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(AP)   Over 400 million people now buy their airline tickets while not wearing any pants   ( hosted.ap.org) divider line
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2005-12-12 05:49:29 PM  
But you go to the airport that way one time and they stop selling them to you just like that.
2005-12-12 05:55:35 PM  
I don't (buy tickets while not wearing pants).

Of course, I work at an online travel agency, and they kind of frown on the whole...pantless thing.
2005-12-12 06:00:42 PM  
That reminds me - must print mine.

/puts on pants to go to office printer
2005-12-12 06:02:26 PM  
If that headline was any more awkward, it would provoke seizures.
2005-12-12 06:21:52 PM  
I never buy anything while I'm wearing pants.
2005-12-12 06:55:17 PM  
I never go online while wearing pants.
2005-12-12 06:55:39 PM  
2005-12-12 06:56:20 PM  
Not true. I have pants on at work when I buy airline tickets, provided assless chaps qualify as "pants" of course.
2005-12-12 06:56:29 PM  
Rinse, wipe hands on...???
2005-12-12 06:56:38 PM  
Carrot wins. Everybody else can stop now.
2005-12-12 06:57:11 PM  
Why the hell are they bankrupt if they're saving so much money? Don't answer.....we all know
2005-12-12 06:58:36 PM  
doesn't "not wearing any pants" imply that its possible to wear some pants, or more than one set of pants? Why not just wearing pants or not wearing pants?

/not trying to be a nazi
//this posting brought to you by italic fonts
///slashy slashy slash slash
2005-12-12 06:58:52 PM  
Just bought my tickets to NYC on Expedia.
2005-12-12 06:59:17 PM  
Master of the left-handed mouse

/Right handed
2005-12-12 06:59:34 PM  
Torc: Carrot wins. Everybody else can stop now.

Who died and made you King Fark?
2005-12-12 07:02:36 PM  
I currently not wearing pants

/i need to wash this chair
2005-12-12 07:04:12 PM  
online is the only way ive ever bought (mostly orbitz..)
2005-12-12 07:09:31 PM  
The beautiful thing about the internets is that there are many, many things that I do now while I am not wearing pants.
2005-12-12 07:09:42 PM  
Anyone know how to unsubscribe from Orbitz's email? The unsubscribe link never works. Probably intentional.

/pantless and not trying to buy airline tickets.
2005-12-12 07:11:54 PM  
So.....uh, how did they buy tickets before the internet, anyways?
2005-12-12 07:12:28 PM  
I am wearing only one pant.
2005-12-12 07:18:12 PM  
diplomaticimmunity: Well, a person can wear underpants and trousers. Then there's snowpants and rainpants.
2005-12-12 07:19:27 PM  
Oh no, here we go with the pants quote parodies.

->replace a word from your favorite movie quote with the word "pants"

Star Wars

1) A tremor in the pants. The last time I felt this was in the presence of my old master.
2) You are unwise to lower your pants.
3) We've got to be able to get some reading on those pants, up or down.
4) She must have hidden the plans in her pants. Send a detachment down to retrieve them. See to it personally Commander.
5) These pants may not look like much, kid, but they've got it where it counts.
6) I find your lack of pants disturbing.

Quoted from here although there are many many many pants joke sites.
2005-12-12 07:23:46 PM  
Rev. Skarekroe
Torc: Carrot wins. Everybody else can stop now.
Who died and made you King Fark?

[image from a.abclocal.go.com too old to be available]
Sometimes on Fark, a thread posting is so funny, it is equally as funny to pretend that no other post will top it.
2005-12-12 07:24:01 PM  
MaritimeGirl: underpants aren't pants. I'll give ya snowpants tho :)
2005-12-12 07:25:22 PM  
That's a discriminating headline. Your an antipantite.
2005-12-12 07:26:02 PM  
Im not wearing underwear today
Im not wearing underwear today
not that you really care
much about my underwear
stll none the less i have to say
that im not waring underware ToooDAAAAAAAYAAAAA

Get A Job.....

/Aveneue Q
2005-12-12 07:34:13 PM  
2005-12-12 07:44:33 PM  
MaritimeGirl: Well, a person can wear underpants and trousers. Then there's snowpants and rainpants.

I think you should show us a pic of you in your underpants to prove that underpants are actually pants.
2005-12-12 08:03:34 PM  
I would guess now is when the reservation computers start going on strike?

/hates unions
2005-12-12 08:10:37 PM  
I wear boxers as everday clothes.

It gets a bit touchy when mr.peter takes a peak outside.

/drafty in here.
//dafty in here as well.
///Oops there goes mr.peter again.
2005-12-12 08:13:10 PM  
For business travel, I have the local travel agency on speed dial. I tell 'em when and where I'm going and hang up. My e-ticket confirmation is emailed to me in minutes. It's actually cheaper for me to do it that way b/c my time is billable. For personal travel, I'll shop around for a cheap ticket, of course.
2005-12-12 08:14:21 PM  
[image from dvdrama.com too old to be available]

Film at 11.
2005-12-12 08:21:37 PM  
I do most everything without pants. God gave man boxer shorts so he would only have to wear pants outside of the house. Who am I to go against the will of God?
2005-12-12 08:41:31 PM  
I'm sorry, is there some other way to buy airline tickets?
2005-12-12 09:15:13 PM  
Alternatively, these are increasingly the only people still flying.
2005-12-12 11:49:16 PM  
[image from queenmichelle.com too old to be available]
2005-12-13 02:02:12 AM  
Anyhoo, back in my day, we had to buy tickets from the conductor on board. And Lord save you if you didn't have exact change. I recall that the Siam-Midway-Frisco flying boat cost $2.49 each way. Tendering a saw buck usually bought you a one-way ticket to palookaville as far as Great Western and Orient Airways was concerned.
2005-12-13 09:16:29 AM  
I'm looking around online now for tickets to Amsterdam (from Charlotte, NC) in Feb. Everyone has roughly the same prices, but I'm thinking a Travel Agency may have some kind of Group Rate or perhaps discount tickets... I'm hoping, anyway! Any tips on a cheap place to get those flights booked? Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz... they all seem the same to me...
2005-12-13 12:03:34 PM  


Where's the damn eye bleach???
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