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2005-12-19 09:37:00 AM  
How do they get the e-mails to delay being sent?

Must be a Microsoft Exchange server. It does that naturally.
2005-12-19 09:56:32 AM  
The sad thing is some people are already using this to remind themselves to do stuff.
2005-12-19 10:35:57 AM  
Wow, very original idea. I mean, I'm glad that someone is using their creative power to find a new use for bleeding-edge technology like HTML forms.

/Sarcasm Slashie
2005-12-19 10:37:16 AM  
trade an email in the future for spam now! sounds like a deal to me 1!!!one!
2005-12-19 10:38:05 AM  
Sent: Dec. 12, 2012

Dear FutureMe, you see, it's not the end of the world dumbass. Some Mexicans just got lazy and stopped there.......now go kill yourself!!! >:(
2005-12-19 10:38:10 AM  
Dear Futureme,

Remember to shut off the coffee pot at noon today.

Have a good life,
Current me
2005-12-19 10:38:29 AM  
Wasn't a similar concept just floating around? Was that sent 2 weeks into the future and appeared here?
2005-12-19 10:38:30 AM  
I know ive had this hotmail address for a long time, but i doubt i will be the gangstarroflove when im 60...

But, I suppose, you never know.

And if this site is around to send out emails in 30 years, they will truly have won teh internets...
2005-12-19 10:38:55 AM  
Now if I could send them back in time, that would be tits.

/This is heavy!
2005-12-19 10:39:57 AM  
2002-2005 futureme.org. if you steal anything, we will sic a pack of cute angry girl lawyers on you. for real.

[image from absolutestockphoto.com too old to be available]

/commence stealing
2005-12-19 10:40:54 AM  
Dear futureme,

This is a reminder to send Nick and Jessica their 20th anniversary gift tomorrow.

Current me
2005-12-19 10:42:14 AM  
To: Nightwulf
Dec 19, 2035
Subject: Time Travel

Yo, the experiment worked, i'm back in 2005. Me and Titor are hitting the message boards screwing with the past. It's wierd to be able to hit all the women I want and not worry about DTI infecting you, oh yeah tell the boss it's the 12 monkeys.
2005-12-19 10:43:35 AM  
If we still use email in its current for 30 years from now, I owe you all a Coke.
2005-12-19 10:44:42 AM  
Stop it!
2005-12-19 10:45:55 AM  
this is, of course, assuming that we have the same email address in 30 years.

And..y'know, we're not hooked up to some sorta neural network and living our lives inside a virtual reality set up by our future robot overlords.

just saying.
2005-12-19 10:46:20 AM  
Dear Doombot,

Say Hi to the Princess for me. What Princess? You'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Wyld Stallyns Rulz!
2005-12-19 10:48:11 AM  
Wow...semms like somebody sent a thread into the future...
2005-12-19 10:49:43 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
2005-12-19 10:49:59 AM  
seems...semms ...meh whatever.
2005-12-19 10:50:27 AM  
Didn't we do this already a month ago?
2005-12-19 10:52:19 AM  
Bill...Ted...Rock On! Sandemus High School football rules!

Also, remember to steal your dad's keys so you can get out of jail...use a tape recording of his voice.
2005-12-19 10:52:43 AM  
I think the submitter used this service a few months ago to send himself an e-mail reminding him to submit this to fark.
2005-12-19 10:53:00 AM  
Hopefully, in 30 yrs I won't have the .navy or .mil on my email address. Buzzy.

/will never make Admiral, hell, probably won't make Captain even if I do 30 years.
2005-12-19 10:53:59 AM  
Dear FutureMe,

I really hope you're not dead.
2005-12-19 10:58:03 AM  
If you send an email to yourself at all, you're sending it to a future-self. Sofa King We Todd Did.
2005-12-19 10:58:21 AM  
Dear Future Me,

Are the worms playing pinochle on your snout?
2005-12-19 10:58:59 AM  
that sarah conner link was far too weak.
2005-12-19 10:59:56 AM  
I'm gonna start a pay service that promises to send email to yourself in the past...once the time-traveling technology to do this is invented...I'll just store the email until that happens.
2005-12-19 11:00:16 AM  
Big deal.

Let me send an E-mail to myself 10 years ago, however...I'd pay a lot of money for that.

"Don't marry her. Wait...scratch that. Just don't marry!"
2005-12-19 11:01:42 AM  
Whoa. I originally read the first sentence of the headline as "Email yourself up 30 flights of stairs". I seriously need coffee.
2005-12-19 11:02:19 AM  
Didn't we do this already a month ago?

Yeah, and about a month before that and a month before that. Seems to be a monthly repeat. People thinking they have found something "cool".
2005-12-19 11:04:16 AM  
Dear FutureMe,

If time travel is possible when you recieve this, let me borrow $300 so I can buy our current girlfriend a diamond necklace for christmas instead of this damn Luther Vandross concert DVD.

You know I'm good for it.

Sincerely you,
2005-12-19 11:06:30 AM  
List of Fark Cliches that are completely worn out.

Duke Sucks
Your dog wants..
Cure for cancer... AND
Sarah Connor.
2005-12-19 11:07:44 AM  
doombot: "Dear Doombot,

Say Hi to the Princess for me. What Princess? You'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Wyld Stallyns Rulz!"

2005-12-19 11:09:28 AM  
Too bad this didn't exist a few years back...

Date: 12-19-2002
From: LuckyCharms
To: FutureLuckyCharms
Subject: Men's Magazine Photoshop

Dude, please please please verify your image address prior to submitting your entry!

Trust me.
2005-12-19 11:15:36 AM  
Dear future me,

Please enclose one flying car and one laser pistol in the included self addressed and stamped envelope and drop in your nearest time warping mailbox. Thank you... eh thank me... eh thanks.

Honest Bender

/Still want my flying car
2005-12-19 11:16:27 AM  
Dear futureme,

At precisely 11;16AM EST you will post yet another meaningless post to a thread on future emails. Don't do it.

/ missed it by a few seconds, damn this future lag
2005-12-19 11:19:10 AM  
05-12-19 11:06:30 AM irishgambino

List of Fark Cliches that are completely worn out.

Duke Sucks
Your dog wants..
Cure for cancer... AND
Sarah Connor.

which ones aren't worn out yet, you know..... so we can start wearing them out now
2005-12-19 11:21:10 AM  
BarkingPumpkin, if voting were enabled, you'd have mine. Only cause I remmber that.
2005-12-19 11:22:24 AM  
List of Fark Cliches that are completely worn out.

Duke Sucks
Your dog wants..
Cure for cancer... AND
Sarah Connor.

i'm not a big fan of "Today's ________ brought to you by..."

not really a cliche, but just a busted intro...still don't like it (just a poor excuse for lack of imagination)
2005-12-19 11:22:45 AM  
Future me: the water is boiling!
2005-12-19 11:23:11 AM  
Are you sure they didn't mean "30 days" instead of "30 years" and "link greenlight" instead of "e-mail"?
2005-12-19 11:23:42 AM  
Oh, ok, thanks! Wow, this future posting stuff really works!
2005-12-19 11:26:18 AM  
barkingpumpkin, I went back to that thread, but almost all mention of luckycharms is gone. Wha' happen?
2005-12-19 11:26:49 AM  
Dear future me,

Do not mess with that Christy chick....Only trying to save you Doctor visits.
2005-12-19 11:27:15 AM  
Yeah, but can futureme reply?

/Subject: We're rich (but you already know that)!
//Body: Please reply with tomorrow's (my tomorrow's, you moran) lottery numbers.
2005-12-19 11:27:21 AM  
Just sent an email to myself 30 years in the past

Dear Pastrp:

You will be born in 2 years. Good luck with that.

2005-12-19 11:28:34 AM  
Oh please, people change e-mail adresses all the time. I currently have 4 e-mail adresses, and I doubt that any of them will be functional even within two years.
2005-12-19 11:29:46 AM  
[image from perso.wanadoo.fr too old to be available]

Can we send email to the past also?
2005-12-19 11:30:08 AM  

they probably just add them to a mysql database and have a cron job set up that runs daily, queries, loops through, and sends any e-mails with the current date.
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