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(Fark)   The 2005 Fark true scary/ghost story thread. Post your best here. Voting enabled   ( divider line
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2005-10-31 10:06:09 AM  
Michael Jackson was not found guilty.

Also, at my mother's apartment long ago, every night at 3:16 AM, the sound of a spoon sliding down her metal closet gratings like a xylophone would awaken her. It would continue until morning or until she opened the closet door, which would be followed by footsteps in the kitchen. Every year on Jan. 13 at 3:16 AM, a loud sounds, like gunshots, were heard in the hall. The police said that someone had been shot and murdered there, and found in her closet about 4 years before she moved in to the apartment complex.
2005-10-31 10:08:18 AM  
Woke up and saw Courtney Love lying next to me.
2005-10-31 10:08:55 AM  
Despite everything, George Bush got re-elected.
2005-10-31 10:09:18 AM  
I went to get a beer from the tap in my basement during my halloween party Saturday night. IT BLEW FOAM!
2005-10-31 10:09:39 AM  
It was a dark and stormy Halloween, I opened Fark on my browser in to my horror I found that.....

The animated .gif of the SbB girls was only showing face shots...

2005-10-31 10:09:47 AM  
there was like.. an election, in the united states, and george w bush




// farking scary
2005-10-31 10:11:06 AM  
I went to a party and they ran out of beer at 11:30!
2005-10-31 10:11:19 AM  
I went to a cafe thread and they were out of e-beer and cyber martinis. Jesus wept.
2005-10-31 10:11:24 AM  
President Quayle.

Then silence... it was a brand new day.
HAHA, I thought, I wasn't scared of him anyway...

Then I noticed "POTATOE" scrawled across my sheets
and I knew there had been a nightmare on my street.
2005-10-31 10:11:36 AM  
i don't think we're in kansas anymore, toto
2005-10-31 10:11:39 AM  
The oil hit the anus...
2005-10-31 10:11:41 AM  
I woke up and BrotherTheodore was screaming about having Courtney Love lying next to him... All I could make out was: "Fishlips... FISHLIPS!"

I haven't slept well since.
2005-10-31 10:11:54 AM  
I was once stung in the balls by a jellyfish.
2005-10-31 10:12:15 AM  
Any story about "ghosts" or the "supernatural" are just delusional thoughts and feelings created by your own brain.
2005-10-31 10:12:56 AM  
When I was in high school and hadn't seen it yet, my mom rented American Pie and insisted I watch it with her.
2005-10-31 10:12:56 AM  
Hey, no offense to all who have posted their stories here, but I just don't have the energy to make anything up.

There was that time, however, when I was trick or treating when I was a kid and got a swift kick to my yet hairless ballsack.
2005-10-31 10:13:26 AM  
I fell down the exorcist steps
/shots ensued
//the 1.5 oz kind
2005-10-31 10:14:51 AM  
Check out this video of a ghost girl in a cemetary.

Looks real to me.
2005-10-31 10:16:12 AM  
I used to live in a really old house that had a funky upper staircase with a slightly angled supporting beam.

When the house would heat up or cool down (so, early in the morning or late at night), the beam would slowly expand or contract until the limiting static friction was finally overcome and the beam moved a quarter-centimeter or so to the side at once. Since the beam was angled, this would cause the stairs to thump in quick succession up or down (depending on whether the house was cooling or heating) and sound like a invisible someone was climbing or descending the staircase.

Since the house heated and cooled with our schedule, this happened almost the same time every day -- you could almost set your watch by it.

...or it was a tormented spirit from beyond the grave, running up and down the stairs trying to find its missing left nut or something. Take your pick.
2005-10-31 10:18:37 AM  
Woke up this morn, Gore was POTUS.

Every toilet in my home shrunk to an "environmentally sound" size, thus accomodating a payload equivalent to that of a small gerbil.

Every car I passed on my way to work was some 3-wheeled hybrid POS.

My workplace implemented a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexist thoughts. Manditory sensitivity training courses for the rest of the year.

Red meat has been outlawed. Soy steaks all around!

Yikes indeed!
2005-10-31 10:19:42 AM  
This is not my story, but my great-aunt's so the exact details may be a little off:

She lives in California and frequents the swap meets. One time, a few years ago, she bought a little statue from a foreign country (Indonesia I think?). And put it on her nightstand. Well after she had put it there, at night, her husband said she would make weird noises in her sleep, not like snoring, but more like a deep groaning voice. It continued for a week or so, but no one was thinking about the statue. So they decided to switch sides of the bed, well that worked, nothing happened. But in the morning, the statue was gone. They found it behind the nightstand against the wall. They didn't want anything more to do with the statue, so they were going to throw it out.

Well her daughter (my cousin), decided it sounded cool and took it. What she did with it was take it to a relative's house (another great-uncle?). He is mildly mentally retarded, and she is a horrible person I guess. But she put it somewhere in his house. When someone came to visit him next, he was sitting on his front porch crying, saying that there were voices in his house yelling at him.

I can't verify all of this because it didn't happen to me personally, but I have no reason not to believe them...
2005-10-31 10:19:47 AM  
when I lived in a trailer, I hd this old ass tv which to turn it on you had to pull a button out.
well it liked to be turned on at about 5:30 AM and then be turned to channel 9.
happned all the time.
even on newer televisons.
was not a surge. tried different outlets etc.
happens at my new house with new tv too.
we all think it is a ghoast that likes fox news...
2005-10-31 10:20:03 AM  
I was walking down a dark alley and saw Bevets devouring a newborn child. The world made sense for a few minutes.
2005-10-31 10:20:43 AM  
Back when I was a teenager living at my mom's.. one night noone was around, and I heard some footsteps up in the attic.. I tried to ignore them but they just kept going. Back and forth, back and forth.. I had always been a little afraid of that attic, there's just something creepy about it. But I was a teenager now, and thought it would just be the more adult thing to do to go check it out, instead of living in fear. I opened the attic door and walked quietly up the steps. I couldn't hear anything.. But once I reached the top I saw some kind of kind of ghost-like figure facing away from me.. My whole body froze and I went into a total panic, but I was too scared to run, or even think straight at all for that matter. Just as I began to get myself together enough to be able to run the hell away, it turned around, got right in my face and said BA BA BOOOOO! BA BA BOOEY TO YOU ALL!
2005-10-31 10:21:59 AM  
I'm an insomniac and when I don't sleep for 2-3 days I generally will see people walking around (that aren't really there). I used to think they were ghosts, but now I think it's just hallucinations. They look like regular people, men, women or sometimes children, just walking around or sitting in a chair minding their own business. They have watched me as well, but have never spoken. This has been happening since I can remember -- all the way back to when I was in a crib.
2005-10-31 10:23:53 AM  
I once imaged over 300 computers in a day using this CREEPY utility from Norton called...

[image from too old to be available]

Boo! Scarrrry.
2005-10-31 10:26:09 AM  
Unsilent Majority
I fell down the exorcist steps

i went down those same steps, in the winter, and when i finally got to the bottom, somebody asked me for spare change. i think it might have been a hippie...

those "Exorcist" steps are by Georgetown, right?
2005-10-31 10:26:27 AM  
We used to cross this field to get to a park lined with bricks. We used the bricks as a trail that you had to stick to during a game called Logan's Run. (Run, Runner!) Anyway, we used to cross that field just about every night. Then Halloween night we head over when we notice that there is a white light in the center of the field. We knew the land owner was gone so we kept going. We are just about half way there when the light starts at us. We keep going when we realise the light isn't making any sound, and it isn't stopping. We run like mad, and just barely get out of the field before the light gets to us. As soon as we leave the field, the light stops. We talk about it for a while then get to playin' Logan's Run.
The next day (A Saturday) we head over during the day to where we first saw the light, and just under the surface is the ruins of an old tractor (like 1800's vintage) that looked like it flew apart in an explosion and was buried. There was no foot prints in the soft earth (Oregon's rainy season makes for easy foot prints) either at the site or towards the house. We agreed not to talk about it.

The next Halloween we watched TV. Just to be safe.

/We didn't agree not to type about it however.
2005-10-31 10:29:02 AM  
No lie... no b.s.

My brother and I about ten years ago this week started watching the Exorcist one afternoon with no one else in our parents house. Suddenly, halfway through the movie, we heard this loud hissing noise coming from our bathroom.

Mind you, neither one of us had gone in and no one had used it for hours on end.

I went in to check the source of the hissing and the hot water was mysteriously turned on full blast. Still freaks me out to this day.
2005-10-31 10:29:06 AM  
My stepmother woke one Friday evening to my father talking in his sleep. He was having a very involved conversation and was getting pretty riled up, so she woke him. He said that he had been talking to one of his sisters and one of his brothers, both of whom were dead. He wouldn't tell her what they were talking about.

He died of a heart attack on Monday.
2005-10-31 10:29:19 AM  
I live in an old house, predates the Civil War, and I know at least 2 people have died in my bedroom and more than a few are buried in the back yard. Every night I hear a sound not possible from any of the stuff in the room. It's sort of a metal on metal with an echo effect and it happens around 11 ish each night. It goes on for about 5 to 10 minutes and then it goes away. I don't know if it happens after that because I'm a heavy sleeper, so I've been told.
2005-10-31 10:30:06 AM  
Once, in the very advanced year of 2005, some idiots actually still believed in ghosts, spirits, astrology, etc. These people are afforded the same rights as the people with actual brains in their heads.

2005-10-31 10:30:12 AM  
My Dad passed away in 1998. At his funeral this whack job friend of my Mom's gave her a book detailing that some dead people's sprits manifest themselves in electical anomalies (lights on/off by themselves and the like).

I thought nothing of it until about 3 months later all my shiat started turning itself on and off repeatedly at random. Thinking it was the apartment I had it checked out, to no avail and lived with it (it didnt happen every day, just once in a while).

Later moved, and the same stuff was happening in the new apartment including a new cd player and tv that I didnt have before.

The problem one day stopped happening and has never come back. Very strange though.
2005-10-31 10:32:47 AM  
Both my parents are from a very small town in the heart of the Brazilian farm lands. The region is also know for its deposits of precious stones and metals. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, but I used to enjoy spending my vacations with my grandfolks in the little town (not even the 21 hour bus ride would keep me away).

My grand-parents house was built in the late 1600s, and it used to be the masters' home of a huge slave-operated farm. Now it is just a very old house on the outskirts of nowhere. In front of the house there is a little old church from the same period.

Maybe it was because my grandma felt guilty about all the slaves that must have been mistreated in or around the house, that she decided the house would be used to serve the poor and the sick. During the period when my mother was growing-up, she saw a lot of people die in her huge kitchen (the main room in the house). By the time I started to spend my vacations there, my grandma was already too old to take care of anyone.

After my (step)grandfather died, my grandma went to live with the family of one of my many aunts, just a few houses down from her own.

During a summer vacation, one of my sisters and I decided to go and spend all 3 months in the house by ourselves. The little church across the road was being renovated and, since my grandma was the keeper of the church, all of the religious statues from it were in the corner of the room were my sister was staying. They were a bit scary looking, because their eyes were made of glass, and tended to shine a bit too much once the lights were out. Every night, my sister and I had to deal with bats, owls and cats roaming around, and sometimes fighting as we tried to sleep. We got used to that.

One night I woke up hearing my sister screaming off the top of her lungs! At first I thought that maybe one of the critter had landed on her or something like that. I jumped out of bed and ran into her room. When I turned on the lights, I saw that her bed had been moved to the center of the room, and that the statues were in a circle around her bed and facing it. By sunrise, my sister was in the first bus back to Rio. I decided to stay. Not because I wasn't scared of what happened to my sister (I was), but because my curiosity overwhelmed my fear. Besides, I was having too much of a good time with my friends, especially all the attention the girls would give me since I was the only boy from Rio in town ;-}

During the months that followed, I had several not-too- scary experiences in or around the house. One time, a dead cat fell from the top of the church and landed right in front of me. The little guy had been badly mutilated, apparently by another cat, but I did not hear a cat fight (they tend to be very loud). I picked it up, and bury it next to the church. Another day an owl landed by the foot of my bed in the middle of the night, and I couldn't scare it away. It just stood there looking at me for several minutes, than it flew off.

Just a few nights before I was to supposed to leave, I had the scariest experience of my life.

A good friend of mine found out that his younger brother was dealing drugs. My friend was a very big guy, and he wanted to kill his brother. As I was walking down the street past their house, their mother came out yelling "He is going to kill him!"(she was hysterical). I ran into the house, and I saw my friend holding a knife to his brother. After some time (I have no idea how long), I convinced the guy to drop the knife, and I made the brother swear to his family that he would never get involved with drugs again. I took my friend away from the house in order for him to cool down. We bought a few beers, and sat on a park bench where we talked for several hours. Somehow that night I overcame my extreme quietness. Being a mathematics/physics/computer geek, I was never very communicative. But that night I spoke like a priest and councillor (funny since I consider myself an atheist). At the time I thought that I would never forget what I said in that inspired moment, but the events that were about to follow completely erased the words from my mind.

While my friend and I were talking, an old stray dog came by and sat next to us. We had a bit of food, so we fed it to the dog. As we left the park, the dog started to follow us. We walked to my friend's house first since it was my way. For the rest of the long walk back to the old house, the dog walked next to me. I rather enjoyed having some company on walk back home for a change. On the way home, I saw a goat jump over a wall and onto the street. I never heard of wild goats walking the streets, but there it was. As we approached the old church, my faithful companion started to roar and act very bizarre. Whatever it was that he was seeing scared the hell out of him. I decided to go back a couple of blocks, then walk around the long(er) way home in order to avoid the church. As we walked out of the woods into the clearing at the back of the house, the poor old dog went berserk! It started to bark and walk back and forth, keeping his eyes on the house. He then grabbed a stone into his mouth and started chewing on it. I could see a lot of blood and pieces of teeth falling out of his mouth. Finally he dropped the stone and ran away. I was petrified, not sure whether to go back into the house, or to sleep on a park bench. I was very cold night, so I went in.

Once inside the house, nothing seemed different, except for the level of my fear. A couple of bats flew by, but that was common in that old house. I managed to calm down and went to sleep. Not much latter I was awaken by some VERY heavy foot-steps. It sounded too heavy to be a person, and I could hear the old wooden floor bending and cracking. I gathered enough courage to unlock my door and go see what it was and I saw a horse walking out of the room where my sister had her experience. I was the only person with the keys to the house and, being from a violent city, I always locked all doors before leaving home. I still have no explanation on how the horse got there. I opened the front door, and the horse walked out. I couldn't go back to sleep.

I turned on the TV (there was an antenna on top of a tree next to the house, so at night we could get channels from not-too-far-away cities) and started to watch a horror movie of all things. then it came like an explosion! All light started to flash, the entire house started to shake. I could hear voices coming from all around, but there was nobody there, cats and bats and owls and mice running out of every corner, looking as horrified as I was. I ran into my bedroom and locked the door. The noise stopped and I jumped into the bed and covered my head with the sheets while wandering what to do next. Should I jump out the second floor window? As I was contemplating that thought, I started to hear the sound of heavy breathing, together with the sound of the walls cracking. I wasn't sure if I should take my head out from under the covers, but I did it anyway. As I looked at the wall next to me, it looked as if it was breathing! It was inflating and deflating. I jumped out the window and sprung my foot.

That was about 25 years ago. Still today that wall is curved as if it was filled with something. Some people say that maybe there was a water leak inside the wall, but there are no water pipes anywhere near it (there are no pipes at all in the house!). I have been back to the house several times after that, and spend many more nights alone in there, but there has been no further activity. I never told this story to anyone in town or my family (except for my sister). Whenever I ask my grandmother (now in her 90s) if she ever witness anything funny there in all those years, she just looks at me and smiles, than changes subject.

I never saw the dog again.
2005-10-31 10:32:50 AM  
When I was a kid, I was reading H.P. Lovecraft stories, and it never did arouse much chill in my spine (I found Herbert West, Reanimator ho-hum).
Some 20 years later, while I was bedridden for a week, I discovered San-Antonio novels. San-Antonio is the french James Bond, except that the novels are far more funny and numerous (there must be 200 of them). And athletic San-Antonio has several sidekicks, as capable as him, despite being grossly obese or terminally senile... Together they tackle straight whodunnit mysteries or james-bondish secret-agent/spy romps around the world, according to the mood of the author.
Litterarly, San-Antonio makes extensive use of various french slangs, and will also invent his own vocabulary (particularly to explain the ubiquitous sex acts occuring in the novels), to the point of having his very own dictionnary, which itself is a spoof of the popular Larousse series (the equivalent of the illustrated Oxford dictionnary). The net effect is absolutely hilarious; San-Antonio has been equalled to Rabelais.
When you have read about 20 of those novels, you come to understand that, although the sience-fictionish ones seem to be rather on shaky ground, there is always a fully logical explanation to whatever strange twist a story takes, so no matter how implausible a story is, it is very solid on the point of logic.

So when San-Antonio started to tackle a haunted house, it most definitely scared me real good. Because for all the howling you heard, there had to be a logical explanation (as it happens, that particular novel title is "Faut tre logique" - "You have to be logical"), as a plain and simple ghost would simply not have cut it into a San-Antonio.

Now, to the story.

Turns out that some 10 years before, a man got walled-in alive in a farmhouse. In France, the barn and the farmhouse are a single building; the guy was walled in a section that was right next to the grain silo, which was leaking grain into the cavity, thus providing food for the captive. Drinking was made possible from a leaky water pipe. It was the man's howls that made the house seem haunted.
I have never before had been scared reading a book like when I read the passage where San-Antonio notices that a wall has been patched-up, knocks down the stones and wanders inside the cavity, only to come back out with the walled-in man.
2005-10-31 10:34:39 AM  
I lived in a house when I was 12; it was an old house (about 100 years old at the time when I lived there).

The main second floor hallway had a very distinct sound when you walked down it. It made creaks at certain places. Anyway, late at night I used to hear the creaks of the floorboards even though everyone was asleep. My parents tried to say it was just the house settling, but those sounds we heard all the time - and it was nothing like what I would hear at night.

Also the basement had a crawl space that had a black door to it. The lights in the basement were bright and you could sort of see your reflection in the door (or at least a semblance of your reflection). I had a mini pool table down there and I looked up one night and in the weird reflection of the door I saw 3 people standing across from me - watching me play.

Needless to say I ran up the steps as fast as I could...the place always had a weird aura to it.
2005-10-31 10:36:55 AM  
A couple years ago we went on a little trip across the Canadian border (from NY) and stopped in a little town called Ogdensberg. My dad knew an old woman there and wanted to see how she's doing.

As soon as we entered the house, I felt a presence. I just could. This didn't have anything to do with the house at all - it was an average small town two story. This feeling was really spooking me and I couldn't wait to leave.

I found out later that the woman was my dead grandmother's best friend and on her death bed she was sad that she couldn't see her before she died. When my dad told me that I shivered.
2005-10-31 10:38:34 AM  
Back in Jr. High days went to really old graveyard on Halloween with two friends and a tape recorder. Listened to tape later, fourth voice came on and said, "Tell them I love them."

One friend was on the other side of the cemetary, other was saying something else at the time and it wasn't me who said it...

True story.
2005-10-31 10:38:53 AM  
Last night I killed a kitten.
2005-10-31 10:43:34 AM  
Years ago, a friend of mine's grandmother owned a huge Victorian house in Houston. The thing looked like your textbook haunted house; labyrintine halls, lots of staircases, moss covered the outside, rooms filled with dusty furniture that hadn't been used in years, etc. The woman only used a single apartment in the whole house because she couldn't move around too well, so the rest of the place was musty, gloomy, and utterly silent.

Anyway, a former girlfriend and I went with this friend to stay in this house on a trip one year. My gf and I had the run of the topmost floor, which basically housed a bizarre mishmash of furniture from a variety of eras; sofas from the 1970s, antique dressers and tables, basically a jumble of unwanted pieces.

This place was CREEPY. The floor consisted of a main room with two bedrooms and a closet that didn't have doors, so we had to try and sleep while looking out into this yawning blackness. One of the closets held only a dusty, white bridal gown that still makes my skin crawl when I remember it.

And the BED. The only bed available to us here was this creaky, wooden, antique thing with a headboard with grey, peeling paint. The bed was rather small, leading us to believe that it might have been a child's bed. The creepiest thing about this bed was the names (two children, I assume) etched into the headboard, one on each end.

We didn't sleep at all, not only because the place was so eerie, but because I was spent the whole night racked with violent coughing fits, something that has never happened to me before or since.

Anyway. I don't consider this a genuine supernatural occurrence, but it was definitely wierd, and I still get cold when I think about that house.
2005-10-31 10:49:00 AM  
Not scary but true:

Sink in upstairs bathroom turned on full blast in the middle of the night. Dad went to turn it off, before he could get back to bed it turned back on full blast again. Later that night my step-mom's foot was lifted off the bed about 18 inches and held in the air by an invisible force. When she started screaming, it fell back to the bed.

Also in that house, in a freshly vacuumed room, footprints appeared in the carpet leading into the corner, but not coming out.

Also, when returning home from vacation, the small footcloset, which was just a small storage space in the corner of the bedroom, the door was open and every item was pulled out and stacked neatly in a pile. Nothing else in the house was out of place.

They don't live there anymore.
2005-10-31 10:49:43 AM  
The house my father grew up in they would hear steps going up the stairs every night... sometimes at the same time as another person was using the stairs.

In the same house just before my Grandma died she went on a crazy cleaning spree... was cleaning everything. There was this one closet upstairs she hadn`t managed to get to.. and then she died. Ever since then that closet has opened and stuff has flown out of it. Didn`t even stop when my dad sold the house... there have been about 25 owners in the last 15 yrs.. .
2005-10-31 10:50:17 AM  
One night, I had a nightmare; I went into a room which was full of decapitated people. I then ran out, where the sky suddenly darkened, and a big hand came down from the sky to seize me up.

Naturally I woke-up screaming: it was my lover shaking me awake... I then realized it was a nightmare, and started to laugh so loud that my lover got pissed-up... And I went back to sleep.
2005-10-31 10:54:12 AM  
About ten years ago my aunts and uncles decided that my 84 year old grandfather (Ed) could no longer live in his house by himself so they moved him into a nursing home. We all went into the house and divided up his things and got the place all cleaned out so it could be sold. Not long after a young woman who grew up in the neighborhood (Joan) bought the house. For about the first week every night she was woken up by her bedroom door slamming. She was freaked out but continued staying there. Then one night when the door slammed and she sat up in bed she saw a woman standing at the foot of her bed. And she looked very sad and confused and then opened the door and walked out the room and disappeared. The new owner of the house came over to my parents house the next day to tell us what had been going on. We were all confused. Grandpa had never said anything about anything weird going on in that house. My mom asked Joan to look through some old photo albums. It didn't take long before Joan recognized the woman at the foot of her bed. It was my grandma (Elenor) who had died in a car accident in 1970. The next night Joan was awaken to see the woman again. She said, "I'm sorry, Elenor. Ed's not here anymore." At which point the woman/ghost/grandma smiled at Joan and just disappeared. The woman/ghost/grandma has never been back since.
2005-10-31 10:54:50 AM  
Has someone made a SUMMON RANDI card yet?

/i'll get to work on that
2005-10-31 10:57:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-31 11:07:03 AM  
I used to live in this little townhouse downtown with a few friends of mine. They were a married couple, and though they loved the townhouse itself, they had to sell it because of all the strange stuff that kept on happening there.

As we would pull up in the driveway, it was not uncommon for my bedroom light to be on all by itself, but turn itself off as we would be walking up to the house.

Sinks would turn themselves on and off. When we would hear water running somewhere, and would check it out, the water would stop running as we approached it, but the sink would still be wet.

Since we lived downtown in kinda' a bad neighborhood, my roommates kept a little 22 Baretta next to their bed in a locked case. There was a little alarm that hung from the doorknob, sensitive to movement, along with a very bright, very sensitive motion crime light outside (a cat walking past could set this thing off). My roommate and I were having a girl's night, and the door alarm went off. There had been several break-ins and rapes reported in the area, so we carefully headed downstairs with the gun, just in case. We turned off the motion alarm, and watched in shock as the doorknob jiggled furiously, as though someone was trying really hard to turn the knob. The crime light did not come on, and as we peeked out the window, we saw that no one was standing at our door. However, the doorknob kept jiggling. Craziest shiat I've seen in my life, and I still shake a little when I think about it. We left out the back door, and did not come home for about four hours, until her husband got off work.

There were also times when we would hear footsteps upstairs when no one was there, and when the toilet would flush itself. All kinds of strange phoenomina, like we would often times come into a room and find things moved around from where they were left, like, candlesticks moved from the coffee table to the bookshelves, etc. However, we never actually caught stuff moving. I can't say whether or not I completely belive in ghosts, since I haven't actually seen a spectre with my own eyes. However, from what I've experienced, there's certainly something going on that regular science hasn't explained yet.
2005-10-31 11:07:17 AM  
Was driving home from work at about 4:00 in the afternoon. Stopped at a stop sign, I saw my high school biology teacher walking down the street (I was at a complete stop and there was no mistaking who it was). I honked and waved. It took a moment for him to recognize me, then he smiled and waved back. Then he continued walking. My dad got a phone call at about 9:00 that evening (my dad was a teacher at my high school). Mr. Hume had died in his home of a heart attack that morning around 11:00 a.m.
2005-10-31 11:08:46 AM  
I grew up in a trailer park and my friend Ron had a girlfriend who lived in the trailer park with us. He had told me that she told him that her mom and dad practiced witchcraft. We both didn't think much of it, but at least we understood why there was a huge caldron sitting in their yard. Oddly enough, no one really thought much about it.

Ron and I were walking through the trailer park with one of our other friends and we decided to walk through their yard. We heard these really heavy footsteps walking through the trailer as we walked along the length of the yard. Ron said something like, "That's funny. She said they were out of town." Ron decided we should say hi to her or try to find out if someone was home.

When we walked up to the door and knocked no one answered. Ron decided to peek in through the window next to the door and a SOCK WITH BUTTON EYES struck at the glass like a snake! We RAN as fast as we could yelling the whole time. By the time we got to the end of the street, we felt safe and were freaking out when a guy in the trailer park asked us what was going on. He was a Marine reservist who lived there with his wife. We told him the story and he decided to go take a look with us. He said something about God being with him so he wasn't afraid.

He went up to the door and knocked and the SOCK WITH BUTTON EYES struck against the tiny window of the door right at his face! He ran faster than us to get away! We ran again all completely freaked out!

We decided not to tell her about it after she got back.
2005-10-31 11:10:50 AM  
One halloween night when I was alone there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was no one there. There was a small package sitting on the porch, so I brought it in and opened it.

It was a hot cocoa sampler box!

To this day I don't know who sent it.
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