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(Salt Lake Tribune)   Pediatricians suggest feeding babies enchiladas, curry and hot peppers. This swell idea brought to you by people that don't actually have to change diapers   ( sltrib.com) divider line
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2005-10-10 12:34:04 PM  
They should also advise parents to feed their children something that will leave a stain on the carpet when they drop it off the high chair, or something that will get in their parents' hair when they reach over and grab mommy or daddy. I watched my 15-month old nephew eating dinner last night, and it's amazing that he managed to get any food into his mouth at all.
2005-10-10 01:11:12 PM  
Fear Factor Babies Day Out.
2005-10-10 01:24:07 PM  
Preperation H, Kids!

Bubblegum smell and, if accidentally ingested, it's sweet as gum!
2005-10-10 01:37:51 PM  
And just try to get them to stop crying once the... aaah you know the rest.
2005-10-10 01:38:08 PM  
elkman: it's amazing that he managed to get any food into his mouth at all.

As Bill Cosby would say, "At that age, everything gets sucked in by the belly button."
2005-10-10 01:38:54 PM  
Now everyone can have their own beany baby.
2005-10-10 01:39:10 PM  
After her son was born last year, she decided he should eat the same foods she does - heavily seasoned Middle Eastern dishes like hummus and baba ghanoush.

Ewwww...yuck...bleh....my Mountain Dew is nasty!
2005-10-10 01:39:15 PM  
DECMATH: And just try to get them to stop crying once the... aaah you know the rest.

Oil hits his anus?

2005-10-10 01:39:19 PM  
''There's a bunch of mythology out there about this,''

I dislike this statement. I don't like how people call everything that is made up, "myths" because that devalues all the good myths. Like Prometheus, and Zeus and Hera and all that proper mythological stuff. And Hercules/Heracles.
2005-10-10 01:39:26 PM  
DECMATH: aaah you know the rest.

when the bullet hits the bone?

2005-10-10 01:39:42 PM  
"It smells like....a used diaper filled with...Indian food!"
2005-10-10 01:40:13 PM  
They're also recommending a little shot of bourbon & a tiny pack of Malboros to complement baby's dinner.
2005-10-10 01:41:06 PM  
My godson used to love Tabasco before he was 2. When the heat kicked in he'd cringe & made the funniest dam face but he kept coming back for more. Sometimes he'd throw a tantrum if his parents refused to let him have some. Personally, I don't think I'd be giving little kids spicy foods though.
2005-10-10 01:41:13 PM  
Uhh, it will hurt the babies on the way out, too. Not sure the ol' hot pepper to the baby idea is such a, pun intended, hot one.
2005-10-10 01:41:46 PM  
Considering that most babies will eat a Lego they found on the floor, this comes as no surprise. On a side note, I wonder if Saag Paneer, successfully consumed and passed by a baby, looks any different in the diaper than it does on the plate. Hmm.
2005-10-10 01:42:38 PM  
What makes me think that a man whom the whole town brings their diarrhea-afflicted, projectile-vomiting, snot-slinging children gets to see far worse things than a soiled diaper?
2005-10-10 01:42:38 PM  
tommaso: "It smells like....a used diaper filled with...Indian food!"

Coincidentally, most Indian food smells like used diapers...
2005-10-10 01:42:42 PM  
From the article: In a review of the research, Nancy Butte, a pediatrics professor at Baylor College of Medicine...

I just want to say that even though I know it's pronounced "Byoot," I think that "Nancy-butt" is now my favorite insult.

Yes, I'm immature.
2005-10-10 01:43:10 PM  
You know, the last time I had Indian food, I think I ate the shiate from their kids diaper.

It wasn't bad, but I've had better.
2005-10-10 01:44:17 PM  
''Babies start with a very clean palate and it's your job to mold it.''

So burn those new tastebuds out with a nice hot pepper.
2005-10-10 01:44:43 PM  
Baby , needs some Corona's to wash all that food done

2005-10-10 01:45:18 PM  
[image from snopes.com too old to be available]

"That's what I've been sayin all along!"
2005-10-10 01:45:45 PM  
hey- all the people who put hot sauce on the tongues of their kids as punishment now have a feather in their cap!

Additionally, I think babaganooj (spelling varies) and hummus are perfect baby foods. No chewing!
2005-10-10 01:46:08 PM  
mercator_psi: I think that "Nancy-butt" is now my favorite insult.

I like it.
Dont' be a girly-boy. Man up Nancy-butt.
2005-10-10 01:47:23 PM  
They add smell to natural gas so you know of a leak. I think this is the same kind of thinking.
2005-10-10 01:47:47 PM  
Spicy food for a kid is fine...just avoid sushi while the kid is still in diapers. THAT'S foul...
2005-10-10 01:48:19 PM  
Chicken Tikka Masala burn your babys assala?

/got nothin'
//2 minutes for slashing...
2005-10-10 01:48:49 PM  
You know, as a doctor myself, I would have to say that this isn't a bad idea. Some of you might think I'm wrong, but trust me... I am a doctor, and therefore smarter than the lot of you. Most of the people in this thread really don't seem to have any idea what they are talking about in the least. I guess that's why I sailed through medical school, and the majority of you are probably holed up in some cubby somewhere, wishing you could have one tenth the intellect and income as I do.
2005-10-10 01:50:51 PM  
Hmmm...I had better not let my husband see this article or I have a feeling that once my daughter can eat solid foods she will have tapatio on everything....
2005-10-10 01:51:08 PM  
It's been at least 10 years since I had to change a diaper, nice headline though.

We didn't buy much "baby food", we had a food processor and just zapped what we were eating and feed it to our kids. Now they eat everything, and I mean everthing and almost anything. That nice because my brothers kids only eat chicken fingers, unfortunatlly my kids have developed an expencive palette.
2005-10-10 01:51:11 PM  
I just give my babies a jar of honey, and let em go to town. Yup.
2005-10-10 01:51:26 PM  
I once saw a kid who looked to be about 2 or 3 years old chowing down on nachos with jalapenos.....the kid was pretty much bypassing the chips and cheese part, but was absolutely inhaling the sliced jalapenos.....My first thought was "Damn, I'm glad I don't have to be around when that kid needs mom or dad to wipe his ass." My second thought was "Damn, that kids a tough little bastard."
2005-10-10 01:51:51 PM  
The downside to this is that the kid may become addicted to it. I was raised on hot foods, and now can hardly eat the bland crap most people do, unless there's some peppers or pepper sauce handy.
2005-10-10 01:55:25 PM  
Think of the children! Oh wait...
2005-10-10 01:55:57 PM  
Got my 3 year old and 8-month old nieces staying with me now (with their Mommy and Daddy). The 3 year old has lived in India for several months and had no problem with the curry, bar a little projectile pooing. She is now coping admirably with sushi and ramen; mind you, the little bastard only eats the fish from the sushi and leaves the rice, and she has a knack for picking off my favourite toppings.
2005-10-10 01:56:28 PM  
*feeds the baby some a burrito*
25 minutes later
Aww, look at the little tike she's like a lil' tubgirl!

2005-10-10 01:57:55 PM  
This article REALLY should be read by some mothers I know. They get so panicked by the book and pediatrician and have the motherly instincts of a teddy bear. Heaven forbid, the information they take as gospel has no scientific basis and may in fact be bad for their children...
2005-10-10 01:58:25 PM  
I like Indian food.
2005-10-10 01:59:22 PM  
It's been at least 10 years since I had to change a diaper, nice headline though.

So how long did you wear diapers before you changed them?
2005-10-10 02:01:27 PM  
Giving kids a wide variety is one thing. We feed our baby all kinds of things. We make it all ourselves and she has balanced meals.

OTOH, we know some mothers that are already giving their kids fast food before 9 months. That is sad.
2005-10-10 02:01:48 PM  
So, any tucsonan farkers out there?

Quick question: Any good thai food restaurants in Tucson? Or perhaps any indian food restaurants?.

/Fan of teh curry
2005-10-10 02:02:20 PM  
"Children love porridge."

2005-10-10 02:02:22 PM  
with 3 kids I was thinking "what a diaper that's gonna be", before I even read the 2nd sentence in the headline.
2005-10-10 02:03:20 PM  
Now thatsa spicy meatbaby!
2005-10-10 02:04:14 PM  
baba ghanoush

*I just like saying baba ghanoush*
2005-10-10 02:06:09 PM  
i wouldn't have thought to try spicy stuff so quickly but my little boy couldn't get enough of it. we let him try some mildly spicy vegtable curry at about 10mos, expecting him to dislike it. he LOVED it. we let him try even spicier stuff and he ate huge portions. the only time he would complain was when we served it hotter than room temperature. even at age 4, he still likes his food cold, i don't really get that.

and as for the diaper- rice cereal and jar baby food is WAY worse, folks.
2005-10-10 02:06:47 PM  
Kids will eat just about anything if they are exposed to it enough times. Research has shown that 7 is the "magic number" of exposures before they like just about any food.

/tired of 8-yo nephews who eat only mac & cheese
2005-10-10 02:07:36 PM  

India Oven on Campbell between Glenn and Grant is great. It's been there forever. There's also Karunas Thai on the corner of Grant and Campbell. It used to be pretty decent.
2005-10-10 02:08:44 PM  
I asked a lady from Africa how she feeds her little girl the spicy dishes she likes to eat. She said she has to start her little girl early -- itss how she likes to cook for herself.

She gives the toddler some spicy food with rice.

If the toddler crys, she gives her a sip of juice.

Repeat as needed.

/Simple, really
2005-10-10 02:08:53 PM  
When he was 2, my kid used to sneak into our garden and scarf down all the cherry tomoatoes he could pick.

Until he accidentally chomped a serrano.

Now he won't eat anything even slightly scipy, and it breaks my heart.
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