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(Hindustan Times)   New study finds men are "genetically programmed" to be better shoppers than women   ( hindustantimes.com) divider line
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2005-10-10 12:41:11 PM  
In and out. It works for shopping as well as with other activities in life.
2005-10-10 01:09:41 PM  
Well, yeah... men are better at everything else in life. Why would this be any different?
2005-10-10 01:18:27 PM  
Yet they still can't find the orange juice if it's behind the milk.
2005-10-10 01:48:43 PM  

and i am a total "in and out" shopper. except when it comes to groceries. i loooove to grocery shop.

but i'm much better at grocery shopping because i know how to pick the best fruits and veggies, i look for bargains, i know what we need to keep on hand at all times and what goes on sale when.....

so ha.
2005-10-10 01:49:18 PM  
This gets an unlikely tag? Submitter must be a female. Men are waaaaaay better shoppers. We research our purchases, know what a good price is, walk in, buy it, walk out. Piece o cake.
2005-10-10 01:58:55 PM  
supercheeks Yet they still can't find the orange juice if it's behind the milk.

The shiats already been bought.

/hate shopping
2005-10-10 02:05:42 PM  
For groceries, I use Peapod.

Log in, reorder my list, check out, log out, Boom 5 minutes, done.
2005-10-10 05:30:04 PM  
shopping for groceries is easy, its called make a list of what you need and buy that only. women are programmed to be shoppers, but not good ones.
2005-10-10 06:52:51 PM  
It all depends on what you mean by "better shopper" I suppose. Certainly I think men are more efficient shoppers. I could drive to the store, buy everything on the grocery list, and return home in the amount of time it would take my wife to decide where to park. On the other hand I'd probably get the wrong soap, buy over-ripened produce, and don't even think about asking me to go near the feminine hygiene aisle (it gives me that not-so-fresh feeling).
2005-10-10 07:17:39 PM  
Men will pay $2 for a $1 item that they need.

Women will pay $1 for a $2 item that they don't need.
2005-10-10 07:18:48 PM  
They needed to do a study to figure that out?
2005-10-10 07:19:00 PM  
Yeah, Men are more likely to buy cans of Spam
2005-10-10 07:20:47 PM  
It's cause we hate to shop.
2005-10-10 07:21:09 PM  
I make it a point to spend less time in the store then I did in the car to get there HAHA!
2005-10-10 07:21:11 PM  
This study must be wrong!

There is absolutely no difference between males and females ever! Females can do everything just as well as males can (Sometimes you have to lower the standards though). This study must have been performed by sexist pigs bent on subjugating women and destroying the rights women have won over the past century.

This is completely based on how women are raised and has nothing to do with the millions of years of evolution. How dare someone even insinuate that males are better than females at anything! The people who did this study have to be fired for being sexist breast oogling animals.
2005-10-10 07:21:20 PM  
I know I'm a better shoplifter
2005-10-10 07:21:53 PM  

god damn feminists.....
2005-10-10 07:22:13 PM  
If by "better", the article means "more practical", then yes we are.

Wife: Oooh, this is cute!
Me: We already have too much cute stuff and we can't afford it! Put it back.
2005-10-10 07:22:32 PM  
Depends on your definition of "better". Men are generally more efficient shoppers (ie, simply grabbing whatever meets the criteria first), while women are more likely to obsessively check out every brand of an item to determine the best quality.
2005-10-10 07:23:32 PM  
I think the headline should actually be "Marketing targets men more aptly than women". The idea that our genetic makeup somehow evolved to make us more efficient in Walmart is a bit of a travesty. Chicken before the egg and all that.
2005-10-10 07:24:03 PM  
submitter: New study finds men are "genetically programmed" to be better shoppers than women

You're goddamned right.

2005-10-10 07:24:21 PM  
[Obligatory post stating how I am the rare exception to the rule stated in someone else's post.]
2005-10-10 07:24:28 PM  

Men rule, chicks drool!
2005-10-10 07:24:41 PM  
is that why we dont buy 300$ shoes?
2005-10-10 07:26:47 PM  
Yeah, that is ri...... wait a minute. Is this becoming a flamewar about shopping?

/I really need a new job
2005-10-10 07:27:11 PM  
If by "better" you mean not looking at the prices and buying more sh*t than we have room for, then yeah.
2005-10-10 07:27:34 PM  
GonzoNihilist: Anyone else think this is getting as annoying as the HA HA GUY?

The HA! HA! guy was, and always will be, a work of genius. This, "I work for..." cliche isn't as good, and is dying pretty fast anyway.
2005-10-10 07:29:34 PM  
send a man out for a pint of milk - he come back with a pint of milk.
Send a woman out for a pint of milk - she comes back with potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, lipstick, shoes, rubber gloves, scouring pads, spare helicopter blades, graviton pulse generator, sparkly thing that hangs form a christmas tree etc...etc.........

It's true. It's the law.
2005-10-10 07:29:38 PM  
"How dare someone even insinuate that males are better than females at anything!"

Insinuate? Flat out telling you.
2005-10-10 07:30:31 PM  
GonzoNihilist: Anyone else think this is getting as annoying as the HA HA GUY?

Much, much worse. Maybe because it's an entire paragraph and only the subject word or phrase is changed and it's usually the most obvious. At least the HA HA guy was funny.
2005-10-10 07:31:19 PM  
my girlfriend 'shops,' i buy. totally different concepts.

/think it has something to do with self control...
2005-10-10 07:31:29 PM  
out on a limb with the whole gender card, but here goes...

Could it be that men are compulsive with everything?
Or that we'd just like to spend our money on a six-pack?
Maybe its that the only thing we buy is a computer, and we dont have even enough money left over for Total Fark...

Thats life, now get over it.
2005-10-10 07:32:49 PM  
People who whine about Fark cliches are a cliche themselves and don't even realize it. Fark is about the cliches, especially the bad ones. Yes, the "I work for..." is a bad one, but what can ya do?

/slashes are cliche
//my favorite
///wildly popular
////as dumb as the rest
2005-10-10 07:34:12 PM  
My girlfriend owns a $180 (which is cheap from what i hear) Chinese-Made coach purse....That pretty much qualifies her as sucking at shopping.
2005-10-10 07:34:57 PM  
Women go shopping.....men go buy something.
2005-10-10 07:35:23 PM  
I guess it depends on what is meant by "better".

I know that I can get out of the store a LOT faster than my girlfriend. But I also know that I'm more like to have forgotten something, more likely to have picked bruised produce, and less likely to have picked the best bargain. If "better" is defined as "faster", then yes, there's little doubt that men are better shoppers.
2005-10-10 07:35:57 PM  
Sorry mediaphile
didn't see your post before I sent mine
2005-10-10 07:36:51 PM  
CouchMonkey: wins the thread
2005-10-10 07:38:59 PM  
I think it's the difference between hunting and gathering. If you're hunting, you look around, find the easiest thing to kill right now, and get on with it. There's no time to try to select the best one, because while you're busy comparing and contrasting the food is running away.
Gathering roots and nuts and fruit is not that way. You have time to choose the best stuff, and it makes sense to do so. Since in primitive societies frequently the men hunt and the women gather, it makes sense. Well, to me anyway.
2005-10-10 07:39:16 PM  
I must have male shopping genes. I shop with a purpose and get out as fast as possible. I hate shopping and don't consider it a leisure activity. What I hate even worse is navigating around all the drooling brain dead people that seem to inhabit way too many stores (usually the lower end the store the worse it is).

If I could buy everything online I would. Just about can now.
2005-10-10 07:41:50 PM  
It's called The Fighter Sweep.

Buzz the aisles, hold the pattern to exit the airspace, then resume other activities.

/take a slash at a carrier landing
2005-10-10 07:41:57 PM  
The "Queer Eye" guys are celebrating their victory.
2005-10-10 07:44:57 PM  
My wife is the worst. I have started outright refusing to go shopping with her. If we're out doing something and she then decides she needs "a few things at the grocery store" she either has to give me her list and I go in and buy them or we go all the way home and she goes back out by herself.

The woman has to read *EVERY* label on *EVERY* brand of whatever she is buying..every time she goes. It doesn't matter that 90% of the time she buys the same brand of whatever that she's been buying for 10 years, nope, something may have changed since last week so she has to read everything again.

I can see being an informed shopper for things like cars, or HD TVs...but mushrooms and toilet paper??? If I say "I'll just be in the magazine section, come get me when you're done" I swear to god she then proceeds to forget I'm even there and takes even longer. So I'm reduced to hovering around her and practically racing down the aisles to get her to speed up.

//Don't even get me started on Christmas shopping with her.
///Let's just say chinese water torture is preferable.
2005-10-10 07:46:40 PM  
hogans: Men will pay $2 for a $1 item that they need.

Women will pay $1 for a $2 item that they don't need.

Summarizes my thoughts nicely. Sure, I don't always get the cheapest price. I make that money back ten-fold by not buying compulsively.
2005-10-10 07:47:14 PM  
You mean *gay* men.

Ordinary man: buys jacket. Wears it out after five years. Goes back to same store, buys the same one. Done.

Ordinary woman: Searches five stores to find a better jacket for her man. Finds one she likes but he doesn't. Buys it on his credit card.

Gay man: Knows secret handshake to get into exclusive VIP room lounge in every clothing store. Sips Skyy & Tonics to thumping techno beats as styles that won't go mainstream for another three years are paraded past him by Kalvin Klein underwear models who also give him invites to a rave, two circuit parties and an after party. Gets the jacket comped for free.
2005-10-10 07:48:12 PM  
rka Sounds like you should just find a bar near wherever she's shopping. Drink slow, relax, have a conversation or two to get your mind off ot. She'll be back eventually.
2005-10-10 07:50:00 PM  
This study must have been commissioned by women. It seems simple to me. A waste of research.
Logic states that logic-driven male thinking will result in more efficient shopping.

Plus men drive better, on the way to and from the store.

/Anyone call for an exterminator?
//(whoosh) (whoosh) goes the flamethrower.
2005-10-10 07:51:22 PM  
//Don't even get me started on Christmas shopping with her.

Christmas shopping is a horrible experience, no matter what. So many wild eyed zombie people out there, droolingly blocking aisles in all directions while clutch at some useless knick knack to give to aunt Edith. It's a good thing I don't have miltary training or there would probably be a trail of bodies, and a lot of people on the news saying "he seemed like such a quiet guy."
I give homemade presents if I think I can get away with it.
2005-10-10 07:54:36 PM  
I dunno. It depends on who you are asking.

By all measures supermarkets love the way I shop. My checkbook on the other hand seems to like it better when my wife shops.

Then again, if you go by the odometer in the car, (and the price of fuel, not to mention the time value of money) I'm the better shopper. I'll go out, and I'll come back with EVERYTHING. What will we ever do with... (six days later) oh.
2005-10-10 07:55:14 PM  
Here's what Amazon should do.
I register than I have a 3 year old nephew. His birthday is on whatever date. Birthday budget is $25, Christmas budget is $30 (or whatever). Pick out stuff, and send it to him, and don't ever ask me about it for the rest of my life. It can choose gifts based on current age, and can adjust the budgets with inflation as time goes on.

No, I wouldn't actually use this service, because it's even more mindless consumerism than regular Christmas shopping. But there is a certain appeal to it.
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