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(Yahoo)   Police performing routine traffic stop can't help but notice the African lion in the back   ( divider line
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7895 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Sep 2005 at 9:05 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-23 09:08:12 AM  
Kat, I'm a kitty kat and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance..
2005-09-23 09:09:29 AM  
dammit steve i told you to keep the blanket over it
2005-09-23 09:12:08 AM  
Man, I hate it when that happens!
2005-09-23 09:12:51 AM  
When they take African Lions away from law abiding citizens, then only criminals will have African Lions

/// Here Kitty, Kitty...
2005-09-23 09:18:32 AM  
African lion safar -eeeee
2005-09-23 09:19:04 AM  
"That's good work, Lou."

2005-09-23 09:21:10 AM  
Hey, that's profiling!!!
2005-09-23 09:22:08 AM  
Nice try Aslan but yo' drug dealin' arse got PZOWNED!!!!
2005-09-23 09:22:37 AM  
This is Bogota, Columbia after all. Maybe the lion was a distraction so the cops wouldn't notice the 50 kilos of cocaine in the back of the car.
2005-09-23 09:27:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I say we drink the wine, eat the lion, and use the traffic ticket for musket wadding.

/Lion makes a fine meal.
2005-09-23 09:28:27 AM  
In the back of the traffic stop?
2005-09-23 09:33:42 AM  
Fark lions,

bunch of arogant big tooth'ed assholes
2005-09-23 09:33:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-23 09:34:51 AM  
I think someone's lion..
lier lier panties on fire.
2005-09-23 09:36:38 AM  
[URL=][IMG] nce3bs.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
2005-09-23 09:37:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-23 09:43:05 AM  
I'm a big Police fan but I've never heard of any song called "routine traffic stop."
2005-09-23 09:46:22 AM  
So Asian lions are ok just not African lions....

Yes I'm playing the 'Continent Card.'
2005-09-23 09:54:31 AM  
I think the driver was lion about the mane reason the cat was there. If the cop had pawsed a moment to see hide or hair of drugs, there may have been more of a fine or fee exacted.

I bet the fee lines are long in that country.
2005-09-23 09:54:41 AM  
Was it carrying a coconut?
2005-09-23 10:14:00 AM  
Garth and Hub wanted for questioning.
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-23 10:20:51 AM  
dittybopper: what a great way to start the morning!

AS for the drivers, they should have hid the lion behind an Elephant. The cops would have never seen it! Its a brilliant plan, really.
2005-09-23 10:21:35 AM  
A Tiger?! In Africa?
2005-09-23 10:43:59 AM  
Obviously the lion had fled to South America attempting to avoid charges for slaughtering all those midgets.
2005-09-23 10:45:47 AM  
I like big pussy in the back of my truck. Well, maybe because it was cold outside it seemed big.

/damn frost
2005-09-23 10:46:32 AM  
This is funny. My parents are from India, so as a child we would go there for vacation, my neighbor had a pet baby elephant(And I`m not bullshiatting, its the truth), it was awesome. Reminds me of how in most third world countries they have baby elephants and cubs for pets, when they are older they get rid of them to the zoo.
2005-09-23 10:48:32 AM  

This is Bogota, Columbia after all. Maybe the lion was a distraction so the cops wouldn't notice the 50 kilos of cocaine in the back of the car.

If you ever try this, don't make the mistake I made. Keep the lion and the coke in separate comparments. It's hard work dealing with a lion hopped up on 50kg of coke, especially in a small space.
2005-09-23 10:53:59 AM  
Annoyance, you're not from Southern Ontario by any chance, are you?
2005-09-23 11:11:13 AM  
bdub77 wins.
2005-09-23 11:12:22 AM  
If you've ever moved a house cat in a car, just do the math.
2005-09-23 11:21:01 AM  
davezog- Close, WNY. And lets not forget the 'Marine Land' themesong either.
2005-09-23 11:27:11 AM  
In Colombia, the kittens kill you!!

//couldn't resist

Anyway, this lion was probably on its way to a canned hunt, so ending up in a zoo was probably for the bst.
2005-09-23 12:23:23 PM  
That's funny, I thought you only found Lions (and tigers) in Kenya.
2005-09-23 12:24:47 PM  
I like the photo caption: "AP File Photo: A lion at a zoo." Just in case, y'know, you're not sure what a lion looks like. Let alone a lion at a zoo.
2005-09-23 12:34:08 PM  
Not a routine traffic stop.

He was pulled over because he was African!
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