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(Reuters)   78-year-old woman sues prime minister for broken campaign promise 5 years ago   ( divider line
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2006-01-06 5:12:19 PM  
Can you imagine the chaos if we did this to every politician that lied to us?

My god, they might actually have to tell the truth and DO what they promise!!

/Nevermind, would take balls... which Americans don't have anymore.
2006-01-06 10:18:43 PM  
Amusing, how about farking HERO?
2006-01-06 10:19:00 PM  
Hey what happened to my balls!?
2006-01-06 10:19:24 PM  
Well good for her.
2006-01-06 10:19:48 PM  
ScreamingInDigital: Amusing, how about farking HERO?

Yup, just what I was thinking. Though it shouldn't be heroic to sue a politician for not doing what they promised to do.
2006-01-06 10:20:08 PM  
Jesus, he didn't even promise a fortune. It's hardly high living to get 516 euros a month.
2006-01-06 10:22:00 PM  
good for her..imagine if in north america ,you could do such a thing......but the system likes to block such the presidents immunity from all laws...yes, including the constitution...

/republicans are religious.
//democrats like hummers.(nudge,nudge.wink,wink).
2006-01-06 10:23:18 PM  
We should all do this.

/hop on the trolley!
2006-01-06 10:25:33 PM  
C'mon people, it is the Italian government we are discussing here. There will be a new government in power in 20 minutes or so and this will all blow over.
2006-01-06 10:25:44 PM  
tony blair is a tool.
2006-01-06 10:26:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wanted for questioning...
2006-01-06 10:26:46 PM  
I was going to say good for her, but alas, no balls.

/agrees with Pumonca
2006-01-06 10:42:57 PM  
i truly wish this would happen here in the United States.

and you thought TF was overrun with Newsflash submissions already?

/still dodging newsflashes about Wierd Als parents dying.
//seriously wishes someone would go after our politicians this way.
2006-01-06 10:49:20 PM  
Wow...this will easily beat ambulance chasing for trial lawyers.
2006-01-06 10:50:39 PM  
My first thought:
2006-01-06 10:59:49 PM  
tony blair is a tool.

Wrong Prime Minister.
2006-01-06 11:00:40 PM  
It'd be nice if this became something that caught on around the globe. I dont think it will- smart leaders probably have a trillion loopholes to hide behind, but it would be nice.

I hope she gets her moneys.
2006-01-06 11:01:43 PM  
Italia's really on a roll this week.

/Venice is nice
//Rome is hell
///Firenze actually has some terrible restaurants
2006-01-06 11:02:55 PM  
They should be liable for it. I don't see why not.
2006-01-06 11:05:54 PM  
84Charlie is right, this is Italian politics we're talking about here.

Besides, this isn't handled in a court of law, all business will be handled after the babtism
2006-01-06 11:06:40 PM  
Sue for breach of promise! I LOVE this idea. GO GRANNY GO! And may the fark be with you!
2006-01-06 11:33:52 PM  
tony blair is a tool.

Wrong Prime Minister.

But doesn't change the fact that he is a tool.
2006-01-06 11:44:31 PM  
Yep, politicians lie. You know why? Because they have to to get elected. Politics is a dirty game. C'est la vie.
2006-01-06 11:45:17 PM  
Omis:tony blair is a tool.

Dr. Mojo PhD:Wrong Prime Minister.

Omis:But doesn't change the fact that he is a tool.


Tough to argue with that logic
2006-01-06 11:46:09 PM  
Generally speaking, it's not a bad idea.
2006-01-06 11:48:16 PM  
I would not want to be the one to screw with the guy who publicizes his "contract with Italians". Although if he did break said contract Ithink things will resolve themselves on their own.

/went there
2006-01-07 12:13:09 AM  
Why should such cases be a matter of civil law? I say we, as in "the people of the world," should make it a crime for an officeholder to lie to their constituents.

Let those breakers of promises be made to break rocks for a few years.
2006-01-07 12:14:24 AM  
Can we do that here?
2006-01-07 12:51:22 AM  
Ah, the good 'ol days, when leaders were held accountable for their actions...

[image from too old to be available]
2006-01-07 1:32:30 AM  
Darn, here I was hoping this was an article about Canada.
2006-01-07 2:21:19 AM  
Amusingly enough, one of the questions during the first Canadian Leaders Debate was about how politicans are so full of bs promises, that if they don't follow through with them, they should be kicked out.

/was very amused
2006-01-07 6:49:11 AM  
Italy? The jury will probably go on strike.
2006-01-07 7:19:20 AM  
If this works, I am never going to see the light of day, because I am going to sue everyone in office.

Of course, I live in Canada, where we can't sue for things like dropping hot coffee in our laps.

Where is the justice?!?
2006-01-07 8:07:00 AM  
I was afraid it was going to be about the Prime Minister of Israel. If that was the case, was the campaign promise to not have a stroke?
2006-01-07 8:50:36 AM  
mikelepage: Of course, I live in Canada, where we can't sue for things like dropping hot coffee in our laps.

Where is the justice?!?

Even when the purveyor of said hot coffee has been repeatedly warned that their product is sold at an unreasonable temperature, and they've refused a request to pay medical costs pursuant to injury by their product?
2006-01-07 9:35:35 AM  

Shh! No one wants to hear that part of the story. No mentioning the skin grafts, either, or that the original jury award of damages was significantly reduced by the judge (IIRC). Everyone prefers their fantasy of the ultimate frivolous lawsuit completely untainted by the facts. So shush!
2006-01-07 10:00:39 AM  
But did he say "Read my lips..."?

/cause that's when they really mean it
2006-01-09 2:14:39 AM  
Burlusconi should counter sue the old coot for living too long!
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