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(TPC)   Wisconsin bill lowering the hunting age to eight clears the State Assembly. What could possibly go wrong?   ( divider line
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2006-01-24 9:15:50 AM  

/teach your freaking kids safety first
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2006-01-24 9:16:54 AM  
2006-01-24 9:17:08 AM  
I, for one, am all for hunting 8 years olds.
2006-01-24 9:17:17 AM  
haha. nice zaz
2006-01-24 9:17:24 AM  
eight year olds forget things, tool.
that's incredibly dangerous.

think you can teach an 8 year old to juggle knives and then just "teach him safety" ?

hyperbole, but still, there are a LOT of stupid hunters out there. A lot of good safe ones, but a lot of drunk idiots too.
2006-01-24 9:17:37 AM  
The next season of Ted or Alive should feature hunting with 8 year olds. I wonder if an 8 year old would gut a deer?
2006-01-24 9:17:55 AM  
8?? Eight years old? Is this a joke? You're giving 8 year olds guns? Holy crap, I thought it couldn't get worse. Remind me never to go to Wisconsin in hunting season.
2006-01-24 9:18:24 AM  
Legislators who fear young people are losing interest in Wisconsin's hunting tradition want to allow children as young as 8 to shoot deer.

`Dad, can we watch the Bambi DVD tonight?'

`I have a better idea. Lock & load!'
2006-01-24 9:19:20 AM  
Safety first. Not many guns an 8 year old can handle, maybe a small .410?
2006-01-24 9:19:43 AM  
Jesus Christ. Children make poor decisions, that's why they're not allowed to vote, get married, drive, or drink in pubs. It doesn't matter how smart your kid is or how much you hammer safety into him/her, they are more likely to do something dumb than an adult.
2006-01-24 9:20:29 AM  
So what? When I was 8, I was allowed to shoot with my family. No one got hurt.
\Didn't kill all the cute animals either
\\fark you hunters!
2006-01-24 9:21:09 AM  
I for one would rather have 8 year old armed overlords than be on foot in E St Louis, or Milwaukee for that matter.
2006-01-24 9:21:34 AM  

Yeah, I started at the range at 6, with pistols. If you left the house without a gun, it meant you were going to church.
2006-01-24 9:22:11 AM  
I don't see the problem with this, as long as he is hunting with adult supervision.

Sure, it wasn't hunting, but my father took me out target shooting at the age of 6.
2006-01-24 9:22:21 AM  
Just don't let them get a Red Rider b.b. gun for Christmas. You'll put your eye out with that thing.
2006-01-24 9:22:34 AM  
I submitted this story last week. With the link to the NRA website talking about how great it was.
2006-01-24 9:23:11 AM  
I was in a tree stand at 6. On my own at 10. Never came close to hurting myself or anyone else.

/had a great teacher
//saulte Dad!
2006-01-24 9:23:23 AM  
people, I don't think they'll be allowing them to go off and hunt by themselves. This is one of those daddy goes and shows his son survival/hunting skillz.

yes that seems young to me and I wouldn't teach my kid at 8 but to each his own. whadda gonna do?
2006-01-24 9:24:18 AM  
The Republican from Waterford said it's important to get kids hunting at a younger age


What's so damned important about it? I don't think that hunting is a bad thing (we did, as a species, place ourselves at the top of most food chains on Earth, after all) but it's far from an essential experience for children. Is this tool just some dope on the NRA dole or something?

/grew up in WI
2006-01-24 9:25:29 AM  
*shrug*, I'd figure it would be a common thing with gun enthusiasts with getting their kids involved. I'm pretty sure if the kid that young is shooting, supervision is a no-brainer. Then again, some folk'll...

/doesn't own guns, but likes 'em
2006-01-24 9:27:11 AM  
Siamese Bream
Remind me never to go to Wisconsin in hunting season

Who invited you?
2006-01-24 9:28:02 AM  
Yes. Hmm, because hunters are always safe and responsible.

[image from too old to be available]

/ i'm just sayin'
// vast minority, i know
/// all fun and games till a kid shoots his dad's nuts off
2006-01-24 9:29:16 AM  
Good. The younger that children are when they go through hunters safety courses and actually learn the correct way to handle a gun the better.
My own father had me shooting at 7 or 8 years old, and he would have happily taken me out to hunt tree rats if he could have.
2006-01-24 9:29:38 AM  
submitter: What could go wrong?

Lots of things could go wrong. The overall likelihood isn't that high though. Youth hunters are required to be supervised, and parents that take their kids out hunting tend to be responsible and watch them closely. Tend. Hunting accidents are usually the province of drunk asshats, not young hunters.
2006-01-24 9:29:50 AM  

whadda gonna do?

Get shot maybe?
2006-01-24 9:30:37 AM  
the sad thing is...these kids have probably been out shooting with their parents before the law.

/my dad made me wiat until i was thirteen just to get my ears pierced...sheesh
2006-01-24 9:30:45 AM  
Let's just have one season of paintball fun.
Of paintball fun.
Of paintball fun.
Let's just have one season of paintball fun.
And call it 'early warning'.
2006-01-24 9:31:20 AM  
Teaching children where meat comes from will only lead to them knowing other things about how life works. This should be stopped before these children grow up without the attitude that everyone should be dependent on the government for survival.

2006-01-24 9:31:25 AM  

Your mum

Sorry, couldn't help myself...
2006-01-24 9:32:27 AM  
Wether it's hunting, fishing, playing b-ball, drinking beers, or taking the kid to his first whore when he's old enough, never underestimate the good things that can come from time spent with dad and son.

/damn, makes me want to have a kid
//better yet, I'll pass for now...
2006-01-24 9:33:09 AM  
i tried to think of something witty, but couldn't. that said, i don't think there's anything wrong with getting them started under supervision. the rationale is very similar to driving laws- and accidents. for example, if we find that there is a high rate off accidents among 16 year old drivers, then we get all in a fuss and say raise the driving age to 17. next year or next survey, we find that 17 year old drivers have high rates of accidents. raise it to 18 then. safety comes with experience.
\load em up, johnny
\\anyway, after an 8 year old shoots someone, they'll repeal it
2006-01-24 9:33:58 AM  

It's perfectly possible to teach children where meat comes from without getting them to go out and take a deer down. Then again, the type of people who support this kind of thing are usually the type who can't be taught anything unless it's hands-on, in pretty colours and in large print.
2006-01-24 9:34:04 AM  
I learned to shoot at 6 or seven. Thanks dad. I taught my son and daughter to shoot at 8. Had a Stevens Crackshot cut down at the stock and barrel, scoped. I never worried about my children and guns. The neighbors, another story. Taught several of them gun safety.
Now my son is teaching his sons with the same Stevens.
If you can't teach your children gun safety, there's qualified instructors who would gladly teach them and you.
2006-01-24 9:37:04 AM  
Why not let armed 8-year olds into the Capitol? Bet THAT would clear the State Assembley!
2006-01-24 9:39:07 AM  
free choice, it rocks!
2006-01-24 9:39:26 AM  

Now that I would endorse
2006-01-24 9:39:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available] Yes, yes...I know, I know...even stupider the second time. No more of this one, I promise!
2006-01-24 9:39:49 AM  
Lord of the Flies
2006-01-24 9:40:11 AM  
Nationally, kids hunting with parents tend to be several thousand times safer than adults hunting with other adults.

Seriously. Look it up.

There's no reason to not let an 8 year old who has passed a safety course hunt under adult supervision.
2006-01-24 9:41:00 AM  
"This should be stopped before these children grow up without the attitude that everyone should be dependent on the government for survival."

What the fark are you talking about?? How in the world does thinking that 8 year olds might not be responsible enough to go hunting = you are dependent on the government for survival? I mean, we're all dependent on the government to save us from terrorists, does that mean we should pull out of Iraq?
2006-01-24 9:41:09 AM  
Safety first, definitely.

Submitter... relax. Try a little Prozac for all that fear and paranoia. Sheesh, you must be from Nervous Jersey.
2006-01-24 9:42:21 AM  
"He said 8-year-olds don't have the ability to handle guns."

He obviously hasn't been to Western Wis. I swear those kids are born w/ rifles in hand & a deer tag.
2006-01-24 9:48:52 AM  
I was able to strip and clean my rifle around age 8. I had to be able to demonstrate how to take down and re-assemble every gun before I could shoot it. Also, I was always with my grandfather when hunting. I did not start going on my own until 16. I have been hunting and shooting all my life. My son will also be introduced to the outdoors and shooting. Bubba.
2006-01-24 9:49:41 AM  
I see nothing wrong with this. So long as the child is taught how to properly handle a gun and is being supervised, it's fine with me.

Interesting note here: 250 years ago men ages 16 to 60 were required to have firearms in this country. And a decent stock of ammunition.
2006-01-24 9:50:47 AM  
You always have to take into account (this coming from a fuddy-duddy teacher) that most of these kids that go hunting go for an entire week - they miss a ton of school. I'm not sure if that's better or worse the younger you get.
2006-01-24 9:51:04 AM  
It's 12 up here in Ontario (REAL Hunting Country!)
If you are under 15 you need to complete a hunters apprenticeship result, responsible hunters.
Lots of people up here have guns (rifles) but very few accidents with 'em. The safety training obviously helps.

I can see stretching it to 8 provided the apprenticeship programs are adjusted accordingly

The new fed gun registration laws here are a crock-o-shiat, however. The problem in Toronto is illegal handguns smuggled in from the States, and the registration laws don't help there. It just makes a hassle for the hunters and costs everyone $$$.
2006-01-24 9:51:05 AM  
ah, another gun nut law. they just assume that everyone has 100% common sense.
2006-01-24 9:51:56 AM  
Key words there being "250 years ago"
2006-01-24 9:52:18 AM  
What can he possibly hope to gain from this? Even if young people are losing interest in hunting, it doesn't follow that the correct response is to open hunting up to even younger children. If young people were losing interest in motorcycling, would it make sense to lower the legal age of owning a motorbike? No - you find ways to make it more appealing to the appropriate age group.

"it's important to get kids hunting at a younger age" - WHY, for the love of God? Are you being overrun by mutant killer deer? Is he preparing the younglings to fend for themselves in the post-apocalyptic nightmare of a world destroyed by global warming? Do the butchers and supermarkets close early on Wednesdays, leaving da kids unjustifiably short of meat?

Holy farking shee-at - you can't drink until you're 21, you can't have sex until you're 17 (or is it 18, I lose track), you can't drive until you're 15 or 16 (can't be bothered to look it up) yet you can hunt at EIGHT?!??!!?

I don't care how well supervised you are and how mature the kid is, eight year old kids should not be shooting rifles in a live hunting environment - heaven knows there are enough things that can go wrong already without adding this into the equation.

The man's a mentalist, and you can call me Susan if it isn't so.

/was in the British Association for Shooting and Conservation from age 12
2006-01-24 9:54:23 AM  
Minors in most states (usually under 16, sometimes under 17) must be under direct supervision of their parents to hunt.

There is no reason to have a minimum age to allow youths to hunt with supervision. Well, no reason unless you despise hunting and want to see the sport die out. In that case you'd of course want to prevent all youths from hunting.
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