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(The Register)   Dell uses prison slave labor to build your PCs   ( divider line
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11099 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2002 at 3:26 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-05-20 8:42:32 AM  
Just ask Warden Feffercorn dude.
2002-05-20 10:02:37 AM  
Dude, you're getting 5 to 10.
2002-05-20 12:21:03 PM  
Not my PC, it was built by about-to-be-laid-off Compaq employees.
2002-05-20 1:50:05 PM  
At least they're not using Mexican prisons. Made in the USA baby!
2002-05-20 2:01:04 PM  
So that is why my computer box/holder is made out of license plates.
2002-05-20 3:28:04 PM  
Michael Dell - do you trust your wife?
2002-05-20 3:28:37 PM  

For some odd reason, that came to my mind too..
2002-05-20 3:28:47 PM  
Dude your stuck in a cell!

2002-05-20 3:28:55 PM  
at least they have something to do.
2002-05-20 3:29:06 PM  
*imagines Sideshow Bob angrily plotting revenge against Bart Simpson, assembling Dells*

"This copy of Windows is registered to: DIE BART DIE"
2002-05-20 3:29:31 PM  
Brooks was here.
2002-05-20 3:29:52 PM  
This explains why my Dell is interested in porn and legal appeals.
2002-05-20 3:30:24 PM  
Dell schmell.
2002-05-20 3:30:27 PM  
Dude, some guy got pounded in the ass while making your Dell!
2002-05-20 3:30:43 PM  
Dude, you're getting valuable work training and a chance to turn your life around
2002-05-20 3:31:18 PM  
dude...your gettin a hard drive!
2002-05-20 3:31:51 PM  
Dude, you're in a world of shiat!
2002-05-20 3:31:59 PM  
2002-05-20 3:32:39 PM  
ISeeYourDisease Work experience? doing a job only inmates and 13c year old Asian children are hired to do?
2002-05-20 3:32:52 PM  
Dude, you're gonna get butt-raped!!
2002-05-20 3:33:33 PM  
About time they farking produced for society!
Did I mean Dell or the inmates? feh!
2002-05-20 3:33:37 PM  
"Dell -- Prison tested. Sodomite approved."
2002-05-20 3:33:40 PM
2002-05-20 3:34:09 PM  
My Dell came with a jug of cell-made moonshine. It was gooooood.
2002-05-20 3:34:24 PM  
I know there is some type of joke here, like dont bend over and pick up that soundcard in the shower......
2002-05-20 3:34:30 PM  
I prefer my consumer goods to be made by 5 year old chinese
childeren. They pay closer attention to quality and I like that.
2002-05-20 3:35:23 PM  
So my Dell was made by convicts?

That explains it's homocidal tendencies!

And the claw on one hand!
2002-05-20 3:35:24 PM  
does the idea of American companies being allowed to contract for prison labor make anyone besides me very very uneasy?
welcome to 1840.
2002-05-20 3:35:30 PM  
Be the first one on your cellblock to get shanked with a PC 133 512MB DDRAM module !!!!
2002-05-20 3:36:25 PM  
"SONY. Beacause Caucasians are just too damn tall!"
2002-05-20 3:37:08 PM  
As long as there is some training involved, I think its
2002-05-20 3:37:35 PM  
"Hello Steven, is this your father's car?"
2002-05-20 3:37:38 PM  
"Now who's being obtuse?"
2002-05-20 3:37:42 PM  
Well, good! Otherwise, prisoners just sit around watching cable TV, taking anti depressants, eating five times a day. Sort of like home for most people.
2002-05-20 3:38:12 PM  
Now I might buy another Dell... Make those prisoners work!
"What we have here... is a failure to communicate..."
weeeeee haaaaaa!
2002-05-20 3:38:30 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2002-05-20 3:39:04 PM  
CanuckGuy - 13 years old = Supervisor or Middle management
2002-05-20 3:39:26 PM  

By the tone of the article, it makes it sound like this is some sort of bad thing. They must've forgotten the sentence that says "This is a good idea."
2002-05-20 3:39:29 PM  
So, why do they call yah Dell?

I dunno, maybe its because im Irish.
2002-05-20 3:40:30 PM  
My computer was manufactured by the indiginous people of Cupertino, CA who probably farmed it out to the indiginous people of Taiwan or China
2002-05-20 3:41:55 PM  
In middle school I went to a Dell manufacturing plant wearing an Apple shirt thatI borrowed. I've never seen a tour guide so pissed off in my life.
2002-05-20 3:42:28 PM  
2002-05-20 3:43:05 PM  
Recycling computers is a great idea, but can't we dump this on some third world country?
2002-05-20 3:43:17 PM  
Dell Presents Drew Curtis's Kentucky State Corrections Center. Pentium Inside.
2002-05-20 3:43:40 PM  
Dude, I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die!

(Dell Folsom Prison Blues)
2002-05-20 3:45:07 PM  
Mine was built by cows. Moo.
2002-05-20 3:45:55 PM  
Sounds like the prisoners are repaying their debt to society.
2002-05-20 3:46:10 PM  
Wait a second. They are going to charge a fee to take back their old boxes? Did I read that wrong? If I didn't, how is that going to work?
2002-05-20 3:46:17 PM  
so what, I really give two shiats about inmates. You are in jail monkey, must suck to be you. Now make me a computer Einstein
2002-05-20 3:48:07 PM  
Ok where does the slave labor come in?
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