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(ESPN)   "I think it was typical of most French guys in our league (NHL) with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up"   ( sports.espn.go.com) divider line
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2005-09-28 06:52:40 PM  
2005-09-28 06:52:54 PM  
[image from expressen.se too old to be available]

Avery's just upset that he got dumped.
2005-09-28 06:57:01 PM  
[image from cbc.ca too old to be available]

Anybody who says they don't like fighting in the NHL have to be out of their minds.

2005-09-28 07:00:25 PM  
2005-09-28 07:00:42 PM  
i'll echo what a few others have pointed out.

french candians are not "french". Most french speaking Quebeckers would not appreciate being compared to our cousins.

Should we assume all American's are "Brits" simply because they share a common language?

French Canadian fought long and hard in WW1 and WW2, just lookup the "vandoos" (royal 22nd regiment).

/half french canadian
///hockey is gay
2005-09-28 07:02:38 PM  
Off the thread but not a jack, I'm trying to find the name of the song (very catchy has great horns,) at the beginning that's the on the new Burger King ads that show the king running in an INT, also this song was on the Campbells Chunky commercials and I'd really, really like to know the name of it so I can see if I can DL it to my cell phone! Anybody with clue as to the name of it?
2005-09-28 07:04:34 PM  
Quebecs an awesome place with great people, and 21 dollar cases (24) of beer. Also, the women are hot. Avery is a brainless fool. He's gonna get crushed all season. Roenick is just displacing blame on Canadian media because he's got such an ego and he got layed out. Players are trying to show their own in preseason to get the time on the ice, lots of hits have been thrown but Roenick being the bigmouth that he is had to make himself look tough again.
2005-09-28 07:09:22 PM  

I wouldn't like to be in Avery's skates when he comes up against this "Frenchman" again...

I'd sure like to be there, though, or at least be watching it on the tube: "Sean, meet Georges' fist," followed closely by "Sean, meet the ice".

/What a farking half-witted hack on a crappy-assed team.
2005-09-28 07:12:31 PM  
I'm just glad hockey is back. I'm not a freak about it, but it's nice to sit down and have a blue every once inawhile and watch a game with friends.

Besides, I love seeing all the home team fans imagine burning me at the stake when I cheer for the bad guys. Heh, so if you don't hear from me again, the mob of angry Sens fans probably got me at the exhibition game with Pitsburgh tomorrow. ;)

Besides, I want to see what Crosby can do, might as well encourage him. ;)
2005-09-28 07:26:23 PM  
I've never met a hockey player that wasn't an ass. Fraunch or otherwise.
2005-09-28 07:29:44 PM  
Am I slowly losing my comprehension of the English language, or do a disproportionate fraction of the headlines on the front page today make no sense?

"I think it was typical of most French guys in our league (NHL) with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up"

So are we to assume that for those who a) aren't French, or b) are not "with a visor on", it is not typical for them to "running, playing, and back?" Not backing, mind you, just "running, playing, and back?"

Or how about this one:

"Rumours pursue Miss Thailand: Positive is that she will go naked. Negative, is it her? (Not safe for work)"

Okay, so "Positive is that she will go naked." The fact that "she will go naked" is equivalent, in some form, to the noun "positive." "Negative," is this being used as an expletive? What is "it?"

2005-09-28 07:32:18 PM  
Claude Lemieux turtling like a baby when going against Darin McCarthy showed the world what the French are like.
2005-09-28 07:33:59 PM  
So the strike is over? Yawn.
2005-09-28 07:34:23 PM  
They just love to complain about me because I'm an American who gets more press than their Canadian players.

Good for you, Jeremy.

It goes without saying the Canadian players get more goals, points, Stanley Cup rings, etc. etc....

But press is sure important!!

/Roenick will have a better career in the broadcast booth
2005-09-28 07:35:40 PM  
"I've never met a hockey player that wasn't an ass. Fraunch or otherwise."

-there are some, Most days Brad May will stop on the street and talk hockey with an average joe and be nice about it.

-I miss him already.

2005-09-28 07:37:20 PM  
Muta: Claude Lemieux turtling like a baby when going against Darin McCarthy showed the world what the French are like.

Yeah, I bet the French Canadians can even spell Darren McCarty's name right.
2005-09-28 07:41:44 PM  
Donald Brashear
Georges Laraque
Peter Worrell

Have a fun year Avery!
2005-09-28 07:44:11 PM  
Claude Lemieux turtling like a baby when going against Darin McCarthy showed the world what the French are like.

i was at that game.. i still have a spot of playoff cheese on my jersey from that night too. i really hope that stupid strike didnt hurt the wings at all, i know if i could afford a ticket id go down to the joe and see em again.

2005-09-28 07:46:33 PM  
Let's go Admirals!

[image from patrickcudahy.com too old to be available]
2005-09-28 07:46:36 PM  
Worrell hasn't been picked up by anyone this year and probably won't be. He's a great fighter, but he skates for shiat. With the cap teams aren't going after pure enforcers. They need a minimum of skills, as well. Brashear, Domi, Avery, May...none of those guys are playmakers, true; but they can contribute aside from goonery.
2005-09-28 07:49:14 PM  
So the strike is over? Yawn.

Wow, I'm shocked, this being Fark and all, how long it took for some genius to pipe up with words of wisdom like this.

Truly insightul.

Claude Lemieux turtling like a baby when going against Darin McCarthy showed the world what the French are like.

And Ulf Samuelsson crumpling and hiding like a baby from Domi shows shows what?
2005-09-28 07:49:16 PM  
theolinc: i know if i could afford a ticket id go down to the joe and see em again.

Some guy on TF is giving away two tix to tonight's game. I only tell you this because I despise the Red Wings.
2005-09-28 07:51:44 PM  
Did somebody say French hockey fight?
2005-09-28 07:55:55 PM  
Bob Plager was dissing Roenick last night on the Blues' radio broadcast, but in his own affable way. Something like, "if you are thinking about coming to my goal and scoring, and I am between you and the goal, regardless of who you are you can expect to be hit." Wish I had the exact quote.

Plager was great to have as a stand-in for that dirty farker Kelly Chase, even if he doesn't have a very good on-air voice.

I have a good reason to hate Chase even though I bleed Blue. I was a fan of the NAHL Springfield Spirit, and he and the other owners sold/moved them to Wasilla, AK after only a few seasons here. Plus, he's a goon so my hatred is still on topic.
2005-09-28 07:57:28 PM  
The sad part about all of this is that Avery did that exact thing during his last stint in the AHL (upon Yzermans return to the lineup and before Avery was traded from the Wings). He was wearing the visor and trying to take monstrous hits on others - hits that never really made it. I liked his style of play when he was in Detroit, but his AHL antics pushed aside anything good I thought of him.
2005-09-28 07:58:39 PM  
[image from doncherrys.com too old to be available]

"...most of the guys that wear [visors] are Europeans or French guys."

The "visor wearing correlates with wimpiness" seems to be a consistant sentiment.
2005-09-28 08:00:19 PM  
Hows that inferiority complex coming along, America?
2005-09-28 08:00:46 PM  
Todd Bertuzzi is French?!?

Who knew?

/He should be on the Sopranos now
//big pu$$y
///bigger punk
2005-09-28 08:10:56 PM  
As a Washington D.C. Caps fan from way back. Yvon Labre (French Canadian) is the only player to have his number retired for the club. The number 7 jersey hangs in the rafters. He whupped ass like a champ and was most definetly not shiat talker who "could back nothing up".
2005-09-28 08:16:04 PM  
So they decided to start playing hockey games again, out of loyalty to both remaining fans?

/way to blow a season for less than nothing.
2005-09-28 08:19:26 PM  
Or how about Claude Lemieux turtling when Cam Neely beat the crap out of him? Or when Claude Lemieux turtled when Darren McCarty beat the crap out of him? Do I detect a pattern? Good times. Good times, indeed.

/Already miss St. McCarty.
//Had dinner with him -- extremely good guy.
///Let the games begin.
////Let's Go Wings!
2005-09-28 08:31:40 PM  
Tenebreux is a homo.

go gulls

ECHL: where crappy players come to beat the crap out of each other on a wednesday night. just got my season tickets 3rd year in a row.
2005-09-28 08:43:42 PM  
First, now that Cal Ripkin Jr. is gone, the biggest ass of a hockey player is still cooler than the nicest baseball player. In fact, in terms of being "good guys" it pretty much goes like this:

Worst Hockey player > Best Baseball player
Worst Baseball player > Best Football player
Terrell Owens > Any NBA player

Secondly, Avery is a pest, his job is to draw penalties. Do you think this might have something to do with the things he's been saying lately? Of course. Is he sticking up for a teammate that got run in an exhibition game? Yes.

Finally, for those of you who hate Sean Avery, could it be because of this:

[image from www2.onunterhaltung.t-online.de too old to be available]
Who Sean Avery has sex with.

[image from instruct.uwo.ca too old to be available]
Who you do.
2005-09-28 08:56:07 PM  

Jealous? Nah. 'Cause when I use the left one at the same time it's like having a threesome!
2005-09-28 09:00:24 PM  
The guy has a concussion. Can't we cut him some slack? Clearly he's out of his mind right now and can't be held responsible for his words. . . or he's drunk.
2005-09-28 09:02:57 PM  
[image from oas.imageg.net too old to be available]

Isles are going all the way this year!
2005-09-28 09:03:43 PM  
try sayin that at a wings game in the raised tunnel between joe louis arena and the parking structure

i have a joke for you.. how do you give a french handshake? with your gun on the ground and both hands in the air.
2005-09-28 09:05:12 PM  
Nuke Laloosh

Isles are going all the way this year!

Bastards had to make a deal with the Devil to do it though.

/That joke's made me laugh since he was in Edmonton.
2005-09-28 09:07:29 PM  
Leafs continue to suck it.
2005-09-28 09:10:54 PM  
In somewhat related news, why the fark is the Red Wings game NOT on tv tonight (in Michigan). They are beating the living tar out of the Blue Jackets, 7-0 in the 2nd, and it's only on craptacular AM radio. I am furious.

/Go Wings Goddamit!!!
2005-09-28 09:11:54 PM  
hey how come nobodys posted a pic of McCarty pounding Lemieux into a fetal position yet
2005-09-28 09:15:52 PM  

Go Flyers.

palexc: Shut your filthy mouth.

The Stanley Cup, coming to Philadelphia. June, 2005.

/Yes, I said it.
//The Philadelphia Flyers. Rearranging faces since 1967.
2005-09-28 09:17:01 PM  
Heh. 2006
2005-09-28 09:20:28 PM  
Forgot to add: I feel I've lived a fairly fulfilling life to this point, but I'd rank March 26 1997 (brawl in hockeytown) in my top ten best days evar.
2005-09-28 09:34:15 PM  
oh man.. all this reminiscing about the good times is making me homesick for the golden days of the red wings.. that and this websites pictures www.redwingsrule1.homestead.com/fightpics.html

/the option to turn off the sound is at the bottom of the page
//that picture of konstantinov pounding lemieux's head into the ground brings a tear to my eye
2005-09-28 09:49:00 PM  
"But I have gotten hit hard many, many, many times, probably more so than they have ever been hit. They just love to complain about me because I'm an American who gets more press than their Canadian players.

Sidney Crosby got more press in Canada before he played a single NHL game than Roenick got in his whole career.
2005-09-28 09:51:15 PM  
Nuke Laloosh: Isles are going all the way this year!

You shut your even filthier mouth.

/Rangers fan
//No chance in hell the next 3 years
2005-09-28 09:51:25 PM  
I loved watching claude get his ass kicked, the only time I ever rooted someone wearing the winged wheel. For the short time he played for the Stars, I boo'd him...even when he scored(which wasn't much). Gutless piece of shiat.
2005-09-28 10:00:23 PM  
European leagues, and I believe Quebec's major junior league, require visor use. Why should a player take off what he's used to when he makes it to the NHL? Just to fend off asshats like Avery and Don Cherry? I like my teeth, thanks.

Oh, and calling a French-Canadian "French" is like referring to Mexicans as "Spaniards"... but hey, keep going. But do consider changing your bigoted barbs to "poutine-eating puck frogs" or something.

is chris chilly azz french? (chilliois)
Chris Chelios, the Olympic-village-thrashing no-good wuss, was born in Chicago. Greek origins, I believe.
2005-09-28 10:04:11 PM  

is chris chilly azz french? (chilliois)

I guess the fact that he's sweatered up for Team USA wasn't the first clue that he might not be....
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