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(ABC News)   Mr. Dung announces the arrest of Gary Glitter, who was on his way to Bangkok   ( divider line
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2005-11-20 2:30:52 AM  
And what the hell was his "famous" song? Im drawing a blank.
2005-11-20 2:33:05 AM  
log_jammin: And what the hell was his "famous" song? Im drawing a blank.

rock and roll part II, played at every sporting event in the world a bazillion times. it's probably the most famous song ever written.
2005-11-20 2:35:28 AM  

I guess I never put the name and the tune together.
2005-11-20 2:44:37 AM  
on his way to Bangkok

In more ways than one, methinks.
2005-11-20 2:49:19 AM  
I still cannot figure out how this sick bastard got such a light sentence in Britain. He had THOUSANDS of pornographic images featuring children on his computer, and they gave him a few months.

Throw him in a tiger cage and throw it in a river.
2005-11-20 3:06:08 AM  
on the places-i-want-to-be list "vietnamese prison" is way down near the bottom. the kind of place only real scum like child molesters deserve to rot.....
2005-11-20 3:41:06 AM  
i'm sure i know what this song is, but i haven't the slightest clue currently.. doh.

"In the '80s, Glitter went through bankruptcy and was arrested for drunk driving, but his downfall came in 1997 when he took his computer in for repair and the technician found kiddie porn on the hard drive. Glitter was arrested and sent to prison, where he served 2 months starting in November, 1999. After his release, he lived in Cuba and Cambodia. He is a very controversial figure in England, and could face great harm if he ever returned."
2005-11-20 6:29:01 AM  
I thought his famous song was "Wanna be in my gang".
2005-11-20 6:31:09 AM  
Hey...Rock'n'Roll...grease that bunghole, Hey!
2005-11-20 6:31:43 AM  
just to jog your memories, in case you don't remember R&R Pt2, it goes something like this.

Nuh nuuuuh nuh!
Nuh nuuuuh nuh!
Nuh nuuuuh nuh!
hey! hey! hey! hey!

then it goes downhill fast for, like, 20 minutes.
2005-11-20 6:41:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

i was always taught pedos 'look like everyone else'.. i guess they were wrong.. u could play an easy round of spot the pederast with this guy
2005-11-20 6:48:06 AM  
One night in Bangkok to see a young guy's numbles?
2005-11-20 6:48:55 AM  
He used to be in Cambodia until the local NGOs made it so hot that even the Cambodia police did think the amount of USD he was paying monthly ( 5-10.000) worth the trouble and was asked to leave, came back 2 times both time via Thailand now he is staying in Vietnam 30 km from Saigon, I hope he get nailed for good this time..
2005-11-20 6:49:56 AM  
I had no idea he wrote the "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-HEY!" song. Talk about the most overused sporting event music ever... Still, catchy song.
2005-11-20 6:53:05 AM  

Use to play "spot the pedophile" in BKK airport with the flights going to Cambodia, now im not sure if things are getting better or not, moved out of Cambodia 2 years ago
2005-11-20 6:54:42 AM  
Who has brought more shame on the Glitter family name: Gary or Mariah Carey? Discuss.
2005-11-20 6:55:27 AM  
I'll have that song all day in my head now orrinbloquy.
2005-11-20 6:56:29 AM  
crap. am i the only one who has never heard that song?
2005-11-20 6:57:47 AM  
very, very sad.
2005-11-20 7:00:41 AM  
In England I think he's mainly known for 'I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)' which I remember because it was used to advertise Felix cat food.

Good song.
2005-11-20 7:02:10 AM  

Oh, you've heard it, you just didn't know it wasn't incidental music crapped out by ESPN technical staff.


I had a roommate in prep school who put that farker on autorepeat as study music. If I ever meet Anthony Stewart Head, I'm going to say, "I loved you on 'Buffy.' By the way, would you pass this on to your brother?"*BOOTTOTHEHEAD*
2005-11-20 7:03:30 AM  
snooj: i was always taught pedos 'look like everyone else'.. i guess they were wrong.. u could play an easy round of spot the pederast with this guy

What's a pederast, Walter?
2005-11-20 7:04:05 AM  
morrisonsl: I had no idea he wrote the "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-HEY!" song. Talk about the most overused sporting event music ever... Still, catchy song.

He didn't write it, he just performed it. And by the 'lyrics' some of you are posting I think you have it confused with that other craptacular sports venue song "Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam. The Glitter song has no lyrics other than "Hey!" And a real heavy drum beat...
2005-11-20 7:08:27 AM  
Dokatah whooooooo
doctor who
doctor whoooooo
the tardis
2005-11-20 7:11:23 AM  
MOLLER - Way to go on the KLF/Jams reference. You are truly Justified and Ancient!
2005-11-20 7:17:39 AM  
Gary Glitter. Going to Bangkok. Why the hell do they bother to report the charge? It's just redundant and repetitive.
2005-11-20 7:18:29 AM  
Nuh nuuuuh nuh!
I like little Cambodian girls
Nuh nuuuuh nuh!
They don't need a bikini wax
Nuh nuuuuh nuh!
First we drop bombs on their country
Then we molest their kids
hey! hey! hey! hey!
2005-11-20 7:24:26 AM  

MOLLER - Way to go on the KLF/Jams reference. You are truly Justified and Ancient!

Yeah, but didn't they release Doctorin' the TARDIS under the moniker "The Time Lords"?

2005-11-20 7:41:26 AM  
One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble...
2005-11-20 7:48:16 AM  
Yes, but did he in fact do them up the... er... Ican'tbelieveI'maskingthis.. up the Gary Glitter? Because, you know, it would be sort of a laugh, in a really horrible sense, if he did.

/I am so very, very sorry.
2005-11-20 7:54:18 AM  
Geez..I thought everyone knew to go to Thailand for that sort of thing....

/yeah I know. Hell.
//he's a codgy bastard for getting away with it for so long.
2005-11-20 8:08:24 AM  
They really should stop playing his song at football games. Not only because it gives money to a child molester and supports his lifestyle, but because it's an irritating farking song.
2005-11-20 8:13:56 AM  
Bangkok. Oriental city.

/got nuthin, I just like saying that
2005-11-20 8:14:49 AM  

What's a pederast, Walter?

Shut the fark up Donny!
2005-11-20 8:21:07 AM  

"Eight year olds, Dude."
2005-11-20 8:35:34 AM  
For the one or two who HAVEN'T had the pleasure of hearing that crappy song.....(Rock and Roll part II), here's a link to an even crappier MIDI version:

2005-11-20 8:37:13 AM  
why didn't he just go to Thailand?
2005-11-20 8:44:21 AM  
I've often wondered when hearing that song at sporting events whether he still gets royalties. There should be a worldwide abn on that song if, in fact, he does. Any way to confirm this?
2005-11-20 8:46:33 AM  
Go to, search for "Rock and Roll part 2" and you can be treated to a sample off the album.
2005-11-20 8:51:02 AM  
"I never"
2005-11-20 8:56:06 AM  

In the UK we call that 'Doctor Who and the Daleks'... and I'm really surprised it's by Gary Glitter.

Nowhere near as famous as 'Do you wanna be in my gang!' (to which the answer of course is definate no!)
2005-11-20 9:01:54 AM  
Yeah, he'll still be getting Royalties from all his albums, and from the songs he's written (e.g. "Hello" appears on the first track of Oasis' Definitely Maybe)
2005-11-20 9:18:19 AM  
Those saying he should have gone to Thailand - thankfully, Thailand has finally started cracking down on pedophiles.

As for his song, about a year after he got busted with the pics on his computer, I was walking through a store and found a bear that played Rock & Roll Part II when you pressed its paw. I commented rather loudly on how it was disgusting that a child's toy was programmed with the music of a pedophile.
2005-11-20 9:21:34 AM  
So let me get this straight. Major american sports venues stopped playing YMCA because someone complained the village people were gay, yet they play Rock and Roll part2 by a known and convicted Pedophile?

That's actually beyond bizzarre.
2005-11-20 9:26:46 AM  
"Silly pedophile, Bahrain is for molesters on the down low!"
2005-11-20 9:41:56 AM  
karst: Major american sports venues stopped playing YMCA because someone complained the village people were gay

When I pointed out to a friend of mine that YMCA was about men picking up boys in the YMCA, he almost threw me out of his moving car. Sounds like someone did the dance AND sang along at sporting events. And felt a special feeling because of it.
2005-11-20 9:51:52 AM  
Any one ever hear the story of him smashing Roger Daltry with a mic stand? Some benifit/tribute, with the Who, and him there. He startst to swing the mic stand around a clobbers Daltry who is standing too close.

/apropos of nothing, but thought I'd mention it.
2005-11-20 10:18:55 AM  
He is innocent until proven guilty. And everyone is guilty of something. This guy is being hounded in the spirit of a true witchhunt. Until the late 1970's the USA openly sold magazines which depicted graphic photos of sex with "lolitas". Just another form of newly invented western values forcing themselves onto everywhere else in the world. Stop the unjustified outrage and start getting pragmatic.
2005-11-20 10:20:48 AM  
Eee Gadd!
2005-11-20 10:23:31 AM  
ShannonKW: I can understand making pedophilia illegal in countries where most people consider it a moral abomination. If it's really an important part of your life, it makes sense to move to a country where people don't mind it. What I can't get is why Westerners have to hound avid pedophiles out of the country, and then start pressuring the countries that permit it. I've been to SE Asia. The locals don't care if 14-year-old girls make a living off rich foreigners, and the girls largely don't mind it either. It's better than sewing over your thumbs in a sweat shop all day.

*stunned silence*
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