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(Chicago Sun-Times)   The party's nearly ready and the guests are coming; let's make sure everything is ready. Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Party favors? Check. Human skulls filled with lit cigarettes? Check   ( divider line
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2005-11-09 10:35:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 12:44:49 PM  
long,deep refreshing skull farking!
2005-11-09 12:45:49 PM  
Some people's culture....
2005-11-09 12:46:02 PM  
I give the headline a check minus
2005-11-09 12:46:49 PM  
Does this add to the parties head count?
2005-11-09 12:47:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 12:48:39 PM  
I ain't afraid of all them f*ckin' skulls and altars and sh*t.
2005-11-09 12:48:42 PM  
but can you make a bong out of one?
2005-11-09 12:48:56 PM  
That was an interesting article. It had nothing to do with parties though. Very misleading headline, Submitter!
2005-11-09 12:50:42 PM  
GIS for likey.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 12:51:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 12:52:36 PM  
That girl getting that massage in the "you have to watch this" video was pretty damn hot
2005-11-09 12:54:30 PM  
Oh Bolivia!
2005-11-09 12:57:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available][/IMG ]

/first ever picture!
//is this threadjacking?
///i don't even know if it will show up
2005-11-09 12:58:04 PM  
Milton Eyzaguirre, an anthropologist, said Bolivians are now more willing to bring out their skulls than before.

Ok...someone wanna crack at saying that last name?
Also I'm a bit curious as to why they weren't willing to bring their skulls out earlier. Maybe because of this man.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 12:58:43 PM  
Reminds me of Stalin using a fragment of Hitler's skull as an ash tray.

2005-11-09 01:00:48 PM  
The article says "filled" with cigarettes. Does this mean more than one? Those dead Bolivians must be having som efierce nic-fits between rituals.
2005-11-09 01:00:48 PM  
Damn, that's a lot of things to chekhov!
[image from too old to be available]
Ever hear of potluck, Jim?
2005-11-09 01:00:57 PM  
Mrmyke709 someone needs to take that caterpillar off of her face. You know, the one right above her eye.
2005-11-09 01:01:07 PM  
I think you meant this Meltrandi:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 01:01:51 PM  
From the article: "'Now I keep them in my room with me. I love them a lot, and they have helped our family when we've had problems.'"

Yeah, she's got problems, all right...
2005-11-09 01:02:29 PM  
Meltrandi: ///i don't even know if it will show up

That's what the "Preview before post" box is for.
2005-11-09 01:04:49 PM  
how many posts before some Dead-Head takes notice?
2005-11-09 01:06:10 PM  
Dam goth punks.
2005-11-09 01:07:06 PM  
<b>Meltrandi:</b> <i>[image from too old to be available][/IMG ]</i>

wow your HTML sucks ass, to post a picture you type:

<img src="​gif">
2005-11-09 01:07:41 PM  
wouldn't those be party favors?

/got nothin'
2005-11-09 01:09:22 PM  
Where the hell is OriginalGamer and his damn "obey" picture? It would be semi-appropriate for this thread, and at, semi-appropriate is about as good as it gets...

[i <3 BB]
2005-11-09 01:10:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-11-09 01:11:10 PM  

I don't know why but I'm impressed!
2005-11-09 01:11:41 PM  
you're the grim reaper?!

Of course not. I'm a travel agent.
2005-11-09 01:11:49 PM  
Damn pagan Christians! Why can't they just become modern like all the other civilized religions in the world! Seriously when are we going to wipe these heathens off the face of the earth, since they love death so much why don't we just hurry things along and give it to em! Freaking savages.
2005-11-09 01:12:38 PM  
Fark party?
2005-11-09 01:21:29 PM  
Meh. It's been done.

[image from too old to be available]

The NEW hotness is colons filled with beer.
2005-11-09 01:21:52 PM  
Someone said "wow [sic] your HTML sucks ass"

Um, that would be because I don't know HTML. I'm winging this as I go, much as I've been known to do when DMing. I'll learn... Is there a tutorial or something that everyone has read but me? There usually is..
2005-11-09 01:24:42 PM  
And the number one reason I'd never donate my body to science....
2005-11-09 01:27:34 PM  
2005-11-09 01:27:38 PM  

Emerson Lake and Palmer, and HR Giger, both referenced at once, that's it, you win this thread.
2005-11-09 01:30:35 PM  
That sounds like a party I wanna go to!
2005-11-09 01:32:23 PM  

Try checking the box "Don't interpret HTML" at the top of the page. The magic HTML tags will be revealed.
2005-11-09 01:37:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-11-09 01:39:43 PM  
"bring out your skulls"...GONGGG!!!! "bring out your skulls"...GONGG!!

/I'm not dead yet
2005-11-09 01:44:17 PM  
2005-11-09 01:59:29 PM  
Thanks, everyone! These websites & stuff should help. Now I can threadjack. Or maybe cockblock, if I knew what it meant. And if I had one... >_>

I'm glad Original Aeryn liked my drawing! I know it's a little lopsided, but it was Q&D.

/and by dirty I mean "smudged graphite on side of hand"
2005-11-09 02:08:01 PM  
I wanted a replica human skull, getting the idea after watching an episode of Daria (love that cartoon) where she orders in a replica from a company. So, I went to Ebay. Much to my surprise and discomfort, I found scores of listings for real human skulls.

Apparently they're unwanted wholesale lots from medical schools and their suppliers. I didn't know you could traffic in body parts.

I always assumed that, if you donated your body to science, once they were done hacking you up, the remains would be thoughtfully cremated and disposed of. I didn't know that the general public could buy your bones and sell them for profit on the open market.

I never did find any plastic replicas and I didn't really want someone's actual head (skull) sitting on a shelf in my home.

Then again, I shouldn't have been surprised. A parasitical business has opened up over the years selling donated human parts to colleges for medical work. A homeless cadaver in good shape can bring in roughly $20,000 broken up and sold off. (Formula: (1) Get donated bodies for free or a small fee (2) divide up like a side of beef and sell for huge fees (3) Profit.)
2005-11-09 02:37:53 PM  
reminds me of something I used to do at parties at my place back in the day.

I had this realistic looking fake skull I'd picked up at Wal-Mart around Halloween season and I used to put lit cigarrettes in its mouth, and let them just burn down. It looked like it was smoking the cigarrette.
People's responses to it were usually pretty farkin' cool. They either thought it was funny and bad a$$, or they freaked out. One party I had it in a room where the main source of illumination was a blue-neon clear ceiling fan that usually gave the room a cool glow. This drunk Mexican dude(friend of a roomie) walked in there to check things out, and he came rushing back out with this wide-eyed freaked out look on his face that was just classic. A few other people had the same response at that party. We were just laughing at their responses since it was a fake skull, and mere parlor trick level stuff.
Ahhh I miss that skull.

/I called him Pedro
2005-11-09 02:56:00 PM  
It's the Mister Skullhead show
Starring him, Mister Skullhead
Because it's the show that he has,
Mister Skullhead!

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

2005-11-09 03:41:09 PM  
Turn around,
Turn around,
There's a thing there that can be found.

Turn around,
Turn around,
It's a human skull on the ground --

Human skull,
On the ground,
Turn around.

/got nothin'
2005-11-09 03:41:59 PM  
CaptainBeer: how many posts before some Dead-Head takes notice?

It's certainly the first thing I thought of when I read "Most of the skulls were decorated with [...] crowns of red roses and hydrangeas."

[image from too old to be available]

/old farker
2005-11-09 03:43:27 PM  
What a backwards and absurd culture. That country must be full of simpletons if they believe in such preposterous crap... Oh, yeah, we've got that creationism mental disorder spreading, and not just in Kansas... Sorry Bolivians, carry on.
2005-11-09 04:15:59 PM  
Skulls Lyrics
by Misfits

The corpses all hang headless and limp
Bodies with no surprises
And the blood drains down like devil's rain
We'll bathe tonight

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls

Demon I am and face I peel
To see your skin turned inside out, 'cause
Gotta have you on my wall
Gotta have you on my wall, 'cause

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls


Collect the heads of little girls and
Put 'em on my wall
Hack the heads off little girls and
Put 'em on my wall

Oh oh

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls
I need your skulls


/SlowTimedRapid, I got nothin' with ya'.
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