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2002-05-09 06:34:43 PM  
hhahahaha american spawn iz s00 st00p3d... j00 goz a11 UR $BLINGBLING$ n- no branz! hahanahjzhan
2002-05-09 06:43:47 PM  
I was in all the nerd classes, and I noticed all the stupid tards in the school. You have to deal with them outside of classes. I got a pretty good education (even in history, thatnks to a great ap history teacher), but I know of plenty who can barely spell I. You can't teach the unwilling, no matter how good or bad the teachers are.
2002-05-09 06:54:08 PM  
I'm prepared to dump on kids along with everyone else, but I'd also like to see the same questions asked of their parents. I'm willing to bet the ignorant kids have equally-ignorant parental units.
2002-05-09 06:57:17 PM  
My mom is a teacher and let me tell you it is not the teacher's fault. I blame it all on the parents. Sure some teachers are dumb, I had them, but when parents expect teachers to basically raise their kids for them and then talk trash when their 18 yr stoner kid is failing, well it must be the teachers fault. Horseshiat. For the teachers here I respect your choice, it is an honorable profession.

A local radio station was asking the questions from the citizenship test, and the listeners are dumbasses. "Name the 3 branches of Government?" I took like 5 or 6 callers to get it right...... Sad indeed.
2002-05-09 07:07:46 PM  
One thing I haven't seen anybody mention is the fact that jr. high and high school history (and science) classes are BORING! Having been out of high school for many a moon, I've realized that I actually enjoy history and science very much. But I got nearly nothing out of it in school because the dullest teachers always taught those subjects.

The only science class I could tolerate was Earth Science. Why? Cuz I had a teacher that was into it and made it interesting. Guess what else? That's the only science class I retained anything from. I got more out of World History than US or Texas History for the same reason. The teacher was a cool old lady who was excited about what she was teaching.

It's probably even worse now then when I was in school in the '70s. Back then we didn't have videos and computers and the Internet and 1500 TV channels, and we still got bored in class. Teachers need to realize that if you're gonna teach kids anything that they're gonna retain, you gotta 1) Get their attention, and 2) present it to them in a way that they re used to learning. Then they're more likely to remember it.

Stop droning on and on about dates and places. Go on field trips. Get speakers in class. Give group projects. My brother and some friends got to make a movie for his history class. It's little more work, but I'll bet that adding some flash to the lessons will bring those grades up.
2002-05-09 07:13:16 PM  
05-09-02 06:00:22 PM 9/10
(cue "Jeopardy" theme)
In my best Alex Trebek...
Sorry we can't accept your answer, you did not phrase it in the form of a question.
2002-05-09 07:24:07 PM  

I agree; it is the teacher's responsibility to make the material interesting to learn, at least interesting enough to the average student. Sci-freaks will always be interested in taking sci courses, history buffs will do similar.

I am actually considering becoming a HS science/math teacher; I hope I could make the material interesting enough so the students will want to learn. One thing I think is extremely important to teaching math/science to kids is to relate it directly to something they are all familiar with outside of class. Explain physics in terms of the sports they play (action/reaction, inertia, drag, projectile motion, etc)....explain chemistry in terms of cars (combustion, [ideal] gas laws, rust/oxidation, batteries), for example.

I don't know. Maybe I'll wait until I get my PE (another year), before switching fields.
2002-05-09 07:52:20 PM  
I've never exactly been a teacher, but I'm doing something that's close enough to apply across the board, in this way at least.

Okay, so you're gonna be a teacher, that's cool, and you want to make the subject matter interesting for the kids. You know that if you can get them into it, they will apply themselves and get the best grades they've ever seen at that school, no, the whole district! So you spend months scouring teaching resources, and making lesson plans, and figuring out a variety of different ways to make learning fun! You finally present these ideas to the class, and...they don't care. They just want to get out the door to the next class, and so on and so on until that final bell rings and they can go watch TV or skateboard or play Nintendo or chat on the phone. But you're determined, so you keep trying. For awhile. But slowly you get worn down by the kids indifference, until finally you are doing the bare minimum to continue being employed, and between classes you have to take swigs off of your whiskey flask just to get through the day. But it's not your fault, right? Those damn kids don't respect you, barely even listen to you, and they sure as hell don't want to learn, so why should you be busting your hump? So this is how you became the 60 year old teacher who is essentially an overpaid babysitter, bitter and disillusioned.

Okay, longest post ever, I know, but you get the picture.
2002-05-09 08:15:53 PM  

Geez, if you were familiar with the FOX show "Boston Public", I would call you 'Lipschultz'.

What you describe is the danger of teaching (aside from getting shot by a disgruntled student); it's really hard, but so are a lot of jobs. You (teachers in general) just have to determine whether or not it's worth the effort.
2002-05-09 08:22:17 PM  
Thats because the screwls are too busy indoctrinating them to the socialist/commie agenda, atleast they will be read on marxisum and trotskyism.
2002-05-09 08:32:00 PM  
*WELL* read that is.
2002-05-09 08:38:24 PM  

I am so glad that I'm out of the cesspool that is high school. There were always some people who wanted to learn, but most people just f*cked around. There was also a shortage of really quality teachers. There are only four who really changed my life and enhanced my learning experience in all the teachers I had in those years. I made sure on my graduation day that I told them how much they impacted my life.

I just glad to be able to take classes at my college that consist of people who want to be there, and happy that I'm going to be transfering to a small school of three hundred students entrenched in the love of learning.
2002-05-09 09:03:44 PM  
Yeah, it takes someone special not to fall into the trap i described, so I guess that's why the mediocre teachers will always outshine the great ones. For those of us who wish to learn, the teachers effort is appreciated, and if the teacher ISN'T putting in the effort, then..at least we have textbooks, and the Internet.
2002-05-09 09:19:35 PM  
dont let school get in the way of your education

esp economics. they teach lies
2002-05-09 09:35:32 PM  
Aw man, you mean we aint free yet?
2002-05-09 09:40:06 PM  
I was a teacher's aide for a high school history teacher back in 1988. I graded a test where a kid said that the U.S. invaded Pearl Harbor on D-Day ...

Nothing shocked me after that.
2002-05-09 09:58:04 PM  
I just graduated last year, and I can definitely relate to this. The fact that most people wouldnt know george washington from george bush wouldnt surprise me at all. I actually am taking a minor in history in college right now.
2002-05-09 10:01:11 PM  
Also, my mom is a kindergarten teacher, and the fact that most of the kids she has dont know colors, shapes, letters of the alphabet, or even how to write their own name saddens me.
2002-05-09 10:25:54 PM  
Pegleg, fark, there goes my Daily Double.
2002-05-09 11:34:33 PM  
I love it when they show the bad aspects of American high school seniors and they do not show the percent of students that are actually doing well in school, or the students that are scoring above average on these history exams, which would be over a 4 on the AP scale.
2002-05-10 12:40:20 AM  
So does this mean that Clinton was the greatest president in american history according to a HS kids?

(Remember, Clinton would be the ONLY president that a HS student could even name to begin with.)
2002-05-10 03:48:45 AM  
there is no time to learn history. we are too busy teaching multi culturalism.
2002-05-10 08:32:59 AM  
No time to read this entire thread, but jesus, that's terrible. I could tell you far more than that about US history when I was 10 years old and I'm not American.
2002-05-10 12:55:16 PM  
ZagnaBoot: You're probably right on the mark, and that's a sad state of affairs. From what I've heard from other teachers, there is so much red tape and crap you have to put up with as a teacher, that a lot of times it's not worth the aggravation.

I've known plenty of kids that were terrors in school, and either the parents refused to believe that their kids were animals, or they found ways to justify their behavior. And that's the ones who care. A lot of parents have so little interest in and control over their kids lives that kids are bringing guns to school. Columbine, anyone?

It's the teacher's job to get his/her point across in a way that the kids can retain and relate to. But it's the parents' job to instill a love of learning and a respect for intelligence in their kids in the first place. I remember the brains in school -- the ones who enjoyed learning -- were the ones who got made fun of, like being smart was some kind of defect, while the jocks, the class clowns and the dopers were the "cool" kids. Guess what gang? The smart kids are now your bosses.

That still doesn't take away from the teachers needing to try to get the point across - especially elementary school, where kids are learning the basics of what they need to get through the rest of their lives. I remember when my brother's (who is really big on education and making sure his kids do what they're supposed to academically) daughter was in first grade and doing poorly. Her teacher told my brother, "She doesn't want to learn." My brother's reaction was "Bull$#!+. ALL little kids want to learn. If she's not getting it, it's YOUR fault." And he's right.

Some people are good at explaining things, and some people aren't. That's a fact. Ever try to get directions from someone who didn't know how to explain something? Same thing with teachers. That's what they need to test teachers for. Not knowledge of a topic, but how well they can explain it. Then we'd start getting some good teachers.
2002-05-10 01:52:42 PM  
I attest to this, having graduated from a crappy HS last year. There were a few good teachers, and a few awful ones. I HATED my school. I am as smart as I am today in spite of school.

A good part of my hatred came in senior year, though. Around March 20 last year, there was a "school shooting threat". So from that point until the end of the year, they had metal detectors at the door. But, here's the thing. The first day of metal detectors, they only had 2 doors open, 2 handheld metal detectors at each door. So there were two LONG lines from each door. Yeah, good idea. It's not like any possible shooters wouldn't be licking their lips at seeing a few hundred kids just lined up like carnival ducks outside, no sir.

I know, though, that I will miss it someday. It sure was nice being ahead of mostly everybody in class.
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