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(Some Guy)   Fake Palestinian funeral in Jenin: Pallbearers repeatedly tried to carry a green blanket wrapped around a man who pretended to be dead, but kept falling out of the blanket. With video.   ( divider line
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2002-05-05 11:33:11 PM  
I bet the Israeli Army finds these clowns to help accomodate some real funerals for them.
And you know those camel jockeys were up to no good because why would they be faking a funeral?
So I hope they really do get killed because I bet in the long run it could possibly save a bunch of people some grief.
2002-05-06 5:09:02 AM  
And the hundreds of Palestinians reported to be killed in Jenin is: 53. With 37 Israelis killed in the process...

some massacre
2002-05-06 5:09:57 AM  
Is anyone surprised?
2002-05-06 5:14:20 AM  
Hey they're just playing the P.R. game, like everyone else.

Anyone remember the Kuwaiti chick who testified that she saw Iraqis taking newborn babies out of Kuwaiti hospitals and killing them, and how she turned out to be the Kuwaiti ambassador's daughter who'd been living in the U.S. for years?
2002-05-06 5:16:39 AM  
That's pretty funny. Deserves its own Mastercard commercial:

Surveillance Drone: 20 Million $

High magnification camera: 20000 $

High Resolution Film: 200 $

Catching Palestinians being a bunch of stupid, lying Farkers: Priceless
2002-05-06 5:17:15 AM  
Hey, maybe it was a true miracle and the guy came back to life after being dropped. You people are so cynical!
2002-05-06 5:21:24 AM  
"Bring out yer dead..."
"Bring out yer dead..."

/Head of the Department of Absurdity
2002-05-06 5:24:33 AM  
And we know all the Israel Insider wants is peace...

Seriously... I'm not saying this incident *didn't* happen... but, I AM saying if this was some palestinian newspaper saying that they had video of the Israelies masacring people... you'd all be like "Yeah right... buncha lying rag-heads"... but whenever the Israelies say it....

bah, whatever... I give up.
2002-05-06 5:27:18 AM  
He wouldn't be the first person to rise from the dead in that neck of the wooods.
I seem remember a story of it happening about 2000 years ago.
2002-05-06 5:27:41 AM  
But if the funeral is false, then it might mean that Palestinians have been, say, hypothetically, running guns, explosives, and terrorists via funeral processions and ambulances, so that the Israelis catch the PR heat when an ambulance with a real casualty is intercepted and delayed!

Oh, wait, this happens every day.

Now returning you to your regulary scheduled propaganda, wherein you claim that Israelis fire on ambulances, ignoring evidence that ambulances are being used to attack Israelis. Ignorace is strength.
2002-05-06 5:37:11 AM  
This video was just too funny :)
expecialy when the little growd gathers around and they drop the "body".

But on the more serious note. This video does not seem to be the typical Palestinian funeral, there are just so damn few people there. Would be very easy to stage this with only about 20-30 people or even less.
2002-05-06 5:41:04 AM  
--> Eurytion

Right on, dude ...
2002-05-06 5:51:42 AM  
the only friend i lost in nyc on 9-11 was a camel jockey.
2002-05-06 5:53:18 AM  
first thought when i saw this story:


i don't support either side of this conflict, but if i were israeli intelligence i would look to 'wag the dog' for some PR stunts that could shift beliefs and alliances.

there is no real truth. also, just because they say that there are only 57 bodies, *again* this does NOT mean that there are only 57 bodies - it only means that the israeli government gave those supporting figures to the viewers of the "fake funeral". they also told the reporters that the figures came from the palestinians THEMSELVES.

i would be *very* suprised to learn that the writer of this article did *any* fact checking.
2002-05-06 5:55:46 AM  
Hey, you can't argue with someone who uses the term 'camel jockey' can you? It was purely for publicity, not that the Israelis haven't done enough shiat already without the Palestinians trying to hold a mock funeral.

/sometimes I feel like a banana in a bowl of apples.
2002-05-06 6:09:43 AM  
I think if any more political debate goes on about biased news, we should all look to the Israel Insider as a true source of completely one-sided reporting.
2002-05-06 6:16:48 AM  

Just in recent memory, Israel has:

1) provided us with this lovely clip;

2) raided a Palestinian Authority (PA) ship returning from Iran, packed full of armaments, and then shown us footage of the weapons;

3) located PA documents that allegedly show Arafat actively provided funding for terrorist actions.

What have the Palestinians provided in the way of proof of anything they say? Nothing! All we ever hear is of terrible atrocities from some poor "man on the street", always claiming they shot his entire family dead and bulldozed his friend's house with people still inside. Always an appeal to emoitions. Either that or they shout that the Israelis "fabricated evidence"!

The Palestinians NEVER have evidence -- there's never a "Rodney King" tape to show us, nothing. It's all hearsay. You can claim all you want that Israel has fabricated their footage, but you would begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist nut who needs to locate some tinfoil. At least they're making an attempt to back up what they say; the Palestinians don't even bother.
2002-05-06 6:20:35 AM  
Would someone mind posting a link to a source that's a bit less biased?
2002-05-06 6:22:04 AM  
in recent memory this comes up.

Last winter more than 100 israeli spies were deported from the US. Is that some nation the US or for that matter anyone should trust?
2002-05-06 6:32:55 AM  
No,no.What really happened was that even the pallbearers,realizing how ludicrous this ploy was,just could not keep from laughing hysterically.Have you ever tried to do something and stay focused,all the while laughing so hard you think you're going to wet your pants?
Well these guys were trying to carry someone on a stretcher,and when one of them starts laughing,his corner of the stretcher naturally dips a little lower,thereby setting the chain of events in motion.Hence,Achmed falls to the ground.I'll bet he was pretty pissed by the end of all this."Allah be DAMNED! Can't you stupid farkers do anything right? I've got a headache,you be the dead guy now for awhile"
2002-05-06 6:36:27 AM  

This video still doesn't take away from the fact that Israeli state-terrorism is not acceptable and further deteriorates the security they, rightly, desire.

Conspiracy theory: I wouldn't be surprised if Israel had something to do with this footage as part of their ongoing propaganda war. How conveniant that a drone should perfectly fly over catching the juiciest action so eloquently. Plus, the video is so humorously stupid it looks staged (the constant falling of the "corpse"). Last week, if I remember correctly, Palestinians caught some of their own people providing information for the IDF... I wonder.

BTW, Czar. During the reign of Clinton, the number of people wanting Jonathan Pollard (what great work he did for American national security) free was growing rapidly (although mostly by Hollywood stars, Israelis and Democrats).
2002-05-06 6:38:05 AM  
All I know, Gelatinous, is that Israel, had they done nothing wrong, would have let the UN team of investigator's in to do their job. Period. Fact: They didn't.

Iraq does this, we say they are a terrorist state that need be dealt with... Israel does this and we laugh it off like it's nothing. Of course the Palistinians aren't innocent... never said they were, but I AM saying we all seem to be blinded by the pretty Star of David or something... because we are obviously blinded by something at the moment.

Now, I am indeed off to bed before the sun tries to kill me.
2002-05-06 6:39:23 AM  
Looks more to me like someone trying to be carried to safety while being shot at. Perhaps someone who is wounded?

Hell, I dunno, it's just the way that they're all running away from the stretcher, in a state of panic and such, that makes me think this might be the scenario.
2002-05-06 6:39:33 AM  
whos Jonathan Pollard?
2002-05-06 6:49:04 AM  

Jonathan Pollard was a US Navy civilian analyst who was, in truth, an Israeli spy (which Israeli finally admitted after years of denial). He caused great damage to American national security by giving Israeli top-secret US military intelligence and diplomatic codes. He gave the names of about 100 US agents in the MidEast, who were then "turned" by Israel, NSA code-breaking techniques and targets, intercepts of foreign communications, and U.S. war-fighting plans for the Mideast.

Pollard provided Israeli intelligence with names of important American agents inside the former Soviet Union and Russia who had supplied information on East Bloc weapons and war plans. Some of the enormously sensitive secrets stolen by Pollard may have been either sold, or bartered, by Israel to the Soviet Union.

A number of key CIA agents in the East Bloc were allegedly executed as a result of Pollard's spying. The KGB likely gained access to top-secret US codes - either directly from Israel, or through spies in Israel's government. Pollard's spying caused one of the worst security disasters in modern US history.
2002-05-06 6:54:53 AM  
This is an article I have on Pollard from the Toronto Sun:

"FBI investigators discovered Pollard was being directed to steal specific secret data by a senior administration official, known as "Mr. X." But the White House, unwilling to stir up a domestic political storm, quashed the investigation. To my knowledge, three previous cases of high-ranking U.S. government officials caught passing top-secret information to Israel have been similarly hushed up. Two were senior defence department officials under Ronald Reagan, one a top state department official in a previous administration. None was prosecuted.

Pollard's defenders claim he, like French Capt. Alfred Dreyfus in 1894, is a victim of anti-Semitism in the military. They maintain Pollard was "only" spying for a friendly country, motivated solely by concern for Israel's security. These assertions are patently false. Pollard was suspected for some time of spying. Investigation was held off precisely because of fears of raising cries of anti-Semitism. Pollard took large sums of money and jewelry from Israeli agents in payment for spying. With remarkable chutzpah, Israel, which receives up to $5 billion in U.S. aid annually, refuses to return documents stolen by Pollard, or allow U.S. intelligence to debrief Mossad agents who ran Pollard in order to learn the full extent of the disaster. While Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu kept calling for Pollard's release on "humanitarian" grounds, he refused to free prisoner of conscience Mordechai Vanunu, now serving 18 years in solitary confinement in Israel for telling a British newspaper about Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Pollard is no Jewish patriot. He is a traitor who sold out his country, and fellow intelligence officers, for money, then claimed he was being persecuted by anti-Semites. Victim he is not. To the contrary, Pollard is a poster boy for anti-Semitism. His treason unfairly exposes all American Jews to hate, and accusations of doubtful loyalty.

Jonathan Pollard is a traitor of the worst kind - not a second Dreyfus - and should stay in prison.
2002-05-06 7:00:21 AM  

If you want a large Pal funeral you gotta whip out the video cameras.

/I am the very model of a modern major general.
2002-05-06 7:03:50 AM  
Ah so thats the name of the guy, I remember reading about him, just had forgotten the name:P

Wanting him free is just stupid.
2002-05-06 7:04:12 AM  
Kevinatilusa wrote:
Would someone mind posting a link to a source that's a bit less biased?

Are you naive enough to think that the media is inherently unbiased? I have seen countless items of bias from established organisations as "infallible" as CNN and the BBC - you are foolish if you think you are being given a fair viewpoint everytime you turn on the the television, open the paper or access the internet.
2002-05-06 7:04:52 AM  
Both sides attempt to establish their moral authority by smearing the other side and saying "Well look what atrocities THEY committed". That doesn't work for me, nor should it work for anyone else.

Moral authority is established by being moral. Neither side does that. Both have blood on their hands, and the only arguments concerning this conflict I have seen on Fark revolve on establishing whose misdeeds are 'worse'. And it gets terribly subjective and unproductive.

Honestly, all internet coverage and debate on this topic is so unbelievably polarized. You have sites like and electronicintifada.netwhich seek to demonize the opposition and over-simplify the issue. It seems anyone who has enough motivation to create a comprehensive site concerning the conflict subscribe to extremist views.

So. To anyone who wants to fairly observe this conflict, please: Forget the internet. Go to a good library and do some research. If you can't make a lengthy, valid argument for both sides-- you haven't done enough fair research. It was the best thing I've ever done and while no source is without bias, journals and books, at least, have editorial standards, tend to have much better information and are less polarized. I highly recommend "Righteous Victims" by Benny Morris. Very comprehensive history of the conflict that goes from the beginnings of the Zionist movement in the late 1800's to the year 2000.

Anyways, proceed with the "Palestinians/Israelis are terrorists and Israel/Palestine is right" flamewar.
2002-05-06 7:07:02 AM  
Alakaheem, Encarta is a good (unbiased) source if you're not looking for too much detail.
2002-05-06 7:08:19 AM  
In 1986, Johnathan Pollard confessed to spying for the Israeli government. He allegedly released intelligence information revealing diplomatic communication codes and detailing data the United States possessed on Soviet Union missile sites. He was a civilian employee of the U.S. Naval Investigative Service. He was convicted of espionage, and is serving a life sentence in federal prison. Some of the stuff he's accused of stealing was code-word sensitive, and in total it is said to be enough to fill a 360 cubic foot room.

The thing about Pollard that make his case interesting:
He made a plea bargain agreement with the prosecutor, and after he pled guilty, they reneged on the deal. Of course, the Israelis sold him out too, out of fear of pissing off their biggest ally. By now, he's been granted Israeli citizenship, and his cause is fairly popular amongst the Jewish community.
2002-05-06 7:09:47 AM  

Agreed.. Definitely a good idea to have an 'overview' of the conflict before you get into the gritty details.

/takes a swig from souvenir cup from Charleston County Monster Truck Rally 2004
2002-05-06 7:18:24 AM  
This is the 21st century version of the Holy Grail 'bring out your dead scene' - but these stooges are really going to be dead soon... i have yet to see a Merkava MBT loose to 'pointy rock'
2002-05-06 7:19:43 AM  
Wow that high quality video proved it all! Some blurs carrying a blur and then a blur fell off! HERETICS!!!
2002-05-06 7:30:59 AM  
Czar: Get real. Every nation has spies everywhere. Yes, even in the countries of their allies. Your comment is irrelevant to my point.

Eurytion: The UN? The UN? You trust the UN. Give me a break. The UN Human Rights Commission is a goddamned joke. Do you realize the United States was ousted from the HRC by, among other countries, Syria, China, Lybia, and Saudi Arabia?

Read it here.

Iraq is irrelevant; weapons inspection is a different issue. The question here is whether a UN commission, comprised largely of Europeans and Muslims (both with established traditions of anti-Semitism) can objectively assess the situation. I really don't think they can.

Alakaheem: If the suicide bombings and various other forms of attacks on Israelis citizens ceased completely, I would wager a large sum that Israel would stop bulldozing houses and camps. If Israel really wanted to wipe out all the Palestinians, they could have easily done so by now. The side without morality is the side that decides that murder is the only solution -- that would be the Palestinians. Frustration or feelings of helplessness is not an excuse; it didn't excuse Timothy McVeigh, it didn't excuse Klebold and Harris, and it doesn't excuse the Palestinians. I agree that the issue at hand is not a simple one to solve, and the stupid Israeli settlements all over the place need to be torn down NOW (THAT is occupation and is completely unjustified!!) but I also think it is clear who the true aggressor is, despite their inferior technology and mismatched body count. Remember, the Palestinian Authority still officially seeks the elimination of Israel.

PS I am not coming back to this thread, I'm just here to provide gasoline and a grain silo full of tiny, airborne particles. Enjoy.
2002-05-06 7:37:15 AM  
ok, if it works for you but what about when the IDF destroied a US militery ship even if they knew it was a US militery ship?

And about why the US was kicked out of the HRC, thats because the US owes the UN shiat load of money. And you want to know why they got back in, because the US threatened to never pay their debt.

and btw, as long as Sharon is in control the illegal Israeli settlers will stay in Palestine under the IDF protection using roads that the Palestinians are not allowed to use that go all over palestine. Something no one would accept. How would you feel that Canada went into the US, built up a neighborhood there under their militery protection, destroied the roads that they saw, destroyed the crops that were there, built hundreds of roads that you wouldnt be allowed to use. How would you feel about it?
2002-05-06 7:41:32 AM  
the only source ANYWHERE I've seen report this is the Israeli military, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt, the do have a vested interest.
2002-05-06 7:48:32 AM  
uhhh... sorry about that - the link is -
2002-05-06 7:53:10 AM  
still the source is the IDF
2002-05-06 7:56:04 AM  

I lied, I came back. Here are my answers:

1.) I do not feel I have enough information on that to comment. Probably not a friendly action. However, see the link I will include at the end of this post.

2.) No, that's really not why. The US was kicked off the HRC because all those other countries don't give a shiat about human rights and don't like the US criticizing them. And I don't understand our second sentence.

3.) I largely agree that the settlements need to be dismantled. There are some situations where land must be traded: for Palestinians, to connect the Gaza strip to the the West Bank, and for Israelis, in certain places to make sure that the strip of land is not too narrow to defend properly. Golan Heights settlements need to be completely eliminated. This is one area where I cannot side with Israel; it's plain wrong.

Here's my link on hijacking history. Some of you feel comfortable siding with the Palestinians. Ever since I became conscious enough to realize I existed, somewhere in the very early 80s, some group of Muslims/Arabs somewhere has been hijacking planes, taking hostages, blowing people up, and threatening to destroy our civilization. It's not some "media bias", either, it's what actually happens.

Look at the article I posted. Look at what groups are largely responsible for hijackings. Over DECADES. How can I feel sympathy for these people? They make our lives more dangerous, more frightening. Do you see ANY other groups repeatedly hijacking planes? I don't mean to say that all Arabs or Palestinians or Muslims agree with these actions or are bad people, but something in their culture and society encourages and/or tolerates this behavior, and I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE. TAKE YOUR DAMN PROBLEMS SOMEWHERE ELSE AND KEEP THEM OFF OUR AIRPLANES. Until these groups can resort to modern, CIVILIZED means of addressing grievances, I HAVE NO INTEREST IN SEEING THEIR POINTS OF VIEW.

Now, I really am not coming back, even if some other ASSHAT has posted a persnickety little response.
2002-05-06 7:56:55 AM  
"Its just some more propoganda. Rinse and Repeat ppl. REally expect both sides to play fair? At least the palestinians are suicide bombing." Yup, that's what I think. Funny thing is that ignorant people seem to believe everything media shows them. Where is the exact proof that the guys in the movie are palestinians ? You just assume they're Palestinians because the website says so.... And some objective website...
That's like would claim that the holocaust never took place.

Can you ignorant people please just go away or something ?
2002-05-06 8:00:04 AM  
I have some pretty exciting news. That video footage was actually shot in my restaurant. I had no idea it was all about politics at the time, but looking back it makes sense. Anyway my cousin got to play the part of the corpse, but they couldn't keep him down long enough for a good take. He'd been smokin' up, and as luck would have it, he spied the case of Spam we keep in our dry storage area. He made a dash for it, but we subdued him with a big bag of BBQ pork skins that he could eat under the blanket. By the time they got the film rolling again he had finished the bag and was eager to start on the canned meat. Anyway after a few more attempts the gov't agents said that they'd had enough footage, and would add special effects to make it look like the Middle East. I didn't argue as they paid me for the whole day anyway. Anyway a good time was had by all, and we capped it all off by eating about a ton of baby back ribs (at the governments expense).
2002-05-06 8:00:19 AM  
Remember, Lowfat, it's the ignorant masses that have made Fark what it is today.

/Team Edward
2002-05-06 8:12:23 AM  
Lets disect your little piece

1. Read up on it, very insightful.

2. Some of the countries in the group dont care as much about human rights because the UN group consist of about 3 countries from each region, thats why some "bad" countries are there. The US is definetly not the most "we care about human rights" countrie in there, far from it to be exact. Every year the US is warned about human right violations from human right groups all over the world. That is official.

3. I personaly dont side with the Palestinians exept for their right to become a valid independant state.

And you must know that there is always a reason for why they do it. One is that they do not have the same standard as living as the Israelis and western countries have, reasons for that are so many. But one of them is because the west does more to push them down than to help them. That is all that matters to them. Because of their situation they are not equipt to deal with the extremists like we do.

We are not the good guys some reclaim we are and neither are they.

And because you are no longer willing to listen or help them then this will only get worse. That is the main problem.
2002-05-06 8:27:47 AM  
Fark the UN. It has its own agenda, and the rest of the world be damned, from its point of view.

I'm surprised the Palestinian Authority hasn't gone on TV saying something about that video. With the way the PA spins everything, you'd think they'd say, "Of course it's fake. It was a video illustration of what the Israelis are doing to us. We knew that drone was there all the time."

What a farce, that Palestinian Authority.
2002-05-06 8:41:27 AM  
Coredump, if it was a case of people carrying a wounded man and getting shot at (causing the crowd to disperse), then why did the men carrying the stretcher not flee each time they dropped the body? Why, when the crowd did suddenly flee, did they only back away a relatively short distance and did not seem to be actually seeking cover at all?
2002-05-06 8:43:39 AM  
By the way the pall bearers scatter everytime the 'corpse'falls,
my guess would be that he's a reluctant suicide bomber already loaded and primed:
"But Achmed,our family needs that $25 g,lay back down,just think of the children"
2002-05-06 8:48:54 AM  
wow, with the isreali's ALWAYS being in the right, it is such a strange occurance that they would even need such proof that their ALWAYS right _

i mean, that is their land (as is written in their part of the bible), and the people they're slowly taking it from
were just squatting on it, keeping it warm for them, for
the past how many thousands of years _

god bless america the jews can do no wrong, especially against a cornered and humiliated peoples such as the palistinians, hey, the more defenseless they become, the the better _

were palestinians pulling this bullshiat when the jews weren't strealing their land? this funeral thing may seem shifty, but look where they are to be having to pull such
PR stunts

if a palistinian media outlet had caught the same situation on tape, a mock funeral by the isreali's, what would happen? who would play it up? cnn? bbc?
2002-05-06 8:52:24 AM  
Yeah, Czar, Sharon is always wrong and Arafat is always right. That's why Arafat turned down Barak's deal in September 2000, right?
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