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(USA Today)   From the Pro-Alaska camp, Reason No. 4 to live there: 16-foot snowmen (with pic)   ( divider line
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18957 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Dec 2005 at 9:18 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-12-19 5:29:41 PM  
Cool, I will have to check it out next time I drive by. Although with 40 degree temps, it may not be doing so well.

/if you think Columbine is a bad street name, the street next to it is Kinnikinnick
2005-12-19 8:33:26 PM  
yes but... tad stevens.
2005-12-19 9:25:14 PM  
Dr Ray Stantz: "I couldn't help it. It just popped IN there."

Dr. Peter Venkman: [angrily] "What? What just popped in there?"

Dr Ray Stantz: "I... I... I tried to think..."

Dr. Egon Spengler: "LOOK!"

[they all look over one side of the roof]

2005-12-19 9:25:38 PM  
attention whores
2005-12-19 9:26:52 PM  
one day, news sites will offer slightly larger sized pictures for people to look at.

*remember: it's not a newspaper, we can click and biggy size*
2005-12-19 9:27:01 PM  
is it true that when the dividend checks hit, anchorage is invaded by eskimos?
2005-12-19 9:27:11 PM  
soooooo.....let's build a snowman!

//long time reader, first time poster
2005-12-19 9:27:13 PM  
Sad thing is, there are only 4 reasons.

/just kidding, because I liked visiting Alaska
//Except Juneau, which sucked the big hairy Sasquatch penis
2005-12-19 9:27:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Not impressed
2005-12-19 9:28:39 PM  
If you want to see the giant snowman for yourself, it's at 1556 Columbine St.

Columbine Street? No thanks.
2005-12-19 9:29:18 PM  
Let's build a snowman!
We can make him our best friend.
We can name him Tom or we can name him George!
We can make him tall, or we can make him not so tall.
2005-12-19 9:29:52 PM  
we can name him beowulf!
2005-12-19 9:32:02 PM  
When is the Ice Tower Guy coming back to Fark? Remeber that guy?

His site is @
2005-12-19 9:32:36 PM  

Let's build a snowman!
We can make him our best friend.
We can name him Tom or we can name him George!
We can make him tall, or we can make him not so tall.

How are you making those tapping noises!
2005-12-19 9:33:57 PM  
I wonder if that snowman will have sex with you, because there certainly aren't any women in Alaska.
2005-12-19 9:36:01 PM  
Reason #768 to miss home.... :(
2005-12-19 9:38:30 PM  
Mom: "You should see the new 18 foot model!"
Professor: "18 feet? Go to hell!"
2005-12-19 9:39:20 PM  
Sadly, all snowmen are doomed to the same fate:

[image from too old to be available]

2005-12-19 9:39:58 PM  
Damn you Humphries.
2005-12-19 9:40:53 PM  
Huh. We've hardly had any snow this year! Where did he get enough for giant snowman?
2005-12-19 9:44:29 PM  
"She says, 'Well, nobody like that lives here. We've just got one old guy, and he's real small. In fact we call him 'The Leprechaun.'"

Interesting, there are leprechaun living in Alaska. Is it open season on leprechaun now? I need some $$ for "holiday" gifts.
2005-12-19 9:45:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-19 9:46:28 PM  
That is farkin' awesome!

They should make another snowman across the street and have it look like they are attacking the city or something.

My winter cap is off to these fine people.

/Now all we need is some nuclear rain to bring the snow monter to life.
2005-12-19 9:47:16 PM  
I, for one, welcome our gigantic snowy overlords.
2005-12-19 9:48:16 PM  
I thought reasons 1,2, and 3 were liberal pot laws.
2005-12-19 9:48:35 PM  
How come the Ad is bigger than the picture of the 16' snowman?
2005-12-19 9:49:07 PM  
I built a 7' snowman when I was about 10 with my brother. We had to have our dad help put up the last piece.

/16' is huge. puts me to shame.
2005-12-19 9:51:39 PM  
Here's reason #5, the great tower of ice. Those black blotches are people climbing on it (picture goes to full story).

[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-19 9:51:49 PM  
Oh the Calvin and Hobbes snowmen...just brilliantly sick and twisted. Wish it were possible to make such scenes in real life.
2005-12-19 10:05:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-19 10:10:39 PM  

Awesome. This thread is tempting me to change some of my Christmas gifts to Canibal.
2005-12-19 10:17:31 PM  
16' is really cool, but Calvin's snowmen are the best, ever.

/still cries when Frosty melts.
2005-12-19 10:18:16 PM  
Alaska: We'll let you club a seal.
2005-12-19 10:18:56 PM  
Slow news day?
2005-12-19 10:22:10 PM  
skinink: Dr Ray Stantz: "I couldn't help it. It just popped IN there."

Nobody steps on a church in my town!
2005-12-19 10:23:28 PM  
We can name him Shannon! Shannon Wilson Bell!

/Snowman! Snowman! Snowman!
//Download the song here
2005-12-19 10:25:20 PM  
///or download the full version here
2005-12-19 10:37:20 PM  
Maines got them all beat
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-19 10:40:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Last week, at my company Christmas party, I received a hot cocoa sampler box from my employer. The next night, still delighted at my good fortune, I prepared a midnight snack of oatmeal raisin cookies and a steaming cup of peppermint cocoa. I curled up in my recliner with a novel on my lap, cookies on my end table, and a cup of cocoa in hand.

I woke the next morning feeling ill. At once, I felt a horrible sensation in my lower abdomen. I rushed to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and had a giant burst of diarrhea. Upon standing, I looked down in horror. The bowl was filled with bloody excrement which smelled vaguely of peppermint.

I dropped in a dead faint, hitting my head against the porcelain edge of the bowl. My neighbors, upon hearing the thud of my skull against the basin, forced open my door and phoned the authorities.

I woke to find myself in a hospital bed, IV tubes sticking in my arms and guaze wrapped around my temple. The doctor told me that I had been infected by the e.coli bacteria. The authorities tested all food products in my home and had determined that fecal matter had been present in my hot cocoa sampler.

Tomorrow, I seek revenge. First, I will destroy those evil bastards who gave me the hot cocoa sampler instead of my customary Christmas bonus. Then I will spend the rest of my days hunting down that sick farker who crapped in my cocoa sampler.

I fear, however, that I may be too late. Skull fragments were found in the french vanilla cocoa package.
2005-12-19 10:52:43 PM  
"...and two eyes made out of beer bottles."

beer goggles?
2005-12-19 11:12:42 PM  
2005-12-19 11:20:49 PM  
'Man, looks like you've got a big project.' I says, 'Yee-aah.'

I know you boys up north don't have many women around but damn.

/what on earth is the cocoa sampler story for?
//big snow men are cool
///big snow women are cooler
2005-12-20 12:11:56 AM  
I wonder if that snowman will have sex with you, because there certainly aren't any women in Alaska.

Just had the hubby check...You are DEFINITELY wrong on that one.
2005-12-20 12:14:00 AM  
Yeah, but Maine's snowman looks a lot like a snow zombie.
2005-12-20 12:14:04 AM  
davezog, you're my hero.

/everything I needed to know in life I learned from Calvin & Hobbes.
2005-12-20 12:14:56 AM  
More pics

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-20 12:28:01 AM  
balls the size of small planets
Reminds me of a story a nurse once told me...
2005-12-20 12:39:39 AM  
hahahahaha Billy Ray powers is my cousin...........HAahahahahaahahaha i will have to let him know that ffark made him famous.

/haveta go see him now
//bet his mom is proud.....
///his mom is my aunt
2005-12-20 1:15:33 AM  
That's awesome, but I bet his wife secretly wants a divorce.
2005-12-20 5:06:51 AM  
Somebody tell Slash that a 16 foot snowman has his top hat!
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