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2001-05-10 12:27:55 PM  
Great example. Trooper does what is quick, smart and get the job done. With OUT a big cost of thousands of dollars to bring out animal control and pay for containment, and then pay for either relocation or termination!

What's the out come... Thousands of dollars in an asinine investigation, litigation, and court congestion!

What's next? Headline reading: "Trooper under investigation for running over pet dog because he was speeding after a criminal! Was it worth the cost?"

Americas weak minded, bleeding hearts are still proving them selves to be solid, strong whiners! And still able to waste money!

I love these stories. That horrible mean police man! :-)
Its not surprising a police officer could care less about his job any more! There always dammed if they do, Dammed if they don't. Easy answer. They just don't do!!
2001-05-10 12:49:44 PM  
I abuse a different type of Wild Turkey, 37 proof!
2001-05-10 01:12:07 PM  
Hmmm.... Whos wrong here. Wild animal is harassing person in parking lot, so officer kills it. Or The idiot people that were feeding a wild animal so that it hung out in the parking lot where it could harass people.

/sarcasm on
Oh, it must be the cop, I forgot cops are all satanic racists who kill and maim for fun.
/sarcarsm off
2001-05-10 01:33:41 PM  
All I can say is:

Carver County and a wild turkey. Anyone else find that humorous?
2001-05-10 01:45:58 PM  
Whats their County Seal? A long thin knife slicing through a turkey breast?
2001-05-10 02:15:56 PM  
im not a fan of cops.. but this cop didnt do anything wrong.
dont let PETA get a hold of this.
2001-05-10 02:31:33 PM  
Nope. The cop's a dipshiat.

Duh. You've got a turkey that is used to being fed by people. It didn't occur to the cop (or any of these other morons) that they could lure it away from the car with food?

Or, bearing in mind that this is a BIRD, and not a rottweiler, he tells this ninny to shoo the damned thing away from the car herself.

And you know what, I think he should probably get jail time if he's convicted. What happens if Joe Sixpack's girlfriend can't get into her car because there's an animal there and he runs over it with his car and breaks it's neck (the correct thing for him to have done, BTW, once he ran over the damned thing). If Joe Sixpack gets jail time, Joe Copper should too. Moron.
2001-05-10 02:33:14 PM  
Note to self:

Use the word "dumbass", not "dipshiat".

I think I'll go get some stuffed shiattake mushrooms now.
2001-05-10 03:38:06 PM  
With people like Shogo Yahagi out there, Thanksgiving will be outlawed in the next couple of decades.
2001-05-10 04:23:53 PM  
LMAO @ shogo

The uneducated make the world go round.

First: You obviously don't even know what the hell a wild turkey is. Unlike the happy little picture you put on your Peta labeled picket board! Fact is a full grown wild turkey can way upwards of 25-30 pounds. And with a little bit of luck could break your arm with ease! Also. A wild turkey can and WILL attack a human if it finds a reason to. Not that the thing could kill a person, or that they are an aggressive animal, but if some city person is dumb enough to make a friend out of it. I can guarantee that that same bird could scare the Shiat out of them if it attacked!

Second: You would be the same person that when stopped by a cop for speeding that would say. There are people doing drugs and murdering out there and your stopping me for speeding! Yet at the same time you suggest this officer spend the next 4 hours or so trying to lead a Fricking turkey safely away from a car with food! The mere picture of that stupidity going on makes me laugh!

And as a finial note. Again you would probably be the type to biatch about why some murder is let out of jail only after 2 years. Well he is because they had to make room for people like this to get in because people like you thought that a stupid bird was worth a dimes worth of anyone's time, Some what even considering sending someone to jail for killing it!

Animal lover or not. Keep stuff in perspective. IT'S A BIRD!!! Correction it WAS a bird!
2001-05-10 06:03:49 PM  
I didn't know Keven Smith was a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety.
2001-05-10 06:17:23 PM  
I got to say Meliudaj you seem to have it down about wild turkeys. A 30 lb. bird breaking my arm? Maybe if I were a 3 year old. In all my years growing up in rural Ky, I have never, NEVER heard of anyone being attacked by a turkey, much less being injured by one.

The article said the woman was afraid because the turkey was "pecking at her tire" and the cop took the time to call some people and decide not to shoot it. (I agree with that. no use risking a ricochet in town for a stupid BIRD) But instead of getting a broom and running the thing off he uses his car on it. And this guy is a COP?!?
2001-05-10 06:49:27 PM  
He should've arrested the turkey, taken it back to the barracks, interrogated it without council and then stuck it in the ass with his nightstick.

That'll learn ya.

Gobble gobble.
2001-05-10 06:54:46 PM  
Meliudaj: "its a bird! its a bird!"

its a life. if you can get by without killing things, don't.
2001-05-10 07:14:34 PM  
Huh? 12345678, that's just wrong.

I think the cop was right. but being the sick farker that I am, I'd also think that he was right for shooting a kid who was blocking the entrance.... or anything else for that matter... The turkey was being an asshole... got shot.. big deal... the problem is the unequal treatment.... If peta is putting stickers on my car I want them shot too.
2001-05-10 08:36:56 PM  
groman: your death penalty threshold does seem just a teensy bit out of whack.
2001-05-10 09:30:51 PM  
I invitate all pretty women come stay my house in Turkey.
2001-05-11 07:27:43 AM  
Heh the bird was "injured but not dead"-- GOBBLES!!
2001-05-11 05:17:58 PM  
Meliudaj, take a reading comprenhension course.

In reverse order, I suggested that the cop should go to jail (and here's the important part for the comprehension-impaired) the average Joe would do jail time for the same activity. I'm saying there should be no special perk for being a stupid cop as opposed to any other stupid guy.

Also, I suggested that the officer waste no time on the stupid bird. He should instead be out fighting crime, being a cop and all.

And finally, I understand what a wild turkey is. I, however, understand that it is no threat to the average adult, except in the pages of News of the Wierd.
2001-05-11 05:19:49 PM  
And I'll take a typing class at the same time. Second sentence should read

"In reverse order, I suggested that the cop should go to jail (and here's the important part for the comprehension-impaired) IF the average Joe would do jail time for the same activity."

I left out the all important "IF". Doh.
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