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(Yahoo)   Have you seen Anna Nicole Smith lately? (pic)   ( divider line
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62743 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 May 2002 at 8:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-10 08:31:31 AM  
Yeah, I hear she's going to be in The Nutty Professor 3: The fat slobs.
2002-05-10 08:34:45 AM  
Somebody go wake up Ahab. We found his white whale.
2002-05-10 08:34:59 AM  
I'd still do her.
2002-05-10 08:35:55 AM  
2002-05-10 08:36:30 AM  
OK, I have an appreciation for large women, but... but...
2002-05-10 08:36:30 AM  
Well THAT gave me an incredible soft-on...
2002-05-10 08:36:32 AM  
has a promising career as a linebacker for the raiders.
2002-05-10 08:36:47 AM  
Guess? I'm gonna say 360, 365.
2002-05-10 08:37:34 AM  
that's about - what - $88 million worth of bon-bons right there?
2002-05-10 08:37:37 AM  
just when I thought her career was finished, it turns out she's bigger than ever!
2002-05-10 08:37:51 AM  
It's like Marylin Monroe... if she wasn't attractive.

Whoo! Which is worse, this woman or the one who's nude photo is runing her election campaign?
2002-05-10 08:37:55 AM  
She's going to explode and I ain't cleaning it up.
2002-05-10 08:38:06 AM  
Oofah. Either her body is too big, or her head is too small.
2002-05-10 08:38:10 AM  
Guess she needs to work on those arms...
2002-05-10 08:38:34 AM  
I say Anna Nicole vs Kirstie Alley in Celebrity Sumo
2002-05-10 08:39:07 AM  
She doesnt get much excercize now that she doesent have an ancient husband to wheel around anymore.
2002-05-10 08:40:27 AM  
Holy Sally Struthers
2002-05-10 08:40:34 AM  
She's a man.... man!

Well, she was probably forcing herself to remain unnaturally thin (even though she was never anorexic) and that always catches up with a person.

Anyway, she got her millions from the dead dude now, didn't she? she doesn't have to worry about modeling anymore.
2002-05-10 08:41:10 AM  
Thar she blows!
2002-05-10 08:41:21 AM  
I'd still suck the toe-jam out of the crack of her farking ass!
2002-05-10 08:42:49 AM  
I agree, Goatrider, first thing I thought of.

2002-05-10 08:43:20 AM  
Jeebus, looks like she hasn't missed a meal.
2002-05-10 08:43:52 AM  
(with apologies to Slayerswine):

[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-10 08:44:13 AM  
Men, marry em at 16, divorce em at 25.

Nothing else to say.
2002-05-10 08:46:35 AM  
aka Ms. Piggy.
2002-05-10 08:48:59 AM  
She's overweight.
2002-05-10 08:49:55 AM  
Introducing the official(tm) Cliche Kitty upgrade. Cliche Tiger!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-10 08:50:25 AM  
Don't use my name near that...
2002-05-10 08:50:49 AM  
Anna never was anorexically thin. She was always voluptuous as hell and it looked good on her. Now, I feel sorry for the girl. She had the body I've always wanted and she just let it go to hell.
2002-05-10 08:51:17 AM  
Looks to me like she has lost weight. Unless it's the camera angle, or because I've had wayyy too much to drink.

But Jaysus McChrist.. who did her makeup? Tammy Faye?
2002-05-10 08:51:23 AM  
Photo Credits:
Dress by: GOODYEAR (traded in a blimp)
Bra/Underwear: OMAR the TENT MAKER
2002-05-10 08:51:51 AM  
Eeek: sorry, cobber. No offense intended.

But, eeeuugghh... She hasn't aged gracefully.
2002-05-10 08:52:37 AM  
C'mon...she has always struck me as big-boned. Of course she looks fat. Expressing surprise that Anna Nicole Smith looks fat is like exclaiming "jeez, gumby sure looks stretchy today"

well, duh.
2002-05-10 08:52:51 AM  
She had the body I always wanted to eat.
2002-05-10 08:53:08 AM  
I bet she still rocks in bed. Oh wait, rocks THE bed, and the nightstand, and the dresser, and the fridge... and ....

That is one very BIG Beautiful Woman.

2002-05-10 08:55:10 AM  
Hey, I like a woman with some meat on her bones, but ... uh ... um ... ahem ... er ... that's just disgusting.
2002-05-10 08:55:30 AM  
Someone photoshop her....she needs defacing.
2002-05-10 08:55:34 AM  
If there ever was an excuse for anorexia.......
2002-05-10 08:55:45 AM  
I bet she has cankles!
2002-05-10 08:56:13 AM  
HELLO!She has always been a cow! You people act like you're surprised. Never at any time in her career was she ever considered "spare", "waifish", "anorexic" or "heroin chic". She was always "big-boned", and for many men, a big bone is exactly what they wanted to toss in her. She makes portliness look good, unlike, say Camrynn Mannheim or Rosie O'Donnell. I don't know where I'm going with this. It seems I have strong feelings about this issue and didn't realize it. Hmm.

Carry on.
2002-05-10 08:56:41 AM  
little more makeup, colorful clothes, put her on Drew Cary
2002-05-10 08:56:47 AM  
It's not surprise we're expressing; it's disgust at looking at an over-painted, gold digging skag

If that approached me in a bar I'd bust a beer bottle & open the first artery that presented itself
2002-05-10 08:56:47 AM  

I just went back through some of yesterday's posts and couldn't help noticing you seemed to make exactly the same mistake as me when looking for those letters on the prostitutes story.

Thankyou for not letting me look silly and blind on my own. ;-)
2002-05-10 08:57:14 AM  
If so blessed as to have been chosen by her:

I would pour baby oil all over her body and play slip and slide.

And then I would do many, many, many, X-rated things involving her.

If only she would do pr0n. But then I guess, there would be no more kitties in the world.
2002-05-10 08:57:44 AM  
Give the gal a break--yeah she's big boned--yeah she's put on a few pounds: she's rich enough now to be as white trash as she wants to be. Good for her. I hope that she's guzzling Schlitz and eating cheez fries right now, off the stomach of her remora of the moment. Nothing wrong with her weight if she's comfy with it, and judging from her record as a plus sized model, she is. Rock On Anna.
2002-05-10 08:57:50 AM  
She was always a fake, ugly, plastic barbiebot. Now she's just a fat, fake, ugly, plactic barbiebot.
2002-05-10 08:57:59 AM  
Oh grow up, we like her because of her mind!
2002-05-10 08:58:56 AM  
I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other bruthas cant deny...
2002-05-10 08:59:01 AM  
I've always thought she was a bit of a cow. Kind of has a drag queen feel about her...
2002-05-10 08:59:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

What the hell is that square thing in her back? Is that where she keeps her Marlboro lights like the greasers used to do in the 50's?
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