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(Some Guy)   What would happen if I were to boil some Poison Ivy leaves, and drink it like tea.?   ( divider line
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42999 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Sep 2005 at 12:21 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-18 12:17:28 AM  
Well, I guarantee that you will still have teh stupid.
2005-09-18 12:18:23 AM  
Why would you want to??
2005-09-18 12:19:25 AM  
I don't know, but I'll stay up and wait for you to tell us.
2005-09-18 12:19:27 AM  
try it and tell us. this should be hilarious. also.. no, this is wrong, please stop.

I hear that absolves you in court if you declare it in a social situation before something goes bad
2005-09-18 12:19:28 AM  
Do it
2005-09-18 12:19:50 AM  
Anaphylactic shock?

/try carbon monoxide poisoning if you're trying to die. Or just enlist.
2005-09-18 12:20:29 AM  
2005-09-18 12:22:22 AM  
Darwin Award?
2005-09-18 12:22:55 AM  
Bad Things.
2005-09-18 12:23:18 AM  
Well, when you go to take a dump, remember to wipe your ass with poison oak.

You know, to emphasize your dip-shiattery.
2005-09-18 12:23:26 AM  
This should be fun.
Make sure to keep a friend handy to post here in case you can't.
2005-09-18 12:23:27 AM  
Ask Darwin's turtle.
2005-09-18 12:23:32 AM  
I bet the news story about the result would get greenlighted.
2005-09-18 12:23:39 AM  
I get the feeling the tea's not for the submitter.

The submitter is thinking of killing someone.
2005-09-18 12:23:43 AM  
Why was this greenlit? Slow Sunday started early this week...
2005-09-18 12:23:44 AM  
forget that.
smoke it instead.
2005-09-18 12:23:49 AM  
Somewhere in Farkistan a tweeker sets down his meth pipe to brew some tea and take apart the TV
2005-09-18 12:24:03 AM  
itchy diarhrea

2005-09-18 12:24:11 AM  
Green. This should be good. Time to man up and do it.
2005-09-18 12:24:38 AM  
You'd have an itchy throat? You'd have to stick your finger down it to scratch.
2005-09-18 12:24:57 AM  
Oh no, submitter has uncovered the secret of UltraFark.
2005-09-18 12:25:01 AM  
I believe that you would immediately be given the title "Fark-tard". Good luck with that.
2005-09-18 12:25:02 AM  
You'll need a really really good friend. Even being good friends, I would stil reccomend getting them really realy drunk before you ask them to reach up your butt to scratch your iches.
2005-09-18 12:25:08 AM  
it would cure all your current poison ivy. just trust me.
2005-09-18 12:25:08 AM  
What happens if you smoke it?
2005-09-18 12:25:12 AM  
id reccomend boiling it and putting it on your skin to see if it still makes a reaction
2005-09-18 12:25:16 AM  
$20 to Drew to post the name of the submitter.
2005-09-18 12:25:20 AM  
2005-09-18 12:25:28 AM  
Greened and instantly mainpaged. I can only assume that is unavailable and the admin is in a playful mood. Or really ripped.
2005-09-18 12:25:39 AM  
btw, only about 50% of people are even allergic to PI. i'm not for example, though i can't say there won't be chemicals that would be bad if ingested, i doubt it would kill anybody.
2005-09-18 12:25:54 AM  
Hospitilarity and intubation ensues?
2005-09-18 12:25:56 AM  
I want to see pictures of your fat swollen head after this is all done..

haha tea from poision ivy.. classic.
2005-09-18 12:26:04 AM  
Here, have a Darwin Award awhile.

/Only on FARK, do such Morans openly exist.
2005-09-18 12:26:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-18 12:26:14 AM  
it would cure all your current poison ivy. just trust me.

Homeopath much?
2005-09-18 12:26:26 AM  
What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger...or so I have heard.
2005-09-18 12:26:28 AM  
Hmmmmm......that's a good question. Go brew up a cup, hook up the webcam, and let's all watch the hilarity ensue.

Go ahead. We'll wait.
2005-09-18 12:26:46 AM  
farked already
2005-09-18 12:27:01 AM  
humanconditioner: forget that.
smoke it instead.

No! I remember when i was about 13, my dad and i were burning some leaves and bushes we had cut down. the pile had poison ivy, unknownst to us, and we breathed in the smoke. My dad and i had such painful irritation of our throats and chests, it felt like pneumonia and strep throat mixed into one. We had the symptoms for two weeks.
2005-09-18 12:27:04 AM  
If it has a high enough concentration and if you react to it, you will have a somewhat itchy throat.

For God's sake, do NOT smoke it. That would be very bad for your lungs, and can easily cause hospital visits.

/knows people stupid enough to do both things
2005-09-18 12:27:09 AM  
40below: Greened and instantly mainpaged

Must have made Jeff really laugh....
2005-09-18 12:27:24 AM  
What??? this got greenlit? WOW.
2005-09-18 12:27:31 AM  
The allergic reaction in Poison Ivy is caused by the oil on the leafs - if you drink it (even boiled down) you risk getting irritation, swelling and even internal bleeding in your whole gastrointestinal system.

Do not do this - if you want tea, I'll mail you some. If you want to die, there are easier ways.
2005-09-18 12:27:41 AM  
What would happen submitter if you checked into therapy?
2005-09-18 12:27:46 AM  
do it and tell us how it goes.

now i'm curious.
2005-09-18 12:27:48 AM  
I'm just gonna watch this thread and enjoy the results. This should be fun.

/out the submitter
2005-09-18 12:28:17 AM  
what the hell are iches?
2005-09-18 12:28:29 AM  
Next thing you know he's gonna tell us he's hardcore.
2005-09-18 12:28:30 AM  
I can't really think ill of people who ponder these questions. After all, if not for them we would not have beer, pot or any number of fun recreational things.
2005-09-18 12:28:42 AM  
BTW, the correct answer is that you would likely die, or at the very least require an immediate tracheotomy/trip to the ER.

GIS tracheotomy if you're still not sure.

People who burn poison ivy and then inhale it often end up in the ER. Drinking it like tea = you'll end up a headline on FARK.
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