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(ABC News)   Judge throws out lawsuit claiming suspension too harsh a punishment for kindergarteners playing cops and robbers   ( abcnews.go.com) divider line
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2002-05-01 12:01:48 PM  
ASININE? WTF The judge is a
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2002-05-01 12:02:03 PM  


2002-05-01 12:03:21 PM  
my son got suspended for playing the pimping game
2002-05-01 12:03:38 PM  
Asinine is thinking the judge is a hero.
Tag fits well IMO.
The judge is a jerkoff.
2002-05-01 12:03:39 PM  
HAHA I read the headline wrong.
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is right, carry on........
2002-05-01 12:03:45 PM  
Someone deserves to be shot over this.
2002-05-01 12:03:56 PM  
So it's okay to wear thongs with mini-skirts, but it's not okay to play cops and robbers?

This country is going to hell in a handbasket, pretty soon the vegans will be running everything and they will outlaw guns and Big Macs and send everyone to anger management classes.
2002-05-01 12:04:47 PM  
I thought it meant the Judge threw it out WHILE claiming the suspension was to harsh.
2002-05-01 12:05:31 PM  
I'm glad you read that right.
For a second there I was like "WTF is Texaggie79 thinking ?"
2002-05-01 12:06:11 PM  
I don't know if the judge was necessarily being assanine for throwing out the case. What damage could have been done that requires a civil suit.

However, I do think it is assanine that these kids were suspended in the first place.
2002-05-01 12:06:26 PM  
All public officials ought to have to read 1984 before taking the oath of office.
2002-05-01 12:08:10 PM  
Unbeliveable... What is this country coming to when our children are suspened for pretending their hands are guns. I think the parents need to pretend their hands are baseball bats, and beat the living shiat out of the moron who decided a hand with the pointer finger out and the thumb up is a deadly weapon and the children are a threat to society...
2002-05-01 12:10:35 PM  
"The court has affirmed what the board and district position has been all along, that we have the ability to make the decisions that are in the best interest of the children," Board of Education President Kevin Ciak said.

Yes, they certainly know what's better for my kids than *I* do...
2002-05-01 12:12:30 PM  
Don't point that at me, it has a nail in it!
2002-05-01 12:12:46 PM  
Gator8387, personally I'd rather have the thongs in my school than guns, even pretend guns!

Wow, next they'll outlaw things like playground equipment--I mean, kids get into disputes over that all the time.
2002-05-01 12:13:44 PM  
To show their dispeasure, one of the parents who filed the lawsuit stepped up to the Judge, and tagged him "it". Before the court officer was able to grab the parent, all in the courtroom was able to run and find a hiding space.
2002-05-01 12:14:21 PM  
Brace for it: When AOTC comes out next week there's gonna be a rash of kids suspended for playing "Star Wars" on the playground.
2002-05-01 12:15:04 PM  
The judge was wrong for throwing it out in my opionin, while I don't think the family deserves any money for damages they should at least get a ruling saying how stupid it is that small children can be suspended for playing cops and robbers. The teacher and/or administration who suspended these kids should be suspended without pay.
2002-05-01 12:15:24 PM  
man, if i had a dime for every time i played that at school i'd have enought to post bail
2002-05-01 12:15:36 PM  
that is the STUPIDIST thing i have heard today.
2002-05-01 12:16:12 PM  
farkin' iceholes !!!
Hang 'em on a hook.
my father hung me on a hook once-
Just ONCE!

Btw- the irony of this frivolity happening in Newark N.J. is beautiful-
2002-05-01 12:16:27 PM  
There was an old Marine General who said that if America did not remain strong, some stronger group would come in and kill our men and take our women. I think it's time to start the count down...

If our kids can't play war, then the cheese eating surrender monkey's have already won.
2002-05-01 12:17:23 PM  
It's time to play, "Who's The Bigger Moron?"

- The school, for originally suspending a kindergartner for playing Cops and Robbers?

- Or the parents, for suing because their kindergartner was suspended.

Too close to call IMHO. Tune in next week on "Who's The Bigger Moron?" when we have the grudge match you've all been waiting for: Rush Limbaugh v. G.Gordon Liddy.
2002-05-01 12:19:10 PM  
The judge and the school board were 100% right. Its not about the six year olds who were suspended but their classmates. Think of these poor kids who are being subject to exposed index fingers, the word "bang", and classmates using their imagination to entertain themselves. Why if these hoolagan keep this up they'll be free thinkers by the time thier 10, and then the schools won't be able to control them.

We must take action now to prevent these young Evil Doers from using their minds and become free thinking adults who might question the government.
2002-05-01 12:19:13 PM  
Ned sees Moe being chased by an alien. (``Kneel before my slingshot, puny earthling!'') So Ned wishes that the aliens would be gone. Moe chases the alien with a board with a nail in it. The aliens flee.

Alien 1: It seems the earthlings won.
Alien 2: Did they? That board with a nail in it may have defeated us. But the humans won't stop there. They'll make bigger boards and bigger nails, and soon, they will make a board with a nail so big, it will destroy them all!

[both aliens laugh evilly, for quite some time]
2002-05-01 12:19:17 PM  
Oh, god forbid children should be so insensitive to today's politically correct bullshiat world that they would *gasp* play with each other!!! Everyone knows that playing dangerous games like "cops and robbers" causes people to grow up to be raving lunatics, waving semi-automatic weapons at everyone, I mean, it's been going on for decades, right?
2002-05-01 12:19:41 PM  
Guns are good for kids, bb guns for the tykes and a 22 when they are 10 or 11.
2002-05-01 12:20:11 PM  
oops, the end of that should have had "/sarcasm"
2002-05-01 12:21:13 PM  
I was sent a letter because my 12yo son and his pals were playing with an orange cap gun in freinds yard near the school. "One of the parents was frightened, we were lucky the police were not called..."

The kids are now known in the community as the "rod and gun club" a tag they wear with pride.
2002-05-01 12:21:14 PM  
I agree that reactionary political correctness is nonsense. But there's something about this sentence that bothers me (aside from the lousy grammar):

"The school and the courts shouldn't censor their play it's politically incorrect."

I do think in certain circumstances it is acceptable to censor children's play - especially at school. Kids can indeed be cruel. They are also supposed to be learning the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior. True - this cops and robbers thing is just plain silly. But I think we shouldn't be too quick to tie a school's hands because of a child's right to free speech.
2002-05-01 12:22:18 PM  
Mercury At least they were P.C. enough to not be playing Cowboys and Indians. Or is that called Anglo-Invaders and Native Americans now?
2002-05-01 12:22:55 PM  
I don't get it? How can our children be expected to fight the evil invasion of Osama bin Vader if they don't get proper firearm training when they are young?
2002-05-01 12:23:14 PM  
did anyone have any idea how closely we were all treading to disaster while we were in school?

i wonder if i can file a suit against someone for not forcing me to wear a helmet while i biked, or for playing cops and robbers, or even more insidious games, like cowboys and indians, or our neighborhood favorite, which involved bashing one another on the head with baseball bats.

christing hell!
2002-05-01 12:23:29 PM  
Given this kind of reasoning,

The couple claimed that the district and several educators had deprived the pupils of their constitutional rights to free speech, protection from cruel and excessive punishment, due process and access to public education.

However, this also makes a kind of sense....
Hayden, who heard oral arguments in the case last week, found that school officials may restrict violent or disruptive games. Aden said the couple plans to appeal the ruling.
Yes, school officials may restrict "violent or disruptive games". I'd like to see a document which explicitly details what constitutes a "violent or disruptive game". Jumping jacks are pretty violent, what with all of that foot- and arm-flinging and all. It doesn't mention this, but I would assume that this is a public school. Were they at recess or was the kid playing cops'n'robbers in the middle of a lesson? Was this the first or the 53rd time the kid was found to be doing this kind of thing?

Still, I'd call the school's actions highly questionable. ZT strikes again of course. I'd never survive today's school with sanity intact.
2002-05-01 12:23:35 PM  

Id sue to if my kid got kicked out of school for some bullshiat like that, I mean come on playing cops and robbers is an American past time... I bet the same people who kicked these children out of school played the same damn game when they were kids... It unreasonable to as a child to not play and have fun. At least they arent beating the crap out of each other and touching little girls in the wrong way.. That is something you kick a kid out of school for.
2002-05-01 12:23:52 PM  
I hope those parents buy all their kids Grand Theft Auto 3 to make them feel better about being suspended.

This is the problem: politically correct retards in America for some reason think reasonable people are no longer able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. The truth is that most people just aren't responsible enough for their own actions and blame the problems in society on everything else, i.e., video games, TV, movies, etc. I've been playing violent video games and watching violent TV and movies all of my life and in 22 years I've never even been in a fight, much less shot somebody. When are people going to realize that if people don't want their kids to learn their values from TV, don't make TV the surrogate parent?! The responsibility has to go back on to parents for raising their own damn kids instead of letting the government and schools do it through lawsuits and regulations.
2002-05-01 12:25:04 PM  
Gator8387 = Troll
2002-05-01 12:25:21 PM  
I agree with the parents filing the lawsuit, it didn't cost them anything (it was paid for by a civil liberty group). I hate it when parents are afraid to stand up to the school for their children, because we have been conditioned to fear "going to the principals" office from when we were in school. Therefore, a lot of parents won't confront a teacher or principal, even if they know their child is right.
I'm not one of these parents, I'm not easily intimidated and will stand up for my kids.
2002-05-01 12:25:23 PM  
I think the schools need to learn when a kid's behavior is dangerous and when the kid is just being a kid. Who here never played cops and robbers as a kid? I did, and I'm a girl. If the kids were seriously threatening other kids, that would be one thing, but these are little kids playing a very common little-kid game. A school that doesn't know how kids act is in real trouble.
2002-05-01 12:25:32 PM  
Careful Linquel, you pretend to shoot an arrow at me and we'll both be expelled!
2002-05-01 12:26:05 PM  

Huh uh uh huh. You said 'oral'
2002-05-01 12:30:16 PM  
The article mentions that the US constitution protects people from "Cruel and unusual punishment". Does that mean that the punishment is alllowed to be cruel OR unusual, but not both? Would I be allowed to smack someone on the jaw with a bat, but not whack them whilst wearing a clown costume and singing "Nellie the Elephant"?
2002-05-01 12:30:18 PM  
5%Nation = Ogre
2002-05-01 12:35:58 PM  
Another example, as George Carlin appropriately puts it--"The Pussification of America." Remember, Guns are the reason why pussies can biatch about guns.
2002-05-01 12:36:08 PM  
TheLorvenist: I've been playing violent video games and watching violent TV and movies all of my life and in 22 years I've never even been in a fight, much less shot somebody.

Amen to that, buddy. I've been saying the same thing for years. This country has become nothing but a bunch of whiny, easily offended puritans who expect everyone in their path to be some kind of threat to be stomped out immediately. It's just a bunch of knee-jerk reactionist crap. And honestly, most people (at least the ones I've met) don't do that bad at parenting. If the schools and the government would only get out of their asses and let them raise their goddamn kids, things might turn out a little better...but then, what do I know?
2002-05-01 12:36:34 PM  
School officials said the four boys were on the playground at Wilson School during recess on March 15, 2000, pretending their fingers were guns and saying, "I want to shoot you." Some other pupils overheard the comments and reported them to a teacher.

When I was in grade school, the snitch would have been subjected to a week of being a rubberband target, spitball magnet, "Tie the dipshiat to the tree with a jumprope" dipshiat, and anything else we could think of. Of course, our favorite game at recess was "Smear the Queer." Violent, and politically incorrect.
2002-05-01 12:36:45 PM  
My name is Inigo Montoya. You banned my father from school for playing cops and robbers. Prepare to die!
2002-05-01 12:37:47 PM  
AAA! He's got a sword! Deport him!!!
2002-05-01 12:38:11 PM  
Hey, Ctenidae, we played "Smear the Queer" too! Of course, none of us had any sexual identity in grade school (other than boy or girl), so we just pummeled the weakest person.
2002-05-01 12:39:24 PM  
Kind of scary when you think about it, but our parents (our meaning people like me approaching 30) must have done something right, becasue we didn't kill each other. But the parents today really screwed the pooch. When I was in 5th grade, no one would ever even have considered the possability of a school shooting. Now they're almost commonplace. we grew up fine, 10 years later, they're all farked. What gives?
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