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(Reuters)   Woman appears on nude game show. Surprised for some reason when photos from said game show turn up in her run for local government.   ( divider line
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14085 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 May 2002 at 5:19 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-09 01:33:52 PM  
No big deal.
It wasn't like she had her head in Rosie O' Donnel's crotch.
2002-05-09 05:21:24 PM  
How long before someone complains about the absence of pictures to go with the story?
2002-05-09 05:21:39 PM  
"The only time I practise naturism is in the privacy of my own home and in the private club that we go to," she told Reuters.

And, of course, on national television.
2002-05-09 05:21:46 PM  
"The Naked Jungle" ... the name of the picture, or the name of the show? hah

-Super Kermit
2002-05-09 05:22:31 PM  
pics please
2002-05-09 05:22:47 PM  
It's not like I was drunk...
I just wanted to express myseself... oh my god... I hate my life!
2002-05-09 05:23:01 PM  
Where can we see these shows? Naked women, likely doing outrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaageous things for money? Why hasn't NBC picked this up yet?
2002-05-09 05:23:07 PM  
I protest the showing of the photos on the sole basis that 35 year old nudist mothers of three usually don't look all that GOOD. The fantasy is usually kicked sqare in the head by the reality of their hideousness.
2002-05-09 05:23:18 PM  
Nabb1, within two minutes. Where are the pics?
2002-05-09 05:24:40 PM  
Witch! Witch! Burn her! Witch!

Oh, shiat, wrong thread....

Whore! Whore! Burn her! Whore!

(much better)
2002-05-09 05:24:54 PM  
What??? No pics??? And all these kittens runnin' round too... :-( j/k
2002-05-09 05:25:04 PM  
I strip, therefore I am.
2002-05-09 05:25:33 PM  
Oh no, a naked person. Run AWAAAAY
2002-05-09 05:26:17 PM  
Hear that whirring? That's Google's servers processing all the searches for Helen+Swain+Nude
2002-05-09 05:27:34 PM  
2002-05-09 05:34:45 PM  
whoa! crazy!! Skermit!! I went to RIT with you a couple years ago. i was that strange bald headed d00de that went to church with you every now and then. crazy.
2002-05-09 05:39:10 PM  
It's funny how often we hear about this kind of shiat.
Wheres the pictures?
2002-05-09 05:40:23 PM  
Nabb1: I don't think you want pictures.
2002-05-09 05:43:34 PM  
too big
2002-05-09 05:43:59 PM  
She looks like she just swallowed a bug, or worse.
2002-05-09 05:45:06 PM  
Sorry, I know that. I didn't bother looking at the filee size it looked small on her website.
2002-05-09 05:45:29 PM  
37-Year-Old-Naturalists Gone Wild!!!!!!
2002-05-09 05:47:23 PM  
Jeff What is the max file size for posting?
2002-05-09 05:47:41 PM  
You don't REALLY want this, but oh well.,,2-2002210826,00.html
2002-05-09 05:48:54 PM  
Oh, believe me, Lordargent, I know better.
2002-05-09 05:49:25 PM  
Doc- I got two words for you:


I saw the warning, but I looked, anyway.
2002-05-09 05:51:56 PM  
gag and puke. Time for a good boobies thread to get that image out of my head.
No wonder it hurt her campain, she fugly.
2002-05-09 05:52:15 PM  
Well, now I'm fighting morbid curiosity. Control... must... learn... control...
2002-05-09 05:52:46 PM  
Oh god. that was awful.

2002-05-09 05:55:15 PM  
oh oh oh.
oh God, that hurt.
thanks for the link.
2002-05-09 05:55:47 PM  
Thanks for the picture link.... despite the warnings, I viewed it anyway, and will now go douse my eyes with bleach... No-one go look at that pic!
2002-05-09 05:56:20 PM  
Gave in. Must now commit seppuku. It is the only way I can salvage any honor.
2002-05-09 05:57:04 PM  
dear god,

please wash away the pain from my eyes.


2002-05-09 05:57:59 PM  
Is there any way someone could just post a photo of her head or something. I'm dying to see what she looks like but can't click on a naked link while at work.
2002-05-09 05:58:57 PM  
Holy cats, she's a goddess!

A primitive, over-ripe, fertility goddess.
2002-05-09 05:59:06 PM  
Yeah, I figured it was better to give a "copy-paste" link so that you'd have some time to reconsider your actions...

Good boobies on the "page 3" link (, though. The chick this time... wow. I'd throw a dick in her.

(NSFW, obviously)
2002-05-09 06:03:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-09 06:07:30 PM  
YIKES! Not safe for work, not safe for home, not safe for anything!
2002-05-09 06:12:49 PM  
10000 kittens will live this evening based on those pics alone.....sheesh
2002-05-09 06:16:54 PM  
AHOLE: yeah, maybe if she was goodlooking!!!!!
2002-05-09 06:18:03 PM  
Oh tres classy, I must say.
2002-05-09 06:28:22 PM  
umm, yuck
2002-05-09 06:30:35 PM  
The Sun turned into a hardcore fetish site so quickly I didn't even notice.
2002-05-09 06:36:30 PM  
"The only time I practise naturism is in the privacy of my own home and in the private club that we go to," she told Reuters.

Yeah only there and on WIDELY BROADCAST BLOODY TELEVISION. And here I thought us Americans had a lock on really stupid a$$ people.
2002-05-09 07:05:59 PM  
I find it hard to believe she could prove she lost the election based solely on the pamphlet and not some other obvious reason
2002-05-09 07:32:46 PM  
Wait, is this what will happen to the USA if we reform campaign finance? Will bugly nikkid women get to sue when they lose an election?
2002-05-09 08:10:46 PM  
Didn't you Just Know that The Sun would come shining through on this one?

Helen, 37, of Yorkshire

2002-05-09 08:57:27 PM  
Hey this pic is perfect for cliff
2002-05-09 09:32:08 PM  
That reminds me, I have to throw away that month old cottage cheese.
2002-05-09 09:57:16 PM  
Gawd, she's fu(kin' gorjuss! Ohh Yummy!
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