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34154 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Sep 2005 at 12:53 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-18 08:03:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-18 08:28:48 AM  
I would hardly be considered a music fan by anyone's standards. But I think it's pretty funny how most people who consider themselves music experts will act.

Can someone please explain to me how the popularity of a band matters AT ALL when judging the quality of their music? More than once in this thread someone writes "I would say ___ is good, but they're too mainstream".
2005-09-18 08:38:41 AM  
Anyone that suggests Green Day, I hate.
2005-09-18 08:41:03 AM  
CygnusDarius: I just saw MegaDeth for the first time. Been a big fan for years, but never had the opportunity to see them live unitl the Gigantour hit Montreal a few weeks back.

They kicked total butt.

Dave Mustaine is a god.
2005-09-18 08:43:52 AM  

Thanks for taking care of that for me.

And best new comer...
2005-09-18 08:44:35 AM  
Odd, the image was in the preview. Oh well. I'm not cool. (unless it works this time.)

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-18 08:46:56 AM  
1. square cube
2. orange ball
3. egg
4. ladder
5. blue mountain
6. pipe
7. purple pinwheel
8. tornado

the last three are all you
2005-09-18 08:55:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-18 09:09:35 AM  
I at least give this obvious wannabe-hipster a smidgen of credit for recognizing that Jigga deserves to be right up there ahead of all those bands with so many words in their name I will always get them mixed up.

And in fact, if you were to really list the overlords of rap and rock, how would it not be Jay Z and Radiohead?...
2005-09-18 09:14:16 AM  
because nas did way more for rap than jay z.
jay z jus blew up like.. shazaaam
2005-09-18 09:17:17 AM  
things i've learned from music threads:

1. if anyone's heard of it, it sucks
2. if no one's heard of it, it sucks

i only come into the music threads to make sure that they're exactly the same as the ones before. no exceptions here.

carry on... and thanks for the laughs.
2005-09-18 09:22:47 AM  
I don't know what's more predictable, Pitchfork's list or Fark's response.
2005-09-18 09:25:37 AM  






honestly, the majority of the albums in that list are shiatty independent acts that some hipster thinks are the greatest thing ever. whomever created this list is no better than the kids that stand outside major rock shows with discmen and free samplers screaming "listen to my band". all this guy is trying to create is exposure for music he deems as "swell".

it's really bad that the 10 or so albums i have heard on that list, i've heard because of MTV.
2005-09-18 09:43:19 AM  
White Stripes = rock 'n' roll (not their new album...but white blood cells; definately)

Radiohead = not rock 'n' roll in any conceivable form.

Coldplay, Keane etc. can fark right off. Even when I'm old and have kids and go to dinner parties I will NEVER listen to that crap.

Gorrilaz are great if you want music that is a cynically compressed mix of every style of music that is "trendy" with "kids today", any soul removed and replaced with a nasal, slack-jawed cockney spouting inane shiat over the top of it.

Im probably wrong about this but

I'd forgotten how hilarious that fake SA was...cheers for reminding me!


Damn right. Songs For The Deaf would definately make my top 5. That is an album that rocks. Hard. And Fast.
2005-09-18 09:52:39 AM  
No Nightwish? I am saddened.

/Seconds most evertyhing that's already been mentioned
//especially the real metal
2005-09-18 09:53:40 AM  
I adore Radiohead but Kid A was pretty damn dissapointing.

A lot of those albums are pretty good but then again Pitchfork is a pimple on the music world's ass.

So meh.

/The Postal Service is spiffy.
//this is a slashy
2005-09-18 10:04:11 AM  
The Postal Service

Seriously, you should check it out. Very good stuff.

/not a pretentious music fan, but that album is very good and unique
2005-09-18 10:09:07 AM  
Tatsuma: Thread about MTV/Clear Channel/Biggest acts out there: OMG teh suck! They are disgusting! you have to be retarded to like that! Burn your tv and destroy your radio!!!

Thread about Indie Music/Pitchfork/Lesser known bands: OMG teh suck! They are disgusting! you have to be a pretentious asshole to like that! fark PITCHFORK HIPSTER CRAP EMO SUCKS

I think you've nailed it there.
2005-09-18 10:15:23 AM  
Kid A absolutely deserves the number 1 spot. Most of the people who call it, or Radiohead, pretentious haven't actually listened to it. Maybe they heard a few songs at their friends house, but they were probably too busy making fun of it to even listen to it. Look up the word "pretentious" before you sling it around. Radiohead has never been pretentious.
2005-09-18 10:18:10 AM  
PS - Pitchfork is pretentious.
2005-09-18 10:29:02 AM  
Pretty funny to see people complain and whine, then suggest evanesence and american idiot.

Let he who has no sin cast the first stone
after you, who's last?
/it's DOOM, he's the worst known
//ALL CAPS when you spell the man's name
2005-09-18 10:29:40 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

2005-09-18 10:30:04 AM  
Blueprint at #2!! These guys have GREAT musical taste. I will now have to give the other 99 albums a fair listen
2005-09-18 10:30:17 AM  
I've come to the conclusion that Fark doesn't know what kind of music it likes.
2005-09-18 10:42:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

heh heh...
2005-09-18 10:48:35 AM  
Radiohead is one of my favorite bands but is completely biased toward anything Radiohead.

I was glad to see Sigur Ros at 6.
2005-09-18 10:53:12 AM  
Best Album of 2000-2004, without a doubt: The Prime Ministers - Go For Glory

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-18 10:56:50 AM  
One word: FUDDLE!
2005-09-18 11:02:10 AM  
At least they had the decency not to put a My Chemical Romance album on. No I haven't listened to the whole album. In fact, all I saw was the video for that Helena song. It made me want to throw my TV out the window. I have never wanted to punch a band's lead singer so bad in my life.
2005-09-18 11:07:11 AM  
I loved the episode of the Sopranos where the daughter is in the car taking her little brother somewhere. He gets in the car and the music in th background is some african pop artist/world music shiat. I was thinking God these writers are good. Exactly what I would have been listening to in college. And would roll my eyes at now.
2005-09-18 11:08:04 AM  
Why is it that anytime someone talks about music you've never heard of, they're immediately labeled "pretentious hipsters"?

Newsflashiathere's tons more music out there than the ten songs that get played on the radio over and over.
2005-09-18 11:14:11 AM  
All your bands suck!

/radiohead rules!
2005-09-18 11:21:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Missing from the list.

Also, all you people who are saying.... WAAAH Evanensence and WAAH some recycled "alternative" or "angst rock" crap.... kindly go fark yourselves, grow up, and start listening to music. That is all.
2005-09-18 11:22:31 AM  
All of our opinions on music are completely worthless.

...with one exception:

Tool sucks
2005-09-18 11:26:25 AM  
stiletto_the_wise wins the thread.
2005-09-18 11:27:21 AM  
Any list with Dismemberment Plan on it is okay in my book. However, when clicking the link, I was under the impression it was going to be a list of the top 100 sold albums.

I own about half the stuff on that list though, so while it's the top 100 in a very small niche of people, it's a good list of good music.
2005-09-18 11:29:14 AM  
Here's my math. Let's say I haven't heard 50 of those albums. I love 25 of the ones I have and the remaining 25 have disappeared completely from my mp3 player. The result is I'd listen to any of their picks, because there's a 50-50 chance I'll love it. I like those odds.

The Avalanches at #5 was nice. Overall, my list would be quite different.
2005-09-18 11:31:26 AM  
Anything that came before or after this album pales in comparison. Yes I know it originally came out in the late 90's, but the 5.1 surround sound remix came out in 2004 so that ought to make it eligible.
[image from too old to be available]
Anyone who puts Radiohead in a list of best whatever automatically qualifies as an idiot hipster doofus in my book. Radiohead's whiney bullshiat "music" makes me want to stab knitting needles into my eardrums.

/anyone who likes hardcore music and NES games owes it to themselves to look up HORSE the Band. Nintendocore friggin' rocks.
2005-09-18 11:39:47 AM  
this list is correct any list with dizzee rascal, MF doom, and the streets is right. i also must be a hipster because i knew what that guy was talking about on about 50 precent of those bands

/the rapture "echos" really is awesome
2005-09-18 11:41:43 AM  
List is sorely missing Beck's Sea Change, and Of Montreal's Satanic Panic in the Attic. Both should be top 20, at least.

Good to see Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot very high up.

But seriously, did anyone, anyone at all, in the entire world, like Chutes Too Narrow more than Oh, Inverted World (both Shins albums)? I even think I remember Pitchfork not liking it as much.
2005-09-18 11:44:53 AM  
Ok so let me get this straight...its cool to not like radiohead

and many of you like to bash radio head so that makes you cool...but it also makes you "mainstream" and a hipster

wait thats what you were rebelling against to begin with!

/farking dufuses
2005-09-18 11:47:52 AM  
The list has Arcade Fire on it, so I'll take it. You really must download this CD (legally or illegally)
2005-09-18 11:52:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-18 11:53:41 AM  
I'm glad to see the inclusion of Mars Volta, Behemoth, and Tool on people's missing lists. However I'm also glad to see that Sigur Ros, White Stripes, and "The Moon and Antartica" by Modest Mouse made it on the top 10.


I have no idea how you forgot to include this album on your list.
[image from too old to be available]

For shame, for shame.
2005-09-18 11:57:31 AM  
Radiohead's whiney bullshiat "music" makes me want to stab knitting needles into my eardrums.

That is exactly why they are on the list: we want you to stab knitting needles into your eardrums.

/anyone who likes hardcore music and NES games owes it to themselves to look up HORSE the Band. Nintendocore friggin' rocks.

Putting "core" randomly on the end of a word, like "nintendo" is retarded. Can't you actually come up with a good word for a genre?

/that refused album is really damn good.
2005-09-18 12:01:20 PM  
12349876: SilentStrider: Green Day-American Idiot

That one is 2005

No, it's 2004.
2005-09-18 12:07:28 PM  
Radiohead sucks, but interpol rules.
2005-09-18 12:09:07 PM  

Honestly not his best. I'll still take:

[image from too old to be available]

over Real Gone. All Tom Waits is better than most of the music people are referencing in this thread.

2005-09-18 12:09:43 PM  
audioslave bites ass. Chris Cornell hopped on the train that was Rage Against the Machine and tried to pretend no one noticed that Zack De La Rocha left. You can't be all depressed like with a hideously annoying voice and cover rage songs. When your career is over, it's over don't hijack formerly great bands.

and the reason they ddin't include beck is because his addition would just throw the level of pretentiousness off the charts.

/owns many of those albums
//hates beck.
2005-09-18 12:10:52 PM  
Why isn't this unquestionably number 1 on the list??

[image from too old to be available]

Kings X's Manic Moonlight shows up nowhere?
Tools Lataralus shows up nowhere on this list??

The only redeeming quality about this list is that Audioslave wasn't on it.
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