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(BBC)   Manchester United crash out of Champions League. A nation rejoices   ( divider line
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8368 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Dec 2005 at 8:45 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-12-07 04:59:56 PM  
Instead they delivered another miserable European show that betrayed their proud European heritage.

Umm...they lost by ONE goal. Isn't that a bit harsh?

Oh, well, next year.

/Man U fan
//Arsenal sucks.
2005-12-07 05:11:53 PM  
That nation would be Portugal. If an English team is playing in Europe, England tends to get behind them even if they're hated in the leagues at home.

I don't think it's about the score Highroller48, from all accounts it sounds like they played like crap, hence the miserable show. If they'd played well and lost it would have been a heroic exit, or unlucky, or something like that.
2005-12-07 05:18:22 PM  
Rugby is way cooler.
2005-12-07 05:43:14 PM  
Bloody 'ell.
2005-12-07 05:57:17 PM  
What's the deal with van Nistlerooy's huge freaking choppers. I hear they feed him oats and carrots at halftime.
2005-12-07 06:49:27 PM  
Friggin' kickball
2005-12-07 07:50:04 PM  
Get rid of Ferguson replace him with Keane. Problem solved.
2005-12-07 08:04:33 PM  
delau: Rugby is way cooler.
[image from too old to be available]
Malcolm O'Kelly at a wedding I was at last weekend (he's the big one looking at the camera like he wants to eat me)
2005-12-07 08:56:57 PM  
The Mancs are wanks!
2005-12-07 08:58:13 PM  
Their big mistake was getting Rooney. The kid is a curse.
2005-12-07 08:59:53 PM  
I'm English. I hate Man Utd and everything they've done to the game. I was delighted when they lost.

Apart from the fact they made me lose a bet.
2005-12-07 09:00:16 PM  
Was that article in English?

/former soccer player
//just kidding, kinda
2005-12-07 09:00:52 PM  
And now they won't qualify for the ufia cup.
2005-12-07 09:04:41 PM  
One could argue that this helps them in the EPL, no? Fewer games, fewer injuries, less travel, etc.
2005-12-07 09:06:47 PM  
Man U out and Rangers through :)

The last two days have been farking great

Love UCL :)
2005-12-07 09:07:31 PM  
what's the ufia cup? i've heard of the uefa cup though.
2005-12-07 09:07:36 PM  
Ronaldo should have been taken out at the half for Park...and control I could not disagree more. Rooney is often the only substantial attacking presence they have on the pitch. Ruud can only finish, he cannot create - and Scholes is over the hill (though better the last month.)

PS Saha and Ole arent the answer - the answer up front is Rossi.

PPS. Its too bad Rossi (born and bred in New Jersey) rejected playing for the US.
2005-12-07 09:08:32 PM  
nnnnot the best year all 'round for the Mancs.
2005-12-07 09:12:32 PM  
... and there was much rejoicing.

Reminds me of last year. Wanted to cut together photos of Chelsea holding up the Premier League trophy, Arsenal with the FA Cup trophy, Liverpool with the UEFA Champions League trophy, and Manchester United holding up nothing.

/Liverpool fan
2005-12-07 09:12:41 PM  
And more importantly, they don't qualify for the Ufia Cup.

/What's that you say, it's the Uefa Cup?
2005-12-07 09:13:19 PM  

/An American, but knows enough not to root for the Red Devils. Arsenal, for men who should know better !!

[image from too old to be available]

2005-12-07 09:13:39 PM  
2005-12-07 09:14:39 PM  

\American Arsenal fan
\\Since an ignominious exit from Europe is an annual assurance, Schadenfreude is all we have
2005-12-07 09:16:37 PM  
play up pompey
2005-12-07 09:16:53 PM  
UFIA Cup - for when the oil hits the anus.
2005-12-07 09:17:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-07 09:19:27 PM  
Newcastle United fan... can't imagine why anymore.

\At least we got Owen.
\\Too bad he's been injured most of the year.
\\\Gunners are going to pound us this weekend.
\\\\Man U sucks.
\\Backslashy goodness.
2005-12-07 09:20:56 PM  
Any reason to get drunk is a good reason.
2005-12-07 09:21:17 PM  

*gasps for air*


What's the difference between Man Utd and a 3-pin plug?

Nothing! Both are useless in Europe!
2005-12-07 09:21:58 PM  
Not really a big year for upsets in this group stage. I'm not sure if there was a single surprise outside of Man U not making it.

Of course, that just makes it all the funnier that Man U managed to miss out. Poor babies.
2005-12-07 09:23:56 PM  
go red sox
2005-12-07 09:23:59 PM  
Cormee: Malcolm O'Kelly at a wedding I was at last weekend (he's the big one looking at the camera like he wants to eat me)

Sweet Jeebus! He probably filled up on 3 or 4 babies beforehand, from the looks of him!
2005-12-07 09:24:43 PM  
JayJayOkocha: what's the ufia cup? i've heard of the uefa cup though.

It's only allowed in Colorado (apparently it's only crude, not criminal there).
2005-12-07 09:30:27 PM  
Whats the overall verdict on Manchester U? Is this a "hated due to high payroll" sort of situation?

/needs to pay more attention to soccer.
2005-12-07 09:33:01 PM  
um, yay.
2005-12-07 09:33:06 PM  
Chelsea rules I don't care what you say.
2005-12-07 09:34:57 PM  
kab: Whats the overall verdict on Manchester U? Is this a "hated due to high payroll" sort of situation?

More of a "hated because they're the most successful English club of the last 10 years" situation.
2005-12-07 09:35:23 PM  

Whats the overall verdict on Manchester U? Is this a "hated due to high payroll" sort of situation?

I've oft heard the comparison to the Yankees if that helps. Love 'em or hate 'em. My English friends all fall into the latter category.
2005-12-07 09:35:30 PM  
it looks to me like Rooney's only capable of scrumming it through. He makes the whole team regress to one-man attacks.

Besides, he really is a curse. No good will come of his antics, only red cards. England won't make it to the semis.
2005-12-07 09:35:48 PM  
Sweet. AC Milan, Inter and Juve are all at the top of their groups. Forza Italia!
2005-12-07 09:40:40 PM  
Italy will bomb out again.

How the fark do you lose after 3-0 @ HT?!
2005-12-07 09:42:52 PM  
The only reason everyone in England hates Man Utd is because your all jealous! We used to win everything and you hated it because it wasn't your team. The truth is you love United and you want Gary Nevilles babies...well you can't! Only Beckham can!

On a serious's all Malcom Glazer's fault, now he's taken over, there's no money for transfers, they forced Keane out and he's American...he should stick with his Bucaneers and Armoured Wankball.

/Ex Man Utd Fan after tonight
//Now an a proud fan of FC United of Manchester
///Only kidding I love United
2005-12-07 09:43:08 PM  
My baby takes the morning train.
He works from 9 to 5 and then
he takes another home again
to find me...

watching the Manchester United football team! Eh? The best freakin' team in all the land!
2005-12-07 09:45:50 PM  
I, too, hate Man U. If nothing else it is just in response to their popularity. But I was almost rooting for them last night after watching Benfica take dive after dive. Sure, everyone dives, a fact that very nearly ruins my enjoyment of the game, but it was just ridiculous how many times some melodrama queen would go down.
2005-12-07 09:47:04 PM  
I was waiting for the Euro Trip reference.
2005-12-07 09:48:24 PM  
What are the three English teams with swear words in their names? ARSEnal, Scoonthorpe, and Manchester farking United.
2005-12-07 09:50:27 PM  
What annoyed me when i was in the UK was how many people jumped on the Manchester United train purely because they were winning. Its like people who supported the Bulls just because Jordan was there and after Jordan left, they kinda ran away. If you're gonna claim to be a supporter of a team, you support them even if they're doing badly.

/my $0.02
//been a die hard Rockets and Sens fan no matter how bad we get pounded.
2005-12-07 09:53:17 PM  
So ManU is the NY Yankees of jolly old England? I'd root for em, just because everyone else hates them.
2005-12-07 09:56:20 PM  
Bah...Indianapolis Colts could kick Manchester United's collective asses
2005-12-07 09:57:27 PM  
Damn you.

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