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287897 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 May 2001 at 8:30 AM (21 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-05-16 8:41:04 AM  
Reminds me of my stint as an EXCITEBIKE racer
2001-05-16 8:44:46 AM  
That's not good luck, just not enough bad luck to be fatal.
2001-05-16 9:03:01 AM  
That happened to me the other day. I wasn't scared.
2001-05-16 10:34:02 AM  
That's why I drive a truck.
2001-05-16 11:50:25 AM  
Wow. Way to save your arse!
2001-05-16 1:34:14 PM  
I bet he had something icky to deal with after that...I know i would...

2001-05-16 2:55:09 PM  
What a rip off! I mean he, like, totally stole Tom Cruise's move from IM2.
What a dork :-P
2001-05-16 4:26:30 PM  
Pfff, I was expecting a lot more. If there was a "your satisfaction guaranteed" message attached, I'd be demanding a refund.
2001-05-16 6:29:42 PM  
Why are these things always labeled as "luckiest man alive"? How the HELL is that lucky? I mean when someone gets in a car crash, loses all their limbs, becomes horribley scarred but walks away (well, ROLLS away) everyone tells them how lucky they are to be alive. No one ever says "wow got farkED UP!". If something like that happened to me and someone said I was lucky I'd Jumpkick them with my nubs! I'd be like "HEY! Look at me! I'm a farking GIMP! If I was lucky I would have DIED then and not be stuck here with the mobility of a potato and searing pain whenever I urinate into the TUBE that has been CRAMMED up my penis, which BY THE WAY isn't going to see much other use for a while! So TELL me HOW am I lucky?" granted this guy's case was a little different because he like, recovered and stuff...but still
2001-05-16 6:31:28 PM  
he was lucky to be posted on fark.
2001-05-16 7:36:46 PM  
Perhaps he has no injuries?
2001-05-16 8:52:19 PM  
Recovered from what? possible scraped knees? He was lucky because he didn't fly over the bike and get runned over by his own bike.
2001-05-16 10:52:57 PM  
jesus christ what are you people griping about?
would YOU be able to recover from that?
thats the only clip ive ever seen of a motorcycle race online that DIDNT end with someone getting mangled
2001-05-17 2:40:29 AM  
No see you all missed it completely. He was so confident in his race he had to throw the bike to the side so he could kiss the front tire. His crotch was getting a bit ruffed up from the race and this was the perfect time to take some time off his bike. It's all so simple! He knew this, and planned it with the camera man. That's why he had a sponser tatooed to his ass.
2001-05-17 1:59:05 PM  
;-D thas sooooo funny
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