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(Some Guy)   If you though Star Wars was racist, how about ElNavy.com: the official Hispanic site of the US Navy   ( elnavy.com) divider line
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2002-05-19 12:39:29 PM  
".....as a wetback, you have a long and colorful history in the U.S. Navy. Years of toil as janitors and mess cooks have served our country well. We thank you and all of your beaner cousins."
2002-05-19 02:39:22 PM  
Ok, I'll point out the typo: "though" should be "thought"
2002-05-19 02:39:39 PM  
how is this funny besides the "el"?
2002-05-19 02:39:48 PM  
Old Navy is racist?
2002-05-19 02:40:49 PM  

Despite living in California, most of the people at Travis AFB and Lemoore NAS (even McClellan) are not Hispanics... in fact, you see a whole lot more Phillipinos than you would the near total population ethnicity sometimes around those Naval Bases.

2002-05-19 02:41:17 PM  
I HATE Web pages that open with Flash!!!

That being said, I'm surprised that the opening music isn't "The Macarena."
2002-05-19 02:41:26 PM  
everybody is racist. if you think that you aren't you are deluding yourself.
2002-05-19 02:42:21 PM  
Ai! Los Navy es muchos racist!
2002-05-19 02:43:10 PM  
where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, learn science technology.. THEY.. WANT.. YOU.. in the navy.. hahahaha
2002-05-19 02:45:26 PM  
I agree, I think everybody is at least a bit racist. I mean its like trying to somehow not observe someone's appearance, behaviors, and nuances are different from yours. Humans would probably die without the mindset to observe and react to differences. This however, is not encouragement to harass people of other ethnicity or some shiat, but let's face it, no one is TRULY without some sort of racial bias.
2002-05-19 02:48:53 PM  
"Hispanics have a long and proud tradition as Sailors, serving bravely and honorably in the U.S. Navy during every war and conflict since the American Revolution. The tradition is stronger than ever in today's Navy. More than 35,000 Hispanic-American Sailors in all ranks and job specialties are part of today's Navy team. "

oh so racist.
2002-05-19 02:49:51 PM  
when you go to the hispanics in the navy flash button, it talks about hero street in the little sidebar. i just think it's neat because i used to know a couple of families from hero street.
2002-05-19 02:50:14 PM  
Here kids, learn about tolerance through song:

Black is beautiful, white is so pure
Can you see a difference? all I see's a blur
Is one color a virtue how can you be sure
Ignorance the disease education the cure

So how can you say that your proud of your race
Proud of your gender
Or proud of your faith
Facism racism all starts out the same
Stop feeding the fire and smother the flame

Some people are smarter than others so dumb
The reason behind this a cultural one
And greatness isn't carried by blood
So get off your high horse
You're no better than us
All seems infected that the infected spy
As all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye
You're the infected you can never deny
You're arrogant, you're insolent, you're living a lie
2002-05-19 02:52:16 PM  
notice how "Family" is mentioned first. The Navy is like one big family all crammed together on one boat, so I guess hispanics are supposed to feel comfortable or something...

2002-05-19 02:52:32 PM  
GXL, that was so beautiful...

...I have to go take a crap now.

Is that the kind of shiat we throw at our children in gradeschool? No wonder they don't give a fark about any issues lately.
2002-05-19 02:53:14 PM  
So does anyone here object to the fact that the navy site can be read in spanish?
2002-05-19 02:54:44 PM  
I served at Lemoore in the late 80's early 90's...... there was a fairly diversified mix of sailors then. Well, ethnically speaking. There weren't many women there then.

echo tech
2002-05-19 02:54:45 PM  
Fvck EL Navy! Why? Take a look at the first scene of American Me. Fvckin sailors!
2002-05-19 02:55:16 PM  
[image from blarg.net too old to be available]

2002-05-19 02:58:08 PM  
I live close to Hero street.
2002-05-19 02:58:20 PM  
I remember the Alamo - where was the farking Navy then? Sailing round in ships, that's where.
2002-05-19 03:02:20 PM  
The Philippine Air Force flight demo team site is in English. So what.
2002-05-19 03:03:26 PM  
Onewrie: Not to mention sites for the Russian, Indian and God knows what else armed forces.
2002-05-19 03:04:16 PM  
Don't forget the Swiss Navy
2002-05-19 03:06:39 PM  
The United States military is probably one of the most color-blind institutions around. This wasn't always the case, of course, but the modern military takes a dim damn view of harassment or prejudicial treatment.
2002-05-19 03:09:41 PM  
I thought I saw an aircraft carrier riding a little low in the water...
2002-05-19 03:10:52 PM  
Yvan eht nioj!
2002-05-19 03:14:01 PM  
I only ever encountered one openly raceist person when I was active. Of course, when I was in, people were too busy worrying about gays and women getting onto ships. I wonder what they worry about now?
2002-05-19 03:15:27 PM  
!yvaN ehT nioJ
2002-05-19 03:16:27 PM  
Damn. A day late and a dollar short, as usual.
2002-05-19 03:17:04 PM  
[image from mywebpages.comcast.net too old to be available]
2002-05-19 03:20:52 PM  
I wonder how many Hispanics served behind Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders during the Spanish American War.

he he...Rough Riders... huh huh hehe
2002-05-19 03:22:59 PM  
Onewire: why would they worry about getting gays onto the ships? Were their wives already there?
2002-05-19 03:24:22 PM  
This is bogus.

Whois showes the domain "elnavy.com" as belonging to Rodd Rodriguez, of "The Rodd Group". If it were legit, it would belong to US Naval Command, like www.navy.com.

Looks like a (well done) joke.
2002-05-19 03:26:07 PM  
[image from w3.the-kgb.com too old to be available]
2002-05-19 03:27:14 PM  
That's NOT the Swiss Navy
2002-05-19 03:27:51 PM  
But then again, both elnavy.com and navy.com are in the same netblock, one IP address away from each other. Perhaps the Navel Command just wants to distance themselves from the site by recording the domain ownership through some marketing outfit?
2002-05-19 03:31:53 PM  
Ok, here we go... From www.hispanic-today.com:

Rodd Rodriguez, CEO of the Rodd Group in New York, conducted focus groups to understand the attitudes and perceptions that Hispanics have towards the Armed Forces in general, and the Navy in particular. Rodriguez listened carefully to his subjects' liberal use of Spanglish. "They would say, 'El Navy,'" Rodriguez says. "It became obvious that Spanglish provides and communicates a level of familiarity and comfort, for young and older Hispanic generations alike." Rodriguez and Batiz quickly reserved the URL name ELNAVY.com, a name that the Navy welcomed enthusiastically.
2002-05-19 03:32:04 PM  
Over 4,000 Spanish soldiers die while being held as prisoners of war on English prison ships in New York Harbor after being captured while fighting for American independence.

Are Spaniards Latino too? I thought Latino referred to Latin Americans.
2002-05-19 03:36:45 PM  
When I was in the Army, it was funny to see the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans give each other shiat.
Puerto Ricans called the Mexicans lazy and the
Mexicans didn't like the Puerto Ricans because "they butchered the Spanish language.
2002-05-19 03:46:03 PM  
I don't think this is racist. The entire Canadaian Armed Forces only has about twice as many Airmen, Soldiers, and Sailors combined as the number of Hispanics in the US Navy. Why shouldn't they get their own website?
The fact that you can see the site in Spanish is kind of interesting though. Isn't English the only official language of the US?
[image from skytamer.com too old to be available]
2002-05-19 03:48:46 PM  
Quein es mas macho, El Navy o El Marines?

PS - How is this site racist?
2002-05-19 03:49:41 PM  
Max Load: Mexicans didn't like the Puerto Ricans because "they butchered the Spanish language.

Whee! That's good... Best laugh I've had all day.
2002-05-19 03:57:07 PM  
what about http://www.navy.mil?
2002-05-19 04:13:08 PM  
That's pretty funny. You think that up all by yourself?
2002-05-19 04:23:24 PM  
Last I heard, the U.S. has no "offical" language.
2002-05-19 04:29:04 PM  
Elite Hacker-
The United States, contrary to popular belief, does not have a statutory "official language"

That being said, I'll be the first to agree that anyone who wants to live and work in the United States, particularly in the military, is doing themselves a disservice by remaining ignorant of the "de facto" official language.
2002-05-19 04:33:45 PM  
Onewire: no, I got it from a children's comic so I could be sure you'd understand it
2002-05-19 04:39:38 PM  
Oh God. You are so funny. I'm calling all my friends in so they can read your posts.
2002-05-19 04:39:54 PM  
um, so what's racist about it? what am I missing?
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