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(Detroit News)   Library gets fed up with parents who think the place is a day-care center for their unruly, loud-ass brats; decides to lay down the law with steel fist   ( detnews.com) divider line
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2006-01-03 05:59:17 AM  
Picture caption: Joan Gekonde,18, a library page, stocks books. Students who violate conduct rules can lose their library privileges.

"Hey, let's find a random picture in our archives 'cuz the reporters forgot to take their cameras!"

/just sayin'
2006-01-03 06:02:52 AM  
Come to think of it, has anyone ever met anyone who actually works for a mail order company? I haven't, which conclusively proves that they don't exist.

Back to the subject at hand, how much nicer would the library be if you weren't allowed to read the books? I mean, there are wars in books, and considering the vast influence of the media on your average punter, I can't help but feel that extreme crackdowns on these "literature addicts" are needed.

/of course, you would also have to ban non-readers from not reading, in the interest of balance.
2006-01-03 06:05:44 AM  

haha. I needed babysitting VERY late on NYD (UK time). Ending up getting banned for two hours. Hang in there paulseta
2006-01-03 06:09:41 AM  
A short history of the library:

This not there will be government moves behavior according to private basis. Each persona signs into account by proprietor. Pitiful student and people are permitted to use time archive freely it assigns. Fortress to down nucleus of archive from the individual.

Chapter Fish:

It was stocked up outside credentials, it is the special from Britain, there will be archive. The government of province usually made donation with individual and Bangladesh and northern West. The technical level runs archive they are rare in europe in the period of half.

I hope that clear up a number of issues for everyone here.

/trying to help
//very trying
///oh look Wife Swap is on the TV
2006-01-03 06:12:05 AM  
[image from rusf.ru too old to be available]

"I AM the Luh...brarian."
2006-01-03 06:15:27 AM  
Wow...if anyone lives near paulseta you might want to drop in to make sure his gas is turned off.
2006-01-03 06:20:13 AM  
nakedcritic Wow...if anyone lives near paulseta you might want to drop in to make sure his gas is turned off.

If I lived in the Ukraine, this might not be a problem.

Speaking of the Ukraine - do you think they have a library? Because I've been meaning to visit, but I was put off by the apparently large amounts of dioxin around the place. Who wants to look like Edward James Olmos?!?!

I mean, besides Eric Roberts?
2006-01-03 06:23:52 AM  
Ha-ha this is awesome.

fark the selfish, self-absorbed parunts who think they can just drop Bratley off so they can go shop for a few hours.

Henceforth, little Chad and Breanna are going to get pwnt the next time they're out of line. BWAH HAHHA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2006-01-03 06:25:37 AM  
Personally, I always thought Yuschenko would have made an excellent "Thing" in the Fantastic Four movie.

Don't believe me? See for yourself:

2006-01-03 06:29:14 AM  
nakedcritic: Try using quicklime in conjunction with citric acid. The result is a nice, fruit-flavoured hard candy treat. It's like 5-Alive.


And yes, I did catch on, and you caught on to my catching on, although several others here didn't -- but thanks for giving me a springboard upon which to vent my bile, even if tongue-in-cheekishly.

Although... The result is a nice, fruit-flavoured hard candy treat. It's like 5-Alive.

2006-01-03 06:30:05 AM  
paulseta took the red pill.
2006-01-03 06:31:45 AM  
I take it's silly o'clock in much of the US of A?
2006-01-03 06:33:29 AM  
Gabbo is Fabbo
paulseta took the red pill.

like in the matrix

...where the hell is my other slash?

Your other slash seems t.. why am you talking to myself?
2006-01-03 06:37:07 AM  
The librarians should just make some of that poison oak/ivy tea and give it to the little shiats. By school time the next day the oil should hit the anus and the farkers will hopefully go home early or to the doctor.

/on the other hand that would really suck if the library had to deal with a bunch of brats with itch corn holes
2006-01-03 06:39:22 AM  
Children should be beaten about the head with the utmost severity.
2006-01-03 06:39:35 AM  
Who cares? I order my books on line and just walk in and pick them up. I wouldn't know if, past the front desk, they're having orgies in there.
2006-01-03 06:40:26 AM  
Lady J
I take it's silly o'clock in much of the US of A?


[image from community.wvu.edu too old to be available]
2006-01-03 06:46:13 AM  
nakedcritic: Libarrians...a bunch of old childless spinsters...are going to tell ME that I'M a bad parent?

I know you're just attempting to troll here but you really ought to check out the enrollment of a modern day LIS class. No bifocals or hair buns to be seen these days. As one of 5 guys in a class of 35 (when I graduated) it was a pretty good place to be.

Draws a lot of intelligent girls... which are hot. Intelligent girls who are into books and information access ... even hotter.
2006-01-03 06:51:29 AM  
All the libraries need to do is implement a policy wherin all children left without supervision from an adult will be assumed to have been abandoned, and turned over to child protective services. Immediately.

Problem solved.

/ Why does everyone assume that paulseta is drugged? Some people are just Dada, or choose to be from time to time. Judging from his profile, I would assume the latter.
2006-01-03 07:15:37 AM  

Quite the steel fist indeed. I think Stalin used similar methods.

No, Stalin just had the library burned. With the children inside.


'socially disruptive manner'? Um, Ok - how DOES one be socially disruptive?

Never been to Bike Week at Myrtle Beach, SC, have you?


Funny, if a little hamfisted. Problem is there are a lot of people who really think that way. A surprising number, to gauge by the crap my wife has to take from them.


Teach your farking kidlets, okay? The rest of the world is not responsible for policing their behavior, you lazy bastards. The world is not your baby-sitter. And I hope to hell that these kids learn how to look up porn on the library computers -- only so that the librarians can then tell the parents to get stuffed, go away, and take their goddamn rugrats with them.



Draws a lot of intelligent girls... which are hot. Intelligent girls who are into books and information access ... even hotter.

Yep. I married one. ;)

Off to slave for my own wages now...
2006-01-03 07:17:04 AM  
Gordon Bennett

My reasons involve having a severe dust allergy today.

Hopefully tomorrow I shall be somewhat more... umm... whatever it is that I do normally, that is to say...

/it's time for bed
//oh yes
2006-01-03 07:19:17 AM  
I live about 25 miles or so from there and I thought this article was about my town's library. The middle school is about 200 yards away and when they get out of school at 215, the library was becoming a zoo.

It was a daycare for these kids and the numbers averaged from 75-150 a day after school. I would sometimes be at the library at 6pm for myself and see a few kids in my son's class ( 2nd grade) there - alone. 2nd grade by themselves.

Then, naturally, a few boys were causing the problem: pissing and shiatting all over the bathroom and other hijinks of the disgusting kind.

I always made sure I was out of there with my kids by 2, because it was a mad house until the kids settled down.

Eventually, after many meetings and articles in the paper, and things have settled down. The library sells ( very reasonably priced) snacks and drinks and all those kids now go into a conference room (laptops available) and they cannot leave that room except for the bathroom.

The trouble makers were quickly weeded out and bored stiff after the first day or so.

Funny thing is that the parents that complained that they pay for the library blah blah blah and that their kids rights are being squashed, we kindly encouraged to volunteer to control the herd. Those kids they don't see any more and guess what, it is those kids that were the problem. Huh.

Problem solved.

I (heart) my library.
2006-01-03 07:20:00 AM  
Gordon Bennett That rule would stop a lot of teenagers from using the library. When I was in high school, I would go to the library after school at least once a week to read or do research for school projects. Both of my parents worked until 5 or 6 so it would have been tough to do my research when they were available.
2006-01-03 07:29:35 AM  
"Won't someone please think of the children"
-simpsons how many episodes and how many times said now that is unkown to me, but it is the best sarcasim of all.

I will when the parents of the children will. You need a license to fish but to have kids.......
2006-01-03 07:31:52 AM  
Hit em with a book!
2006-01-03 07:38:24 AM  
What's all this yelling, we'll have no trouble here, this is a local store, for local people... there's nothing for you here...
2006-01-03 07:48:06 AM  
[image from images.rottentomatoes.com too old to be available]

"Go home to your mother! Doesn't she ever want you? Tell her, this isn't some communist day care center! Tell your mother I hate her! Tell your mother, I hate you!"
2006-01-03 07:49:47 AM  

'One... two... three... twelvety!'
2006-01-03 07:56:39 AM  
Where's the library poleethman when you need him? Or better yet the book djinns?

/worked in library
//taught high school
///librarians and teachers are not baby-sitters
2006-01-03 08:03:23 AM  
It's not just older kids being ditched at the library. One day I was at the library with my kids, and this cute little girl of 4 or 5 years started tagging along with me and my brood. After about an hour, I realized that I had not once seen an adult show up to check on her. It was time for me to go, so I quietly alerted the librarian to my suspicions. She just sort of sighed and shook her head and said that it happens all the time. She went and talked to the little girl to make sure there wasn't a parent around somewhere, and then called social services. I felt so bad for that kid. There are some retarded parents out there.
2006-01-03 08:16:05 AM  
As a public librarian I say HALLELUJAH and AMEN!
/not a childless old spinster BTW
//memo to parents: if you're not gonna watch/care for/discipline 'em don't have 'em
2006-01-03 08:25:12 AM  
If parents think their unsupervised pre-teens are safe at the free-babysitting-library, think again. All of our local libraries now have huge signs on the restroom doors "Only ONE person in the restroom" and "Adults not allowed in children's restrooms" and "Children not allowed in adult restrooms" and "Parents, please use the Family Restrooms located by the front desk if your child needs toileting assistance". This because of several molestations and pre-teen sexual encounters in isolated restrooms. In addition to their libary duties, librarians now patrol the restrooms. And only the single stall door locks; the outer door locks were removed.
2006-01-03 08:29:58 AM  
Oh no! Social issues. I always thought the library was to be used as a tool for learning. The little farkers have no respect. Back in the day, you whispered and respected the place you were at. "The Farking Library," its not the farking playground. Helllloo!!! Parents. To quote a great western philosoher, "string em up, it'll teach em a lesson". :-)
2006-01-03 08:39:04 AM  
TO CRAZYSCOTS-IRISH. You are one funny farker. I think we share heritage. I almost pissed my pants when I read your thread. Keep up the good work Lad. (oak/ivy tea?:-) My farking face hurts from laughing my farking ass off)
2006-01-03 08:43:29 AM  
nakedcritic: Libarrians...a bunch of old childless spinsters...are going to tell ME that I'M a bad parent?

Yes, you're a bad parent. Very very bad.

/childless spinster
//have a library degree
///also have a sense of humour...
2006-01-03 08:49:39 AM  
To Paulseta. There is help available. Keep up the good work :-) and try to breath. BREATH
2006-01-03 08:54:56 AM  
For whoever asked--plenty of malls around there. There's Northland in Southfield, Oakland in Troy, and Universal in Warren.

/used to play in the elevators in hudson's in oakland mall
2006-01-03 08:59:54 AM  
Socially disruptive manner in a library?

That's a paddlin'...
2006-01-03 09:03:44 AM  
Mcaffolder: no theyre are not

Apparently you've never been to Detroit, or a library for that matter.
2006-01-03 09:06:15 AM  
2006-01-03 02:52:02 AM Freak There are libraries in Detroit?

They probably put them in temporarily for the Super Bowl, but there is a fist....

[image from reidphotography.com too old to be available]
2006-01-03 09:06:20 AM  

There's nothing more irritating when you're trying to find a WWII book your father hasn't read. Am I the only one that bought books on the USS Indianapolis and the Bataan Death March as gifts?

Has your Dad read The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors? It is and excellent book which, in the words of the author's website "is the first full narrative account of the Battle off Samar, perhaps the greatest upset in the history of naval warfare. Documenting and dramatizing the legendary two-and-a-half-hour battle, fought during the epic Leyte Gulf campaign on October 25, 1944, Hornfischer captures the gallantry of ordinary sailors rising to an impossible challenge -- fighting off an overwhelming force of Japanese warships, and then struggling to survive a three-day ordeal adrift at sea amid sharks, starvation and madness."

Basically, six American escort carriers, three destroyers, and four destory escorts ran into four Japanese battleships, including Yamato, half-a-dozen cruisers, and numerous escorts. The Americans managed to engage and drive off the Japanese force.
2006-01-03 09:07:31 AM  
Simple fit each child with a shock collar when they enter the library. Observe their behavior via numerous hidden cameras placed strategically around the building. When midbehavior is spotted, apply a shock.

/should be a consultant
2006-01-03 09:22:13 AM  
Dear Soccer Moms,

Your perceived affluence and perceived social status does not excuse you from learning how to properly raise your kids. Get your shiat together or I will smite thee.


Your flying savior
2006-01-03 09:28:05 AM  
I used to work in a large (7 floor) library in a mall. We would occassionally get very young children found alone on the first floor children's section, and often crying, 'cause mommy dumped them to go shopping! Totally disgusting.
2006-01-03 09:31:57 AM  
The library is not responsible for raising your kids.

If you do not have the time or money then don't have kids!

Some people put more planning into buying a freaking dog then they do when they go out and have unprotected sex with some guy who never held a job in his life.


If they guy has six kids he's already not taking care of...getting pregnant for him might be a bad move.

Get a puppy for crying out loud!

2006-01-03 09:39:56 AM  
Meh. The new hotness for low income, low brainpower parents is to buy the kidlings a season pass at Six Flags and drop them off there in the morning.

/wish I were joking
2006-01-03 09:44:23 AM  
Just another example of parents avoiding their own responsibilities by pawning their kids off on someone else. It's the school's fault, it's the church's fault, it's the library's fault that my kids won't behave. No, mom and dad, it's YOUR fault. Stay at the library WITH your kids, or, better yet, stay at home and TALK WITH them. Sheesh.
2006-01-03 09:49:02 AM  
[image from role-play.net too old to be available]

"Don't you know the Dewey Decimal System?"
2006-01-03 09:49:11 AM  
When my sister worked at the local swimming pool that was used as a cheap babysitter for brats and things kept getting worse until she forced parents to stand in a corner for 15 minutes or else they kids wouldn't be allowed back in the building.
2006-01-03 09:50:54 AM  

"Ok, so let me get this straight. A bunch of farking LIBARRIANS are going to tell ME how to raise MY children?"

In a nutshell:

I you do not make your kids process of learning to behave like civilized people other people's problem, then no one is going to tell you how to do it.

Supervise them, you had them, your problem.

If you don't want limits placed on how you can raise them, then do it where you're the master of all you survey...

Stay home.

/went to the library as a kid, I read, and behaved myself.
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