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2005-11-22 07:39:29 PM  
and it's about damned time I might add.

Last time I checked it was nothing but car ads.

I hate car salesman.
2005-11-22 07:41:34 PM  
ehhh, false alarm. They gots nothin'
2005-11-23 07:56:33 AM  
All your Google base belong to us.
2005-11-23 07:58:17 AM  
duh. What do you think is on this internet?

/internet, eh?
2005-11-23 07:58:47 AM  
like a fat kid on a pastry

The mental image made me laugh.
2005-11-23 07:59:42 AM  
"Stag films"? Photoshop Comedy Gold waiting to happen.
2005-11-23 08:00:24 AM  
Good Stuff
2005-11-23 08:00:46 AM  
I just bought me an Internet...
2005-11-23 08:07:27 AM  
Al Gore invented porn...

/...or something, I forget
2005-11-23 08:08:12 AM  
Mmmmm....porn and pastry...
2005-11-23 08:11:14 AM  
"If you're going to stop masturbating, you can't 'taper off'. You've got to quit, cold jerky."

Lenny Bruce
2005-11-23 08:11:16 AM  
This thread is useless without links!
2005-11-23 08:11:56 AM  
2005-11-23 08:14:17 AM  
smedrick Mmmmm....porn and pastry...

Just don't eat anything "cream filled" or "glazed".

/Unless you're into that kind of thing
//Not that there's anything wrong with that...
2005-11-23 08:16:07 AM  
Be on it like tooth rot on a crack whore...
2005-11-23 08:24:52 AM  
Mmmmmm... fat k- oops did I say that out loud?
2005-11-23 08:27:19 AM  
It's probably a win win situation for both google and porn, right? But can I find a sex partner in my local area?
2005-11-23 08:28:08 AM  
'fat kid on pastry', without the 'a' would scan better

/never had a link greenlighted
//who does a non TF have to sleep with round here to get a greenlight
///I keed weeth zee slashes
2005-11-23 08:36:04 AM  
Lady J a case of Fig Newtons to Drew might work.
2005-11-23 08:37:36 AM  
As a fat kid i'd like to know where i can get these pastries?
2005-11-23 08:39:45 AM  
I, for one, welcome our bloated, pastry-eating overlords.

/I am in SUCH a good mood. I think I may have been spiked. Yayyyy!!!
2005-11-23 08:40:43 AM  
And their acting surprised because?? I mean you give a fat kid a key to a bakery, you really expect him not to gorde? Though, I haven't really looked into GoogleBase, I am intrigued as to what it might have.................
2005-11-23 08:42:12 AM  
Porno to the people!
2005-11-23 08:42:29 AM  
Google loves me and my site. Heh.
2005-11-23 08:42:53 AM  


All I have to say is Angelina Jolie has got some big ass titties

FYI, I found other winners like "TITTIES AND CREAM" & "CRACK N' THROBBIN' TITTIES N' CREAM" (free shipping)
2005-11-23 08:44:39 AM  
All your bases are belong to Pr0n
2005-11-23 08:45:54 AM  
$416.47 a share, for google. When first offered two years ago the opening price was $100.00 per share. Seems you can't build a portfolio like this by reading "My Pet Goat"
2005-11-23 08:55:11 AM  
losartin: $416.47 a share, for google.

And a P/E of 92.26.
2005-11-23 08:56:25 AM  
haha... "too bad Fark is full of fags!"

They're onto us!
2005-11-23 08:57:10 AM  
From the article comments:

Too bad fark is full of fags.

Comment by Fark Is Gay 11/23/2005 @ 8:46 am

I didn't know all you Farkers were teh ghey. Why didn't you tell me?
2005-11-23 09:03:12 AM  
As my rather portly friend says:

Why you gotta pick on the fat kid?
2005-11-23 09:05:44 AM  
I didn't know all you Farkers were teh ghey. Why didn't you tell me?

This week. Next week is animatronic week.
2005-11-23 09:11:10 AM  

I didn't know all you Farkers were teh ghey. Why didn't you tell me?

We're just going through an experimental phase.
2005-11-23 09:18:28 AM  
[image from canadians.ca too old to be available]

wishes to "express" his excitement
2005-11-23 09:19:57 AM  
(bookmark this page)
2005-11-23 09:20:37 AM  
funny headline.
2005-11-23 09:23:07 AM  
And I thought it was a Farker who made that post :)

New example links are up and running for the porn results on Google Base. Nothing from Petra Verkaik on there, but lots of crap teen and $5 porn.

Thanks, Loren
Search Engine Journal
2005-11-23 09:25:24 AM  
Dang, the hot blow job girl in NY is gone.... *sob*
2005-11-23 09:37:29 AM  
i once loved a girl...sniff
2005-11-23 10:07:04 AM  
From the article comments: Too bad fark is full of fags.

Why didn't somebody tell me? If the "moral" right has taught me anything, it's that the gay is a social disease that anyone can catch, if allowed to spread through a vector of tolerance.

In other words, one day you're daydreaming about boobies, the next you're out shopping for Cher memorabilia wearing assless chaps.

Thanks, Fark. Thanks a LOT!
2005-11-23 10:07:20 AM  
The porn industry, upon reading the headline and realizing a niche market for obese barely-legal donut-penetration may exist, registers the website fatkidonapastry.com.
2005-11-23 10:26:25 AM  
(sniff) My god, it's full of PORN!
2005-11-23 10:26:52 AM  
[image from bprogers.com too old to be available]

/mandatory GIS for fat kid eating pastry
2005-11-23 10:42:36 AM  
AJatHP: /mandatory GIS for fat kid eating pastry

Goggles, please. And not the cheap ones!
2005-11-23 11:01:59 AM  
Fark is maxed. Its like the Readers Digest of online humor. Only with Readers Digest, at least you get $50 for sending in lame jokes.

Comment by Mike 11/23/2005 @ 10:10 am

*So True*
2005-11-23 11:12:09 AM  
jonr: Dang, the hot blow job girl in NY is gone.... *sob*

Damn! I knew I should have saved that pic.
2005-11-23 11:26:14 AM  
all your base are belong to us.
2005-11-23 11:31:20 AM  
2005-11-23 11:01:59 AM copey

Actually - and to put forth a seasonal Thanksgiving analogy - Fark is more like a potluck dinner. Oh, and thanks for bringing the fruitcake.
2005-11-23 11:44:03 AM  
Shouldn't this thread have an Obvious tag instead?
2005-11-23 11:44:47 AM  
Lady J: //who does a non TF have to sleep with round here to get a greenlight

*raises hand*

It's in the manual. Didn't you get the manual?
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