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(ABC News)   FDA wants erectile dysfunction drugs to have warning label for blindness. No word yet on if it also needs to be in Braille   ( abcnews.go.com) divider line
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2005-10-21 09:18:21 PM  
fap fap fap
2005-10-21 09:23:36 PM  
hhmmmmm...blindness or gettin some of that sweet, sweet saggy booby, wrinkly ass, mothball smellin stinky coochie.

well call me a romantic but i'm willin to risk blindness
2005-10-21 09:52:21 PM  
[image from img463.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2005-10-21 10:05:17 PM  
Can I use erectile dysfunction drugs until I need glasses???
2005-10-21 10:07:42 PM  
yeah because 5 people out of the twenty billion who've taken it had a bad reaction. warning labels are going to need to be 400 pages on every medicine if they start doing this.
2005-10-21 11:57:49 PM  
I just use a helium balloon and some string.
2005-10-22 12:49:48 AM  
Two popsicle sticks and duct tape works for me.
2005-10-22 12:53:19 AM  
Rubber bands and a hanger
2005-10-22 12:58:34 AM  
I say the blindness is a plus; what you can't see, can't deter your 4 hour erection.

[image from butterfacewear.com too old to be available]

2005-10-22 12:59:15 AM  
I must be getting old.

Am I the only one that still uses an Erector Set?

[image from museum.state.il.us too old to be available]
2005-10-22 12:59:54 AM  
that's an interesting dilemma: if you had to choose, would you rather be able to see, or screw?

i'd rather be the first blind porn star
2005-10-22 01:01:37 AM  
2005-10-22 01:05:39 AM  
Beauty is only a light-switch away.
2005-10-22 01:07:21 AM  
[image from filecabin.com too old to be available]
You see, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much and are in a monogamous relationship, they begin to get certain "urges"...
2005-10-22 01:10:40 AM  
Why do you need Viagra daddy?

Because mommy's getting old...
2005-10-22 01:13:55 AM  
I have never understood the connection between the two.
2005-10-22 01:17:09 AM  
Apparently excessive fappage exponentially increases the odds of your shooting your eye out. Even though you have two eyes, there is a point of near infinite fapping that will cause blindness of both eyes.

/not a scientist
2005-10-22 01:17:43 AM  
It's all fun and games till someone loses his eyes.
2005-10-22 01:20:30 AM  
[image from filecabin.com too old to be available]

"Look at my moustache..... do you think it tickles women when I kiss them?"
2005-10-22 01:21:24 AM  
Correlation means causation, right? That's why I think baby formula should carry warning labels that advise against operating heavy machinery within 15 years of using the product. Also, use of tampons is known to cause a dramatic decrease in one's understanding of football.
2005-10-22 01:21:48 AM  
I've got my cane right here.
2005-10-22 01:22:40 AM  
Oh come on. Everyone knows that only the jerk-offs will go blind.

/Didn't RTFA
//only look at the pretty pictures
2005-10-22 01:40:46 AM  
Lmao, that butterfacewear.com site is great. All the girls are conveniently looking away from the camera in the pictures.
2005-10-22 01:49:15 AM  
USCsuperchick: I have never understood the connection between the two.

Basically here's how it works. People who have bad circulatory systems due to certain conditions (age, diabetes, etc) are the ones who have trouble getting erections. Viagara screws with your circulatory system in a special way so as to get an erection (AKA, The Three Lefts make a Right Principle). Now, when a person's circulatory system is doubally screwed with, a small portion of people will have negative effects in the circulation in their eyes, leading to blindness.
2005-10-22 01:50:07 AM  
what about hairy palms and eternal damnation-theres a warning lable
2005-10-22 01:54:16 AM  
seriously- ive read of these folks having a blue haze to their vision. pill is blue-coincidence?
2005-10-22 02:22:57 AM  
I wonder what happens to people who take Viagra and masturbate?
2005-10-22 02:49:35 AM  
Subversive: I wonder what happens to people who take Viagra and masturbate?

Your eyes asplode.
2005-10-22 03:42:00 AM  
UltimateNimrod: seriously- ive read of these folks having a blue haze to their vision.

That effect is real. It's a cloud of blue hair dye being aerosolized by heat and vibration.
2005-10-22 04:10:35 AM  
See, I told you sex was dirty and wrong.

"seriously- ive read of these folks having a blue haze to their vision. pill is blue-coincidence? "

Yes, it does do that.
I ignorantly suspect that it's because of a decreased red blood cell activity in the capillaries of the eye due to the drug's effect of lowering blood pressure.
When your blood pressure goes up, you see a red tint, stands to reason.
2005-10-22 04:53:24 AM  
Do you go blind forever, or just till the viagra wears off?
I'd go blind a few hours for sex. With the right woman.
2005-10-22 05:07:47 AM  
that's okay, i can still find it.
2005-10-22 05:47:24 AM  
FarkingUpTheWrongTree: Dear god.. *golf clap*
2005-10-22 05:47:48 AM  
Wanna see more pics like this one... http://www.butterfacewear.com/products/scores_tee.jpg

DON'T wanna see his pic no more, but I wanna know why he keeps popping up like a Geraldo version of that helpful paper clip thingy http://www.filecabin.com/uploads/1129957533-kabc_120.RicRomero.jpg
2005-10-22 12:25:17 PM  
[image from filecabin.com too old to be available]
This just in: New pills help old men get an erection! Film at 11!

/This guy's an actual Los Angeles newscaster
//He's as toolish as you think
2005-10-22 01:47:07 PM  
Ya, a few deaths or cases of blindness of the many, many (mostly old to begin with) and they have to label it?

I say, for all drugs, keep a running tab of the takers-to-death ratio and let the public decide for themselves if they want to take the stuff or not. If risking blindness is the only way can get hard, and I'm in my twilight, damn straight I'd take the stuff. Ditto for Vioxx, olestra, you name it...
2005-10-23 05:18:39 AM  
"Who'd want a diet drug that would render you blind?"
"We'll let marketing handle that."
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