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(The Tennessean)   Tennessee legislators using state troopers as taxi service, tipping poorly   ( divider line
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3588 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2005 at 3:43 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-10-14 03:44:40 PM  

/ filter free
2005-10-14 03:45:35 PM  
This thread should be good, because I work for a Taxi company...and, well, you all know the rest.
2005-10-14 03:45:57 PM  
Round up the Usual Suspects.
2005-10-14 03:46:26 PM  
What, don't ALL elected officials abuse their powers horribly?
2005-10-14 03:47:13 PM  
Here's just a thought...

With their big farkoff salaries, couldn't they just have hired a car service...?
2005-10-14 03:47:49 PM  
Obvious trifecta in play.

/the sixth seal is broken
//... obviously
2005-10-14 03:48:56 PM  
yay. im glad im paying for this.
2005-10-14 03:49:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-14 03:50:13 PM  
Corrupt politicians??? What is this world coming to? Where's the newsflash tag?
2005-10-14 03:51:57 PM  
well,they do know the best routes.
2005-10-14 03:52:25 PM  
anyone notice every politician mentioned was democrat?
/right-wing bias from the newspaper?
2005-10-14 03:52:34 PM  
I work for the Tennessee state troopers.

So I am really getting a kick really .

Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know about taxiing state legislators.

But trust me.... You don't.

I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about.

This is how bad info gets passed around.

If you dont know about the topic....Dont make yourself sound like you do.

Cuz some Farkers belive anything they hear
2005-10-14 03:54:40 PM  
I see nothing wrong here.

If it is am important vote why not?

/They shouldn't make a regular practice of it.
2005-10-14 03:57:16 PM  
Can we start banning people for making posts like Not_Enginerd just made? That is getting really old, really quick.
2005-10-14 03:57:53 PM  

Why the Bubba pic? Am I missing something? 'Cause he's from Arkansas, not Tennessee... not that there's much of a difference.
2005-10-14 03:57:59 PM  
"i'm telling MOMMY!"
2005-10-14 03:58:51 PM  
I can't imagine a police cruiser to be a more comfortable ride than an actual Black-Car service. (Not a limo, but a step up from a cab.)

What a bunch of tards.
2005-10-14 03:59:25 PM  
darch: Why the Bubba pic? Am I missing something? 'Cause he's from Arkansas, not Tennessee... not that there's much of a difference.

2005-10-14 04:02:09 PM  
Oh, I get it. These politicians were abusing their authority because they're DEMOCRATS... I get it. I am sure Neo-C... Republicans never engage in this sort of behavior.

2005-10-14 04:02:47 PM  
Damn Leonid you beat me to it.....and by a longshot

/Great movie
2005-10-14 04:04:06 PM  

Don't get me wrong, I liked Clinton, but he was well known for rumors he used the Arkansas state troopers to cover up some of his regrettable womanizing habits. There was an SNL skit about it made at one point.
2005-10-14 04:04:11 PM  
2005-10-14 03:59:25 PM dly

darch: Why the Bubba pic? Am I missing something? 'Cause he's from Arkansas, not Tennessee... not that there's much of a difference.


...and black.
2005-10-14 04:04:39 PM  
No there's no bias against Dems from the Tennessean. It's usually a pretty liberal rag. Although it's mostly another local Gannett Clone when it comes to non-local news.
2005-10-14 04:07:05 PM  

That's why I asked if I was missing anything... I KNEW there was something to it- just couldn't put my finger on it.
2005-10-14 04:09:31 PM  
Eh, this doesn't really sound all that bad. I mean, there are much worse abuses going on, this is just one that should be kept in check (through reporting such as this). Not nearly as bad as, say, taking bribes from FBI officials.

And I don't think it was too biased, as Memphis is a pretty heavily Democratic part of the staet.
2005-10-14 04:12:24 PM  
"There was an SNL skit about it made at one point."

And in all probability it wasn't funny.
2005-10-14 04:16:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-10-14 04:19:14 PM  
When asked if Brooks' ride was a perk of being in office, Brown replied, "I don't know. This is an attack on the Black Caucus. I have attempted to play by the rules."

Pretty quick to play the race card, eh? Well, it's because it always works to stifle any sort of criticism. Hell, I'd do it, too.
2005-10-14 04:21:03 PM  
"Hey Davis, can I go on a ridealong? Say, around 2:30 over to the liquor store?"
2005-10-14 04:21:30 PM  
I worked with a retired state trooper that used to drive John Ford to Nashville for votes and back too Memphis after he had that little trouble on the interstate 4 or 5 times.
2005-10-14 04:34:15 PM  
Yay, my state made it to fark!

/oh wait no, it's not good
//at least it doesn't involve toothless, shoeless, cousin farking hillbillies!
2005-10-14 04:41:28 PM  
Keyser Soze unavailable for comment.
2005-10-14 04:46:55 PM  
State troopers occasionally do the work of a taxi service and AAA for some state lawmakers, including a Memphis Democrat who had a sergeant pick her up at the Nashville airport and drive her to the Capitol for a vote.

The February incident involving state Rep. Henri Brooks was not the first time a legislator has asked for aid from the Highway Patrol.

Troopers have driven ill lawmakers to the Capitol and on several occasions have been called for "roadside assistance" when legislators had car trouble, said Col. Lynn Pitts, the THP's top uniformed officer.

These "common courtesies" are rare and not everyday occurrences, he said.

I love it when they tell you something without really telling it to you.

It's like, "It's rare, but it's not."
2005-10-14 04:52:57 PM  
Ah, Tennessee.

In 1979-80, there was a legislative attempt to require elderly folks to take eye exams for driver's license renewal. The state legislature voted it down on the basis that the law would unfairly discriminate against elderly people.

What a great state -- allowing legally blind drivers to drive in the name of fair treatment for elderly folks!

/beautiful forests in TN
//no state income tax
2005-10-14 05:01:10 PM  
tnwake: Yay, my state made it to fark!

We make it to fark about once a week... mostly Nashville area though...
2005-10-14 09:02:18 PM  
mildlydisturbed: mostly Nashville area though...

If you have to draw attention to it, thanks for that shared point.
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