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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Robot VW wins 132-mile race, simultaneously sets world record for VW traveling furthest without a mechanical problem   ( suntimes.com) divider line
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2005-10-10 04:16:36 PM  
Headline is pretty much right on. Although they were never major machanical problems, it seemed the day the warranty ran out the car came un-glued. I had a 99 Jetta GLX. It was so pretty when it was new, then it was soo bad when I traded it in the dealer decided to auction it off instead of fix it up to sell. I totally screwed that dealer! hahahahaha karma is a biatch.
*side panels stuck on with tape (literally fell off in the parking lot as the dealer handed over my new keys)
*windows always came off the tracks
*minor breakdowns costing at least 300 bucks
AC Out, etc. everything has to be special ordered!
g-damn tire locks...managing to make the simplest act of changing a tire a requirement for professional help.
fark VW!!!
2005-10-10 04:18:15 PM  
[image from clabedan.typepad.com too old to be available]

Mine has 145k miles on it...and it goes like hell...
2005-10-10 04:18:36 PM  
p.s. i think i got one of the ones manufactured in mexico...they shut that plant down.
2005-10-10 04:23:23 PM  

Sorry if I sounded defensive, I wasn't trying to be. I'd never want a base Jetta or Golf. I'd probably go with a Mazda 3 in a heartbeat if that's what I wanted. I just wanted to point out that the VW line is not entirely without merrit.
2005-10-10 04:29:03 PM  
The Onanist: Mine has 145k miles on it...and it goes like hell...

Oh yeah, the Corrado is great. A local just sold his. It was beautiful.

Remi608: p.s. i think i got one of the ones manufactured in mexico...they shut that plant down.

No, they didn't. It's still producing cars.

improvius: I'd never want a base Jetta or Golf. I'd probably go with a Mazda 3 in a heartbeat if that's what I wanted.

Mine's not base, especially the way it is now, but I do like the Mazda 3 5-door.

My Golf (no fancy pics, really, just some detail shots)
2005-10-10 04:31:46 PM  
That's under recall and fixed with a new, sturdier part. If you paid for it, get your money back, if it breaks again they'll fix it for free

Not quite. One of my windows fell again this past winter. I was told that they would "goodwill" the repair this one last time, but that if it happened again it would be considered my fault for trying to use the windows when it's too cold. And no, I'm not making any of that up.
2005-10-10 04:35:30 PM  
I love my 02 jetta tdi. i do not love the bosch mass air flow gauge that has failed me twice, at 44k and now at 59k.
have any of the other tdi owners here have had that problem as well? i heard it was somewhat common...
2005-10-10 04:37:49 PM  

That car belongs to a friend of mine. I was making like 400 to the wheels. Stock ones don't go up in flames like that. =)

Motor is going into an 84 rabbit I think.
2005-10-10 04:40:15 PM  

It looks pretty good. I'd ditch the Asus wheels, though, at least until winter.

Here's my GTI.
2005-10-10 04:40:31 PM  
'm 6'4", 250 lbs. I don't get the vibe that people are calling it a "chick" car when I get out of it.

All VW's/. btw: Cute Kid.
2005-10-10 04:42:29 PM  
The Camaro and Fiero are mine.

Where in New Jersey are you from?
2005-10-10 04:44:49 PM  
Agreed -- I'm not trying to be mean, either. Just about every automaker has something worth drooling over. When I was shopping new rides, I actually got excited about VW until I found out how far my $16,000 budget could take me -- not too far. I wanted a Mazda 3, but they were just barely hitting US shores and the only 3's in the area were loaded to the gills.

/doesn't want to get Daewoo on his hands, ever
2005-10-10 04:52:05 PM  
I love my TDI Golf. I wanted the TDI Jetta, but I just couldn't swing the extra money. So far (40k miles later) my only mechanical problem came from the asshat mechanic at VIP forgetting to properly tighten the drain plug on my oil pan. Burnt out my farking turbo unit when the oil came out...

Still, gotta love 50mpg from desiel even more these days.
2005-10-10 04:57:13 PM  
I skimmed through this thread because I may have to buy a car someday. The situation seems to boil down to this:

* Fords and GMs: suck. (I knew that already.)

* VWs: are great if they're taken care of by people who know what they're doing. Everyone else will get the suckage that they deserve.

* Japanese cars: impossible for even dumb cracked-out Americans to screw up.

I don't care to learn anything about cars and will always trust my car to the illiterate, apathetic dumbasses at the local Jiffy Lube clone. That means I'm sticking with Toyotas, which have no problem getting 200k miles even without boutique oil, and I'll let the VW owners fuss over their little princesses who pout and moan if they get bruised by Donny the 17-year-old Speedy Grease ape. To each his own, I guess.
2005-10-10 04:58:26 PM  
VW powertrain= decent
VW Electrical system= frkking garbage
2005-10-10 04:59:56 PM  
cqaudi- you should go bowling with crgrrl82, you two sound like you got alot in common.
2005-10-10 05:02:50 PM  
I would suggest you factor in the quality of service at your local dealership. When things go wrong - and eventually, they will - you don't want to have any doubts about the people fixing it.
2005-10-10 05:13:23 PM  
As an owner of a 98 Passat, I can attest to this. :D Damn do I hate Bosch. First my ignition control module and now my abs module is gone.
2005-10-10 05:31:51 PM  
The only VW I have ever had is the '72 Beetle I've had for the last 9 years. It stood in my Dad's drive for 4 years unused for a while, because I had another car I was using to commute, and the Beetle was a 'project'. When he finally got fed up with it stuck on the drive and asked me to move it or sell it, he was amazed when I turned up with a new battery, stuck it in and started it straight off. On 4 year old petrol. Yeah, I had to crank it for 60 seconds or so to pump the fuel up from the tank (Lovely Leaded Petrol - MMM!) Fortunately I'd driven it up the street and round the corner before it started to backfire because the points had corroded... But I replaced those and its been a runner ever since. It burns a little oil, and needs a bit of a tune, but its not bad for a 33 year old car thats done 125,000 miles.
2005-10-10 05:46:50 PM  
improvius: if it happened again it would be considered my fault for trying to use the windows when it's too cold.

I think you need to change dealerships. I think they didn't want to deal with getting reimbursed. Asking people to not use the window is ridiculous. What if, like me, there's a swipe card reader you have to get past to get into the parking garage at work?

It looks pretty good. I'd ditch the Asus wheels, though, at least until winter.

Asus makes computers. You mean Avus. ;)

Yeah, I have a few rim choices in mind; right now, there's a few things I need to get once I'm sure work will last past December (grant funding uncertainty; one guy in the lab got laid off, though I'm hopeful I will stay, I've been there a lot longer than him and I cost less to that grant due to the department paying for part of my salary - I do tech support too).

I also need to get a stabilized 400mm lens for my digicam; it would really improve my keeper rate of photos from airshows. 1/150 sec at 300mm is tough to keep sharp, and you can't shoot piston-powered aircraft at a faster shutter speed without losing prop blur. (Jets? easy. 1/1500 sec at f/8, no shake). But anyway, never fear, the rims will be changed! It'll really improve the look.

I think you should get some clear front sidemarkers and amber bulbs. The stock ones look even goofier on green.

okami36: Still, gotta love 50mpg from desiel even more these days.

I've noticed that diesel costs even more than premium these days. Even in Houston, TX this past weekend, the Land Of Oil. Diesels aren't going to be as appealing in the future, I think. Unless you can get cheap biodiesel from a non rape-your-ass place.
2005-10-10 06:02:55 PM  
could we get some hawt lindsay lohan pics in this thread please?
2005-10-10 06:06:46 PM  
According to this article, I drive the most reliable American car. Awesome. My (almost) 13 second grandpa's grocery getter is reliable and keeps the cops away. I wonder why the supercharged version of the Grand Prix didn't fare as well, seeing as though they're 90% mechanically identical to my Buick (which is supercharged).

The only cars from an American manufacturer to earn top scores were the Buick Regal, which has been discontinued for 2005, and non-supercharged versions of the Pontiac Grand Prix.
2005-10-10 06:09:21 PM  
Yeah, I always get Asus/Avus mixed up. Anyway, the service manager swore up and down that this would be the LAST TIME, per VWoA, that they would fix my window for free. It's a crappy dealership, but I believe what he told me then.

The pics aren't current. I've got smoked side markers now. For the repeaters, I have Hella Comets that I actually painted green with translucent model car paint. And clear bulbs, so the turn signal blinks green. And I blacked out the inside of the headlight assembly. So I'm pretty much done with all the cosmetic stuff - no body kits or wings for me.
2005-10-10 06:38:37 PM  
phishfood: Replace the Bosch with a Pierburg unit. www.tdiparts.com

The Bosch MAF is one of the most common problems on TDIs and should be replaced.
2005-10-10 07:12:05 PM  
since i was a little kid, my family's went through a jetta, sarraco, fox, bug, an audi (did they make a4's 20 year ago?)and some truck I don't know the name of. all of them were tanks that skeletor Himself couldn't defeat. the last one, the Audi, was "totalled" by the fan in I believe near the front vents? $500 to replace (the car would be 20 years old now), and the car was worth $425. we dumbly sold it, to be bumped around between american cars ever since, ford escort, plymouth sundance, plymouth voyager, lincoln towncar that lasted 2 weeks and now a few saturns which have held up.
2005-10-10 07:44:10 PM  
1980 scirroco 357+K
1981 audi 5+5 320K
1984 Golf diesel 400K+
1983 UR-Quattro 350K+
1992 Golf Diesel 430K+
1992 Jetta Diesel 740K+
current ride Golf TDI 138K and climbing

maintance maintance maintance
2005-10-10 07:45:36 PM  
Needs more Toyota love.

/can't kill 'em
2005-10-10 08:31:14 PM  
Volkswagon - the car of the sheeple.

/ Don't care if it's been said before- it bares repeating
// Have owned 4 of those POS's
2005-10-10 08:55:32 PM  
mrblondemang: Volkswagon - the car of the sheeple.

You can't even spell the name of the company you're criticizing. And you DID know why it's called what it's called, right? The car of the masses? That's what it SHOULD be! Designed to be anyone's car, tough and hardy, and that's what it was, amazingly well, and still is in places where the simple, tough models are still everywhere. They're still used for all sorts of things in some places and there are so many varieties of them that it's mind boggling.

And if you think they're such crap, why did you own four of them? I think you have a passive-aggressive problem.
2005-10-10 09:18:33 PM  
Here's a pic of my cars...

Thanks for that Tinton, totally farking changed my life.
2005-10-10 09:30:07 PM  
Farkers see a headline about a robot (more than one, in fact) completing a 130+ mile offroad race unassisted, and the whole thread is "Car maker _____ sucks" and "No way, man".

Hilarious, sad, and typical. Also, submitter's fault.
2005-10-10 09:39:00 PM  

'99 Windor Blue Passat GLX...

30valve V6, 2.8l, 5 speed "Tiptronic transmission"...

152K miles...no major prob's...



/had 3 VW busses w/ razillinos of mile on each and reeked of patchouli

// Two passats w/ over 325k miles together

/// 86' Golf 'bare bones' stock...425k mile and sold to HS kid ... still on streets

2005-10-10 10:01:19 PM  
VW = Wurst car evur.

I will never ever ever get another horible VW.
2005-10-10 11:10:12 PM  
Wow. Atario is right. What the hell happened to this thread?? Too Funny.

None of you is welcoming our new self-driving robot overlords???
2005-10-10 11:26:05 PM  
Spend your VW money on a Japanese car of similar value.
2005-10-10 11:29:01 PM  
MrMetlHed: None of you is welcoming our new self-driving robot overlords???

I think it's cool. Don't get me wrong. I'm sick of it too. This is fark ... people fly off the handle about the stupidest things and call people incredibly rude names for legit complaints. (yeah, sadly I speak from personal experience).

I'm looking forward to more work on those systems for detecting unintentional lane changes -- they're the first steps toward mass-market-sold cars that can "read the road" and drive themselves.
2005-10-11 02:22:28 AM  


I'll NEVER buy a first year car, EVER. First year is basically beta testing the car on the public, letting them find the problems.

Here's a pic of my cars. The Camaro and Fiero are mine.

And all of them horribly ugly and dont run. Good call.

/American cars suck
2005-10-11 02:26:32 AM  
[image from deterioatta.com too old to be available]

Lindsay Lohan hates your american POS car

/And your Korean one too
2005-10-11 03:32:58 AM  
When I read this in the paper it sounded so cool. However I do want more details about the syetems on board.
2005-10-11 04:47:12 AM  
def less good tahn lindsay, but there are more pics of the robots at:

love those caltech boys. why is it always guys and not girls who do that kind a thing?
2005-10-11 04:59:04 AM  
2005-10-11 02:24:37 PM  
What does a bimbo picture have to do with cars?
2005-10-11 06:18:52 PM  
2000 Golf here. Mechanically it has been trouble free. It is, however, plagued by little electrical glitches that have been irritating. It runs beautifully, though, has a wonderful ride, is very comfy to drive. It's a fun little car.

I avoid the dealers though, because everything you've heard about VW customer service is pretty much true. Every repair I've been quoted by a dealer is double what a non-dealer mechanic will typically charge. I have found an excellent mechanic, thank goodness, who is honest and reasonable.
2005-10-11 08:32:05 PM  
Toyotas are pretty reliable... I've had 3 1st Gen MR2s and each hit 200,000 before I smooshed them under truck and various things. My current one has been drivin like a race car since birth and it rounding 187K. The Toyota 4AGE is one of my favorite engines!
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