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75010 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 26 Oct 2005 at 11:49 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-10-26 11:45:49 AM  
Cosby: "They're waiting for their breasts to come."

"Did they come today?"
"No they didn't, they didn't come today."
2005-10-26 11:47:11 AM  
When you broadcast 24x7, eventually, all kinds of things become breaking news.
2005-10-26 11:51:00 AM  
...and this went green. HA!
2005-10-26 11:51:10 AM  
2005-10-26 11:51:30 AM  
At least it doesn't involve a missing pretty white girl.
2005-10-26 11:51:46 AM  
great headline
2005-10-26 11:51:48 AM  
oh noes!
2005-10-26 11:51:51 AM  
We need some missing white girls!
2005-10-26 11:52:06 AM  
Thank god nothing is happening. Back to my life...
2005-10-26 11:52:15 AM  
Glad they picked this one to greenlight instead of the bizarre one talking about "haters"
2005-10-26 11:52:15 AM  
Would have hated to miss it.
2005-10-26 11:52:16 AM  
Funniest media-spite greenlight I've seen in recent memory.
2005-10-26 11:52:23 AM  
Valerie Plame is a pretty white girl. She's not missing, but it's close.
2005-10-26 11:52:26 AM  
OH MY GOD! RUN FOR YOUR... wait, what?

/no gnus is good gnus
2005-10-26 11:52:32 AM  
This just in: Michael Jackson did something!
2005-10-26 11:52:37 AM  
holy crapola! i better sell my stocks! buy some water! et cetera!
2005-10-26 11:52:50 AM  
Has anyone gotten Ric Romero's perspective on this late breaking story?
2005-10-26 11:52:59 AM  
I got an IM from a coworker to inform me of these very same "news".
2005-10-26 11:53:05 AM  
Something else is happening.

Report that.
2005-10-26 11:53:29 AM  
Drudge Report exlcusive --

Prosecutors expect something to happen some day.

2005-10-26 11:53:30 AM  
Liberal media = pwn3d?!
2005-10-26 11:53:34 AM  
Well, FOXNews seems to think they have something of worth about a previous (still) missing white girl, but they aren't saying until tonight on Greta Van Sustren's show.
2005-10-26 11:53:39 AM  
BREAKING: I just took some pictures in to wal-mart! Developing...
2005-10-26 11:53:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I don't get it.
2005-10-26 11:53:51 AM  
(Watch Washington wait for possible indictments -- 2:59)

Maybe it's not so excellent that CNN released their video for free.
2005-10-26 11:54:08 AM  
June the 4th, 1973, was much like any other summer's day in Peterborough, and Ralph Mellish, a file clerk at an insurance company, was on his way to work as usual when --- Nothing happened!

Scarcely able to believe his eyes, Ralph Mellish looked down. But one glance confirmed his suspicions. Behind a bush, on the side of the road, there was *no* severed arm. *No* dismembered trunk of a man in his late fifties. No head in a bag. Nothing. Not a sausage.

For Ralph Mellish, this was *not* to be the start of any trail of events which would not, in no time at all, involve him in neither a tangled knot of suspicion, nor any web of lies, which would, had he been not involved, surely have led him to no other place, than the central criminal court of the Old Bailey.
2005-10-26 11:54:14 AM  
I just saw Valerie Plame's face on my toast.
2005-10-26 11:54:16 AM  
That's funny, but I hope this getting a greenlight doesn't inspire copycat newsflashes when things continue not to happen in the future.
2005-10-26 11:54:29 AM  
Is someone praying for Omarion?
2005-10-26 11:54:39 AM  
... you you realize that this just encourages more "NEWS FLASH" tags on submissions that are not "news flash" worthy ...

/just sayin.
2005-10-26 11:54:39 AM  
There is nothing to see here... move along...
2005-10-26 11:54:41 AM  
Q: Is this the new political flamewar thread?
2005-10-26 11:54:45 AM  
I submitted this with a much funnier line. My line was: CIA leak probe has Washington waiting, in a related story, Helliburton awarded contract to stop leak

Now who don't find that funny.

/STAN: I dont
2005-10-26 11:54:47 AM  
Smells of something doubleplusungood.
2005-10-26 11:55:06 AM  
If I was to have a leaking probe, it would be breaking news.
2005-10-26 11:55:07 AM  
"They're in Washington ... the camera keeps on moving ... nothing's happening ... something about an indictment ...nothing's happening...nothing's happening... It's over. A lot of Kossites and DUniks look pissed."

/had to
2005-10-26 11:55:09 AM  
Golf clap, submitter.

Surely there's breaking news somewhere on the planet, but that would involve having reporters on the ground somewhere other than in Washington, DC; and we all know that costs money and cuts into the entertainment division's profits.
2005-10-26 11:55:25 AM  
Wait wait wait, this is what conservatives have been wanting all along:

"Why doesn't the media ever report when there AREN'T indictments being handed down?! They only report the BAD news, when there ARE indictments!"
2005-10-26 11:55:37 AM  
Great headline.

I should have programmed my DVR to catch the Frogmarchathon before I left for the office though...
2005-10-26 11:56:12 AM  
I'm getting a new devolopment right now... Hold on.

Yes, I can confirm that I am going to lunch in about half an hour.
2005-10-26 11:56:27 AM  
Thats ironic that you didnt use the ironic tag!
2005-10-26 11:56:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-26 11:57:01 AM  
Ha! Nice headline edit Admins.
2005-10-26 11:57:14 AM  
The_gospel_of_Thomas Meh, I assume the mods are smart enough to just not greenlight any more of them and let the joke shine and then die gracefully. I wouldn't worry.
2005-10-26 11:57:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-26 11:58:02 AM  
Marcus Aurelius: When you broadcast 24x7, eventually, all kinds of things become breaking news.

Is that a new Fox News Alert?
2005-10-26 11:58:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

News is when stuff happens and the news media reports it to you, the news consumer.
2005-10-26 11:58:41 AM  
do missing, ugly white girls count?

i'm just trying to get clear on these things...

/wake me up when something happens
2005-10-26 11:58:47 AM  
The media machine must be fed!
The spin must flow!!!

There are 3 types of people in Washington right now: Right wing partisans with ulsers the last week over this, Left wing partisans having wet dreams the last week over this, and the rest of us that hope the rule of law survives this whole ordeal and the trial (if any) is over quickly so we can get on with our lives.
2005-10-26 11:59:08 AM  
move along people, nothing to see here.
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