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(The Smoking Gun)   Nude jumping jack mom and police report   ( divider line
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20637 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2002 at 2:24 PM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-05-20 2:26:39 PM  
My eyes! My Eyes!!!!
2002-05-20 2:26:42 PM  
oh god, too much nakedness in one day!
2002-05-20 2:27:00 PM  
talk about deranged :X
2002-05-20 2:27:17 PM  
aaargh, oh god, i ahdent ACTUALLY looked at the pic.... people like that should be newtered
2002-05-20 2:27:30 PM  
THIS was the mother of all weapons Saddam promised us !!!
2002-05-20 2:27:53 PM  

The visual on this hurts my brain!
2002-05-20 2:28:03 PM  
OK. Now I must scrub my eyes out with steel wool.... and my imagination.


How does somebody that ugly get to reproduce? I thought there were laws about inbreeding.
2002-05-20 2:28:09 PM  
2002-05-20 2:28:17 PM  
I just imagined all, rolling and flapping while she did the jacks..The horror...the horror *cringe*
2002-05-20 2:28:21 PM  
5'2" and 200 lbs. Doing jumping jacks. Naked.

Those poor little kids.
2002-05-20 2:28:27 PM  
no way I can ever scrub the visual out of my head now, DAMNIT

2002-05-20 2:28:29 PM  
Argh! It lists her weight as 200!!!

I don't want to see that doing jumping jacks! What a butch!
2002-05-20 2:28:37 PM  
How the hell did TSG get it that quick? Must have someone on the inside.
2002-05-20 2:28:48 PM  
Hey I'll book her dano!
2002-05-20 2:28:51 PM  
Oh the humanity!
2002-05-20 2:28:59 PM  
5' 2''
200 lbs
Oh the humanity of it.
2002-05-20 2:29:01 PM  
If there's is a woman who would have to know all the techniques to use just to keep a man, then THIS MONSTROUS BEAST WOULD BE HER !!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-20 2:29:07 PM  
2002-05-20 2:29:12 PM  
My eyes! My eyes!
2002-05-20 2:29:20 PM  
Why are her eyes so small?
2002-05-20 2:29:39 PM  
200 pounds is a little over what I'd normally want to see doing jumping jacks... Oh, the pain!
2002-05-20 2:29:53 PM  
White wash her and she could pass for the Michelin man.
2002-05-20 2:29:55 PM  
Talk about being beaten with an ugly stick.... eep!!! It's also stated that she has 'average teeth'... LOL
2002-05-20 2:30:06 PM  
2002-05-20 2:30:06 PM  
Mods, I believe the picture that Skinink posted is NSFW, or NSFAnywhere for that matter, and should be removed.
2002-05-20 2:30:06 PM  
Now THAT is Obscene!
2002-05-20 2:30:13 PM  
Wrong, just plain wrong! No wonder the kids were complaining.
2002-05-20 2:30:14 PM  
Those poor kids were forced to look at that doing jumping jacks?
Talk about issues stemming from childhood incidents.
Just the mental image, aahhhh!!!
2002-05-20 2:30:27 PM  
5'02", and 200 pounds? MMM, why oh why can't anybody find me a recording of her doing those jumping jacks?
2002-05-20 2:30:27 PM  
although I knew she really looked something like that, I envisioned something very very different, this is so wrong

2002-05-20 2:30:30 PM  
No wonder she wants the little girls naked, she probably can't get any from a dog!! ARG MY EYES!!!!!
2002-05-20 2:30:32 PM  
That's one scary-a$$ looking chick...she probably traumatized the poor little girls for life...
2002-05-20 2:30:40 PM  
LOL it was a slumber party...wonder if dear abby knows about this
2002-05-20 2:30:53 PM  
To be honest, the nude jumping jack thing didn't thrill me when I heard it, but I at least imagined a cute mom doing it, not that bridgetroll of a creature. Ugh.
2002-05-20 2:30:54 PM  
my eyes are bleeding. make the pain go away.
2002-05-20 2:31:05 PM  
Meet the queen of the pig people.
2002-05-20 2:31:15 PM  
Now that I've seen her, my life will never be the same again.

2002-05-20 2:31:59 PM  
2002-05-20 2:32:07 PM  
Ain Soph.... LMFAO!!!
2002-05-20 2:32:09 PM  
2002-05-20 2:32:17 PM  
And someone had sex with that. Shame on you. ICK
2002-05-20 2:32:18 PM  
Oh my Lord..
2002-05-20 2:32:20 PM  
w00f w00f!

"Sir, we have a large flesh-colored object off the port bow!"

"Flood tubes 1-4 and plot a firing solution."
2002-05-20 2:32:28 PM  
Pho-to-shop! Pho-to-shop! Pho-to-shop! Pho-to-shop! Pho-to-shop!
2002-05-20 2:32:38 PM  
The worst part is.... her face will become part of my photoshop props.

Move aside, Lindy! Here comes Missy!
2002-05-20 2:32:41 PM  
The police suck!!! Notice the physical oddities portion. They put none, average teeth etc. They forgot to mention PHUCKING UGLY!! They should have put a bullet in her head, and put her out of our misery.
2002-05-20 2:33:04 PM  

oh my god.

those poor poor little girls, as if the party itself wasnt bad enough... THATS what they had to watch doing *puke* NAKED JUMPING JACKS?!?!

i bet her hands werent the only thing clapping over her head....
2002-05-20 2:33:04 PM  
Ok I'm pretty sure that's "Wheels" from Degrassi High
2002-05-20 2:33:11 PM  
she looks like teddy farking ruxpin

2002-05-20 2:33:18 PM  
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