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16216 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Sep 2005 at 1:30 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-09-16 8:08:30 AM  
2005-09-16 8:13:05 AM  
2005-09-16 8:14:11 AM  
Hahahah, good headline, submitter.
2005-09-16 8:22:32 AM  
I hate submitter.
2005-09-16 8:29:18 AM  
Nicely done submitter
2005-09-16 8:32:05 AM  
Headline := amusing;
2005-09-16 8:35:36 AM  
Turbo Pascal. Those were the days.
2005-09-16 8:48:31 AM  
I feel old now.
2005-09-16 8:51:22 AM  
Consider yourself lucky if you read that headline and went "Whaaaaaaaaa?".
2005-09-16 9:00:45 AM  
I once knew the secret of turbo pascal. But that was a long time ago, and my old grey head isn't what it used to be....
2005-09-16 9:01:35 AM  
program FarkPost( input, output );

    WriteLn( 'Whaaaaaaaaa?' );
2005-09-16 9:30:21 AM  
Delphi? Wake me when they crack the Visteon code..
2005-09-16 1:33:21 PM  
As a former Delphi supporter, this headline is in my top 10. Fantastic.
2005-09-16 1:34:30 PM  
As a nerd, I support your headline.
2005-09-16 1:34:35 PM  
Um, the secret of Delphi is the toxic gasses escaping from chasms in the earth, causing people (the oracles) to hallucinate and make various predictions.
2005-09-16 1:35:25 PM  
But what about Turtle?!

to firstn :num :list if :num = 0 [output []] output fput (first :list) (firstn :num-1 butfirst :list) end to firstfive :list output firstn 5 :list end
2005-09-16 1:35:50 PM  
What ian.m said.
2005-09-16 1:35:53 PM  
procedure TFark.Boobies

/ripoff, so sue me
2005-09-16 1:35:56 PM  

good headline.

I tried using pascal once. I got sick and tired of it telling me I couldn't do something. BLECH!!!

Its standard C and assembly for me.
2005-09-16 1:36:03 PM  
The secret of Delphi lies in descending your classes from TPersistent rather than TObject. Go forth now and code.
2005-09-16 1:36:18 PM  
still no findings on COBOL?
2005-09-16 1:36:19 PM  
Best headline ever. :-D
2005-09-16 1:36:40 PM  
Ah, the nerd in my just reared its ugly head. Nice job submitter.
2005-09-16 1:36:52 PM  
man, talk about old news.
2005-09-16 1:37:18 PM  
It's not worse than Ada.
2005-09-16 1:37:39 PM  
"I was playing around with a planisphere while suffering from insomnia."

Yeah, I play around with my planispheres while suffering from insomnia, too. Helps me get to sleep.
2005-09-16 1:38:07 PM  
Good ol' Turbo Pascal. Back in prehistoric times, our HS computer teacher taught us how to do "simple" graphics with it. I don't look back on the masses of nested parethenses with much fondness, especially when your 2,000-line program didn't work because you typed )))))) when you should have typed ))))))).
2005-09-16 1:38:21 PM  

Nothing is worse than Ada.
2005-09-16 1:38:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The secret - analog sometimes sounds better
2005-09-16 1:39:57 PM  
I certainly know one secret about Turbo Pascal: Never put your floppy disk on the radiator.

/it was the dude who sat by the window
//lost his final project in junior high computer science
//teacher thought it was funny
2005-09-16 1:40:21 PM  
Pxtl: Mugato

Nothing is worse than Ada.

2005-09-16 1:41:00 PM  

that's pretty awesome.
2005-09-16 1:42:01 PM  
Hack Patooey, let us speak no more of the evil that is Lisp... ever
2005-09-16 1:42:13 PM  
Im not sure this has anything to do with anything, but does anyone remember this:
[image from too old to be available]

Left 400
Up 238
Down 343
2005-09-16 1:42:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
You're getting a prediction
from DELPHI!

/ever visit the Oracle... ON WEED?!?
2005-09-16 1:44:24 PM  
Should I be worried that I'm under 25 and get this joke?
2005-09-16 1:44:35 PM  
Delphi is teh uber ghey.
2005-09-16 1:44:37 PM  
33 million pounds? how were they going to lift it? What? oh... nevermind.
2005-09-16 1:46:58 PM  
Mithel: Should I be worried that I'm under 25 and get this joke?

2005-09-16 1:47:21 PM  
ignoramus: Im not sure this has anything to do with anything, but does anyone remember this:

LOGO rocks.
2005-09-16 1:47:25 PM  
/ever visit the Oracle... ON WEED?!?

You do know how the Oracle actually got her visions, right? By inhaling volcanic gases until she saw stuff, no matter whatever the f*ck it was.
2005-09-16 1:48:06 PM  
Clavis writes:

/ever visit the Oracle... ON WEED?!?

Actually the oracles were into stuff that was heavier than serious hallucinogenic gases.

2005-09-16 1:48:12 PM  
A few years ago I tutored a graduate student who was taking a C programming class, and as I recall he made extensive use of macros to make C look like PASCAL. Those were the days.
2005-09-16 1:48:21 PM  

Headline := amusing;

You owe me a new keyboard... seeing as I just sprayed Pepsi all over mine.

/learned the wonders of object-oriented programming in Turbo Pascal
//those were the days
///C# whore now
2005-09-16 1:48:22 PM  
Turbo Pascal? Aren't there more important terrible secrets to worry about?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-16 1:48:42 PM  
WriteLn - where have you gone?
2005-09-16 1:48:50 PM  

Nope. I am too and I get it. Too bad all the old games in Turbo Pascal need some nasty exe hacking to work right on modern systems because of clock issues.

Hacked a fair bit of Pascal - used Inno Setup a lot, and it's Delphi-based (with RemObjects Pascal). Pascal is what happens when you take the dangerous-but-useful parts out of C and don't replace them with an equivalent structure. Still, it had some nice ideas - like array-size-as-part-of-type (which would've worked real well with templates in C++) and the := assignment.
2005-09-16 1:48:59 PM  
If you guys felt old before... I learned how to use pointers in turbo pascal in high school.

/Even I feel old
2005-09-16 1:49:22 PM  
The Pharoah did it.

In the Library of Alexandria.

With the Flail. And Crook.
2005-09-16 1:49:58 PM  
I dig the headline. Is Delphi even around anymore? I got in on the tail end of the Pascal craze and never cared enough to make more than a stupid database driven app in Delphi. It wasn't bad, but I preferred to be raped by MS MFC instead.

Hack Patooey: Pxtl: Mugato

Nothing is worse than Ada.


Seconded. Lisp is the antichrist. I spent an entire semester in college writing A.I. apps in Lisp. Er, excuse me... ((((((((((((((((((((lisp)))))))))))))))))))))))))
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