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(Some Guy)   How to fold a $20 bill to comemorate the WTC.   ( divider line
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23298 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 May 2002 at 7:21 PM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-05-10 4:36:03 PM  
I showed this to a couple of coworkers, and it was a really good mindfark.
2002-05-10 4:43:54 PM  
Yeah, same results here. Surprisingly, no one has said "what a crock o' shiat" yet.
2002-05-10 6:58:20 PM  
Wow...that's a nifty little trick.
2002-05-10 7:22:38 PM  
2002-05-10 7:25:03 PM  
Waste. Of. Time.

It's gotta be a gubbermint conspiracy.
2002-05-10 7:25:24 PM  
2002-05-10 7:27:10 PM  
I'm not sure how folding a piece of paper does anything to commemorate what happened to the WTC. Honestly, I think the victims of 9-11 would rather we spend the money on some beer. I know that's what I'm going to do.
2002-05-10 7:27:33 PM  
This is discrimination against us poor folk
2002-05-10 7:28:40 PM  
Kind of a stretch dont you think.. If you squint really hard, you can see the people falling from the trees that look like smoke. Give me a break, I'll commemerate the 9/11 events a better way thank you
2002-05-10 7:29:12 PM  
Even more proof the US Government knew the attacks were going to happen!

2002-05-10 7:29:26 PM  
2002-05-10 7:30:09 PM  
I've never seen that before. that's friggin crazy.
2002-05-10 7:30:41 PM  
Hey po' folk,

You can fold a one-dollar bill on Washington's face so his head turns into a mushroom
2002-05-10 7:31:12 PM  
The "fold-a-one-dollar-bill-to-turn-Washington's-head-into-an-unzipped-fly" trick is, I think, more patriotic.
2002-05-10 7:31:29 PM  
Oh my god, does this mean it was all a government conspiracy that was planned decades ago? Someone better show this to our friends at, I'll bet they suspected this all along. Dammit! If I can't trust the government, who can I trust?
2002-05-10 7:32:32 PM  
......and if you flip the halfs together and fold the some wings down, you have a plane. YIPPEEEE!
2002-05-10 7:32:48 PM  
[ ] Owie, how?
2002-05-10 7:33:07 PM  
Strange indeed.
2002-05-10 7:33:26 PM  
I'll be starting a petition @ to remove the two towers from the back of our 20 dollar bill. Clearly this is insensitive to all Americans.
2002-05-10 7:34:11 PM  
I'd rather fold my bills into little crumpled balls and throw 'em at some young pole dancers at The Pink Pussy Cat
2002-05-10 7:34:31 PM  
If you want to see how it's done, send me a dollar and I'll fold it up to show you
2002-05-10 7:35:00 PM  
I prefer to fold up bills so that they proclaim "Tits of America"
2002-05-10 7:36:37 PM  
You can't snort coke through that.
2002-05-10 7:37:04 PM  
Could some one please give me a $20 bill so I could try this?
2002-05-10 7:37:40 PM  
Strange stuff - everyone run for the hills
2002-05-10 7:38:13 PM  
messy--if you throw 20's i bet all the pole dancers LOVE you.

And--the bill thing is freaking hilarious.
2002-05-10 7:39:33 PM  
Worst. Conspiracy. Ever.
2002-05-10 7:40:13 PM  
I'd love to try this but all I have is $100's. Screwed again.
2002-05-10 7:40:15 PM  
The guy that came up with this, had waaaaayyyyyyyyy too much time on his hands.
2002-05-10 7:41:05 PM  
i dont see the petangon, i want a new 20
2002-05-10 7:42:13 PM  
I wish I could remember how to turn a towel into a woodie.
2002-05-10 7:44:34 PM  
Tommyg:.....don't forget to spill some for the dead homies.
2002-05-10 7:45:15 PM  
up here in canada we dont get american bills so i dont get to see that. :D
2002-05-10 7:48:41 PM  
Crabapple, good idea, is such a great idea. Don't forget to also vote to get Briney and Jason back together.
2002-05-10 7:49:40 PM  
Here's how I use 20-dollar bills to commemorate 9/11: I make two stacks of 20s about eight feet high. I put them next to each other. Then I burn them. It's a waste of money, but it's more realistic than any candyass folding trick.
2002-05-10 7:50:46 PM  

9+11 = 20!!! as in TWENTY DOLLAR BILL!!!


9-11 = -2!!!! as in MINUS TWO BUILDINGS!!!


pepito pea
2002-05-10 7:51:35 PM  

sure you do... i came up there and left a bunch of em.
2002-05-10 7:52:59 PM  
That's IT?

I was expecting something a little more elaborate for the WTC memorial. At least a statue or SOMETHING.......
2002-05-10 7:54:05 PM  
i am signing that petition, crabapple.
2002-05-10 7:54:11 PM  
I microwaved my coffee and it grew a skin. Does anyone want it? The skin?
2002-05-10 7:57:52 PM  
Jackson warned us this sort of thing might happen:/
2002-05-10 7:59:38 PM  
If you fold any bill just right, you get the name of my X GF. Her name was Erica.
2002-05-10 8:05:35 PM  
this thing is spreading like wildfire, everyone has heard about this by now
2002-05-10 8:05:41 PM  
"just right"? you mean fold it in half so that "america" is cut in two? that's not exactly precision folding.
2002-05-10 8:06:26 PM  
not only that, with a couple more folds you can have yerself a nifty paper airplane... OMG AIRPLANE!!!!

further prrof that $$$ is evil, yah.
2002-05-10 8:13:29 PM  
holy crap! whoever made that site lives in the same town as me. maybe i should hunt them down...
2002-05-10 8:14:22 PM  
Here's how you fold a Land-o-Lakes butter package so her knees look like boobies
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-10 8:15:36 PM  
does that say "leaving" upside down over her b(o)(o)bs? creepy...
2002-05-10 8:16:26 PM  
damn masons...
2002-05-10 8:18:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

pepito pea
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