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6897 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2005 at 7:45 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-21 03:46:15 PM  
I predict we'll see a lot of crazy, confusing, sometimes contradicting events take place over the next two seasons, followed by an "oh, that's all it was... you sons of biatches left me hanging for that?" wrap-up.
2005-09-21 03:47:29 PM  
we should all place bets on what date the first hiatus will be and how long it will last
2005-09-21 03:58:06 PM  
They're all dead and the island is Purgatory.
2005-09-21 04:04:04 PM  
banger They're all dead Farkers and the island is Purgatory Hell.

There fixed it for ya.
2005-09-21 04:04:55 PM  
Didn't read any of the above postings... just wanted to thank Submitter for posting a spoiler disclaimer in the headline. Earl says good things will happen to you tonight...

/Oh, sorry, wrong thread
//And now... I'm outta here
2005-09-21 04:06:13 PM  
I asked Drew and he gave it the ok, just had to submit it earlier than usual. The season finale thread from May is a fun read
2005-09-21 04:09:36 PM  
I've never seen the show, but I know what happens, and I won't ruin it for any of you.

Or will I?
2005-09-21 04:09:50 PM  
I know how the episode goes. No questions are answered, and one new character is introduced. That's all I'm saying, unless you want to drop me a line.
2005-09-21 04:11:29 PM  
From another one of the threads...

My feeling is that no one will age on the Island. Now there are two theories: nanobots (likely) or mystical power (less likely).

Nanobots: Would explain the black smoke, invisible monster, halucinations, Locke's back all healed up, the mechanical chain noise.

Mystical Power: The pirates from the Black Rock haven't aged a day. I think that's why they had to take Walt away and were trying to take Claire's baby. Since they grow quickly (normally), it would become very apparent that they'd found the fountain of youth.

But of course that won't be explained in this episode (maybe not ever based on their track record of not explaining things).
2005-09-21 04:12:15 PM  
The hatch is none other than Survivor's own Richard Hatch, in a stunning cameo!

I hate to repeat myself, but if Sawyer is a) alive and b) shirtless, I'm good to go.
2005-09-21 04:12:35 PM  
Where are the spoilers?
2005-09-21 04:14:06 PM  
hinten: Where are the spoilers?

AICN. But if you haven't read them already then why spoil it? It would be like sitting in line the night of Episode III and then reading all the spoilers as you are walking in.
2005-09-21 04:18:42 PM  
They're all dead and the island is Purgatory.

If this is true, then how/why did Boone and the Marshall die?
2005-09-21 04:23:03 PM  
There aren't going to be any answers for a long time, guys. It's a TV show, not a M. Night Shamallamasalamander movie. If Locke and Gilligan or whoever find out what the island is, the shark has been jumped. So it's going to be more questions, more flashbacks and more nonsensical stuff for a few more years. Now with Michelle Rodriguez goodness.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-21 04:27:48 PM  
Is it just me, or am i the only one pissed when i see

they're all dead and the island is Purgatory

especially when the writers have specifically said that is not what is going to happen.
2005-09-21 04:27:50 PM  
The Homer Tax: If this is true, then how/why did Boone and the Marshall die?

That rumor basically assumes that by "dying" in purgatory they get to go to heaven, nirvana, etc.
2005-09-21 04:35:24 PM  
There have been way too many movies and Twilight Zone episodes where the punchline is that the person is dead. I seriously doubt that's it. Anyway, Boone didn't really resolve anything to earn him a trip out of purgatory.

I think the answer is something terrestrial. The hatch is obviously man made and the "monster" makes mechanical sounds, like a roller coaster going up hill. I think it's some kind of government facility for...something.

As for the people not aging, that's going to be difficult to pull off after a few years. And you would definitly have to kill off the kids.
2005-09-21 04:40:23 PM  
Mugato: And you would definitly have to kill off the kids.

That's why I think kids are not allowed. Even this year, I'm sure Walt (in real life) would grow like a weed. Not only would that be ackward because they've only been there a few months (TV time), but it would throw off the fact that the pirates have been there for hundreds of years and haven't died of natural causes.

I'm thinking the show is all about the fountain of youth and the people trying to exploit it.
2005-09-21 04:53:26 PM  
Oh I see what you're saying. Well, maybe. It's better than the dead thing.
2005-09-21 04:53:39 PM  

Nanobots: Would explain the black smoke, invisible monster, halucinations, Locke's back all healed up, the mechanical chain noise.

I believe, in interviews, JJ Abrams officially killed the nanobot theory. Which is sad, because it's a good one.
2005-09-21 04:54:26 PM  
does anyone have the gifs of the 'monster' swooping by the jet engine or in the jungle?
2005-09-21 05:00:24 PM  
ask and ye shall receive
005-09-21 11:04:59 AM NeoMatrix [TotalFark]

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-21 05:05:49 PM  
Let me ask a little louder now:

Where are the spoilers?
2005-09-21 05:07:32 PM  
hinten: Where are the spoilers?

Main page of Aint It Cool News. There's some blaring loud Lost 2.1 on the right side of the page. All you need is in there, as it 100% breaks down every event of the episode.

... I still say you are better off waiting a few hours.
2005-09-21 05:11:51 PM  
Damn, it's the Quaker Guy.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-21 05:13:31 PM  
azmoviez: I still say you are better off waiting a few hours.

You're probably right. I do enjoy the show but everytime I read even one spoiler last season, it really took the wind out of the sail for that show.
2005-09-21 05:16:54 PM  
hinten: You're probably right.

Wow a TotalFark first for me :-) But yeah they are some pretty heavy spoilers if you are planning on watching. If you are reading it's not as dramatic (obviously). Though I'm still looking forward to it tonight.
2005-09-21 05:33:39 PM  
what episode contained Locke's second flashbacks?
I'd laike to watch that tonight before the new one.
2005-09-21 05:48:46 PM  

You're my new hero.

/ And we have the same first name!
2005-09-21 05:55:12 PM  
whooo 2 hours to go
2005-09-21 07:23:02 PM  
38 minutes!
2005-09-21 07:49:57 PM  
10 minutes to go
2005-09-21 07:52:47 PM  
the only lost season I know about:

welcome back, [image from too old to be available]
2005-09-21 07:52:51 PM  
BOB DENVER?!?! How the hell did they do that?!?
2005-09-21 07:53:13 PM  


/wishes someone would hook him up with a month of TF
//misses TF deeply
2005-09-21 07:54:07 PM  
I know what's in the hatch!

2005-09-21 07:54:18 PM  
This warrants a thread on Fark? What is this, Ain't It Cool News?


Just sayin'... TV show. And all...
2005-09-21 07:54:24 PM  
lightdarkness: LOST TIME!


/wishes someone would hook him up with a month of TF
//misses TF deeply

beg around 24 time heh
2005-09-21 07:55:08 PM  
i don't know if i should read this or wait...

/gotta sit around twiddling thumbs til feb 2006
//damn australian tv
2005-09-21 07:55:17 PM  
I downloaded the entire season off torrent, cuz don't get NBC on this side of da pond :( . So hoping for some quick seeders on torrent!!!!

Hurley PWNS U!
2005-09-21 07:55:20 PM  
Naskar258: I'll just do it myself around 24 time.
2005-09-21 07:55:52 PM  
abc rather..
2005-09-21 07:56:10 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

I Mean think about it... He's FARKING invisible! Come on!
2005-09-21 07:56:39 PM  
OMG, I don't know what Martha Stewart is going to wear when she says her catchphrase, but I am shivering with excitement!

/This is the TV discussion thread, right?
2005-09-21 07:57:29 PM  

Nah just download the premiere off torrent after it airs..should go up quickly. I have the same problems as u here in Spain...
2005-09-21 07:58:06 PM  
woohoo! it's time
2005-09-21 07:58:49 PM  
You know, I got some free TF from the last Lost thread.

That said...I'd be watching Veronica Mars tonight, save for the fact that Lost spoilers are everywhere and I had to go looking for Veronica Mars ones during the summer.

They're both great shows...but why the hell are they on at the same time? Stupid networks.
2005-09-21 07:59:46 PM  
IMDWalrus: You know, I got some free TF from the last Lost thread.

if you're lucky you could get it again
2005-09-21 08:00:28 PM  
I'm "lost" as to how every show on tv is now a crime drama or "reality" show. Yes, i know this show is neither, which is probably why its so popular.
/the reason i no longer have/need cable tv (i can download The Shield)
2005-09-21 08:00:54 PM  
Michelle Rodriguez is hot

/Jack episode
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