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(Some Guy)   Impress your friends by making Coke machines display stuff like how much money is in the machine and the temperature inside   ( forum.nlhiphop.nl) divider line
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2005-11-29 06:35:18 PM  
Anyone remember when salt water in the dollar slot worked for free sodas?
2005-11-29 07:51:32 PM  
Before you impress your friends by trying to steal $14,327.50 (the total inside mine right now) remember that these things are rarely reset, and mine might have $20.00(or less) inside.
2005-11-29 08:00:20 PM  
The story is great, but the comments are golden.

/kklipt grrenyt falgav mor V.I.P janek!
2005-11-30 12:29:58 AM  
display things like how much money is in the machine

What could possibly go wrong?
2005-11-30 12:31:01 AM  
Wasn't a similar article posted recently?
2005-11-30 12:33:06 AM  
Om ff duidelijk te wezen.

2005-11-30 12:33:06 AM  
PEPSI!!! no coke. and two cheeseburgers.

/may be obscure but I'm not getting younger.
2005-11-30 12:33:16 AM  
[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]

/usually impress my friends with my teabagging skills
//not really
2005-11-30 12:33:17 AM  
Repeat stumbled out of the water, slipped, and drowned.
2005-11-30 12:33:35 AM  
2005-11-30 12:31:01 AM chronicflux

Wasn't a similar article posted recently?

This crap's been around for years on different sites. I think I first saw it on i-hacked a couple years ago.
2005-11-30 12:34:36 AM  
Wasn't it actually debunked in the last thread?
2005-11-30 12:34:43 AM  

Ya: http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/12/48/
From september of 2004...
2005-11-30 12:35:09 AM  
Coke? Haven't seen a Coke machine in ages.
2005-11-30 12:35:14 AM  
My friends and I tried this a while back...It was cool at first, but after you get in, all you can is "ok...how do I do the cool stuff?" Unfortunately, I think you need the machine open to get free pops, which kind of defeats the purpose.
2005-11-30 12:35:16 AM  
Coke machines used to have this deal where you'd put your money in, and you'd get to play a little game for about 30 seconds. It was back when video games were new and everyone was scrambling to "videogameize" their products. Kinda like "extreme" or "X" today.
2005-11-30 12:35:35 AM  
if by friends you mean 16 year-old nerd-virgins, then yes they will be impressed
2005-11-30 12:37:45 AM  
i'm disappointed to see this showing up for the first time on Fark...it's been around for years! Not this version of the doc, mind you, but just jump on a google search for "hacking coke machines" or "hacking pepsi machines" and you'll be peppered with results, some dating back quite a while!

it must be a slow news day.
2005-11-30 12:37:52 AM  
Cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger...
2005-11-30 12:37:55 AM  
diwanawanga: PEPSI!!! no coke. and two cheeseburgers.

/may be obscure but I'm not getting younger.

Hardly obscure, and if you're gonna quote it, do it right

2005-11-30 12:37:58 AM  
diwanawanga If that's obscure I am way to freaking old.
2005-11-30 12:47:21 AM  
Ik houd van de knoopcodes, helpen zij me Cokes stelen.
2005-11-30 12:48:18 AM  
Does this work with the ones that are A-1, B-2 style?

I'll try it at work tomorrow if it does...
2005-11-30 12:48:33 AM  
[image from importadoravolta.cl too old to be available]

2005-11-30 12:50:43 AM  
diwanawanga i must be ancient at 18.
2005-11-30 12:51:10 AM  
shiattttt uitprobereeuuuuuuuuuh!

Having said that, if theres not a free coke option, I'm not interested.
2005-11-30 12:54:27 AM  
Hehe, nice to hear diwanawanga somewhere else.

//Coke still rules
2005-11-30 12:55:22 AM  
diwanawanga: PEPSI!!! no coke. and two cheeseburgers.

/may be obscure but I'm not getting younger.

Hardly obscure, and if you're gonna quote it, do it right


Not at all obscure for people living in chicago. Billy Goat Tavern is a good place to get a CHEEZ-BURGAH
/And pepsi.
2005-11-30 12:55:56 AM  
it doesn't work on any of the three machines downstairs.
2005-11-30 12:56:20 AM  
Wow. Long live something or other. I do like that Coke Zero. Helps me keep my svelt figure.
2005-11-30 12:57:01 AM  
I love how the article is in perfect, articulate English, and then every post following is in Dutch. So does everyone in the Netherlands know English? I'm curious, because it makes me feel that much dumber to have come out of the public school system having never learned a second language.

I take that back. I know enough Spanish to get my ass kicked, but that's about it.
2005-11-30 12:57:16 AM  
There once was a man who liked Coke
Who hacked a machine as a joke
When he pushed the buttons
The LED displayed something
and spat out sparks and grey smoke
2005-11-30 12:58:41 AM  
Just walked down the hall and gave it a try. No good on the newer ones apparently.
2005-11-30 12:59:11 AM  
Limericks Rock! You get a cookie. You may want to delete it later though........
2005-11-30 01:01:07 AM  
This is just an article from 2600, it looks like. Oh well.
2005-11-30 01:02:03 AM  
Not only that, but if you put sufficient coins in the machine, and then press one of the buttons, a soda will come out!
2005-11-30 01:04:33 AM  
"I love how the article is in perfect, articulate English, and then every post following is in Dutch. So does everyone in the Netherlands know English?"

yes. From what I can tell, other than my 90+ yer old aunt, they all speak english. I hear that outside home/classroom teenagers prefer to speak english (ie it's the cool thing nowadays).

They also tend to speak German, as Germany is next door. I think (it was explained to me once long ago, so I might be off by a bit) that at the College level you are required to study 2 additional languages (besides Dutch) and most choose English and German.
2005-11-30 01:05:49 AM  
So there's no way to get a free coke, though, without the door being open, correct? (you know, just in case I want to impress the nerd-virgi^H^H^H^H^H^H^H ladies!)
2005-11-30 01:06:05 AM  
2005-11-30 01:07:47 AM  
works on the one in my dorms laundry room, just tried it (unfortunate advanced options, like oh say, getting free money are disabled :-P.
2005-11-30 01:08:28 AM  
ahhhh, that's what I get for being tired:
*unfortunately and forgot to close parens
2005-11-30 01:08:52 AM  
Most people from the Netherlands can speak four languages: Dutch, English, German, and French.
2005-11-30 01:10:11 AM  
I was interviewing to become a video game tester, and in one of my interviews, they had the applicants do logic games and fill out weird surveys. One of the questions was: "You work for a pop machine manufacturer. Your job is to test the pop machines after they're made to ensure their quality. What tests would you perform on the machines to make sure they work properly?"

I thought that was a weird question to ask. But it turns out there's a lot of possible tests you can do.

/Didn't get the job even after three interviews
//Stupid Volition
2005-11-30 01:11:22 AM  
I've tried it on a few machines; it doesn't work.
2005-11-30 01:11:59 AM  

not savvy but great article

/not releated
2005-11-30 01:12:53 AM  
I once put a dollar into a Coke machine, needing a drink badly. No coke came out. Figuring that over the years, these machines had fleeced me out of who knows how many dollars, I kicked it, and a couple of bucks came out. I looked around, there was no one, it was raining and therefore very noisy, so I kicked it a few more times... quickest eight bucks I ever made. Around then I figured the Coca Cola company and I were about even, and went about my regular business.
2005-11-30 01:13:47 AM  
It worked on mine, and I got free cokes too!!!

You press the 4-2-3-1 things and then hit it with a truck going about 40 mph... all the free cokes you want!!!
2005-11-30 01:14:41 AM  
Smells like bullshiat to me. Even if the machines had debug menus, surely you'd need the key to activate them. Can anybody confirm having seen this work?
2005-11-30 01:15:25 AM  
From the one of the commenters' signature:

The Devil crept into Heaven, God overslept on the 7th
The New World Order was born on September 11

2005-11-30 01:16:53 AM  

What do you call someone who can speak two languages? bilingual.

What do you call someone who can speak three languages? trilingual.

What do you call someone who can speak only one language? American.
2005-11-30 01:17:58 AM  
At the end of the night, my date is still going to want me to buy her a Diet Coke, so I don't know where this gets me.
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