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(CNN)   Denmark plans to legalize music downloading   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2001-05-08 10:44:57 AM  
Good luck Denmark.
2001-05-08 10:55:34 AM  
This is just an example of changing the unenforceable laws to match human behavior. It's like drug laws. People are going to use drugs whether they're illegal or not, so why criminalise them? People are going to dowload illegal music no matter what, and the government can't enforce a ban on it anyway, so why keep a senseless law. The US should take a lesson from NL and DK, etc.
2001-05-08 12:03:14 PM  
Gotta love those Scandinavians though. Legalized drugs, prostitution, etc...
2001-05-08 12:57:42 PM  
hard core pr0n, don't forget that.
2001-05-08 02:17:29 PM  
Why is Europe ahead of the "Land of the Free" with this sort of thing?
2001-05-09 09:03:01 PM  
Jakjak, you got it wrong. That's Holland damn you.

Hooray for free music!
2001-05-09 09:03:01 PM  
Mme.Mersault: I know - I was asking more of a rhetorical question. The US government's PR department likes to blow smoke up our asses about our "freedoms" with catchy slogans like that one, whereas the countries whose governments don't bother with shameless self-promotion allow more liberty. Holland doesn't go around blabbing about "Hey, lots of things are legal here, just don't hurt anybody" - they don't need to. Ever see any ads from the Oral Sex Commission of America? No - we already like oral sex; it doesn't need any promotion whatsoever. But there are tons of advertisements promoting safe sex, abstinence, wearing your seatbelt, and giving up smoking. They *need* the promotion, or they're never going to catch on. They're just not that fun.
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