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(Some Guy)   Watchtower sues webmaster for $100k, claims quoting their literature causes them loss of reputation and embarrassment   ( divider line
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2005-09-13 11:03:01 AM  
taking a page out of the scientology playbook eh

so can they actually win this? I mean.. they give their stuff away, isnt that public domain?
2005-09-13 11:41:27 AM  
Giving something away doesn't mean you give up your copyright. That being said, it shouldn't be too hard to argue fair use in this case.
2005-09-13 4:53:34 PM  
I'd be embarrassed if I was quoted saying a lot of the things in the Watchtower. I don't blame them for being upset.
2005-09-13 5:21:23 PM  
The Watchtower's biggest threat is its own words. They don't want their members to look to closely at their history, otherwise they may realize the extent in which they were lied too.

I know, I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses for 20 years and then I was challenged to really read their old literature. As opposed to how most JWs do it which is to read what the Watchtower says it said and take that as Gospel.

It doesn't suprise me that they are playing for Cultism 101 by suing critics. It is probably their only hope in the information age.
2005-09-13 7:41:29 PM  
Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, and Dave Matthew's unavailable for comment.
2005-09-13 7:42:28 PM  
Doesn't this deserve an irony tag?
2005-09-13 7:42:35 PM  
claims quoting their literature causes them loss of reputation and embarrassment

They're correct about this.
2005-09-13 7:42:37 PM  
Link doesn't work.... At least, not for me.
2005-09-13 7:43:12 PM  
they just don't want anyone talking falsely, since the hour is getting late, i suppose...
2005-09-13 7:46:43 PM  
I hope the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't decide to sue Fark.
2005-09-13 7:47:30 PM  
lol....A Jehovah's Witness stopped by my barracks when I was in the Navy and my roomate was a Wiccan with his own personal alter set up in the room.

I invited the guy in and when he saw Sean's candles, goblets, etc on a table, I've never seen a white man whiter than that. Needless to say, but he decided that this was not the place to peddle his religious wares.

/Jehovah's Witnesses have a special place in well Neverland Ranch for one thing
//I got a two-fer...Ragging on the JW and a MJ joke. lollerskates
2005-09-13 7:47:50 PM  
Somebody's selectively quoting from religious works in order to make a point???!!!!

I can't imagine!
2005-09-13 7:49:30 PM  
Wooo so glad this got posted here - people need to know how farked up The Organisation (or The Society) is. Isn't the fact that the JWs call it "The Organisation" farked up as it is? I reckon.

The Quotes site was an absolute Godsend for me (except I'm an atheist now...) when I was finding out the truth about "The Truth". And the the Jehovah's Witness leadership are a bunch of twats.

/out for three years now, yay me!
//high-fives BladBoy
2005-09-13 7:50:01 PM  
Those farkers have some of the best property in Brooklyn Heights. I'll read anything, so I occasionally grab their magazine, which is published fairly close to where I live. it makes Reader's Digest look academic. If your going to enjoy tax exempt status at least do SOMETHING that benefits society. As it stands their only purpose on the planet seems to be depleting the forests and providing hack writing jobs to those who would otherwise be unemployable.
2005-09-13 7:51:47 PM  
Perhaps he could counter that Jehovah's Witnesses are incapable of being embarrassed.
2005-09-13 7:54:15 PM  
Once a JW came to my door. I dropped trow and urinated on his shoes.

Haven't seen him since.
2005-09-13 7:55:59 PM  
It's been a few months since everyone posted their JH stories...let's hear them.
2005-09-13 7:56:35 PM  
Copyright violation? Sure, those grounds they have.

Loss of reputation? Embarrassment? From their own publications? Case dismissed with prejudice.

/ They need a non-JW lawyer.
2005-09-13 7:56:56 PM  
Tranfusions! Get your transfusions here!!
2005-09-13 7:58:11 PM  
bladboy Same here. Born and raised as one. I luckily left once I saw that they were full of horseshiat. Did you get baptized? I did when I was 14 cause everyone else was doing it. I realized too late that it was a huge mistake.
/don't believe the hype, they are a cult
2005-09-13 7:58:21 PM  
did anyone go to the trouble of reading all that?

2005-09-13 7:58:33 PM  
That's not as bad as what I once did to a vacuum cleaner salesman.
2005-09-13 8:00:45 PM  
proteus_b lol
glitter Haven't we met on another JW thread? Seems like we did. Anyway, wassup.
RoscoePColtrane lol
2005-09-13 8:02:16 PM  
I call bullshiat!!??

From the article: Signed by F.YOUSSEF Local registrar

I mean... cmon!
2005-09-13 8:02:28 PM  
He came to my door and wanted to show off his stuff. So, he sprinkled some dirt on the carpet, rubbed it in with his shoe, then proceeded to vacuum the dirt back up. It worked pretty well. I told him, " that was pretty good, but can it take care of this" I dropped my pants and took a huge, smelly dump right at his feet. He ran out the door, leaving his demo model there in my living room. I now own a commercial grade vacuum.
2005-09-13 8:03:19 PM  
One time: I saw two of them coming down the street towards my house. I quickly put a little note on the front door which said "Quiet Please, Satanic Ritual in Progress, thanx."

The two walked to the door, saw the note, and just stood there for a minute. Apparently stunned. Then they walked away. I took the note off the door.

A few minutes later there were four of them standing across the street talking and pointing at my house. They all walked over together and left a big pile of "The Watchtower" on the doorstep but they didn't ring the bell.

Good times,,,
2005-09-13 8:03:36 PM  
The Precious: Haven't we met on another JW thread?

Yep, more than likely. Hey! :)
2005-09-13 8:05:20 PM  
He is being sued in Canada... Who knows what kind of zany laws that backwards 3rd world country has.

/Just kidding, i love America Jr.
//Except the quarters. I hope you burn in hell for those.
2005-09-13 8:07:04 PM  

A good place to pick up JW literature and Pentacostal literature is... heh, at your local insane asylum. I'm dead serious. They're both trying to recruit the crazies, because they make the most fervent believers.

I remember visiting a friend that I had committed at the local booby-hatch. There were STACKS of JW and Pentacostal literature all over the place. Bloody vultures.
2005-09-13 8:07:09 PM  
I think we need a Jehovah's witness protection program for all this slander
2005-09-13 8:09:35 PM  
CoJW is so damn weird. They will niether donate nor accept transfusions. I guess I see why, but what bugs me is that they will let a child die because God hates their platelets or something.
2005-09-13 8:10:11 PM  
My boss' wife is a JW and I've learned a lot more about the religion. While I don't agree with their world view, I have found that most of those that I have met are very cool people. They generally practice what they preach(meaning they try to live the way they say others should), and they don't try to shove their views down your throat. If you don't believe what they believe it's fine. The truth is JWs are not the whackos that some think. They are generally less hypocritical than many other so-called Christians. At least they don't call themselves "compassionate conservatives" and proceed to screw over those they should be protecting.
2005-09-13 8:11:04 PM  
SretiCentV: I think we need a Jehovah's witness protection program for all this slander

If it's written, it's libel. :p
2005-09-13 8:16:57 PM  
Jesus should sue the Jahovah's W's for liebel of taking his word and defaming it into a mis-represented message.

Oh wait, they get tossed into the fire at judgement day.

2005-09-13 8:17:25 PM  
What? No Hendrix refrence in the headline? Forshame Submitter.
2005-09-13 8:19:52 PM  
fifthofzen: At least they don't call themselves "compassionate conservatives" and proceed to screw over those they should be protecting.

They do. The mother of a friend of mine has informed the local Kingdom Hall that if any Jehovah's Witness shows up on her property she will shoot to kill. Why? Because the JWs came into the hospital and prevented a small Jehovah's Witness child from receiving a life-saving donation. The child died within days from blood loss. This situation repeats itself frequently.

Also, they engaged in a church-sponsored kidnapping of my best friend when he was a child.
2005-09-13 8:21:34 PM  
I've always had this theory that religions don't find people, people find religions that match their level of ignorance/stupidity/insanity.

Most of the JW's I've known fall into the last catagory.
2005-09-13 8:24:07 PM  
Remember now, only 44,000 make it to heaven...
2005-09-13 8:24:09 PM  
Has the end come yet? Aren't just about all people old enough to remember 1914 dead? Yes? K, not worried then. Another "false prophet."

/nother ex-jw
2005-09-13 8:27:39 PM  
HFX Grifter-
Signed by F.YOUSSEF Local registrar
I saw that too and i too call bullshiat
2005-09-13 8:28:30 PM  
I was in middle school when I had a classmate whose family are devout JWs. The trouble is...he had ADD plus some kind of behavioral trouble.

This guy was unlucky from the word GO. Birthday parties? No cupcake for him. I would have feel sorry for him...except he has a tendency to spit and insult everyone. Later on, I got word that he copped a feel from some girl. His parents give him the riot act plus a spanking.

Another JW story: I was keeping house one Saturday when a lady come a knocking. Yup...from teh neighborhood Kingdom Hall. I said to her: "I thank you for coming, but I totally disagree with your interpretation of the Bible, and I am a devout Lutheran who believes in the Triune God." She blinked, and said: "This is the first time someone was truthful and courteous to me. Thank you for your honesty." And they never went to our doorstep again.
2005-09-13 8:29:50 PM  
When Wayne_Brady takes over, JWs and Scientology adherents are first against the wall. Well, maybe second after child molesters.
2005-09-13 8:30:52 PM  
..oh - and meth-heads. And crack addicts. After them crack heads.
2005-09-13 8:31:29 PM  

It doesn't suprise me that they are playing for Cultism 101 by suing critics. It is probably their only hope in the information age.

Do any religions really have any hope in the information age? I mean come on they are all being exposed for the BS scams that they are left and right.
2005-09-13 8:32:17 PM  
I don't care what happens to the JW's. Anyone who wakes me up on a Sat. morning without a damn good reason sux in my book.
2005-09-13 8:32:39 PM  

I was kidnapped by JW's as a child, as well. My mom was leaving "the truth" (and isn't that a little creepy, they call their religion the TRUTH) so they thought they were saving my life, but still. No excuse to take kids from their mom.

JW's suck. Stay far, far away from them. They act all happy and shiat, but most of them are miserable. Try not getting to celebrate any holidays or your birthday as a child, or having to stay seated during flag salute at school every single day while the teacher glares at you and see if you come out the other end well-adjusted. Not even mentioning the weekly humiliation of going door to door hawking stupid Watchtowers. Especially when one of your classmates comes to the door. Miserable, depressed, very angry people.

And yes, they will let their kids, or mom, or dad or anyone die rather than take blood. Disgusting.
2005-09-13 8:33:36 PM  
One time I saw them coming up the drive way and I stripped naked and answered the door. With a completely straight face I held a conversation with him for a minute or two, then all of a sudden he was in a big hurry to go somewhere.

That was like 4 years ago... the next year they came back and I smeared some flour under my nose rubbed my eyes to make it look like I just did an Escobar sized line...

Haven't seen them since.
2005-09-13 8:35:49 PM  
and they don't try to shove their views down your throat.

Wow! They changed their entire religious focus and didn't tell anyone!
2005-09-13 8:36:23 PM  
almandot: Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, and Dave Matthew's unavailable for comment.

Dave Matthews too.

/Angry flower getting angrier.

//If you're referencing those who have recorded "All Along the Watchtower" there are many others who have recorded it live. It's the ultimate rock cover song. Even the Indigo Girls did it.
2005-09-13 8:37:46 PM  
Isn't the fact that the JWs call it "The Organisation" farked up as it is? I reckon.

*shrugs* I'm Rosicrucian and I've spent my whole life referring to our org (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, aka AMORC) as "the Order". It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I realized how weird that must sound to other people.
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