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20941 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Dec 2005 at 2:58 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-12-04 10:51:35 PM  
There is already a HUGE unofficial database at
2005-12-04 10:54:47 PM  
2005-12-05 3:02:51 AM  

HILARIOUS cartoon. are there any new episodes yet?
2005-12-05 3:03:58 AM  
I feel like I wasted my minute by looking at those words. Please someone give me a hot towel!

/brain hurting and imploding
2005-12-05 3:04:50 AM  
Chewbacca was Han Solo's dog, who himself was a clone of whoever the hell Fett. So says SA.
2005-12-05 3:06:33 AM  
Chewbacca was just an overblown gardener. So says KOTOR.
2005-12-05 3:10:40 AM  
Actually submitter, it's WOOKIEEpedia. Once, I actually made a 5 dollar bet with some kid that wookiee had two E's in it, and he never paid me...

/he actually owed me another ten bucks too from when I spotted him so he could get into a buffet on a class field trip
//yeah, i got to go to the buffet king for a computer class field trip once in high school, fat teachers rock
///never got jack from that kid either--I should have made him wait outside the restaurant while we all ate
2005-12-05 3:13:29 AM  
IMDWalrus: Linking to a wiki on Fark? What could possibly go wrong? It's not like they're easy to edit or deface or anything like that...

Everytime I've seen a wiki pappear in the TF queue, it last about 10 minutes before disappearing (because exact reasons you mentioned do happen.)

/Yeah... I'm part of the problem.
//not condoning it
2005-12-05 3:16:23 AM  
If anyone from Fark went over and defaced it maliciously, they'd be permanently banned from here immediately.
2005-12-05 3:17:25 AM  
Madcat beat me to it. Yes, it really does have two e's. And a g...and an h.
2005-12-05 3:19:41 AM  
Does it explain why the first three episodes suck so much?
2005-12-05 3:19:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-05 3:20:14 AM  
Scrathes Moderator behind ear, "you like Star Wars don't you, your a good boy."

/and bannination did ensue
2005-12-05 3:27:10 AM  
wow, I didnt even spell that right
2005-12-05 3:32:50 AM  
EL_FABREZ: wow, I didnt even spell that right

It's okay. I didn't spell "appear" right.
2005-12-05 3:33:27 AM  
I'd rather see a Barftanica Encyclopedia.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-05 3:43:51 AM  
great headline
2005-12-05 3:58:38 AM  
My soul died a little upon reading the headline.

I tried to wipe the Star Wars Holiday Special out of my mind, but there isn't enough mind bleach in the world to remove that stain...
2005-12-05 4:02:11 AM  
2005-12-05 4:05:46 AM better
2005-12-05 4:25:35 AM  
I don't know - I don't even have teh cable. I watch on DVD and laugh.

/I'm all about Lumpy
2005-12-05 4:45:12 AM  
Nice Holiday Special reference, submitter. We need that on DVD...
2005-12-05 5:06:30 AM  
Awwwww . . . it's not actually called Wookiepedia . ..
2005-12-05 5:07:30 AM  
Oh, no wait, it is. But that should be the domain name.
/decides to go back to lurking and not looking stupid.
2005-12-05 6:03:15 AM  
WhiteDevil, too late.

Don't worry, happens to us all at some point, especially at 5am.
2005-12-05 7:54:05 AM  
Do they mention the alternative ending where Chewbacca is Luke's father?
2005-12-05 7:56:42 AM  
Cameron_Talley - I thought I wanted it on DVD, so I got it. And after watching it I realized how badly I didn't want it anymore. If you're a fan of the television special then you should listen to the album. It's even worse.
2005-12-05 8:18:32 AM  
Moderator, I dont think your warning worked.

According to the wiki now, the Phantom Menace 'farkin Sucked'.

And people doubt the accuracy of wiki information......
2005-12-05 8:58:43 AM  
What the hell kind of a name for a wookiee is "Cecil"?
2005-12-05 9:15:47 AM  
Happy Life Day, everyone!
2005-12-05 9:16:29 AM  
Yes, but the immortal question still remains...

What do you get a Wookiee for Christmas when he already owns a comb?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-05 9:16:55 AM  
nickthegun: Moderator, I dont think your warning worked.

According to the wiki now, the Phantom Menace 'farkin Sucked'.

And people doubt the accuracy of wiki information.....

That's the most accurate thing I've ever seen on a wiki in my life. Somebody wanna go add that to the Wikipedia article?
2005-12-05 9:28:29 AM  
I saw the Holiday Special as a kid. Even at eight years old, I knew it was godawful. The only thing that disappointed me more at that age was staying up to watch Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.

It'll never come out on DVD (legally, that is), because George Luca$ is hugely embarrassed by it (as are Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, et al.).
2005-12-05 9:29:34 AM  
Mara See Mara Do:
That's the most accurate thing I've ever seen on a wiki in my life. Somebody wanna go add that to the Wikipedia article?

It was added in the 12:48, 5 Dec 2005 revision and removed less than an hour later. Check the "History" tab.
Besides, you can re-add it yourself, if you think it's really important. No need to ask someone else to do your dirty work.
2005-12-05 9:35:10 AM  
Heh..Changed back now. But at least its still;

The most ridiculous filmic extravaganza of all time.
2005-12-05 9:36:32 AM  
Despite disagreements over its quality, this film is considered the first canonical sequel to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

This insinuates that someone actually thinks the holiday special is good.
2005-12-05 9:51:02 AM  
Thought they'd be quicker off the bat than this...Bloody amateur sci fi fans!

/goes back to working on Doctor Who one.
2005-12-05 10:28:38 AM  
When my husband and I were both working where he's still working now, there was this one supervisor everyone called Lumpy (though this one woman called him Spanky).

You'd have to have been there.
2005-12-05 10:31:11 AM  
How can Fark possibly discuss the Holiday Special without even a passing mention of Bea Arthur?

Shame on you all!
2005-12-05 11:20:18 AM  
For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing the Star Wars holiday special, I highly suggest finding a copy. It is pure masochism to sit through this entire "work of art." It is quite simply the worst thing ever made.

We had a private party last year in a movie theater, and showed on the big screen. I believe we had to call 911 from all the heads that asploded.
2005-12-05 11:43:16 AM  
Moderator: If anyone from Fark went over and defaced it maliciously, they'd be permanently banned from here immediately.

Why would you put a wiki on the main page if you don't want it "defaced"? Not to mention that the pranks Farkers pull are half of what makes FARK worth visiting. So stop making threats douche, this site is supposed to be about entertainment. Wtf is funny, entertaining, or "cool" about a star wars fanboy website?
2005-12-05 11:56:53 AM  
For those that can't find a copy of the Holiday special (probably because you are in good spirits with whatever gods you worship), here's a rundown of the script:

Wookie hut:
Lumpy: Rarrraar!
Mom: Rarrarar!
Dad: Rarrarar!
repeat for 6 minutes. I crap you not.
Shop keeper appears. Human dialog so bad the wookie rarars seemed like shakespear. Check out this "secret code" given by the shop keeper:
"She's sending you a carpet that she did all by herself. Some said she did it by Hand. Solo!"

Then the grandad watches some wookie porn singer on some teletube thingy. At some point in time they watch jefferson startship on the tele.

Then the stormtroopers arrive and look for chewbaca. Lumpy watches a cartoon staring chewbaca, han, luke, and the first appearance of boba fett. The empire can't find them, but someone in the rebellion is apparently making cartoons about them.

The storm troopers decide to destroy everything in the hut to prove that they are bad.

We cut to Bea Arthur running the canteena. The empire announces a curfew, so she tries to get everyone to leave, but they won't. So she sings and everyone leaves expect the weird guy whose mouth is on the top of his head that has a crush on her.

Then chewbaca arrives home, they go through some ceremony where they walk in space that only people in LSD understand. The "lifeday" celebration is complete and your faith in George Lucas is utterly shattered.

The End.
2005-12-05 11:58:56 AM  
I have this on my hard drive. I watched a lot of it on FFWD.

The thing is 3/4 wookiee jibba jabba anyway. Coked out Leia is funny tho.

But what IS cool, is the first appearance of Boba Fett in the animated toon. I should just edit the copy I have to extract that.

Oh, and to *ToAd*....nice size of testicles in calling a mod a douche.

Hope that works out for ya.
2005-12-05 12:22:46 PM heh I am so Juvenile
2005-12-05 1:17:37 PM  
Well at least this gives Star Wars fans something to do on those cold winter weekend nights in their parent's basement.
2005-12-05 1:23:52 PM  
We have Firefly/Serenity now--who cares about Star Wars anymore?
2005-12-05 1:24:17 PM  
The cartoon is the only part worth watching.

"You're a good man, Boba."
2005-12-05 1:37:27 PM  
In other news, swing sets, merry-go-rounds, & walking trails falling into dilapidation.
2005-12-05 1:55:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-12-05 2:07:40 PM  
Whaa? No mention of the equally horrible "Ewok Adventure"?

/For shame
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