with AWSAO.
2006-01-24 1:33:00 PM  
The only reason it is still on is because the Nelson Ratings draw from idiots that watch crap.

[image from too old to be available]

Wait... blue jeans? A rockin' attitude? Spending time with children for no reason?

Nelson was ripped off from Wil's buddy!
2006-01-24 1:33:07 PM  
Maybe I was just in a cruddy mood, but I didn't like the video. About a minute in I went to the kitchen to load the dishwasher.

If true, this wouldn't be the first time someone got caught stealing on SNL. In Gasping for Airtime Jay Mohr admits to stealing some bartender skit because he was desperate for something that could get on the air.
2006-01-24 1:33:07 PM  
I think the Chuck Norris thing was an attempt to recapture the "magic" of the Narnia rap.

Not remotely funny.
2006-01-24 1:33:18 PM  
Wait -- I thought Dennis Madalone's video was a parody - did I miss something?

Damn, I'm old - you kids with your crazy rock and roll..
2006-01-24 1:34:08 PM  
i love the Wil, in principal. I might just kill a puppy to get him to send in a fan sign to my website. Or, specifically not kill a puppy. whichever is more convincing.
2006-01-24 1:35:55 PM  
This wasnt made by SNL! it was made by Akiva, Andy and the other guy from The Lonely Island. They made the Bu' and this really funny nintendo thing! and a pilot for fox that had Jack Black in it playing George Washington. twas funny. Channel 101 rules.


/I think Voyager was better than The Next Generation.
2006-01-24 1:36:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-01-24 1:37:20 PM  
Wil says:

" a sketch comedy writer..."

Loud_Mouth_Soup says:

"Oh my dear god..."
2006-01-24 1:38:03 PM  
From TFA (hey, needless acronym!) Or is it a moderately funny idea taken to the heights of hilarity with the addition of some long flaxen hair, an awesome knee bandana, and a completely rockin' attitude?

Oh, come on, are you guys really taking this seriously?!

Very funny article, Wil.
2006-01-24 1:38:22 PM  
Power to the wheaton.
wtf is up with the hostility?
Sad you're not a blogger/space/acting/writing/generally cool guy star?
Jealous you never got to ogle Diana Troi's ta ta's in person?
Pissed you never met River Phoenix and Corey Feldman?

/you guys are downers
//wil's gonna kick your ass.
2006-01-24 1:40:21 PM  
Wil's cool. Those with differing opinions can suck it.

SNL, on the other hand, is barely alive.
2006-01-24 1:40:32 PM  
Anyone know the origin of this Chuck Norris meme?

Conan O'Brien started it with the Walker, Texas Ranger Lever. It just sorta evolved from there.
2006-01-24 1:40:48 PM  
I wanna know how Deanna Troi's rack looked in person.


I demand it.
2006-01-24 1:41:05 PM  
Similiar in that they were both videos, maybe.
2006-01-24 1:41:54 PM  
who the fark watches SNL anymore? feh.
2006-01-24 1:42:13 PM  
I'd have to say that SNL ripping off at least a CURRENT trend is a step up for them. Usually they wait until they're old and busted.

Of course, what do I know. I still like Mr. Bill. :D
2006-01-24 1:42:40 PM  
Ooooo young Chuck Norris is such a rip off...

Whatever, you could argue that the sayings circulating around the net could be rip offs of Conan O'Brien's "Chuck lever" which was done a few years before all this stuff took off.

Treat SNL like an on again off again relationship. Its still funny you just can't instantly turn it on and laugh your ass off.
2006-01-24 1:42:56 PM  
Fark Me To Tears

He was on an episode of Family Ties, too.

[image from too old to be available]

What would you do, baby, without us?
Sha la la laaaaa
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