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(Some Falling Sand Thingee)   Draw lines to alter the flow of various substances. Surprisingly addictive   ( divider line
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102096 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Dec 2005 at 2:45 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-12-24 1:35:51 PM  
very addictive. Thank you.
2005-12-24 1:36:35 PM  
2005-12-24 1:59:10 PM  
This is pretty cool!
2005-12-24 2:01:10 PM  
I've been playing this for half an hour now. It's fun to make a big layer of oil with some sand on top, then use fire to burn off all the oil.

Fire burns oil, water makes plants grow; I don't know what the other properties or relationships are yet.
2005-12-24 2:09:38 PM  
Cool. I understand everything else, but what's CERA?
2005-12-24 2:11:24 PM  
I thought ceramic, but it burns, so I guess not...
2005-12-24 2:12:05 PM  
Wood, maybe? I noticed it will slowly sustain a burning fire, but otherwise acts as a wall.
2005-12-24 2:13:18 PM  
that is way too fun
2005-12-24 2:13:28 PM  
And what's the rolling beige thing?
2005-12-24 2:15:15 PM  
I thought that was the dumbest thing ever, but then I spent the next half hour trying to make a uniform mixture of everything.
2005-12-24 2:15:45 PM  
The Namekuji, obviously!

(Turn it off in the bottom right)
2005-12-24 2:16:01 PM  
Ok, so fire burns oil, plant, and cera (slowly).

Water makes plant grow.

I don't get the point of sand or salt, they don't seem to do anything. Spout seems useless too, since there's already a stream of water.

Oh, the spinning thing seems to like water. I made it grow until it took up the whole screen, at which point I had to turn it off.
2005-12-24 2:21:00 PM  
sand will eat away spouts.
2005-12-24 2:22:11 PM  
Salt will make the namekuji smaller
2005-12-24 2:28:47 PM  
This water is pretty viscous. Sand floats on top of it!
2005-12-24 2:42:45 PM  
Cera is Latin for wax, so I'm-a go with that.

Oh, and I vote for Neurocrat's post, "Salt will make the namekuji smaller," for quote of the day.
2005-12-24 2:50:40 PM  
2005-12-24 2:53:07 PM  
paygun: I'm with you... I see nothing but ???????????????? and WAR OF THE HELL!
2005-12-24 2:54:29 PM  
According to the WWWJDIC, namekuji is a slug.

So water grows it and salt kills it.
2005-12-24 2:54:46 PM  
wow, amazingly addictive.
2005-12-24 2:56:19 PM  
That was fun. I made the namekuji so huge by creating a cascade of water.
2005-12-24 2:57:06 PM  
Wierd but fun game. Still no idea of the point. Salt the namekuji over and over again to advance?
2005-12-24 2:57:19 PM  
umm whats up w/ the link? takes me to some non-english blog
2005-12-24 3:00:28 PM  
spythree...there's a jave about 3/4s down the page.

sand disappated the spout
2005-12-24 3:01:02 PM  
Yep, all I see are a bunch of ????'s. I've clicked every link I could find on that page to no avail.
2005-12-24 3:01:16 PM  
Duh. Scrolling helped.
2005-12-24 3:02:03 PM  
I saw nuthin but a lot of japanese blog
2005-12-24 3:03:16 PM  
There goes my afternoon.
2005-12-24 3:04:47 PM  
fun fun fun fun fun fun
2005-12-24 3:05:53 PM  
I've had a spout-plant-cera-fire combo with no cascading going for about 2 hours now. This will be my afternoon now.
2005-12-24 3:07:08 PM  
Am I missing something? All I am getting is a bunch of question marks.

[image from too old to be available]

Did I miss a new fark cliche?
2005-12-24 3:07:12 PM  
??? FTW
2005-12-24 3:09:36 PM  
my browser displays the page similar to the above screenshot, however instead of questions marks it looks like hebrew. where is this game?
2005-12-24 3:10:41 PM  
2005-12-24 3:11:47 PM  
It's called scroll down. Try it.
2005-12-24 3:15:35 PM  
Any way to download this and keep it and play it locally (been a while since i stole javascript(?) from a website...)
2005-12-24 3:15:49 PM  
Well it's all fun till the Oil hits the anus.
2005-12-24 3:17:23 PM  
People, it's a east asian script (chinese perhaps). If you don't have the script installed in your computer, you will get funny stuff.

But you don't need to worry abuot the script. All you need is to make sure Java is enabled in your browser. Just scroll down and you'll see the little applet there.

It's awesome.
2005-12-24 3:18:14 PM  
the namekuji becomes a buzzsaw of destruction if it gets big.
2005-12-24 3:18:21 PM  

ThePenIsMightier: It's called scroll down. Try it.

Well, I did. There really is nothing. Actually, there are more question marks.
2005-12-24 3:19:24 PM  
Damn you, submitter, it IS addicting!
2005-12-24 3:23:17 PM  
Well, that answers the question of what I'm doing today.
2005-12-24 3:23:47 PM  
For those who can't find it... just scroll down some.
2005-12-24 3:24:30 PM  
is your java on?
2005-12-24 3:24:42 PM  
I'm very easily entertained. I might be there for days.
2005-12-24 3:25:49 PM  
I don't understand why PLANT blocks ???
2005-12-24 3:26:20 PM  
War of the Hell is also a bit habit forming, string along the stick souls up to heaven to earn points. Shake the string and they all fall down into what I can only imagine to be the Hell the site described.

Thanks submitter(!), I now feel superior to stick figures.
2005-12-24 3:28:02 PM  
Plants burn too! (use fire)
2005-12-24 3:28:39 PM  
2005-12-24 3:30:00 PM  
Is there an object to this, or should I just keep filling the screen with oil just to watch it burn? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

[image from too old to be available]
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