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(Homestar Runner)   Strongbad is not your freakin' babysitter   ( divider line
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21093 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2005 at 3:02 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-10-24 11:10:10 PM  
Taking a shot at Adventures of Lolo = low.

Quality Moses Malone goodness though.
2005-10-25 12:11:00 AM  
Look out for the bayou billy easter egg!

Also, I love me some Moses Malone.
2005-10-25 12:35:41 AM  
My first greenlighted goodness.

I feel like I've lost my Fark virginity.
2005-10-25 01:06:08 AM  
Dang, and I was so close. Also my headline was worse.

But let me be the first to say - and for the first time - I found this one uninteresting. Most entertain me greatly though.
2005-10-25 01:30:30 AM  
Strongbad remains awesome. Haters keep on hatin'.
2005-10-25 03:11:35 AM  

People still use this crap instead of actual content?

2005-10-25 03:13:48 AM  
Yawn...they still make this?
2005-10-25 03:19:52 AM  

STill pretty cool.. I laughed
j z
2005-10-25 03:20:23 AM  
jgm1976: My first greenlighted goodness.

Next time try to find something better to post than this crap.
2005-10-25 03:21:03 AM  
YaY, i like those bug bombs, they knock me out too.
//think i should be worried about my health?
///slashy goodnes always protects.
////"WE HAVE A PULSE!!!"
2005-10-25 03:22:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

clicks poppy
2005-10-25 03:23:29 AM  
"We've got a pulse."
2005-10-25 03:24:55 AM  
I'm not usually much of a Strongbad fan, but that one made me laugh.
2005-10-25 03:25:17 AM  
mmmmmm sudsuu
2005-10-25 03:26:58 AM  
its not "the for-real deal"
2005-10-25 03:27:01 AM  
"Then we call on The Cheat's good friend, two or three roach foggers."



/har har har
//slash addict
2005-10-25 03:31:26 AM  
i say someone makes some suudzu and posts the pictures in the thread.
2005-10-25 03:35:20 AM  
What killed me was the moving shadow on the Cheat's adventures title screen
foxrox I think I will, but I'm not sure gummy bears float. I think you might just get milk and then gummy bears.
2005-10-25 03:40:51 AM  
There's a easter egg of a picture of suudzu on the last frame. click the word "suudzu"
2005-10-25 03:41:26 AM  

/grammar ftw!
2005-10-25 03:52:27 AM  
Here is a capture of the easter egg.
[image from too old to be available]
/Mmmm Suudsu
2005-10-25 03:52:53 AM  

What killed me was the moving shadow on the Cheat's adventures title screen
foxrox I think I will, but I'm not sure gummy bears float. I think you might just get milk and then gummy bears.

I dont see how thats a problem.
2005-10-25 03:58:35 AM  
I did it. Scanning pictures now.
2005-10-25 04:00:18 AM  
Has anyone else gotten a picture of Homestar Runner asleep facedown on the floor at the end of this thing, or did I have 2 windows open?

2005-10-25 04:03:14 AM  
Yeah, I had 2 windows open. That scene was from Geddup noise.
2005-10-25 04:05:50 AM  
Ok, who has already made themself a big glass of Suudsu?
2005-10-25 04:09:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
That's me and a rocks glass of suudsu.
It doesn't really... It's not... You can't drink it. But the flavor is not at all unexpected. It's like all of your childhood with space economy.
/I think the Polaroid is a nice effect
2005-10-25 04:11:53 AM  
HAhahahahha!!!hahahaaha I don't get it....
2005-10-25 04:22:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Not amused
2005-10-25 04:33:00 AM  
That was G-E-W-D Gewd!
2005-10-25 04:35:55 AM  
If there is any justice in the world, that picture of kindablue will become a cliche.

[image from too old to be available]

He'll likely have some trouble when the Gummi Bears hit his anus.
2005-10-25 04:40:55 AM  
Am I just drunk or is this funny?
2005-10-25 04:42:36 AM  
If so, please do the world some good and take away the dashed line. I scanned and cropped very quickly, you see.
2005-10-25 04:46:21 AM  

you make me need to change my drawers (in a good way)
2005-10-25 05:16:53 AM  
Quick, dirty, and oh-so-obvious.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-25 05:25:45 AM  
I'll stick with Skittlebrau.
2005-10-25 05:28:07 AM  
I dont get the humor. Why is he funny? Is he funny? Please explain it to me in 4 words or less. I don't have time to waste.
2005-10-25 05:46:26 AM  
1. Drewtimjons :
2. Strongbad's
3. funny.
2005-10-25 06:07:34 AM  
Four words.
Cannabis Sativa/Cannabis Indica.

/Only half-joking.
//How about a White Russian with Gummi Bears?
2005-10-25 06:20:26 AM  
yes (pops)
2005-10-25 06:47:16 AM  
I actually found that episode funnier than most.
2005-10-25 07:02:03 AM  
That reminds me,

[image from too old to be available]

click the pic, pops, NSFW
2005-10-25 07:22:43 AM  
My favorite strongbad is the one where he gets a vi.. no... 400,000 viruses.

I have no HTML skills, just copy and paste. It is hilarious.
2005-10-25 07:23:53 AM  
2005-10-25 07:56:56 AM  
Foamy sucks.
2005-10-25 08:07:31 AM  
I usually like Strong Bad (more than most folks here, at least), but that one sucked. Random/non-sequitur humour can be great in small doses, but when every joke is a complete non-sequitur, it loses the magic.

It's like curry powder: put it on top of something good, delicious. But I wouldn't eat a heaping bowlful of curry powder by itself.

PS: Adventures of Lolo/Eggerland rocked.
2005-10-25 08:14:37 AM  
G-E-W-D GEWD! Nearly pissed my pants when he threw the bug bombs in.
2005-10-25 08:16:46 AM  
Wow, I really liked this e-mail. Some of the last few ones were kind of ho-hum, but for some reason this one had me in stiches.

I love nonsequitor humor and I think it works really well in the SB e-mails when they do it.
2005-10-25 08:26:25 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-25 08:49:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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