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2005-09-05 06:40:31 PM  
From time to time we get questions that we think a lot of you might want the answers to. Tonight, I'm going to take questions via email and answer them (qith question included) here.

You won't be able to post, but enjoy reading along between stops at the other links and threads on the page.

Send a fark related question via email to farkq­u­est­io­ns[nospam-﹫-backwards]lia­m­g*c­o­m

By the way, if you manage to post here tonight, I'll be removing your comment. Your input will be via email only.
2005-09-05 06:56:37 PM  
Q: Is it true that the Fark servers are beer cooled?

A: From the FArQ page: (Fark servers run) Apache (w/ mod_perl + mod_gzip) and MySQL on four dual-processor FreeBSD boxes. The software is all homebrew stuff.

Q: What kind of shennanigans in the headlines can get someone banninated? And is there a list of words/phrases the filter catches?

A: There are a couple dozen words that are filtered. For the most part, they are the normal 4 letter words, a few racial slurs and some phrases that have annoyed us in the past.

Q: Do you get many complaints about Left/Right political bias, and if so
which side complains more (if either)?

A: We get several complaints from both sides every week. Seems that a lot of folks skip the stuff they agree with, or it sticks in their mind less.

Q: Is it true that Total Fark has more boobie links than even God can imagine?

A: I havent counted recently, but 80-100 per day would be normal I think.

Q: My quick question is about the future of fark. It's come a long way from the day I signed up. It seems like a mom and pop type operation. Will it always be run this way, or do you have any large explanation plans for the future.

A: Thanks for a deeper serious question. Right now, Drew is collecting a paycheck from Fark, but still has a side job. All the rest of us helping out are not on the payroll. I think that once Fark starts getting some better advertisement or sponsors, there may be opportunity for a few people to start devoting serious time to the site, and it will have more options added much faster and tighten up a lot as far as ease of use, communication with users and extra tools/gadgets.

Q: Is it possible to change your account name?

A: Drew says he can do it, but does not want to do so because of the time involved, the nature of trying to hide or change an online identity (People know you are Joe, why do you need to be called Steve?), etc.
2005-09-05 07:11:02 PM  
Q: What is the story behind

A: The guys from Pravda in Russia asked Drew if they could start a Russian version of Fark. He said ok, we went over to meet them, and it's a fun thing for them to do. I'm not sure how much they have been growing, but I hope they get huge!

Q: Do people who submit parody threads always get banned?

A: No, but we would prefer that you talk to each other in the threads instead of by submitting a link.

Q: My question about fark is this: I dont like my first account name. I would like to delete this login because I have a new one. How can this login be deleted?

A: No. We want to keep the historical data of any login that you have. Just stop using it.

Q: Will we ever get a built in spell checker?

A: The spell checker is on the list of tools we would like, but it's low priority.

Q: If I have a question about content or a "is it okay to post this thread/comment/pic" Should I use the Farkback or is it ok to email you and Drew?

A: Hopefully this won't be a normal issue for you, but in most cases, just link to a borderline picture. If its a comment or link you want to submit and you think it might not be ok - I'd probably just not do it.

Q: How many admins and moderators are there?

A: Admins - 5, Moderators ~18 I think.

Q: How much is your bandwidth bill?

A: I don't know. Drew doesn't share the Fark financial information with anyone that doesnt need to know.

Q: How much beer does Drew drink a day, and has he cut back since his child was born?

A: I think Drew normally has 3-5 beers when he goes out. They are usually higher alcohol % though. I have not seen Drew get really wasted since Storm was born - not that he did that a lot before.

Q: Are there any plans to have a direct credit card payment for TotalFark instead of Paypal?

A: My understanding of this situation is that there is a lot of automation wrapped around the Paypal system and it would take considerable work and/or a paid body to go with a new solution.
2005-09-05 07:22:49 PM  
Q: How much bandwidth does Fark use in a month?

A: I have no idea.

Q: What's the deal with headline voting - it's been 7 months!

A: Here's what I know. Drew rolled out headline voting to TotalFarkers for a few days to see how it would work. Apparently everyone loves it, yet there are a lot of issues. Drew has a laundry list of improvements to make before going live again. - Lets proceed to the next question for the rest of the answer...

Q: When are we getting new features on Fark, or issues fixed?

A: I'm shooting in the dark here, but this is the way I see it: Drew is exceptionally busy handling the nearly 1000 emails he gets per day, plus running a lot of PR work around the country. I'm sure there are other things he's working on as well - but he's not coding. Mike has a full time job that's been busy for quite a while and has all the server work to do on top of that. He does some coding when he has time, but I think it's usually stuff you dont see and not new content. Meg has a somewhat new job working full time, moved, has several things going on outside Fark and has also had very little time to work any code. That's all the people with access to the Fark Code. Continued...

Q: Can you make Fark code public so I can help? Can I have access to help write tools or add to the site?

A: Drew has said that he wants to get to the point where he can accept modules of code from people, but there just hasnt been enough groundwork done to get to the point where he can do that yet. If you have a burning desire and the skill to do the work, send him an email and tell him what you can do.
2005-09-05 07:47:15 PM  
Q: Did Google pony up the better rate you were looking for when you switched back from

A: I'm not sure about the financials, but I think that not many people liked the Snap search option. Drew wants everyone to enjoy the site more than he wants to get a couple extra bucks from somewhere

Q: It would be nice to be able to search TotalFark for questions/surveys that have been done. Is there any plan for implementing such a thing?

A: After headline voting, this is the most requested feature. It's on the list. I'm not sure how complicated it is, or how much work would be involved to get it going.

Q: Has anyone associated with Fark ever had to identify me to the Government?

A: I know of a few occasions when the secret service or department of homeland security has contacted Drew to verify information about someone posting a comment that flagged their data mining tools. I believe that in each case, they actually already had all the information and just wanted to have a confirmation. Subpoena's are readily available to these people and have been used.

Q: It always seems that you are doing all the visible work and tech work
for Fark and Drew is always going on Radio Shows and to parties. Have
you ever thought about a hostile takeover? I think its a good idea.
Seriously, why do you donate so much free time with no real reward?

A: If I'm more visible on Fark, I don't really know why except for these threads. Drew's the right guy for the PR work he is doing - the man can sit and talk to anyone for hours. It's cool to be there. He did a lot of the coding to get Fark set up and I think is the driving force behind keeping it growing in popularity. The people running farkback and the moderators don't get a lot of credit for what they do, but without them, this place would be gone or horrible. Visit one of the yahoo threads to see how those get out of hand. Mike does an awesome job keeping the servers up and running well and has written a lot of the code that makes this place work. I'm glad the other admins are around too - We need all 4 of us picking links 24 horus a day every day. I'm also happy that every one of the mods and admins is willing to put so much effort and time into this site. We all enjoy it a lot.

Q: When I look at my account information, there is a field label called "Boobies:"

A: This is the first Fark thread that you posted in. It's part of a joke.

Q: How many people are there going thru the new articles and choosing which ones get posted?

A: There are 4 of us that pick links.

Q: Sometimes when I post in a thread, my comments will inexplicably disappear. Even when I don't say anything bad. What's the deal?

A: Check your comment history from your profile. There should be a note with the reason the comment was deleted. You might have responded to something else that we deleted - we like to clean up so that the incident didnt really happen - so you might get caught there too.
Also, the mods are human too. When dozens of comments are coming in per minute, it's sometimes hard to remain as objective as a perfect world would have you. We do the best we can. We aren't perfect.

Q: How is it the that the Boobies in a photoshop
thread is always the original, even though it's always
a different submitter? Is that something the
moderators control?

A: I think there is a race to get the (o)riginal picture posted. We usually have to clean up a lot of 2nd through 9th place finishers.

Q: Who is Fark's ISP?

A: ServeInt is the ISP that runs Fark. There's a link at the bottom left of the page

Q: What's Drew's favorite beer?

A: 'Fin du Mond' I think. It's Canadien

Q: Can I bribe you guys with anything?

A: It's been known to happen from time to time.

Q: Its it true that [Insert guy's name here]'s manhood is the size of Shai'Hulud, the great sandworm of Arakkis?

A: No, this is a fabrication.

Q: Why does it burn when I pee?

A: Attempting to tunnel through sand with your penis may cause a burning sensation when you pee.

Q: Does Fark have a policy on how to deal with inquiries
from media outlets? Does Fark receive
feedback/comments/questions from other media outlets?

A: I think Drew handles all of those personally. Send him an email if you are a media outlet
2005-09-05 08:14:06 PM  
Q: What do the Mods, Admins and Drew hope to accomplish with Fark?

A: I think we want to have fun and share some funny stuff with people. It's always good to meet new people and have some funny stuff to talk about over a few beers. We also enjoy kicking ass at NTN trivia when Abused News is running

Q: I miss the variety of Fark merchandise. Will there eventually be a wider range available?

A: Yes. I think there are some things in the works. I want to get a wider selection of Fark logo loot out there too. (You can go back in the archives and find a side page link for the Cafepress stuff)

Q: I read that if you piss off the mods/admins that you're blacklisted when submiting links to the Fark main page....

A: Where are you reading this? We try not to let our emotions get into the mix. Remember that around 3-5% of the submitted links get accepted, and that there are 1700+ coming in every day.

Q: Do you take money for links?

A: I assume it's main page links, not classified ads or others that this is about. Any link that has been paid for on the main page is marked. I have no idea how much this costs or what the guidelines are, but I am pretty sure that we won't be seeing a paid link for viagra on the main page unless they can come up with something pretty damn clever that will make all of us laugh at them. Drew has turned down pop-up/under advertisements on a number of occasions. To the tune of $300,000 per month he has said. It's not about milking the site for money. It's about enjoying it.

Q: Any chance of getting a preview for submitting links? Or do you have to have a typo in your headline to get it greenlighted/greenlit?

A: Ouch. I don't think there will be a preview for submitting links, or at least not til we can have a spell checker too. We get a lot of helpful comments and emails when there is a misspelling on the main page.

Q: I like rock and roll. Do you like rock and roll? Does Drew, or does he
prefer Rap?

A: I think we both like rock and roll. We like techno too, so maybe a nice blend of all three would work out. Send us some CDs!

Q: Is there a Fark 'cookbook' of rules for Fark admins and mods to follow? I see a lot of discrepancies in the way that mods handle things. I realize that everybody running this site is a volunteer, but aren't there rules?

A: Yes. We have guidelines. There is some gray area too so that we don't have to be the thread police. I imagine that we don't always follow the guidelines as well as we should. Human nature and dealing with the crappy side of things tends to push you toward being more harsh.

Q: Tell us about UltraFark

A: I'm afraid I can't tell you too much. I've got to operate under the NDA. I think there are less than 30 members.

Q: This (the email question thingie) is a pretty good idea, how long has it been around?

A: This is the first time. Unless you are asking me how long email in general has been around :-)

Q: Is there anything that you or the others in charge would like to see happen on fark?

A: Personally, I'd like to get paid to work full time for Fark, and have a dozen more people along as well. I have a lot of ideas for growth and merchandise and usability. Would be nice to get some people working on those. Hopefully other people would like that as well.

A2: One of the things I really like about Fark is the community that I get to belong to. Fark parties anywhere in the world I might possibly be. So many people that have more knowledge than I do that are willing to share it. Growing cultural references and a sense that we can help out when we need to. I'm impressed by you guys every day.

Q: The "posts from last 15 days" entry in my Fark profile is only visible
to me. Many of the other Fark-like places on the net allow any user
to search the site for all comments posted by user $USER in the last X
months. Were there problems implementing this, or concern about users
stalking other users, or...? Just wondering--I think it'd be a
neat/useful feature, even if it only covered the last 15 days.

A: We just added that a while back. It's possible it might grow to allow you to track other users as well. Personally, I enjoy that feature myself every day. (Part of the mod toolset)

Q: Has Fark ever been named in a lawsuit, threatened with litigation, or
otherwise harassed by the easily offended?

A: I don't often hear about things like that, but I think that it happens. We are certainly harassed. Every day in fact.

Q: If one has a charity/request for help-type of link, do normal ad rates apply if posted under the ads link, or can they be posted for free (and guaranteed posting on the main page) through "Add a Link"?

A: Should send that to Drew for an answer. I know we are not interested in the "Help Jeff buy a new car fund" or the "I need $500 to pay my rent or I'm kicked out in 24 hours" fund.

Q: I want to join TotalFark but I don't use paypal. Can
I send in a money order for a year or two for membership?

A: No. There is currently (and no solution coming anytime soon) no way to pay for TotalFark without using Paypal. Maybe someone you know has paypal and will sign you up. There is a lot of automation written around the paypal interface, and there are no accounting clerks paid to take your alternate forms of payment.

Here's a question from me to you...

Why do you hate paypal so much? I understand there were some issues back before ebay bought them. What's the problem now?
2005-09-05 08:52:18 PM  
Q: How old are you guys?

A: all across the board. Of the admins I think I'm the oldest at 40 and HPZ is the youngest in his mid 20s (right?) Moderators range from 20s to 50s (you older farts arent in your 60s yet, are you?)

Q: How much has the code changed since Drew first designed the site? Is
Drew still the primary developer?

A: I haven't seen the code, but there have been a ton of new features and tools for the users as well as the moderators and admins. Mike and Meg are the current primary developers. Check one of my earlier posts for more information about that.

Q: What programming language is Fark coded with?

A: I'm not sure. I know there is some perl, and that very little is windows based. None of it is off the shelf.

Q: I know there were plans in the past to have a us­ern­a­me[nospam-﹫-backwards]kr­a­f*com system? Is this still on the possible list?

A: This is still on the list. I heard a rumor this weekend about it.

Q: Why do the forums look the same as they do over 2 years ago? Hundreds of large photoshops on the same page is not fun.

A: We experimented with paged comments and most people didnt like them. We don't like threaded comments (before you ask). You can change the sort order and turn off html to make it easier.

Q: When is the best time to submit a headline so that it either gets an
Admin's attention or doesn't quite get lost in the flood?

A: Right after we run the queue. Look for a lack of black text links on TF. This is assuming that we will run the queue again in the next 30 minutes.

Q: how many children has -Fb fathered?

A: We think there are 147 right now. Apparently the stud farm idea really took off for him despite his odd approach.

Q: Occasionally, I will submit a link that gets rejected. Then I'll see someone else gets approved for the same story hours and in some cases, a day later. What gives?

A: We have 4 different guys picking the links, so it could be that it was only good for one of them. Could also be that your headline didnt grab us.

Q: As the night goes on, these questions and answers are getting funnier.
Are you drinking, or is it just me?

A: I'm not drinking. It must be you. I am getting into a groove though. Groove on!

Q: Why does it seem that things are slow on the weekends? (not many postings
to the main page).

A: A lot of people Fark from work. Check the archives. Long ago we didnt post any links on the weekends because we only farked at work too. I think there are fewer people submitting and the 4 of us tend to have more stuff going on.

Q: Why have you guys stopped posting "boobies" links? There's been one in the
last 7 days - and that was a sponsored link. What's up with that?

A: Several reasons I think. There is not a policy nor have we been told we are only going with sponsored links. More companies are cracking down on what they consider adult websites. Fark is not, and should not be considered an adult website, but we link to some adult sites and the language on the site is certainly PG13. I think we might just be going through a cycle of less boobies links because the business world is getting more harsh. I'm not sure how it is at schools where a lot of our users come from. TotalFark has a LOT of boobies links.
Also, not a lot of these sites can handle 100k hits in a day. Another reason is that there just aren't a lot of quality links coming in. It's supposed to be boobies. Not porn, not hardcore. Pretty much just topless attractive women.

Q: Who makes better jerky- you or Eeek?

A: Eeek makes the killer jerky. I'm going to make some tomorrow!

Q: Is there a 12 step program available for fark addiction?

A: I think they have an internet addiction program in China. Maybe you can download the home version from a warez site.

Q: Is it OK to refer to Drew as "the motherfarker" in threads, or will that get me in trouble?

A: Drew prefers to be referred to as "The Member"

Q: Why did my period have to start while I was at the Cracker Barrel today?

A: I'm trying to think of some Dune reference, but right now I can't.

Q: What do all the topics on my profile mean? Like timeout reason? Can everyone see what a loser I am?

A: You are the only one that can see your timeout reason. I wouldn't say you're a loser - that's kinda harsh.

Q: I'd like to ask if you have to be a member of
totalFark to get your submitted link greenlighted. I
have submitted quite a few links (albeit some unfunny)
and have yet to be greenlighted. Is this one of the
benefits of totalFark?

A: You do not have to be a TotalFarker to get a link greenlighted.
I think the TF'ers have a better chance because they see all the links coming in and can see more of the headline concepts that don't work.
Also, if 2 headlines are equal for a story - I usually pick the TotalFarker. They usually are not equal though.

Q: We recently discovered that Adam Savage is a farker, and Will Wheaton has been around forever.
How many other confirmed celebrity farkers are there?

A: I think this depends on where you draw the line for 'celebrity'. Is your local radio guy a celebrity? Chances are pretty high that he at least reads the site for his show prep. As far as TV/movie celebrities go... I dont know for sure. I can think of a dozen or so off the top of my head. Unless they make themselves known, I'm not going to be the one to out them.

Q: So, will you or Drew eventually join TFMR? It kicks major ass.

A: This is the illegal music trading thing? No. No plans to start breaking the law in that regard.

Q: Can you please approve more weeners links?

A: *sigh* We need a female or gay admin. I don't want to test weeners links for quality.

Q: I'm confused as to what a TotalFark account gets me, other than being able to see all the links submitted.

A: Well, TotalFark came into being as a reward for the folks that wanted to donate some money to help keep Fark running. The money still goes in that bucket. There are some sorting options per topic type. You can see what links are going to hit the main page before they go up in most cases. You can get a head start on photoshop contests (sometimes a week head start). The TotalFark community is smaller and pretty friendly, so its another place to join into the group. I'm sure the TotalFarkers could come up with dozens more reasons too. But I think that a lot of them really like the site and want to help support it so that it can stick around.
2005-09-05 09:26:35 PM  
Q: Will Fark ever offer an option for sorting links by the tag? I could
have used a feature like this in the past, while looking for an article
by the tag, instead of reading alot of text. Sometimes words all look
the same, or I am in too much of a hurry to read......the tags have neat
colors, which aid in your search sometimes.

A: TotalFark has this option.

Q: Will Drew ever offer any special discounts for TotalFark?

A: $5 is pretty cheap to give TotalFark a try.

Q: I need to get laid, how can TotalFark help me with this?

A: TotalFark membership enhances your prowess. Please consult a doctor if you regularly access TotalFark for 4 hours or more per day.

Q: I see a "top Boobies" section.
Why isn't there a "Top Weeners" section? I want weeners. Boobies are nice, but I have a nice pair. I don't have a nice weener.

PS If there is a "Top Weeners" section, please direct me to it and I apologize for jumping down your throat about the weeners......

A: I'm a little frightened about the 'weeners' and 'jumping down my throat' being in the same question here...
I think the weeners was more a sop to the women and gay men, and we havent really done anything more about that. Hey Meg! You got a project.

Q: Since FARK has filters to replace certain words and letter combinations, would it be possible to create a filter that replaces "alot" and "prolly" with either the correct spellings, or with something like "I'm too drunk to be able to spell simple words"? This bothers me, more so than pension guarantees and Social Security funding.

A: If we can get a coder to be bothered along with you, it can be done. There are issues with words that appear inside larger words.

Q: Do you get anything for winning a Photoshop contest?

A: Other than the admiration of your peers and adoration of your new fans? Not usually. There have been some prizes in a very few contests in the past.

Q: Have you ever had any legal problems with the underage Farkers/TotalFarkers and boobie/weener links?

A: Not that I'm aware of. Hopefully their parents will perform their parenting job in a satisfactory manner and not think that Fark is here to do that for them.

Q: Can you get some of those sports by brooks chicks to go to a fark party sometime?

A: There have been several combo Fark/SBB parties that were attended by the girls.

Q: Can you explain how the number of comments get displayed. Sometimes they are simple numbers, but then other times it gets crazy. I thought it used to be just the number, then 1/2, then 3/4 then infinity or something along thoes lines.

A: At a certain number (I think somewhere near 600) there is a random and increasing chance that the comment number will be replaced by one of the symbols. Pretty sure it works that way.

Q: If you had to choose between sitting through a Duke game or going to Iraq for a year, which would you choose.

A: Does Duke get to lose? I'm glad the folks in the military are out there doing their job. I wish they didn't have to, but humanity contains some sick farks.

Q: what are the chances of ever seeing the comments on your red-lit thread if your are a non-tf'er?
stuff like advice and surveys would be more available to non-tf'ers (i've been both), as it is now
there's basically the $5 subscription rate to ask for advice for the community - said community is
probably nice enough to answer you, just like in tf advice threads that are with few exceptions

A: I think that's a pretty low chance.

Q: there was a thread entitled and it was labelled "cool." Why would this be cool?

A: Hopefully that was not on the front page. The tag is chosen by the submitter. It's possible that we didnt look at it when we approved the link, but I kinda doubt we would have gone with that one.

Q: Will there ever be new tags, such a DARWIN tag or a CREEPY tag?

A: I hope so, but I havent heard anything.
2005-09-05 10:02:09 PM  
Q: Does seeing a dozen poorly spelled, politically myopic, and unfunny comments
a minute obliterate your interest in, and like of, your fellow humans?

A: Yes. I hate to moderate because it wears me down really quickly. I have a difficult time with the way a lot of people like to respond to serious situations or fear or death. I think that a ton of inhibitions leave people when they get online and have no fear of reprisal. A lot of repressed anger, self loathing and sexual deviance comes out of people online.

Q: How do the mod-mins feel about Narcing? The notify links at the bottom of the threads indicate you all would like to be notified if we see a problem

A: This TotalFark feature is a great help to us. I think we prefer that the narc button is used instead of farkback since all of us check for problems there.

Q: Any chance I could get Drew to attend a Fark party in my area or
does he just go to the ones in cities he's going to for other reasons?

A: Drew can be enticed to attend a well planned party if it fits his schedule and is not difficult to get to.

Q: You mentioned there are ~18 or so Moderators. Is there any system
for choosing them? Did you guys just pick reasonably level-headed
Farkers and grant them mod powers or did they sleep with and/or bribe
someone into power?

A: I think that the moderators have been chosen in different ways each time we got a new batch. We did not always pick reasonably level-headed people. =) If there was any sort of bribing, I am woefully out of the loop. Please send bribes.

Q: Will you be elevating any new moderators or admins? How do you pick them?

A: I haven't heard anything about any new mods or admins for quite a while. As far as the admin picking, Drew has picked each one himself and not discussed or come to us for prospects. I'm not sure how he figures out who to pick. I'm pretty happy with the picks so far. As for moderators, there are a lot of factors, and no set way of picking them. Drew could add some tomorrow, we could have tryouts, take applications, run an ebay auction, take bribes (I like snickerdoodles) or something else. No idea. I think that having met Drew would be a mark in your favor (or against you!) when the time comes.

Q: To what extent does Drew micromanage Fark? Does he
work outside of Fark, or does running a site take an
eight hour day?

A: Cool question. Drew is not a micromanager at all. All of us know what we need to do and how to do it and there are no schedules or quotas or anything. It all just gets done.

A2: I think Fark takes up most of Drew's work day, and some days much more.

Q: how do i go about getting a Fark Party in my hometown

A: Find a location, pick a date and time, tell your friends to come, submit a FarkParty type thread and see how it goes. I've enjoyed every Fark party I have been to. Always something to talk to people about and who can't take an evening to enjoy a couple drinks with some new friends?

Q: how much has Drew and donated to those down south in dire
need of things

A: I'm not aware of Drew's donations. I don't think he would be flashy about them. I know several moderators and admins that have donated, and I know a lot of Farkers have donated as well.

Q: Does it ever annoy the higher-ups that there are so many radio DJ's who use Fark as their show prep? I mean, come on now, I read Fark, then listen to the radio, and everything - including comments - is the same.

A: I think a lot of DJs talk about Fark at least a little. It would be nice if they pushed the site a little more or sent over a dumptruck full of money. Drew's been on a lot of shows and more stations are inviting him on the air. Hopefully that will continue to increase.
2005-09-05 10:38:41 PM  
A: My understanding of this situation is that there is a lot of automation wrapped around the Paypal system and it would take considerable work and/or a paid body to go with a new solution.

It's more that Paypal provides easy to use APIs and most anything else would involve writing a lot of stuff
completely from scratch, requiring time Meg and I don't have. (Meg will probably get to it first.)

Q: How much bandwidth does Fark use in a month?

Let's just say it takes about a DS3.

A: I'm not sure. I know there is some perl, and that very little is windows based. None of it is off the shelf.

Are you kidding? NONE of it is Windows based. It's all Perl and a few shell scripts.
2005-09-05 11:36:00 PM  
Q: When we fark someones server is there actual damage done or is it just temporary.

A: That means that we sent so many people to the site that we overloaded their available bandwidth. If you check back later that day or the next, its usually ok.

Q: How about linking to the original approved/rejected thread when we get the "Bad Kitty" error? I'd like to see which headline was better than mine.

A: I'll ask to have that added to the list. sounds like something that wouldnt be too hard to do since we already check.

Q: I come to FARK looking for the Guinea Pig links. Where have the Guinea
Pigs gone to?

A: That bastard Mersault and his friends ran off with them. I expect they are undergoing some intense hacking classes.

Q: do you guys or Drew have any favorite photoshoppers? if so, who?

A: I don't usually check the PS threads. I know they are a huge draw to the site, but I'm not that interested, even though there are some really good ones. I havent heard Drew mention anyone, but then it hasn't come up either.

Q: Why do I often see the word "the" typed as "teh"? In a comment, I'll
see: "I watched that show and it is teh gay..."

A: Some of us type incorrectly and the left hand gets going too fast. Some other people think it's funny and do it on purpose.

Q: Does Drew or one of the admins ever decide the beer fund is running a
little low, and post a TF sponsorship drive to bump it up a little

A: I occasionally put up TF sponsorship drives. I have no idea how the beer fund is doing though. I usually put one up after getting a few emails from people that would like to sponsor folks.

Q: How long in advance do you start planning April Fools pages?

A: I think a lot of thought goes into those pages. Mike has spent a lot of time on some of the pages and other tricks that happen. It gets better every year!

Q: Is there a reason webstats/etc aren't public to us? I don't see how that info can hurt us.

A: The logs that drive the stats program are huge and it has a hard time running on the system. The page got taken down for a while til we either fix the issue or find a new stats program. There was a long stretch where it was not getting updated, and Mike is a bit sensitive about getting hammered over non-life threatening issues with the site.

Q: How much of the day would you estimate is spent dealing with farkbacks and narc responses? If moderators are not actual (or fulltime) fark employees, do they moderate as the day goes on or do they have hours they specifically go through threads?

A: The moderators and admins are not employees, so we volunteer time when we have it. There are not any assigned times, just what fits into our schedule. Drew spends a lot of time on the site during 'normal' work hours. The rest of us catch things when we can depending on work schedules, vacations, non-fark events, etc.

Q: Is an official fark site?

A: I answered this one near the beginning. They have permission to run their site.

Q: Can I get a link posted seeing how I am a member of the stupidly low account number club?

A: Keep tryin!
2005-09-05 11:56:26 PM  
Q: In TotalFark, submissions can be viewed by content type. Is there a way
to see, for example, all the video submissions?

A: Nope. Got asked that twice tonight though.

Q: When there's a big news story and it gets submitted 847 times with a
"Newflash" tag, how do you decide which submission to green light?

A: Well, hopefully we get something up before that many come in, but a few times recently newsflashes have happened after all the link pickers went to bed. When there are a lot to choose from, I try to get one that came in first and that goes to an article about the newsflash. (some get submitted before a link is available) If there is one that most of the TFers are commenting in, I'll pick that one.

Q: If there was one misconception about Fark that you'd like to set straight, what would that be?

A: Just one? Fark is not a blog.

Q: Are any of the Fark admins single?

A: Drew is the only one that's married. I'm the only one not dating, unless HPZ is restarting his harem.
2005-09-06 08:19:33 AM  
Q: Would Fark/Drew object if somer Farker with a really low account
number auctioned it off to some basement dwelling loser who measured
his/her sense of self-worth by how long others thought he/she had
been a member of an internet message board? Would this be breaking
any laws, or would it just be unethical?

A: It would be best to talk with Drew about this. Probably not a good idea from our viewpoint. The new guy would inherit all of your historical data, and if he screwed up, you'd end up gettign banned too possibly.

Q: What does the Mimimum Post Date (on my TF account) mean?

A: That's the soonest you are allowed to post again.

Q: Is there any chance of deleting inactive logins? There are some great ones that, unfortunately, seem to go unused.

A: We covered this earlier. No, there is a lot of historical data collected on those accounts.

Q: In my user page, there are a few rows that confuse me. One is the
"Boobies" row. What is that?

A: Another question we already covered. This shows the first time you ever posted.

Q: I'm curious about one of your answers, in which you wrote "95% of the people that come to Fark don't read the comments." Is that true, or conjecture? If it's true, then there must be a very dedicated group of folks who don't RFTA and just read the comments. I'm certainly in that group and didn't think I was in anything like a 5% (or less) minority.

A: Fark started out without a comment section at all. Most of the users click the link and read the story and don't bother with the comments at all.

Q: What do you think of FSMism? Are you a member?

A: I think it's pretty funny. My god is not very understanding about other gods, so I'm just sitting back waiting for the smitings to begin.

Q: how does one get sposored again, I absolutely love TF but we have to many bills to justify also paying for TF (in my wifes words). I really miss it. I implore the fark gods to have mercy on my sanity without TF I am forced to converse with my wife, and lets just say i didnt marry her for her brains!! lol

A: There are a lot of people around the site that like to give out $5 gifts to people that amuse them or that they think are cool. You'd just have to impress one of them I think.
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