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(AP) NewsFlash Large portions of L.A. without power, reasons unknown   ( divider line
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31482 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Sep 2005 at 4:35 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-09-12 05:11:31 PM  
Power never went out here on the West Side.

2005-09-12 05:11:50 PM  
Laugh it up. I just played a bladder-accident-inducing game of frogger coming back from lunch across a dark intersection at Olympic.

People - when this happens in your town, a dark intersection becomes a four-way stop sign. Take turns. Jackasses.

/hate LA.
2005-09-12 05:11:57 PM  
I think I'm still drunk: BTW, the news is hilarious. Some quotes:
"Your refrigerator IS electric!"
"Approach traffic lights as if they were stopsigns..DO NOT just run the light..."

It's amazing this stuff actually has to be stated.

Look at the folks who didn't heed the warnings and evacuate before Katrina hit... it's not that amazing that this stuff had to be stated... what's amazing is no matter how many times folks hear it, it doesn't stick. And then they're the first to blame someone.
2005-09-12 05:12:12 PM  
I'm glad praying for Omarion helped.
2005-09-12 05:12:43 PM  
LA Farker here...

You know there was this light switch in my wall, it doesn't turn off any lights here or anything, I just decided to flip it. I had no idea...I'm sorry. I won't do it again.
2005-09-12 05:13:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 05:13:33 PM  
norcal:hate LA. Trade ya.
2005-09-12 05:13:36 PM  
I sincerely hope next year Fark will have a thread where we can reminisce about where we were when The Pizzas Were Undercooked In LA in 2005.
2005-09-12 05:13:43 PM  
StreetlightInTheGhetto: 4. Things with fur really should chill in the basement, if at all possible.

We don't have basements in Los Angeles... slab construction is the norm.
2005-09-12 05:14:08 PM  
I'm here in Downtown L.A. and the power was acting funny when I was about to leave to lunch around a quarter til'one. I had to use the stairs to get out of my building and you could hear people pressing the alarm button in the elevators.

They finally let us back in the building about an hour later. I was hoping I could go on Fark and mess around for the remainder of my lunch break only to have to spend it waiting outside.

It was pretty crazy though, no stop lights worked and there were a bunch of fire engines all over the place and no ones cellphone seemed to work either.
2005-09-12 05:14:12 PM  
Denial, I actually might be able to see it here in Central Illinois. We have seen it several times in the past couple of years. Two years ago we had an array of red, magenta, blue, purple, yellows, and greens. I was amazed we had that kind of display this far south.
2005-09-12 05:14:16 PM  
This is a fark up right?

Didn't that al-quesadilla fark head say he was going to do something to LA?


It is just a fark up - I mean, you guys do have this happen and its hot out there right now?
2005-09-12 05:14:33 PM  
Man...if this were a white town they'd have the power back in in under...oops it's L.A..........
2005-09-12 05:14:33 PM  

Here in Studio City we got our power back up about 15 minutes ago. It was a pretty big area effected, but I am glad the DWP got it back so fast. I heard on the radio that the customers that are served by SoCal Edison didn't lose their power.

Wasn't the terrorists, just seems like a bad power transformer at the wrong place.
2005-09-12 05:14:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available] i dont know how she does it but she has gives off more sour face expressions than rene zellwinger

anyway im in a suburb of la (el monte) 10 miles out, no power problems here
2005-09-12 05:14:41 PM  
Here it is an hour later and still no Bush to the rescue. He just doesn't care.

Impeach him now!!!
2005-09-12 05:14:42 PM  
I, for one, am against power outages.
2005-09-12 05:16:14 PM  
And here I was hoping we could have some good rioting. It's just been too long since he had any good looting/burning fun here in LA.

And my power is completely fine. Don't know where you guys are that it's not.
2005-09-12 05:16:17 PM  
It's back.

Now if Melbourne loses power tomorrow...
2005-09-12 05:16:34 PM  
dlwhite: Man...if this were a white town they'd have the power back in in under...oops it's L.A..........

You ain't been to L.A., have you?

/minority white male
2005-09-12 05:16:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Photo of wild orgy beginning during power outage.
2005-09-12 05:17:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"There is no reason to be alarmed. Power has not been lost in Los Angeles. The streetlights are all 100% operational. There is no national energy crisis in the United States. It is a lie orchestrated by the fascist media. There is a enough oil and power generation capabilities to sustain the American way of life for millenia. Please continue driving your SUV's and keep your house lights turned on 24/7."
2005-09-12 05:17:14 PM  
It's actually unusually cool--not at all hot. It's in the low 70s.
2005-09-12 05:17:28 PM  
LADWP says a severed power line. No reason to think it's Jim-Bob Al Qaeda.
2005-09-12 05:17:32 PM  
Xear: Photo of wild orgy beginning during power outage.

*immediately runs to cut off power in my town*

2005-09-12 05:18:03 PM  
Michael Brown took over managing the power?
2005-09-12 05:18:25 PM  
I'm in LA, and we barely noticed it. I'm at the convention center; we worked right through it, only got one alert.
2005-09-12 05:18:27 PM  
We're still down here in Brentwood.... it's 2:15pm.

"Oh the humanity"
2005-09-12 05:20:10 PM  
can we get some LA farkers that are actually without power to report in?

/oh wait...
2005-09-12 05:20:15 PM  
Xear: Wow, thats teh hot. Please send more.
2005-09-12 05:20:23 PM  
At least they can still ride the bus...
[image from too old to be available]
2005-09-12 05:20:32 PM  
Well, the power's finally back on here...

heheh..I just thought it was my block or wonder I kept hearing all those sirens.

2005-09-12 05:20:39 PM  
I wish I had a surface to air missle sometimes.

Like when 5 different LA news helicopters feel the need to repeatedly buzz back and forth within a 3 block radius of my apartment; for the last hour. If they wake my kid up from his nap I'm going to be quite mad.

/Wonder how many pumps my red rider bb gun will need to hit the stablizing rotor.

//not serious about the bb gun

/// deathly serious about wishing I had a SAM
2005-09-12 05:20:43 PM  
genr8n-x: We're still down here in Brentwood.... it's 2:15pm.

George Bush doesn't care about rich folks.
2005-09-12 05:21:04 PM  
OMG! i can't be without myspace for more than 10 minutes or i start to go outside and stuff! HELP!!!1
2005-09-12 05:21:32 PM  
Heh... I didn't see the periods in there at first and read that as "LA".

"Gee, I wonder what the cause could POSSIBLY be!"
2005-09-12 05:21:58 PM  
Power's back on in Burbank. I thought it odd it went out in the first place, since Burbank has it's own power station (we weren't affected by the rolling blackouts around L.A. several years ago) and doesn't rely on DWP for the most part.
2005-09-12 05:22:11 PM  
falser: That's entertainment!
2005-09-12 05:23:13 PM  
reasons unknown... to

welcome to about 2pm PST with known reasons.
2005-09-12 05:24:13 PM  
I'm here in Van Nuys in the middle of a porno shoot. Lights, dicks up. Looking good here. Back to you Chet.
2005-09-12 05:24:18 PM  
Thor's Hammer
Yea that is farking hilarious...anyone that would actually drink water from a tap in downtown L.A., during an intermittent power failure involving the Department of Water and Power, probably faces more danger from the water than any lack of electricity.

*sigh*. He wasn't going to drink water if it was an "intermittent" power failure. WE RECIEVED A TERRORIST THREAT YESTERDAY. He wanted to be prepared in case it turned out to be a big deal. We heard SIRENS, there were people trapped in elevators, as far as we could see there was no power, and ONE DAY AGO we were threatened by the same group that caused 9-11. Laugh at us all you want. When the shiat does hit the fan we'll be better off than you. You jerks blame people in NOLA for not being prepared, then laugh at others for being overprepared. I'm sorry not everyone is as perfect as brilliant as you are! If it had turned out to be worse and no one had reacted at all, you self righteous dickwads would be saying the opposite. And you're not going to die from drinking the water in L.A. once or twice. Christ you people are sheltered. Some of you guys are cool, but a lot of people on here are somehow convinced they are flawless beings superior to everyone else. Those of you who fit this description need to realize that you are not infallible. It makes me sick. Go back to reassuring yourself that you're in the top 1% of the intelligence pool and that you're incapable of panic or any other human emotion.
2005-09-12 05:24:58 PM  
Hey! I'm in LA... Power's back for me... Radio just keeps saying "It's NOT Terrorists! - no really! We mean it!" No news yet on what it is. Something about two power stations colliding...

/not an electrician
//but am in LA
///not in the dark
2005-09-12 05:25:49 PM  
Our office in Dallas went down. No power there now too. WTF?
2005-09-12 05:26:10 PM  
the morlocks were working on it before the eloi could get their panties in a bunch.

it's a non issue, fark sensationalism, that's all.
2005-09-12 05:26:17 PM  

Show us the rest!
2005-09-12 05:26:21 PM  
Colgate: I'm here in Van Nuys in the middle of a porno shoot. Lights, dicks up. Looking good here. Back to you Chet.

C'mon... all the GOOD porn is made in Chatsworth!

/used to dupe tapes for Steve Hirsch
2005-09-12 05:26:35 PM  
Wonder how many pumps my red rider bb gun will need to hit the stablizing rotor.

From years as a hunter (5 year old maniac), I can tell you that 3 more pumps than they say is maximum will do the trick.
2005-09-12 05:27:00 PM  

Ghost Rider [TotalFark]

I blame Bush.

Me too.

Or maybe terrorists.
Or maybe a hardware failure.

2005-09-12 05:27:17 PM  
Turns out some dude cut a powerline and caused a 'domino effect'.

2005-09-12 05:27:26 PM  

People are 'MILLING" about!

OH! The Horror!
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