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46814 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Nov 2005 at 9:58 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-11-26 10:01:16 PM  
What, no fleshlights?
2005-11-26 10:01:52 PM  
Wasn't this already submitted?
2005-11-26 10:02:06 PM  
Farked before it even got out of the gate.
2005-11-26 10:02:34 PM  
No things from Apple? I'm confused.
2005-11-26 10:04:35 PM  
" Voodoo Doll D210: If you give someone this zippy breadbox-sized PC, they'll be sticking pins in your effigy all yearand you'll be out more than 3,000 smackeroos, too. Voodoo crammed two CPUs and two hard drives inside, but left out the keyboard, mouse, and monitor."

Gee, no other computer company has done that, right ?

[image from too old to be available]

2005-11-26 10:07:50 PM  

but left out the keyboard, mouse, and monitor."

Gee, no other computer company has done that, right ?

The difference being that the Voodoo is over $3000, and the Mac mini is $499
2005-11-26 10:08:07 PM  
skinink, MacMinis are very useful as backup file servers, or anything that needs to run tasks 24-hours at a time.

Not sure if you were blasting the MacMini or defending the D210, however.
2005-11-26 10:08:59 PM  
You're right... I thought I read this on Fark a few days ago..
2005-11-26 10:11:40 PM  
10. Oakley Thump: If you've overdone it with the eggnog, a $500 pair of sunglasses with a built-in MP3 player might seem a divine combination. It's not. The poorly fitting earbuds chafe, the glasses feel flimsy, and the style is dated. And what happens if you want to rock out at night? Unless you're buying for Bono, pick up an iPod shuffle and a pair of Revos for half the price.

Why does he recommend the worst MP3 player on the market?

No Screen.
Between $200 and $129 a gigabyte
No drag-&-drop

It has an iPod logo though.
2005-11-26 10:12:36 PM  
Seems like a moron to me, let's look at number "9. Voodoo Doll D210:"

If you give someone this zippy breadbox-sized PC

Why the heck would you be giving someone this overpriced monster anyway, do you have any idea about computers or do you simply think "more expensive == better for all situations." It's a dual Opteron, it's not for soccer mom web surfing or for gaming. Then again given the rest of the entry "stupid" seems to be recurring theme.

but left out the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

If you're too stupid to click the drop down menus for mouse, keyboard and monitor when ordering then I'm amazed you got past the credit card information form.

If you buy one anyway, get a pair of industrial-strength ear protectors too, as it whines like a 747 taxiing for takeoff.

What did you expect it even says the thing is loud on the webpage. Its a compact workstation, not a nice silent system to put in your living room.
2005-11-26 10:12:52 PM  
The only thing I was pointing out is that leaving out the monitor, mouse and keyboard is a weak point, because Apple did the exact same thing. Now, the noise would piss me off; and as for the $3,000 price tag.

Even though Apple is known for overpriced merchandise, Alienware AND Voodoo are even worse. Yeah, both are charging you for bleeding-edge performance, but hell, I'd rather swap out/in components as needed. That's why I learned to build computers in the first place.

2005-11-26 10:13:33 PM  
Ummmm, how come they left off the Xbox 360?
2005-11-26 10:14:14 PM  
Vengence is a dish best served cold....digitally.
2005-11-26 10:14:25 PM  
Guranteed to be on next year's list:

[image from too old to be available]

A Portable Sattellite Radio that doesen't play live radio!

Sirius Invented the Tape Recorder. Tell em' Fred!
2005-11-26 10:14:37 PM  
Hmm, I am pretty sure I already saw this morning on digg. And I remember being pretty underwhelmed that time as well.
2005-11-26 10:14:48 PM  
sloths: Why does he recommend the worst MP3 player on the market?

And he does so several times. Can you say 'payola'?
2005-11-26 10:18:59 PM  
One thing left off the list of worst technology for sure:

1. Fox News

/die Roger Ailes, die
2005-11-26 10:20:46 PM  
I think he suggets the Shuffle since that is virtually all you are getting with the Oakley and the ROKR anyway.
2005-11-26 10:24:59 PM  
Tonight you're watching "The Butt Plug", on Modern Marvels.
2005-11-26 10:25:31 PM  

2005-11-26 10:26:01 PM  
I actually own a pair of Oakley Thumps. To be honest at first they were uncomfortable. Then I just adjusted the earbuds a little more and they fit fine now. Very little iritation. (There is still some, but all earbuds bug me a little) Have worn them for an hour or two at a time and had no problems with them. Oh, and they aren't all $500. They start at $300 I think.

Now the Oakley Thump 2. Well, they look horrid.
2005-11-26 10:29:12 PM  
Is it just me, or is the Shuffle a worthless POS? Yeah it's cheap, but isn't it mediocre at best by low-capacity flash player standards?

Is the main advantage that it works with iTunes?

I was offered a free Shuffle as part of a promo. I just turned it down. It wouldn't have even been worth the time spent and money gained by selling it.
2005-11-26 10:30:58 PM  
My favorite is the toothbrush with the "computer" in it that tells you when to buy a new one.
2005-11-26 10:35:36 PM  
I never check the links to fox news...usually don't reply to them either..whatever tho
/Poop on fox's face
//They arn't gettin my tally mark
2005-11-26 10:40:08 PM  
Clap on/Clap off is my alltime fav!
Tried to hook it to my wife's ass..
biatch couldn't take a joke!
Anyway, I needed to know if it could work!
2005-11-26 10:44:33 PM  
The ROKR really that bad? Any farkers got one?
2005-11-26 10:45:40 PM  
In the part about the PepperPad they mentioned the 3Com Audrey, which failed as a $500 product but is doing great as an $80 EBay toy. When 3Com gave up and dumped them an Audrey hacking community quickly sprang up and figured out how to replace the original software with a full OS.

I have 5 Audreys in my house. They make nice cheap UIs for streaming audio, and are also being used for home security and automation. They have a cool retro Jetsons look.

Anyway I expect the PepperPad thingie will be showing up cheap on EBay next year. Could be another cool toy.
2005-11-26 10:49:37 PM  
Pete meet Re-Pete.
2005-11-26 10:50:43 PM  
what, no ngage?
2005-11-26 10:55:16 PM  
skinink: Even though Apple is known for overpriced merchandise, Alienware AND Voodoo are even worse. Yeah, both are charging you for bleeding-edge performance, but hell, I'd rather swap out/in components as needed. That's why I learned to build computers in the first place.

Alienware doesn't even charge for top performance, falcon-northwest smokes alienware. alienware is just a big name, like buying Old navy or Gap jeans.
2005-11-26 10:56:50 PM  
That Oakley thing is by far the worst.

What farking annoying marketing turd thought that one up?

Must be the same guy who thought up the X-Games and Diet Code Red Mountain Dew
2005-11-26 10:58:12 PM  
Fox News Channel is America's salvation from the left-wing elite media. I LOVE FOX NEWS!!
2005-11-26 10:58:50 PM  
How about adding to the list any technology that brings us FOX News Network, eh?
2005-11-26 11:01:47 PM  
FathomStone's Tungsten Water Wings didn't make it?
2005-11-26 11:04:24 PM  
Soo... was it the original Oakley Thumps or the second generation Manny Ramirez wore on the field this year?

\wouldn't buy any of this crap anyways
\\ps - someone please prove this jackass is paid by apple
\\\slashing minds want to know
2005-11-26 11:08:08 PM  

I know someone at my school who got a ROKR for some reason or another. Yes, it's really that bad--100 songs isn't an INSURMOUNTABLE problem (just dumb), but the transfer speed is, and it's not an easy phone (though anyone used to Moto phones could figure it out).

I'm an Apple fan, and my recommendation is to get a Sony Walkman phone if you're looking for a music phone.

/Apple flamewar may now commence
2005-11-26 11:08:29 PM  
I came here to state how narrow-minded, biased-sounding and faulty the article was, but am delighted to not be alone in these observations. The Oakley Thump doesn't look that bad, the Voodoo PC is not to be used as a gift (!!), and the shuffle blows all sorts of long, hard and cylindrical objects.

Also, similar to what serutan stated above, the Pepperpad has potential to become an ad-hoc datapad like in Star Trek. I wonder if Fox News is even relevant anymore? Anyone know?
2005-11-26 11:10:18 PM  
Not a very good list, really. Most of the entries are either things that shouldn't have been combined, expensive but broken toys, or the writer being a dumbass (see entry #9.) Those don't make for an interesting list; what makes for the most interesting reading are things that are just profoundly bad ideas from the very start. There are certainly enough of them to populate this sort of list.
2005-11-26 11:15:47 PM  
We're expected to click on a Fox News link?

/Let's get this flamewar started!
2005-11-26 11:15:49 PM  
Oh yeah, this thread will remain civilized

\Apple suX!
\\why isn't the insert popular gadget name here on the list?
\\\i'm going to brazenly defend one of the items on the list, but not mention that it's only because i own one of them and don't want to feel like i wasted my money
\\\\what fark thread isn't a clusterf**k nowadays?
2005-11-26 11:19:18 PM  
The "elite liberal" media are only are liberal as the conservative corporations that own them, so nyah...

/all mainstream media are centrist at their most "left"
//go back to giving bill o'reilly his nightly blow job, troll
2005-11-26 11:29:03 PM  
lordargent: what, no ngage?

Worst gadget of 2003, perhaps.

Time does fly.
2005-11-26 11:30:39 PM  
sloths: No Screen.
Between $200 and $129 a gigabyte
No drag-&-drop

It has an iPod logo though.

Dude, one iPod doesn't have a screen. EVERY other iPod has a screen. And the $400, 60-gig iPod is a bit less than 200 per gig. Did you learn math through the NCLB act?

And no drag and drop? Have you EVER used an iPod?
2005-11-26 11:32:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Manny likes his Oakley Thumps.
2005-11-26 11:35:03 PM  
I'm an Avid Mac using, iPod Photo owning guy, but
And the $400, 60-gig iPod is a bit less than 200 per gig. Did you learn math through the NCLB act?
that's just ironic...
Ignoring all components and such, that's $6.67 per GB... So, yeah.
2005-11-26 11:54:00 PM  
For me, the iPod is the worst tech gadget of the year.

I am a long-time Mac/Apple fan, and it's a great idea. But I have owned 4 different iPods this year. One of them was destroyed because someone sat on it...and the other 3 just STOPPED WORKING.

When a company sells me 4 units and 3 of the 4 just die for no abuse, no rough handling, no extreme signs of "I'm sick, tend to my needs"...something is very wrong.

So I'm done. I miss iTunes, I miss the iPod's simple navigation. But when I get my teeth kicked in 3's time to move on.

BAD Apple.
2005-11-26 11:57:49 PM  
A_Pinkus : You get a cookie

/Tell Em Fred
2005-11-27 12:09:13 AM  
I don't mean to stand up for Apple, as I have had a long time grudge against the hordes of drones who simply buy it for style without looking for alternatives, but a lot of MP3 players simply die. My Archos 20gig died a few years ago and my Samsung YP-T7 (Great buy, $150 for 512 MB, picture and text viewer, FM radio/recorder and built in microphone) did just this year. I think that only time will give us a more durable music playing device, like the phonograph or cassette player.
2005-11-27 12:15:54 AM  
Justin Horne

What's ironic? The other dude was complaining that the iPod price comes out to $125-$200 per gigabyte. I say, as you do, that the iPod is really about $6.67 per gig. Big difference there. I'm not sure what's ironic. Other than rain on your wedding day.
2005-11-27 12:18:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

i just got one of these from walmart of all places, 129$, 1GB, oled screen, tiny, good sound, fm radio, and controls!

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