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2006-01-18 11:04:19 PM  
Thats why its getting cancelled. You cant do that. You cant expect all of the TV watching America to watch your first show all the way though. It doesnt work that way. Simple as that. If you cant roll in in the middle and enjoy what you watch.. then the show will die.


/I found your missing apostrophes: ''''''
2006-01-18 11:04:52 PM  
Twitch OSX:

AD having the "wittiest writing I have ever seen" is like saying that Spongbob Square Pants is great writing. Although I do like the occasional Spongbob Square Pants, its NOT GOOD WRITING. You must be watching flies on dog turd to think that AD had good writing.

"Spongebob Squarepants" has great writing. It is the closest thing that Nickelodeon has come to another "Rocko's Modern Life."

Very few other shows can appeal to both adults and children at the same time. The childrens have the humor inherent in a child-like adult. Adults have many references to more adult culture (like a reference to the film Dog Day Afternoon or Spongebob watching pornography and telling his pet snail, Gary, that he was just looking for the "sports channel.")

While childrens may not understand all the references, they still can appreciate the safe humor. That is the greatness of "Spongebob Squarepants." It can safely cross the line while still being safe for children. It does it correctly. It is "The Simpsons" with a knack for subtle--and not so subtle--pokes of adulthood.
2006-01-18 11:05:17 PM  
I'll miss Donna....

[image from i2.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-01-18 11:05:21 PM  
/I found your missing apostrophes: '''

Damn. And Fark lost about half of them again.
2006-01-18 11:05:25 PM  

Arrested Development is TV for people who like The Onion.

People who think The Onion is not funny, will not think A.D. is funny. And, amazingly enough, there's a whole slew of people who not only don't understand The Onion, but they think it's stupid. Same thing, macro scale.

I actually think The Onion is pretty lame, but AD is on my top 5 favorite shows of all time. Probably number 2.
2006-01-18 11:05:26 PM  
While I'm sad about AD, I do have faith that some other forward thinking concern will pick it back up. I would hate to see it go to Showtime, unless they retain the "bleeped" swearing. The reactions to Busters profanity last season were far funnier than anything he might have actually said.

MITM? We're about three years from "Malcolm in Middle Age" aren't we?

That 70's show being cancelled will free Kurtwood Smith up to play another badass villain a la Clarence Boddicker from Robocop, so I'm behind that. I'd also be behind Mila or Laura if I had my druthers.

zombiehorror The Office airs on NBC, not ABC, but I agree with your sentiment. A two hour comedy block of AD, SCRUBS, Earl and The Office would provide not only a fantastic night of TV, but it would also feature four comedies in a row without laugh tracks. Oh no! If there's no laugh track, how are we supposed to know when things are funny? It might weed out the knuckle-draggers.
2006-01-18 11:05:59 PM  
[image from offscreen.it too old to be available]
2006-01-18 11:06:21 PM  
Whoa.. lots of people getting on my ass. King of the Hill " " still sucks. I dont need to know how far you go into this like its a college lecture. I dont like it. I think its lame and dont find it that funny. Drewsclues can suck it. Ned and Stacy was funny. I dont care about the writing! Understand? As long as its farking funny, thats it.. its a good show. I dont think that Friends was good writing.. actually, to tell you the truth, I dont know what good writing is. I know what is funny or engaging to watch. Thats how it goes. No need to freak out over it.
2006-01-18 11:07:16 PM  

Indeed, that would be two fantastic hours of non-laughtrack comedic television. Comedies for people that don't need to be told when to laugh.
2006-01-18 11:07:26 PM  
I would like to take this time to thank BrotherAlpha for informing me of the release of Titus on DVD.

Arrested Development is a great show in my opinion, but it's hurt by the fact that some of the funniest moments in the show depend on the viewer having watched many if not all of the previous episodes. (The chicken impersonations seemed funnier to me each subsequent time)

I can see why some people don't like it. It seems like stupid comedy. Stupid comedy written in a smart way.

Now let's just hope they don't decide to cancel House. I've lost all faith in Fox already so they have nothing to lose.

/24 is actually good this season as well. I stopped watching after the nuclear bomb went off.
2006-01-18 11:07:31 PM  
Somewhere 2 dead horses and a slight sick one sigh a collective relief
As the flogging has finally stopped.
\just to be different
2006-01-18 11:07:36 PM  
2006-01-18 11:07:38 PM  
"You're a regular Brad Garrett!"
2006-01-18 11:07:46 PM  
Soni: Arrested Development is too hip for prime-time tv... most of the jokes go way over most people's heads. You either 'get' that show, or you don't (and never will). Most don't.

It's a shame.

Eh, I'm not retarded and I have never found AD terribly funny. What that show needs is to rid themselves of that Bateman guy. He's a show killer.

Seinfeld was funny. It is classic to the point where not a day goes by that I do not hear or read "Comedy Gold!".
2006-01-18 11:08:00 PM  
Twitch OSX:

More regarding "King of the Hill":

It is probably the most realistic and sincere sitcom on television. Relationships may be used in humorous ways, but never in ways that devalue either the characters or the relationship.
2006-01-18 11:08:33 PM  
broomballwilson: but the reason no one was watching was because the name and the promotions sucked.

I always thought the name was great. Arrested: the dad is in prison, Development: they are living in a failing housing development.

Arrested Development: n : an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely [syn: fixation, infantile fixation, regression] (dictionary.com)

I thought it was/is pretty clever.
2006-01-18 11:09:34 PM  
"That 70's Show" should have ended last season with the departure of Eric Foreman. This season was a "It worked for "Cheers"- let's roll the dice and see." kind of deal.

They lost. This season has sucked.
2006-01-18 11:10:17 PM  
I can't take the suit off. You wouldn't understand...

I think I understand more than you'll..never know...
2006-01-18 11:10:26 PM  
i miss m*a*s*h
from wikipedia

The series lasted eleven seasons, while the actual Korean War lasted only three years.

oh, and wonder years. i was praying the final episode would be kevin just banging the bajebus out of winnie. she needs it. from me.

slashies are for pansies.
2006-01-18 11:10:32 PM  
By the bye, Twitch OSX is a uncouth moron.

He or she has no understanding of culture or humor and probably believes that a person shiatting his or her pants is the apex of funny.
2006-01-18 11:10:38 PM  
"King of the Hill" is worth watching even if only for Dale. How anyone couldn't find him funny is beyond me.
2006-01-18 11:11:16 PM  
Married with Children
Simpsons (up until the 10th season tops?)
Buffy (I don't care her and Willow should have been les partners)
Family Guy

// I'm illiterate
/// tv sucks
//// I just watch porn now
2006-01-18 11:13:28 PM  
Yet Fox brings back crap like "Stacked." for another "season."
2006-01-18 11:13:32 PM  

What??? Dude.. its NOT good writing.. its good HUMOR. I guess the Humor comes from the writing.. but then if the writing sucked, the humor wouldnt be that good. In that case, I see your point. Not that I watch it every day. I/m 25 so I have other shiat to do but when I am at home on a saturday morning and flipping through the channels, I might just stay on Spongebob for a few. Not much else on Saturday mornings anyway. The point is.. I dont think they write the show for adults.. but adults.. or most likely young adults can see funny stuff in the show as a bi-product of how they write the show. Maybe I should have used a different sample.. such as...

shiat.. whats those fags in the costumes.. that fight stupid monsters... Cant think of the show. They can form into a big plastic super hero guy.. my brother used to love it like 10 years ago. CRAP!..

Anyway.. you probably know what I am talking about.
2006-01-18 11:14:22 PM  
[image from winforkids.org too old to be available]

Yep... the old Foot in the Ass
2006-01-18 11:14:47 PM  
Fat Horny Black and Joe

Couldn't agree more. Dale is one of the best things about KOTH. From what I've heard, it wasn't cancelled, it's just stopping.

That said, I can see how some folks might not have liked it. You really need to have met people like that to have a frame of reference.
2006-01-18 11:15:11 PM  
Arrested Development is my drug of choice. So, Fox, I say to you as Gob would, "COME ON!!!!"
2006-01-18 11:15:31 PM  
Power rangers

// Didn't watch it
/// Not a pansy
//// fark you boozehat ;oP
2006-01-18 11:16:02 PM  
d00fy = pansy!
2006-01-18 11:16:09 PM  
You could actually join AD midstream and get a lot of funny out of it (advantage of the narrator... oh my, I love Ron Howard's narrating ;-) . And plenty of flashbacks, flash-sidewayses, and flash-upwards-and-a-bit-to-the-lefts.), but of course it didn't campare to following it all along. And you DID have to actually pay attention and put some effort into synching with the show, as opposed to the "turn-on-watch-turn-off-forget" nature of most sitcoms.

Seems to be the same problem some people have getting into Scrubs, as they just don't "get" the characters and relationships as they've been forged a while back over many episodes.

People never seem willing to invest a little time to get used to a show nowadays, though. I've had to brain many a friend and relative to give certain shows an actual try--which means multiple episodes and not deciding you "know what it's all about" by the second commercial break.

*shakes head sadly*
2006-01-18 11:16:48 PM  
I didn't give AD a chance at first, but I kept hearing so much about it that I ordered the DVD just to check it out.

I fell in love with it after seeing the pilot, the show is just so interesting compared to the crappy sitcoms out there right now (excluding Family Guy and Curb Your Enthusiasm).

As cliched as it has become, I agree with AD being labelled a "smart" show. The jokes come fast and furious, as well as being a little obscure at times. The chemistry between the cast really makes the show special, thank god I'll at least have it on DVD if it gets cancelled.
2006-01-18 11:17:43 PM  
oh, and rachel hunter is a pansy too.


d00fy, i'm sure you're not a pansy in real life... just on fark. w00t.
2006-01-18 11:18:20 PM  
Jizz Master Zero
I used to have a huge thing for Laura Prepon. Then I found out that she's a $cientologist.

I used to be a fan of hers.

Then she starred as Karla Homolka in the movie "Karla".

Now I can't possibly ever look at her the same. (Despite not even seeing the movie.)

/Canadian thing
2006-01-18 11:18:56 PM  
He or she has no understanding of culture or humor and probably believes that a person shiatting his or her pants is the apex of funny.

Might just be the beer/vodka but that made me LOL

I guess I'm probably half the age of the person that posted that and grew up in a different era but .. that was just funny. Just started laughing again. Sorry.

For those pissed at me for bashing things they love.. let me offer this for reparation:

I hope this helps my image:

[image from neoliquid.com too old to be available]
2006-01-18 11:19:58 PM  
Analrapy is the new Festivus!
2006-01-18 11:20:20 PM  
Twitch OSX - that's my birthday, and my desktop picture.

photoshoped melissa saying, "i love you".


ok, that's all.
2006-01-18 11:21:33 PM  
Jizz Master Zero:
"I used to have a huge thing for Laura Prepon. Then I found out that she's a $cientologist.

Now I still fap to her, but I feel real bad about it afterward..."

You sound like you're really depressed. For only $240 I know some people who can help you...
2006-01-18 11:21:41 PM  
POWER RANGERS.. thats it. Sorry for the not knowing earlier. Thank you d00fy
2006-01-18 11:21:44 PM  
Twitch OSX:

Whilst I will agree that the success of "Spongebob Squarepants" is more than the writing, I will still claim that the quality of the writing has a major affect on the quality of the show.

The very situation allows for the show to be made in such a way that a whole episode can deal with the characters' "sailor talk" or part of an episode can show a sponge watching porn without offending anyone. The meaning is definitely there, but it is hidden behind a playfulness resulting from the way the show is written. A great contrast to Spongebob is "The Simpsons." "Spongebob Squarepants" is nearly as dirty (content-wise) as "the Simpsons," only through almost perfect writing is "Spongebob Squarepants" able to be a childrens' show. The appeal is universal, whether or not one understands everything that the programme is saying. "The Simpsons" does not have that. If a person does not understand a joke or reference the segment has no value at all.
2006-01-18 11:22:10 PM  
FOX cancelled that Chris O'Donnel / Adam Goldberg "crazy lawyer" show after one episode. I saw the one they aired and it was just brutally unfunny, but c'mon...1 episode?!!

FOX has a problem letting shows gain an audience. They'll put an untested show on Sunday nights to be bounced around by baseball or football and then blame poor ratings for it's demise.

I defy anyone to laugh at the first episode of Seinfeld. But NBC stuck with it. From what I heard, later on, Seinfeld did pretty well.
2006-01-18 11:23:23 PM  
Malcolm sucked, 70s was good in the begining but they've been stuck in 1978 for 5 years now.

Arrested Development > Sienfeld

/save our bluths!!
//fox sucks
2006-01-18 11:23:41 PM  
Rockos Modern Life was one of the greatest shows ever, along with alot of the cancled fox shows.

An all old FOX channel would rock.
2006-01-18 11:23:42 PM  

I photoshop all my melissa pictures. Your saying that thats your desktop pic.. minus my text with your own saying "i love you" ????

Awesome. Yes.. she is PERFECT. I would much rather look at that picture for an hour than watch Arrested Development for an hour! Guarantee that!
2006-01-18 11:23:45 PM  
Twitch OSX:

I would be willing to bet that you are older than the person who posted that. By several years even.

I would also be willing to bet that your cultural knowledge and understanding is much less than the person who posted that. Several times even.
2006-01-18 11:25:15 PM  
Malcolm in the Middle was still on, in the sense they were making new episodes? The more you know.

The 70s Show had the ever lovin' life wrung out of it, long ago.

AD was interesting, when I caught it on. It's probably still got some legs.

Faux farks up good shows. But they'll beat a dead horse to death, over and over and over. This is their recent history.

Of course, this is the company that is conservative and moral on their news channel, and trying so hard to push the envelope on the entertainment side to remain relevant. They completely miss the boat when they have something worthy. It's really not worth my time to try and keep up with anything they put out.

/my opinion
//worth what you paid for it
2006-01-18 11:27:21 PM  
http://cybersix.dyndns.org/Presentatrices/M-Theuriau/Images/Galerie5/G​5-M-Theu riau-038.jpg

my source for various desktop captions. ::sigh:: i wish i was less pathetic!

and i wish i could spell... cause i'm sure i f'ed something up in this post.
2006-01-18 11:27:25 PM  

I don't know what you do for a day job, but the all old FOX show channel? You should be a programming director.

I think you may be on to something.

I find your views interesting and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
2006-01-18 11:28:01 PM  

Posted what? Not sure where your going.
2006-01-18 11:28:44 PM  
I haven't really watched TV (outside of sports) since NBC deep-sixed Freaks and Geeks.

/had a crush on Linda Cardellini
2006-01-18 11:29:06 PM  
Arrested Development is canceled?

Oh hell, yes. This makes up for CBS canceling Threshold.

/Threshold was sheer genius
//starring a super-genius midget linguist
///with a history of alcoholism and womanizing
////who must find a new way to save the world from the alien virus every week
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